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Chapter 4: Sacrifices and Prisoners

Numbah 5 stifled a chuckle as she watched her friends get dragged off. her heart skipped a beat as she noticed Numbah 2 who glanced back to look at her. Seeing her nervousness, he flicked her a thumbs up and a comforting smile. Numbah 5 gently smiled at this before she heard a familiar voice,

"you two look really cute together."

She swung her head around to see familiar dreadlocks and soft brown eyes. Over his head was a black cap and he wore a black trenchcoat, but there was no doubt,


Maurice gave a smile and held up a hand to his lips,

"here I'm known as Charming."

Numbah 5 gave a grimace,

"Charming? Couldn't you pick a better name than that?"

Maurice gave a shrug and a half-hearted smile,

"In my occupation…it really makes sense."

He cuffed Abby's shoulders and gave her a proud smile,

"but enough about that. You made it kid, nice work. I knew you would make it."

Abby felt a blush cross her face as she rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment,

"it wasn't that big of a deal. It was Numbah 7 who told us we were qualified."

Suddenly, Maurice's eyes lit up,

"Sus-I mean, you saw Heartbreak?"

Abby didn't know how to respond to his strange reaction so she just nodded,

"yeah. She's the one who told us about the whole thing to begin with. Why do you ask?"

Maurice immediately turned away from her so she could see the blush that crossed his face,

"no reason."

He stuttered. Abby watched him with interest but knew he wasn't going to say anymore on the subject now. She noticed they were going down a dark hallway,

"so where are we heading Ma-I mean Charming?"

He turned to her and smiled,

"our branch that you've just joined of course; the branch of the Boyfriends…well in your case, the Girlfriends."

Abby nodded as he dragged her down the hall. A question had been burning in her mind since she first heard about this place and now she had to ask it,

"why does the OKND exist? I thought the whole point of the KND was a way for kids to help out and have fun with their childhood, but no ones a kid forever right? So why does the OKND exist?"

She stared at him in curiousity and Maurice gave a chuckle,

"been waiting for you to ask that kid."

He gave a sharp turn right and laughed,

"detour. This is the hall of the OKND. It explains our entire history."

Abby's eyes widened as she saw the plaques standing in the hall next to different pictures. The first one; a faded black and white picture stared back at her. A brown, curly haired girl with blue eyes gave a big smile as she waved to the camera.

"might as well start with the original founder of the OKND. This is Numbah 999 or as she liked to call herself…"

He was cut off as another voice joined him,

"Teen. She was the first operative of the OKND. The original founder as well."

Abby spun to see Susan strolling through the hall, staring at the two operatives. She glared at Maurice, her eyes harsh,

"Charming, you're supposed to go see where this girl fits in with your group, not give her the grand tour. They've got a mission in two hours to save their friend."

Maurice wasn't intimidated by this and just laughed,

"believe me Heartbreak. I've seen Numbah 5 and the rest of the group in action. They can kick some serious butt you know."

Abby smiled at the vote of confidence from Maurice and she was shocked to see a wry smile on Susans face,

"I know Charming… now I brought Spy here to test her to see if she's good enough. I need to talk to you…privately."

Abby watched with curiousity as a cloaked girl came from the shadows from just behind Susan,

"this way Numbah 5."

Abby nodded and turned to look at Maurice who was staring at Susan with a look she'd never seen before. Before she knew it however, she was being spirited away by Spy. The vision of Maurice and Susan disappeared.

Susan watched them before turning to Maurice, her hands cocked on her hips with frustration,

"Maurice. What were you thinking? This hall is not to be shown to anyone but graduates! They're still recruits!"

If Maurice was surprised in the slightest or jolted by her anger, he didn't show it. he just gave a calm smile and shrugged his shoulders,

"Susan. You, yourself said these five will be the most prominent recruits you've ever received. You even had Numbah 362 be "evaluated" so you could make a team of five. What did Brat say when she had to be "introduced" to Captain?"

Susan gave a small smile,

"she was annoyed about the fact I was wasting her time. I think Numbah 362 got the most enjoyment out of it."

Maurice stuffed his hands in his jackets as and Muscle strolled through the hall,

"oh hey Heartbreak! Good news, Numbah 4 is confirmed as the next leader of the Sports!"

Muscle jumped in with a smile,

"yeah, the kid did really good."

They continued down the hall and left Susan and Maurice standing alone once more. Maurice smiled and turned to Susan who was blushing,

"see? You've got nothing to worry about. If Numbah 4 can reach the goal, I know Numbah 5 can."

