Adventures of the OKND

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Saving a friend





Chapter 1: The Big 13

Three years ago…

"Are you absolutely crazy?!"

Numbah 86 shouted at the girl. She gave a shrug and turned to Numbah 362,

"We have amazing operatives that we have to decommission every year; this would make them able to help us out even if they weren't part of the Kids Next Door."

She calmly stated. Numbah 362 put her hand to her chin. The girl could see that she wasn't going to agree; she quickly said,

"As its creator, I would leave the KND now, and create it little by little. Give me a year to prove it will work, and if it doesn't, then I will be decommissioned along with anyone I recruited, fair?"

Both Numbah's 362 and 86 were shocked, this operative was only 11, to decommission her this early would mean that she would be remembered as a traitor to the KND; she was risking a lot. Numbah 362 gave a nod,

"One year, who did you have in mind for your first?"

She smiled, she had already thought of it,

"Numbah 274."

Numbah's 362 and 86 looked at each other and turned to her,

"Good choice, but how do you know he won't turn out like Numbah 11?"

"I will test him, if he passes then he's in, if not, then he's out. And all of my operatives are subjected to tests every year after their 13th…even me."

Numbah 362 gave a confident smile; this would definitely give the KND an edge against the tyranny of teens and adults. And if she could trust anyone, it was Numbah 7

"Then, by your command Numbah 7."

Numbah 7 smiled and dismissed herself…

3 years later…

Abby stared at the candles on the cake…13; it was hard to believe that it had come so soon. She and every other operative would have turned 13 by now. She turned to her friends and teammates around the table. Hoagie was the closest to her, ever since that day, they had grown closer. Next to him was Kuki, who grasped the hand of her best friend, Wallabee; tears pricked in her eyes and he squeezed just a little tighter to give her some comfort. She turned to him and in her squeaky voice,

"He would've been 13 today…just like we are."

Abby nodded,

"But you know what he would've done, taken it like a pro, and so must we."

Hoagie nodded,

"Yeah, I mean we're lucky that they said that since he left, we could wait for his birthday for ours, that's longer than most kids."

Wallabee, who probably had looked up to him the most, even if he never told him put up a stiff lip and turned to the table and the quiet cake with shimmering candles,

"Then I say, we blow out the candles…for Numbah 1."

That was the first time, in three years, that his name had been mentioned. Ever since he had departed for deep space they never talked about him; mostly because it wasn't allowed, and because in a small way…it still hurt when they thought of him. His friends, who also went by their codenames Numbah's 2,3,4 and 5 took a deep breath and blew the candles out on the cake. Numbah 43; who was Numbah's 86 replacement and youngest brother came over to the group with a sorrowful face,

"Guys…it's time."

The group turned to each other and nodded. They each took each other's hands; they started this together, they would finish it together. Abby had become the Supreme Commander of the KND, but she gave that position to Numbah 83 or Sonya with confidence, as she and her sector turned to the entire crowd of kids, that stared in awe at these amazing kids. Not only did their leader go to save kids around the universe, but the sector had defeated Father, Nightbrace, Heinrich (who had mysteriously disappeared), and many other infamous tyrannical adults like eleventy bumillion times! The girl who was once Numbah 5 turned to the crowd,

"Kids Next Door, we have fought along you for a long time; I wish we could've done that forever, but it's that day and we must obey the rules of the KND. All I say, no, all we say, is that never forget that your sector is more than your teammates, more than your comrades, your sector is your friends; even if you may not get along with them, they always will be. That's what my sector was to me, and if I could remember anything else, it would be that these 3 people beside me, and the 1 who can't be here." She gave a quiet sob and continued, tears running down her face, "were and always will be my best friends. we went through fights, both against adults and each other, tears, surprises and more, and in the end, I'm just happy that we went through it all together…with all of you as well. Thank you Kids Next Door, and we wish you all the best for the future."

She bowed her head with her team as Numbah 43 ushered them to the door. The group stepped through the door and the door shut behind them. Ominous green lights appeared near the table. Numbah 5 squeezed her friends' hands,

"You all ready?"

Numbah's 2, 3 and 4 gave a bow and sat down in the chairs. The screens gave a static and they prepared for what would come next when they heard a very familiar voice behind them,

"Hey guys, what are you doing?"

