I do not own the Smurfs. This is a AU:High School and the Smurfs 100% percent human. This chapter is Hefty's Point Of View.

Weekends With Handy

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I do not like asking for help even though I like it when other people ask for my help. I offer my help to others and I'm not against helping other people. For a week I have been struggling to understand the math in my math class.

'Typical for a jock', 'All muscles, no brains', and other words I'm positive people at school will say if I request a tutor or ask the teacher to explain it where I can understand.

The stereotype of all blonds are dumb in our high school has been buried and put to rest. The reason is: Handy. Handy is the smartest person in our grade level and he has blond hair. He is a natural blond as proven in the boys bathroom during middle school.

Of course there are a couple of bitter people who go 'Handy must have slept with all of his teachers', but for the most part they kept it to themselves.

"Hey, Hefty. How is everything going?" Handy asked causally and why the heck did I not think to ask him for help? He's my best friend and he is good at math…

"Handy can you help me in math?"

"Sure, Hefty."

Why didn't I think of asking Handy as soon as I started to struggle in math?

"I'm also helping a couple of other people in math from 3:00Pm until 6:00Pm Monday through Thursday."

"Nevermind, I'll be okay." I told him and he blinked his eyes in confusion. I do not want anyone besides Handy to know I need help in math. "It sounds like you have your hands full, Handy. Plus I have football practice."

"I wasn't finished speaking, Hefty. I know you have football practice which is why I was thinking Saturday and Sunday. So my house or your house?"

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