Susan turned to him and said quietly,

"like I said. That I don't doubt. It's not that that worries me Maurice."

Maurice stared at her as she tried to fight back tears. He stepped closer, his eyes studying her face,

"then what does Susan? Come on, you tell me everything. What are you hiding?"

She turned to him, her eyes staring into his with fear,

"I just… I know Brooke wont take this lying down. Neither will some of the others when they find out what I'm allowing. We are not supposed to mess with the GKND until we have enough evidence that they are really working with the ETHK. Maurice I think I'm losing my mind. I swear we're losing more and more people each year. All my hopes, hinge on these five. I'm scared Maurice…if they don't score high enough…if they don't impress…"

Maurice couldn't help it as he wrapped his arms around the girl and held her close,

"shh…don't worry. You always think things through Susan. There's a reason you're the leader. I know you can do it. You restarted the OKND to fight off Brooke remember? If anyone can create a better team than Teen…it's you Susan."

Susan returned the embrace and held him tight, not wanting to let go,

"how do you know?"

Maurice smiled and caressed her face gently,

"because you told me so. And I believe you."

Numbah 5 followed Spy's quick pace. She caught a glimpse of Numbah 7 talking to Maurice, but it faded quickly as they turned the corner back into the hall,

"that jerk. I'm the only one who can test new recruits, he knows this."

She growled. Then she turned to Numbah 5 with glaring eyes,

"you could've gotten into serious trouble you know! That hall is only for…"

Numbah 5 cut her off,

"graduates. I figured as much."

Spy widened her eyes and she began,


Once again Numbah 5 cut her off with a smile,

"I figured if this place is as connected as the KND, the rules would be similar. Calling each other by only codenames? Refraining from actual use of names? The structure is very similar."

Spy stared at her, before giving a sly smile,

"now I know why you were chosen in our section. You'll match perfectly."

Spy stepped up to what looked like a blank wall and placed her hand on a panel. Numbah 5 could hear a small buzz, like a vibration generating off of it, before the wall slid aside.

"welcome Numbah 5 to the Girlfriend division of the OKND."

Numbah 5 looked with interest as computers and whiteboards glistened with pictures and gadgets. Spy asked with amusement,

"so what do you think?"

Numbah 5 turned to her and gestured to the room,

"Numbah 5 feels like she fell into a James Bond movie."

Spy couldn't help but laugh,

"funny you should mention that."

Down the stairs came a well-dressed kid. His blond streaked auburn hair tousled in a mess over his head. His blue eyes focusing on Numbah 5 who stared at him with wonder,

"The Kid?! What's he doing here?!"

The Kid laughed and gestured to Spy to leave before turning to Numbah 5,

"well, it's a good thing none of you knew my name. Numbah 5 right? You're that other kid's…the chubby one's girlfriend right?"

Numbah 5 felt a blush rise up in her cheeks and she hotly replied,

"no! I'm Numbah 5! That's it!"

The Kid smiled and got closer before smiling dangerously,

"that's good. I was always wondering if I could steal you away from him."

He got closer and closer as Numbah 5's heart beat faster and faster. Only a few more seconds and…he pulled away giving a smile,

"that's a demonstration of what we do. it's our job to get close to teens and get them to reveal their secrets."

Numbah 5's heart slowed down as she stared at the Kid,

"what just happened?"

The Kid smiled,

"you've got spunk kid. I'll train you. I'm the head of the Boyfriend/Girlfriend department. People call me Fly Boy."

He held out a hand and Numbah 5 took it cautiously, her recent impression of him keeping her on watch. She felt a soft something placed in her hand and she looked down,

"uh…what is this?"

But as she looked up, he was gone.

Numbah 5 mumbled to herself as she stomped through the hall,

"who does that boy think he is? With the flirting, and the teasing, and the stuck up attitude and..."

She stopped as she came to a halt where a tall but petite boy smiled at her. He was thin and skinny, but his soft blonde hair and large blue eyes made her look twice…

"uh…who are you?"

The boy gave a bow,

"my name's Numbah 234, I'll be the one who's examining you."

Numbah 5 stared at him and asked,

"uh…what do you mean examining?"

The boy smiled and held out his hand,

"In your hand there should be a small thing, about this big."

He gestured with his hands the size,

"that's a widget. That widget will confirm who you'll be training with and what you'll be doing with that training."

Numbah 5 nodded and held out a hand with the widget. Numbah 234 took it from her with a smile and input it in the scanner. A few seconds went by before a ding went off,

"Numbah 5: Occupation-Infiltrator, Codename: Cutie"

"Cutie?! Why the heck is my name Cutie?"