They froze…it couldn't be. They turned their heads slowly, disbelieving that it could be…but there was no doubt looking at that bald head, and dark sunglasses that hid his eyes. Abby stared in wonder,

"Numbah 1?" she asked with hope. He gave a smile and nodded,

"Hey guys, you miss me?"

They jumped and ran towards him, each screaming his name. They jumped and landed on top of him hugging him and crying. Numbah 1 smiled and wiped the tears from his face as he whispered,

"I missed you guys too."

Numbah 2 climbed off,

"But I thought you were supposed to spend forever going around the universe bringing justice to other kids in the Galactic Kids Next Door?"

Numbah 1 shrugged,

"So did I, but they told me I could come back today… I'm just glad I made it in time."

They looked at each other, not understanding,

"In time for what Numbah 1? We're about to be decommissioned."

Before Numbah 1 could speak, a voice cut him off,

"Do you mind me telling this part Numbah 1? I really love this part."

He nodded and backed away as a figure appeared in the dark. She walked toward them, her hands behind her and her brown eyes narrowed. The Numbah 7 glistened on her shirt as her long brown hair was pulled into a pony tail. The others had never seen her before,

"Who are you?"

They all asked. The girl smiled and gave a deep bow,

"Right, I'm sorry. My name is Susan, but I go by Numbah 7 sometimes. I came to see your decommissioning."

Numbah 4 examined the girl in front of him. She was tall and her face was mature…too mature; and what was that small thing on her nose? He squinted and could make it out to be…a zit! He grabbed his girlfriend and jumped out of the way,

"Look out she's a teen!"

Instinctively, the group reached for their weapons and pulled them out to the teen. She looked unworried as she lowered their blasters,

"Would you really hit one of your own? You're all teenagers now aren't you?"

They looked at each other before lowering their weapons and the former Numbah 4 said depressingly,

"Yeah you're right."

Susan's face fell a little but nodded. She turned to leave when she heard the rising hum of a laser blast warming up. The former operative Numbah 5 responded,

"But we're not gonna turn traitor!"

Susan gave an indiscernible smile as she turned to Numbah 1 and gave a slight nod. He let out a small grin that the others failed to notice as they focused on the teenager in front of them.

"Tell me…" she began, "what would you do if I told you, I could make it so you could stay in the Kids Next Door?"

Numbah 5 gave the signal to her friends to lower their weapons, while hers stayed up,

"What do you mean?"

Perfect. Now for the test,

"I could make it so you could stay in the Kids Next Door…provided you give me a little information for the teens."


"You heard me. What do you care? It's just a little harmless information; you give me that and I can make you able to stay in the Kids Next Door…and what's more…you can see Numbah 1 again and remember everything. And I'm sure there are things that people haven't said that need to be…right Wallabee?"

Numbah 4 gave a blush as he let go of Numbah 3's hand. Three years had passed and he still hadn't told her he liked her! But as soon as they were decommissioned, she would forget him…and he would forget how he felt about her. Susan gave a smile,

"You give me a little info, and I allow you to keep your memories. Just like I did with others, all you gotta do is tell me what I want."

She smiled and crossed her arms, waiting for their answer. The group stared at her and huddled together,

"So what do ya'll think?"

Numbah 2 turned to the girl before staring at Numbah 1 who hadn't said a word or moved,

"I think it's a little suspicious. I mean, she just shows up out of nowhere? Besides, Numbah 1 doesn't seem like his normal self."

The rest of the team silently agreed and Kuki, asked,

"So what do we do then?"

Numbah 4 growled,

"I say we beat the crud out of her until we find out what's up!"

Numbah 5 shook her head and gave a cunning smile,

"Nah, Numbah 5's got a better idea."

She turned to Susan,

"So all we gotta do is tell you some info and you'll let us keep our memories."

Susan nodded,

"Make your choice guys, I have other people to see today."

She turned to Numbah 1 who drolled,

"Come on guys. It's just a little harmless information."

Abby motioned to the others who began circling around Susan slowly. She watched them with her eyes and Abby began talking to distract her,

"So why should we trust you? I've never seen you around here before. How'd you even get in?"

