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Chapter 1: You're Going to Therapy

It had been a month since the crazy fan girl had been shipped off to China. Things had been tense and rather complicated for the first two weeks but then everything began to come together once again.

Well, not really.

Even though the girl was gone, Heinz Doofenshmirtz and Agent P still refused to see each other. The scientist had tried several times to build a new inaitor but as soon as he was ready to use it, Perry showed up. He would trap the platypus but then release him and run to the nearest trash can.

Agent P didn't stay behind. He was only a bit more exaggerated with all this. After Dr. D released him he's bring out GermX and clean his hands and arms.

Other than that the day went on as usual.

O.W.C.A Headquarters

"Carl! We have to do something about Agent P!" Monogram said.

"But sir, Agent P hasn't shown any signs of problems…" the intern replied.

The Major nodded in agreement. It was true, the mammal hadn't shown any signs of psychological problems but he was still concerned. He didn't say it much, actually he didn't say it at all, but he loved Agent P. He'd seen him grow; he was the best Agent in the Agency. He was, his friend.

"I know that, Carl! But we must do something before he actually begins to show signs!"

"Wouldn't that accelerate the psychological problems?"

"Aha! So you do admit that he has a problem!"

Carl raised his hands up in defense, "N-No sir! But it could happen…"

The Major crossed his arms, "So, what you're saying is that Agent P could have a problem?"

"Yes, sir." Carl replied.

"Then we must do something to help him, Carl." The Major said. "What do you suggest?"

"Um… therapy could help."

"Good idea, Carl! Get the papers ready."

"Yes sir!"

The intern left to the computer and began to file the paper work. Major Monogram was behind him smiling to himself. He had clearly won, again.

It wasn't long before Carl had finished the paper work and handed it to the Major that he realized what had just happened. He hit himself in the head for not realizing it earlier. He let out a sigh and followed the Major to the computer screen. There he saw Agent P sitting in his chair, tapping his fingers on the desk before him and looking around.

"She's not coming back, Agent P." Carl said.


"Yes, I'm sure!"

The platypus leaned back on his chair. Carl just rolled his eyes and walked off screen, it has been a month already! Couldn't he let it go? NO! He just has to remember these things! Curse the fourth wall! Carl thought.

"Carl! Stop breaking the F—You know what." Monogram said.

"You mean the fourth wall, sir?"


"Sorry, sir…"

The Major shook his head and then turned his attention to the semi-aquatic mammal. He still looked a bit anxious even though he was clearly trying to hide it. "Agent P, I don't know how to say this but… Carl thinks you have a problem—"

"I do not!"

"Carl! Don't interrupt me while I'm talking!" he cleared his throat, "So, I am giving you a two weeks vacation."

Perry smiled.

"That you will be using to attend therapy."

'g-g-g-g-g-g-g' Perry chattered crossing his arms.

"Well… I don't suppose you can call it a "vacation" then… how about a "Therapy Mission"?"

The Agent just stared at his boss in disbelief. He got on his feet and began to walk away, leaving it clear that he was NOT going to therapy.

"Agent P, you either go to therapy or I'll bring the girl back."

Perry turned rapidly, 'g-g-g-g-g-g!'

"Oh, I would young man—platypus. Now, you go to therapy so Carl will stop saying you have a problem!"

"You said he had a problem, sir!"

"Carl! Stop contradicting me in front of the Agent!"

Agent P just let out a sigh, saluted his boss and left.

Perry took off his fedora as he re-appeared in the backyard. His mind was on what the Major had said to him. He had to attend therapy. Therapy… well, it couldn't be that bad. But then again…. He didn't like doctors! Especially the vet! His eyes grew. What if that therapist sent him to the vet? No, no, NO! NO VETS! NEVER!

"Oh, there you are Perry." Phineas said.


The young boy picked up the platypus and began to walk inside. All Perry could see was his owner's older sister pointing at something that had clearly disappeared before she could show her mom. He smiled; it was good to be home.


That word just echoed in his mind the rest of the day. He didn't want to go but he didn't want the girl to come back either. So, it was either sit through therapy for two whole weeks or have his crazy fan girl back… therapy was the best option.

O.W.C.A Headquarters

Hours had passed but the intern and the Major continued to argue.

"Major, you're always putting words in my mouth!"

"Nonsense, Carl. You said it yourself!"

"Did not!"

"Did too! AND you're always mentioning the unmentionable!"

"You mean the fourth wall?"

"Damn it, Carl! Don't refer to it!"

The intern frowned at the Major before stomping his foot, "I will refer to it whenever the hell I want!" having said that Carl left the room leaving the Major with a shock expression.

"I just got told off by my intern…."

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