A tremor of anger coursed through her as she saw Fly Boy leaning on the wall,






She felt another tremor of anger before Numbah 234 turned to The Kid and gave a bow,

"Fly Boy! She's training with you as an Infiltrator."

The Kid looked surprised as he smiled,

"is she now?"

Numbah 5 blanched as the Kid came up to her and examined her closely,

"interesting. Very interesting. Thank you Numbah 234."

Numbah 5 watched as he left before turning to Fly Boy,

"Numbah 5 thinks this is going to be a long day."

She sighed.

Fly Boy tuned in his communicator, and said to Susan,

"she made it. She's the top of the top. The Widgets don't lie."

Susan breathed a sigh of relief as she heard the message. Kitten happened to hear it and she gave a knowing smile,

"she made it too?"

Susan nodded,

"yup. Now that these four have their positions, they can rescue their friend."

Kitten laughed and watched Susan as she typed in the Traitor's communicator link on the computer. When no one appeared, she cried,

"Hey Brat! Where's Grit?"

Brat's face appeared and she rolled her eyes at Susan with annoyance,

"getting in some extra practice. I swear that girl never stops working!"

Susan gave a laugh,

"well, let her know her friends made it, and they leave in twenty minutes."

Brat narrowed her eyes,

"that doesn't leave much time to practice Heartbreak."

Susan smiled challengingly,

"haven't you heard of these guys Brat? They don't need any more practice. They were the best sector of the KND, how else do you think they would receive their position as the next head?"

Brat couldn't find anything to argue with this point. She mumbled,

"she'll be ready in twenty."

Susan nodded, knowing she won,

"thank you."

She disconnected the link and turned to Kitten.

"they all made it. they're all the heads of the branches of the OKND."

Kitten looked in fear as Susan pulled up the mission specs,

"yeah, but how do you know this friend of theirs will join them? I mean, to be quite honest…he's been away for so long…"

"he'll make it."

Susan said, cutting off her friend.

"how do you know?"

Susan turned to her with a dark smile,

"the GKND wouldn't have abducted him if they didn't think they could use him. I will never admit it publically, but…they know where true talent is for an agent. I have no doubt he'll make it."

Kitten nodded and pulled up the specs for a rocket that the Geek Boys had just finished,

"okay, and what about his friends? How do you know they'll save him in time? We've tried with Ch…I mean…Numbah 274…it didn't work."

Susan bit back tears,

"Numbah 274 had been there too long. Numbah 1 may be difficult, but if anyone can get through to him, they can. Pull up the location of the 'Star of the Galaxy Children '."

Kitten nodded and pulled up a grainy picture of a small planet reminiscent of a moon,

"here it is…the Star of the Galaxy Children. Using Numbah 2's tracer we were able to find it…"

She bit her lip in fear as Susan smiled, writing down the coordinates on a sticky note,

"you don't need to be afraid Kaitlyn. These people know what they're doing."

She opened up a new comm link and saw as Wolf appeared,

"ah Heartbreak, how can I, of the Inventive Geeks help you?"

Susan's smile faded into her normal serious demeanor,

"I'm going to show you some coordinates. It's for the mission today. You will not tell anyone else of these coordinates, you, yourself will input them by hand into the ship the new agents are using, understand?"

Wolf nodded, his hazel eyes going hard,


Susan flashed the note card and Wolf quickly read it, his eyes scanning over the numbers and letters. He looked up to her,

"got it."

Then the link went dead. Susan reached over and placed the note in a shredder, before taking the shredded remains and placing them in the furnace. Kitten watched,

"Susan? Are you sure you'll be alright? You seem off. How do you know they'll make it?"

Susan turned to her, her eyes brimming with tears. Kitten was taken aback as Susan responded,

"because Kaitlyn…these people may make mistakes, but they don't fail…and right now…failure is not an option."

Her eyes grew cold then and turned from Kitten. Kitten was shocked as she heard her friend request,


She ordered, going back to formalities,

"I need you to make ready my Black Wind."

Kitten's eyes went wide,

"Black Wind? Where are you going on Black Wind?"

The door shut and Kitten was left with no light except that coming from the computer,

"shoot…Susan…what are you planning?"

She asked the darkness.


Nigel Uno, known before as Numbah 1 groaned as the bright light hit his eyes once more,

"get up you trash."

The voice growled. Numbah 1 groaned inwardly one more time before staggering up to something of a standing position. He trudged and dragged his feet, ignoring the voice around him.

"you've got training beginning now Nigel Uno. Get to work."