Susan was startled but recovered easily,

"Your guards, don't really do their job very well, two ice creams with knock out gas and I was in."

Abby smiled as the other three had surrounded her. They gave her the okay signal and she gave a cocky smirk,

"Well maybe Sector V can stop ya sucka, NOW!"

Susan looked up in surprise as the entire group of Sector V jumped her. She found herself pinned down by them as Numbah 5 walked up to her and said coldly,

"I don't care how old we get. We will never betray the Kids Next Door, so take your proposal and hit the door!"

Susan dropped her head,

"I see."

She turned her head as far as it could go to stare at the other operatives with dark brown eyes,

"Get. Off."

She said simply with ice. The three operatives climbed off and she stood up and brushed herself off,

"That's a real shame Abby, I'm guessing that's all of you?"

The three operatives turned to her with cold expressions. Wally stood in front of Kuki, protecting her the way he always did. Hoagie stood a little in front of Abby to protect her as well. He stuck out his hand,

"Whatever you're selling, we're not buying sister, so take it to another house."

Abby shook her head,

"You're still hopeless man; but in this case, I agree."

Susan stared them down and turned to Numbah 1,

"Very well, Numbah 1, I think we've seen all we've needed to see."

Then as her back was turned she uttered,

"You've made this choice, keep that in mind. I gave you the chance. Enjoy your memories now, because they'll be gone."

She walked off in the dark, leaving them alone. Numbah 43 rushed in,

"Sorry I was late guys, the two guards were found sleeping, so I had to use some disciplinary action on them, thankfully my sister taught me something about tempers, I don't think I've never been able to make someone that scared like I did tonight."

He didn't notice that the four operatives were still staring into the dark. Abby shook herself from her concentration as Numbah 43 looked with concern at the veterans,


He guided them to the chairs and stared at the manacles that his sister would use to chain up the operatives when they would resist. He turned to Abby who gave a soft smile,

"Don't worry, you don't have to use those on us, we'll stay."

She turned to the others who nodded. Numbah 43 gave a short bow of respect. He walked to the front and drolled,

"This is the Decommissioning Chamber. Please note, there are no exits. The procedure should take about 2 minutes, in which you will forget all of your time in the Kids Next Door and your adventures with each other. So if there is anything any of you would like to say…now is the time."

He turned directly to Numbah 4, since everyone but him and Kuki knew they liked each other. He reached over and took her hand,

"Ku-Kuki…I know we're probably gonna never remember any of this…but…I…"

Kuki turned to him and her purple eyes widened. She'd been waiting for this…

"Yes Wally?"

His green eyes shone as he looked at her, man she was beautiful,

"I…think I…maybe…possibly…could kinda…lo-"

The sound of a machine warming up blocked out what he was about to say. Numbah 43 looked around in terror, his flaming red hair matching his face in anger,

"What the heck is going on?! The procedure's starting, but I can't stop it!"

The screens of the TV's lowered themselves and Numbah 43, being scared since if he stayed his memory would be gone as well and there was no recommissioning device anymore so it'd be gone for good. He ran out, shouting an "I'm sorry" to the group. Wally looked frightened as he turned to Kuki who had looked away from him with terror shimmering in her eyes. She squeezed her hand tighter around his, refusing to let go as the TV's shot on with the static that mesmerized the four teens. They closed their eyes in a final defeat, waiting for the moment that they're memories would be siphoned away, but it never came. They heard a voice say,

"greetings, please stay still while we scan you to make sure you are Numbah 2, Numbah 3, Numbah 4, and Numbah 5…" a cool wind of air fell over them and the computer voice responded, "sufficient data, please keep your hands and arms inside the chamber at all times." The group looked around in curiosity as the machine stopped humming. Hoagie turned to the other three in confusion. The tense atmosphere doubling as the decommissioning tools hung over them like dark clouds waiting to pour down the rain on them. Hoagie, who was baffled by this turned to Abby,

"Okay…am I missing something here?"

Wally turned to him,

"We all are mate."

Kuki put up a sleeve covered hand to her chin, thinking,

"Maybe not, maybe our memories have been erased and we just don't know it sillies!"

She gave a high pitched laugh and Abby shook her head,

"Nuh-uh. Abby would know if Numbah 5's memory's been wiped. Something's going on here."

"How observant."

A voice drolled. The group looked around in terror before suddenly they were jerked in their seats. They looked around in shock as the decommissioning chamber began to sink beneath the floor. Abby looked around at the scared faces, who turned to the girl that had become their leader,

"Alright Abby, what's the plan?"

Hoagie called as the decommissioning office fell further, now free falling through the pitch black beneath the catwalk. Abby turned to the pitch black as the wind whipped by her, as she held her red hat to keep it from falling off.

"alright ya'll listen up! Here's the plan." She commanded. In sync the other three turned to her with steel gazes, waiting for their commander,

"one by one we're all gonna jump. The only thing beneath this is the new pool they put in. get ready to dive for it. Ya'll ready?!"

she called as the wind whipped by faster, indicating that the bottom was close. Her friends turned to the opening and gave a nod to resolve their nerves before they lost it.

Abby knelt down, her muscles tense and prepared to jump. She closed her eyes and thought,

'Numbah 5 must be crazy to be doing this!'

But every thought afterwards went blank as she jumped. Then as naturally as she'd done for five years, she called out,


Wally followed her doing a flip in the air with his incredible strength, he flowed out into a perfectly formed cannonball,


Kuki smiled as she watched the boy she had a crush on, before following. She used her natural grace and agility to flow out into a nice swan dive,


She called with her squeaky voice. The water was coming up closer now, the bright blue fluorescent chlorine able to be seen through the dark. Hoagie gave a gulp before jumping after and pushing himself into a simple feet first dive,


They turned to one another and smiled as the water came up to them, with the last of their breath they called out as loud as they could,



They hit the water hard. Kuki having the most beautiful dive was able to recover quicker than the others. She looked up to the surface and swam up, using the strength and power in her legs to propel her. She breached the surface and glanced around for the others…seconds went by…1,2,3,4, 5…

'they've been under for too long.' She thought. What she never told the KND was that as a child, her mother had her in three different sports; gymnastics, ballet, and swimming. When she joined the KND she would use some of those talents, but she never used her swimming skills and never told anyone. She looked around frantically as she continued to count the seconds…10…11…12…'I've gotta find them!' she turned around and dove back beneath the water, looking for her teammates. She looked around the cool water, the chlorine blurring her vision. She looked for colors and shapes to find them, but they were nowhere to be found. She looked around and came up for air,

"Numbah 5? Numbah 2?"



She screamed. She dove back down looking and swimming as far as she could…nothing…nothing…noth-wait! A blurry figure of a short guy with an orange hoodie came into view… 'Wally?' she thought. Then she gasped as a tall figure with long brown hair clenched her arm around him and drag him down a hole,

'where are they taking him?' Kuki thought, throwing all concern for air out the window as she followed the figure. Her lungs burned with the desire to taste of air again, but she ignored it as she followed the blurry figure of wally and whoever had kidnapped him.

she could feel her consciousness slipping from her, but she refused to give up as she kicked her legs harder than ever. The figure holding Wally seemed to laugh as Kuki pushed with all her might. She could see something coming as the darkness of unconsciousness began to overcome her…


She coughed as she spat out water, she turned with fear and saw her best friend (and secret crush) Wallabee, lying next to her. He was coughing but soundly sleeping. She turned and saw her other two friends Abby and Hoagie lying next to each other as well. she couldn't help notice that their hands were clasped around each other's. she gave a smile despite not knowing where they were, 'I knew it was only a matter of time.'

She shook Wallabees' shoulders,

"Numbah 4? Numbah 4? Wally?!"

He coughed and jerked awake,

"what's that who! Oh, Kuki it's you, what's goin' on Sheila? I was havin' a good nap until you had to wake me up!"

Kuki rolled her eyes,

"never mind that Numbah 4! Where are we?"

He realized that they weren't in the decommissioning chamber anymore,

"I…I don't know Numbah 3…this is really…"

"crazy?" she offered. He shook his head,

"strange. Com'n we gotta wake up the others." He stood up and knelt over Numbah 2,

"com'n up an atam Numbah 2! This aint no sleepova!"

He gave a soft grunt and turned to Numbah 4 with hostility,

"you know dude, your bedside manner reeks…and so do you! Where have you been, drowning in the Kids Next Door Moonbase pool?"