He moved through the motions silently, his eyes lacking the luster and pride in his work,

"that's right Numbah 1 aim a little higher, we got to make sure we hit the adults where it hurts."


A hole appeared in a cut out of an adult. He dropped the weapon and turned to his sergeant with a glare,

"happy now?"

He asked sarcastically.


He groaned as he saw her appear once more. Her brown hair was cropped short again and her dark eyes glared banefully at him,

"I need a word with you."

She said with ice. If Numbah 1 noticed this he ignored it. trudging past all the other recruits. The chains on his ankle clanged with each step he took, but he ignored it as he focused with hate on the girl in front of him. She stood like always, her body cocked with arrogance and superiority, but her eyes shown deadly cleverness and spite. Her brown short hair hung barely past her ears but yet the bangs were still long enough to hang over her eyes.

Numbah 1 despised this girl. More than Father, or Grandfather, or broccoli, he despised her. He walked past the two idiots that signed him up for this mess and couldn't help but throw a glare in their direction. They returned it and Numbah Infinity sighed,

"you brought this on yourself Numbah 1."

He was ushered into her office, where she stood like before, waiting with a smug grin. Numbah 1 was not going to give her the satisfaction,


He started calmly,

"you look well."

Brooke's smile grew cold and she uttered,

"shut up Uno."

Then she pulled out a file and laid it in front of him,

"I got your results back from the recent training you've done. I must say I'm less than impressed."

Numbah 1 swallowed a prideful grin as she began listing things off,

"you've destroyed the Adult shooting range, and your mustard cannon was much too simple. You've been unable to make a simple age bomb, and you've yet to even capture and intimidate your first adult."

She slapped down the paper and groaned in frustration,

"in conclusion, you're a failure to the entire GKND."

Numbah 1 couldn't hold it in anymore and began to laugh. Brooke was shocked by this, but kept it within as Numbah 1 began to chortle,

"please Brooke, don't even try to fool me anymore. This is the ETHK, I've heard it from around the base."

Brooke swallowed her fear and pulled up the same grin,

"you have, have you? Well, then I guess there's no reason to hide it anymore."

Then she turned to him with a cruel grin,

"likewise Numbah 1, I know about you as well. sneaking off late at night, hacking our computers, you seem to be trying to communicate with someone."

Numbah 1 remained silent. Brooke grew angry at this and grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt, pulling him to her eye level,

"listen you brat. You get out of here two ways. One, you graduate as a member of the ETHK, or two, you continue to fight and we'll just age you real quick and you can become a new adult experiment."

With that she let go before grinning smugly,

"you are confined to your quarters for three days, no food, no water, certainly no ice cream, and the only thing you will watch is boring political talk shows and such. We'll see if you change your mind after that."

With that, he was taken away.

Brooke gave a wicked smirk in his direction,

"by the time those three days are up, you'll have no more energy to fight. And then, I'll personally make sure you're brainwashed. You'll be the greatest member of the ETHK yet Nigel Uno."

Nigel hit the ground hard in his cell as they locked him back to the holding chain. He growled as he tugged on the chain to get it to a comfortable position as he laid back on the bed.

"you're missing them huh Numbah 1?"

He turned to his cell mate, who cast a forlorn glance at his former nemesis,

"yeah Chad…I really am."

Chad turned his head to look at the ceiling, his hands fingering the locket that he wore around his neck.

"I'm missing my family and friends too."

Numbah 1 could feel a tear slipping down his cheek.

"you know…if I had known, what this place truly was…I would've never gotten on that ship. This isn't worth being away from friends and family."

Chad looked at him and couldn't help but nod.

"yeah, I know what you mean. I should've known something was up when Susan didn't know about it."

Numbah 1 raised an eyebrow in confusion,

"Chad…" he started,

"you talk about Susan a lot, but I don't know about her. Who's she?"

Chad smiled and opened the locket to see the picture smiling back at him,

"a really important person to me."

Then he turned to her with a grin,

"she remade the OKND you know."

Nigel nodded with enthusiasm,

"you talked about that before, mind telling me more?"

Even in confinement, Chad would talk to his cell mate. He told him of the great stories of the OKND and how each mission that Sector V went on, the OKND's part in it. Nigel laughed and smiled with joy and excitement as Chad told him more and more.

Little did he know, that his friends were now part of it and on the way to rescue him.

Susan smiled and waved at them as they rose into the air on the rocket. She smiled and murmured,

"go bring back your friend."

The four members of Sector V and Numbah 362 all watched the stars with determination, all thinking the same thing,

"we're coming for you Numbah 1."

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