Kuki knelt over Abby,

"come on Numbah 5, wake up, wake up you silly!"

Abby gave a stir and rubbed her head with pain,

"remind Numbah 5 to never jump off of a decommissioning chamber again."

Kuki nodded and gave a smile,

"okay, don't jump off a decommissioning thingy ever again."

Abby rolled her eyes,

"I was being rhetorical Numbah 3."

Numbah 4 exclaimed,

"well while you're being all reticule, we're stuck in some cruddy place in the middle of nowhere!"

Then in the midst of it, a voice was heard,

"actually it's not nowhere, it's a secret base of the KND."

They turned and saw to their surprise Susan. She gave them a smile and rung out her dripping brown hair,

"I've got to give you props, never seen anybody dive off the decommissioning chamber, you kids got guts."

She gave them a smile as Numbah 5 shook herself from her shock,

"Kids Next Door! Battle Stations!"

They moved in sync and landed in a defensive position. Susan was shocked and held up her hands in protest,

"hey! Hey! What I do? why the hostility?"

Numbah 4 growled and shoved a fist towards her,

"don't play dumb girlie! You asked us for information!"

Susan was confused,


"you told us you would make it so we could keep our memories!"

Hoagie retorted.

"I don't know what-"

"you had Numbah 1 hostage in front of us!"

Abby screamed. Susan couldn't take it as she screeched,


All noise stopped. Susan calmed down and turned to the group,

"listen to me carefully, because I will only say this once. I've never met you, only heard of you. I can allow you to keep your memories but only if you choose, and why would I want information when I AM part of the Kids Next Door?"

They stared at her, shocked. Numbah 3 stepped out from her defensive stance and stared stunned at Susan. She turned to Numbah 4 and said softly,

"put down your defenses Wally. She's telling the truth."

They stared at Numbah 3,

"are you sure Kuki?"

Wally asked, eyeing Susan with anger. Kuki nodded and stepped toward Susan before bowing,

"I am sorry we accused you."

Susan returned the bow with respect,

"I accept your apology."

Then she turned to the others,

"so tell me, was there somebody who said she was me, and if you gave her information, she'd allow you to keep your memories?"

Abby gave a nod,

"yes, she said that it was all we had to do and we could have our memories and Numbah 1 back."

Susan put up a hand to her chin in thought. She paced as she listened to each piece of information,

"she said she could let you keep your memories?"

Abby nodded,

"that's what Numbah 5 heard."

Susan understood that part,

"she said all you had to do was give her a little information?"

Hoagie dipped his head, solemnly giving her a yes,

"yea, I'm guessing we were duped."

Susan stopped and gave a smile,

"nope. You guys didn't do it. I'm sure others in your position would've but you proved you were better than that. As for who you came in contact with, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Numbah 66, my older sister…Brooke."

They all stopped as she clenched her fists and grit her teeth. They all could tell that Brooke was somebody that Susan couldn't stand…but as usual, Numbah 4 remarked,

"who the crud is Brooke?!"

Susan turned to them and narrowed her eyes,

"she's my arch rival and my older sister by about 3 years. She's the leader of the ETHK, or the Evil Teens that Hate Kids; Numbah 5, I'm sure you know of them."

Abby growled,

"yea I know of them. My big sister is one, but I thought Steve was the leader of them."

Susan scoffed,

"did you really think someone that dense could lead the teens? Nah, he's a figure head. The muscle to protect the mastermind. My sister is the leader of them, and she's always looking for more traitors to add to her ranks…that's how your sister became Father's apprentice Numbah 5…she couldn't stand to be decommissioned, so she gave up information to my sister in order to let her memories stay intact."

Abby clenched her fists. She knew her sister could be devious, but to betray the KND? All to keep her memories?

"Numbah 5 didn't know that was why Cree was able to keep her memories."

Susan bowed her head in disappointment,

"yes. I'm sorry to say she did that, I just know because I was working for the New Supreme Leader, Numbah 362 at the time and it was my job to manage all the video work for the Kids Next Door. I've watched every decommission happen, saw every nomination and recruit ceremony, every mission gone awry, and every betrayal. I have eyes everywhere, on the distinct promise I would tell no one."

Tears softly fell down her face,

"I saw your sisters decommission. And I was there when my sister asked her. I could only watch as she convinced your sister to convey every secret that she knew about the Kids Next Door…and next to me, was the emergency alert button. I knew I should've pressed it. Every fiber of me wanted to press it. There was only one thing that kept me from doing so…"

Her head fell lower and Abby spoke,

"it was your sister."

Susan nodded,

"until that moment, I believed any rumors that my sister was starting an evil teen club were all lies…but the proof was there…staring me in the face, but I couldn't do it. I watched as she turned away and led your sister out. I never said a word."

They all stared at her,

"you mean you let your cruddy sister get away with it?"

Wally bellowed. Susan nodded cringing at the harsh tone in his voice,

"well, that's just great! It's great to know that the reason the Kids Next Door have been goin' through so much trouble is because of a stupid, cruddy, girl!"

Susan looked up, fire burning in her green eyes,

"hey! I said I didn't say a word, I never said I didn't do anything about it!"

Wally looked like he was ready to fight when Abby stopped him,

"hang on Numbah 4, what do you mean Susan?"

Susan bit her lip and wrung her hands,

"I wasn't supposed to tell you like this but basically when I turned 11, I had lived with my mistake for about a year now. I told Numbah 362 I had a new solution. I couldn't make up for not doing anything then, but I could change things for the better now."

"be more specific!"

Hoagie exclaimed.

"I approached Numbah 362 with an idea, a way to fix my mistakes. I told her to give me one year, to prove that this idea would work. That I could make a new force of the KND, a way that veteran operatives could remain in the force and stop my evil sister, even if they were over the age of 13…"

"The TND…"

Abby whispered. Susan shot up with a start,

"how'd you know about that?"

Abby didn't respond but instead inquired,

"so you're the leader of the TND?"

Susan at first shook her head yes, then she nodded no…finally she gave an awkward smile and a shrug,

"kinda yes and kinda no. I wasn't the one who came up with that nickname. One of my operatives did. The real name of it is OKND, or the Original Kids Next Door. Our mission is to provide secret service support for the Kids Next Door."

Hoagie was confused,

"wait, I thought the Kids Next Door do that already."

Susan smiled,

"think of the Kids Next Door like the FBI or the military. People know they're there and they know who they are, they can always turn to the Kids Next Door when there's a problem. The OKND however, is like the CIA. We are unknown and invisible. The ninjas of the KND. But at the same time, we support them in ways they'd never know unless we told them."

Abby nodded,

"I found out about you guys by an accident."

Susan raised an eyebrow but gave a smile,

"yea I know, Maurice told me. But as my second in command and my first operative, I had to just give him a warning you know?"

Wally didn't pay any attention until he heard, "unknown" now he may not have been the smartest tool in the shed, but he'd seen enough spy movies to know that if someone was unknown…they'd kill you to stay that way.

"whoa hang on! Why are you telling us all this?"

Susan gave him a surprised smile,

"you know I'd always heard you weren't that intelligent, but apparently you catch on quicker than these people do. yes, normally I wouldn't be able to tell you this, but seeing as I'm about to recruit you, I think you should know."

They all stopped,


Susan just smiled and gave a laugh,

"come on, you didn't think that the decommissioning chamber would just begin to sink on its own did you? And though you landed in our pool instead of in my office like I planned it, you still ended up right where I needed you to be; with a little help from our S.S.S.I.R.E.N.N."

Hoagie knew a lot about mythology,

"wait…did you say…siren?"

Susan laughed,

"don't worry she won't bite, I know because I am a S.S.S.I.R.E.N.N.N. in fact, I'm the one who saved you all from sudden death, well except Numbah 3 over there. You're a really good swimmer girl."

Kuki blushed and Abby turned to Susan,

"enough with the compliments! What do you mean by siren?"

Susan pulled out a file and handed it to Abby,

"share that with everyone now. In our organization, we decide what you shall be trained in and what you shall specify in, I am a S.S.S.I.R.E.N.N.N. which stands for: Singer Swims and Succinctly pulls Information by Revocation of Naturally Nirvanas Notes. I am one of Five categories, as an information gatherer which are placed into teams of secret agent in order to complete any mission that is impossible for kids, that serves to stop tyranny from all ages: I chose five of you in order to place you in those categories,"

She looked around and pointed to each one individually,

"but I count five, four, three, two…so where is the last one?"

She stared at them and they grew quiet. They dropped their heads and tried to keep her from seeing the sadness in their eyes. Susan didn't understand, why were they upset? Ever since she had "left" the Kids Next Door, she didn't have access like she used to. She was able to get all the files of any kids that were being decommissioned, but she didn't have all access like she used to.

"come on. I don't have to sing or strut to get information out of you guys do I? believe me I do it enough with teens, I'd rather not do it with you guys too."

They remained quiet,

"okay, what's going on? Where's Numbah 1?"

Kuki began to sniffle and Wally reached over and took her hand,

"its okay Kooks, just relax."

Now Susan was really confused,

"I'm only gonna ask one more time before you see the reason I'm called a Siren, got it?"

But the team was silent. Hoagie put his arm around Abby comforting her before she stepped forward, frustrated tears glittering her eyes,

"you want to know where he is?! He left! A long time ago! He was called by the Galactic Kids Next Door and left! There you happy?!"

Susan went pale white. She clenched her fists,

"they took him? They took another one?"

Kuki turned to Susan and let go of Wally's hand, she stepped forward, confusion on her face,

"what are you talking about silly? Nobody took him!"

Hoagie spoke up,

"yea, he chose to go with them. He wanted to make a difference. Save kids around the world."

Abby jumped in,

"it's not like they forced him to go. He chose to be the hero, he wanted to save people!"

Wally pulled out a fist and held it towards Susan,

"you cruddy girl, what are you talking about?"

Susan glared at them, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"there is no such thing as the Galactic Kids Next Door. There's no such thing as the "disease" of adulthood. All of that was created by two people…two people that if I had the chance, I would make them pay, Numbah's Infinity and 74.239, if you had never met two greater idiots then those two point them out to me."

Abby was confused,

"what are you talking about?"

Susan stared at them,

"listen guys, I don't know how to tell you this gently, but Numbah 1 isn't with the Galactic Kids Next Door."

They were all shocked but Wally spoke,

"then where the crud is he?"

Susan gave a deep sigh,

"sit down. It's a long story."

She sat down and crossed her legs one over the other. The four operatives sat down next to her in a circle as Susan began,

"now when I was 11 I began the OKND and had already picked out who would be my first agents. The first one, was Numbah 9 who was growing too close to the magic age of 13. However, before I thought of him, I had another agent on my team…Numbah 274. He wasn't pleased to be in the secretive side of the KND, but was content to help out. He signed on for the category: T.R.I.A.T.A.O.R.R. or Teen Really Is Able To Assist in Operatives Recon and Rescues. The Kids Next Door thought of him as a traitor when in reality, he was always helping you, from the shadows."

Numbah 4 interrupted,

"what about when he had us decommissioned? Or sent our moon base to the sun?!"

Susan responded coolly,

"Cree had gotten the mission to do it from my sister and Father. She was already on her way to do it. As for the first one; I asked him to do that. He was afraid that his cover would be blown, so I allowed you all to be captured for decommissioning, not because of Chad, but because of the fact then when you were, your minds were opened to various talents that you didn't know you had, and a bond that would become stronger than anything. But as I was saying…Chad quietly helped from the shadows of the OKND for a while, stopping various attacks and biting the bullet more times than once to keep the KND safe, but he missed the glory. He hated it when kids that used to idolize him now booed him and threw trash at him everywhere he went. Meanwhile I was talking to the up and coming operatives Numbah Infinity and 74.239. that was the first time I heard of this ridiculous notion of "the disease of adulthood" and needing to save other planets from it. Now will I say there are no other planets out there? No, I don't know what's out there. But I can tell you, there is no such thing as an adult illness. It's the we're programmed; and if we weren't, we'd all be babies living on the planet. Call me crazy, but I've been able to more for the KND as a secret agent, then I ever was as an operative. I'm still a kid…just not on the outside. I was smart, I could see through their ruse. They wanted me to give them the names of my agents, I refused. What they wanted, was a way to eradicate all forms of aging on the planet; but a planet full of kids won't survive on its own. I knew that from my time in the OKND. But my cou-I mean Chad, was manipulated by the promises of youth by the two operatives. Before I knew it, Chad was leaving to join forces with them, saying that it would be good for the world…and leaving the rest of us behind. From there, I came up with the Codename S.P.L.I.N.T.E.R. C.E.L.L.: Seventy-ith decimal Point Lies with Infinity Numbah's To Eviscerate growth Rate Clear Evidence Like now or you Lose! But I guess my warning came too late."

She dropped her head and Abby spoke up,

"so wait…if there's no Galactic Kids Next Door, then where's Numbah 1?"

Susan turned to them, her face melancholy and pitying,

"I'm sorry you guys. But if he was taken a while ago; they've taken him back to wherever they plan and they're retraining him."

Hoagie jumped on that comment,

"retraining him? How?"

"they gather the best operatives from around the country, telling them they're the best in the world. Then they take them somewhere in space and train them to hate adults or become one themselves. Your friend is going through a bad time I can tell you that."

Wally jumped up,

"well, we gotta save him!"

The team cheered and Susan jumped up,

"whoa guys, I don't mean to be a downer here, but technically, your minds are supposed to be wiped. And until I can place you in a unit, you're not allowed out of here. It's one way or the other."

Kuki screamed,

"but he needs us now! if you could save Chad would you?"

Susan felt a pang in her heart as she reached beneath her shirt and pulled out a small golden locket. Inside were her, her sister and Chad,

"yes…I would."

Kuki gave a soft smile, gentle and kind,

"then let us help our friend too. He needs us now, he can't wait."

Susan thought about this before giving a nod,

"well technically I have to test you anyway, this is as good a test as ever. But you'll need another member, four isn't enough."

Abby turned to her,

"can't you go with us?"

Susan shook her head,

"nope. If something's going down with the Splinter Cell, then my place is here. The OKND mainframe will have to its best with what we've got. I can't let you go without at least 5, you'll need the teamwork."

"I'll go."

Heads swiveled to see another girl stepping out from the darkness. She had short blonde hair that touched her shoulder and soft brown eyes that seemed to penetrate anyone who they came in contact with. And right now, they were staring directly into Susan's green ones.

"Supreme Commander Numbah 362, it's nice to see you again."

"cut the chit-chat Numbah 7, is everything what you've said true?"

Susan gave a firm nod, the anger of the splinter cell still thundering in her eyes,

"every word of it."

Numbah 362 nodded,

"alright…then I'm going."

The rest of the team gasped but Susan just gave a knowing smile. She figured she liked Nigel Uno, and would probably do anything to save him.

"alright. Well Ms. Supreme Commander, unfortunately you have no jurisdiction here. If you go is my call, and only agents are allowed on missions."

Numbah 362 returned the smile, her eyes sparking with determination that flowed all over her body,

"actually Numbah 7, I don't know if you remembered, but I just recently turned 13 as well, and I was brought down here as a nominee for your program."

Susan smiled. Yes she had nominated Rachel for her program, she wanted to see how far that determination would go, with any of them.

"alright. If I can't change your mind I'll make you a deal. I'll let you go save your friend. If you're lucky, they won't have brainwashed him yet. If you can return with him and prove yourself as a worthy team, I'll make you honorary agents of the OKND. However, don't return with him or even worse one of the teammates I see here now, and none of you will be in the program. You'll go forth with your decommissioning and it would be as though this never happened. This is an A or F mission, there is no other grade you can get. Do you still want to go forth?"

Their faces said it all. Susan felt a great leap of joy in her heart, such loyalty and faith even when their friend may not be their friend anymore. She gave a coy smile,

"then follow me."

Behind her she could hear Wally whine,

"great, where the crud are we going now?"

Susan smiled as she waved her keycard for the laboratory,

"you're going on a rescue mission right? You're gonna need some gear."

A bright light overtook the group as they stepped through the doorway after her.

Transmission Interrupted

Okay, so Codename Kids Next Door has always been one of my favorite shows (along with all the others ) and I wanted to try a fanfiction to see what happens next. I got the idea off of all the Deviant Art I browsed and reading some of the other fanfics. Don't worry, none of my ideas are on hold, I'm just working to get them all out this week . So read and review and I'll reply to you