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Chapter One: Returning Home

The S.S. Anne had finally arrived after its long sail to Vermillion city. There were many types of passenger getting off of the grand ship. There were business men and women, tourists, trainers, coordinators, and even people looking for work in a new region. The day was perfect for the ship to dock and set sail again. The sun was out, the water was calm, and there hasn't been any reported piracy in the oceans for years. People looked so happy to finally get off of the boat. It was an enjoyable three days cruise by the looks of everyone.

Everything was perfect, at least it seemed like that to sixteen year old Rail Sucra; another passenger getting off of the huge ship. Besides from learning a lot about Pokémon from his Uncle Joel in Hoenn, today was going to be the day that he can finally start his Pokémon Journey in Kanto. It was his father's decision that he learned about Pokémon from his Uncle, maybe because Uncle Joel was a breeder. All he needed to do was to get home, greet his mother and father, and then go to Pallet town and receive his starter Pokémon from the famous Professor Samuel Oak. Research says that Professor Oak will give out either the fire type Charmander, the water type Squirtle, or the Grass and Poison type Bulbasaur. Since he was twelve, Rail knew what type he was going to pick. It was the fire type Charmander, because it turns into a ferocious winged beast at its last evolution. If he couldn't get a Charmander, he decided maybe a Bulbasaur, since it can attack at any direction with its multiple vines.

"Hey Rail, over here!" He heard someone call his name. He did not see anyone that he knew, even moving his hair out from his right eye in order to see more. Then he saw where the voice was coming from. It was a tall, built man in a dirty white sleeveless brown shirt that showed signs that it might have been white at one point in time. His stained jeans and beat up steel-toed boots along with his powdery yellow bandana was the man's common attire. This man is none other than Rail's father, the carpenter. By the looks of it, Rail's father might have just come out of work. Standing beside him was a Machoke, a Machoke that has been in the family even before Rail was born. Rail knew that he was a powerful Pokémon, even compared to the rest of its breed. It once even protected Rail and his mother from a group of wild Rattata. Even though it was an old Pokémon, it still worked alongside its master and friend, which was Rail's father. Machoke was the only Pokémon in Rail's father's possession, and was given to him as a child by his father, which was Rail's grandfather, another Pokémon breeder. Instead of taking up the family's tradition as breeders like his brother Joel, Rail's father chose to become a carpenter in the carpentry work force.

Rail met up with his father and gave each other handshakes, which was the normal greeting between the two. "Hey Dad!" Rail said excitedly. He knew that his father must now allow him to go on a journey.

"Hey Son, how was the visit in Hoenn?" The father asked as the two began to walk.

"It was great, I learned a whole lot from Uncle Joel, and he even taught me how to cook in the wild so I could feed hungry Pokémon. I also learned how to take care of most injuries and sicknesses that a Pokémon may get." Rail answered. The last three months, Joel had been non-stop teaching Rail all that he can so that Rail can go on his journey.

The two conversed as they walked home. The Sucra family lived, fortunately, in Vermillion city. It took the three of them, Rail, his father, and Machoke, only ten minutes to get home. During the walk, Rail told his father most of what he had learned during his stay at his Uncle's house. When they got home, Rail's mother had dinner all set and the three sat at the table, along with Machoke, which makes four, and talked about Rail's visit.

"So Rail, how was the cruise?" Rail's mother asked eating a salad, her favorite meal.

Rail devoured down on some ribs before answering his mother's question, "It was nice. There were a lot of different types of people with all sorts of Pokémon that I have never seen before. Some people, who were trainers, battled with each other. It was so cool to see a Primeape going up against a Hitmonchan. Hitmonchan won, but the Primeape put up such a good fight, that the Hitmonchan fainted soon after the battle was over. They both were very strong, but I am going to be better than both of them, and anyone else in the matter." Rail spoke so excitedly about the battle, visioning himself in a situation like that, taking out trainers in battles on a cruise line.

"Well Rail, hurry up and get yourself ready. I am going to drive you to Pallet town so you can get your Pokémon and finally become a trainer." Rail's father said, watching his only child smile at the comment.

After dinner, Rail went upstairs to his bedroom and packed everything that he needed. The list was a simple. I few pair of clean pants and shirts, clean underwear and socks, and a flashlight and some spare batteries. The bag was big enough and still had room for other things along the way. Rail went downstairs with his bag after looking at his room for a few moments. This was the room that he dreamed and played being a trainer. Now, he was on his way to make that dream a reality. I kissed his mother on the cheek and went outside and into the family's car.

After four hours of driving, they arrived at the quiet town of Pallet. To Rail, it seemed like a ghost town. There were barely anybody walking on the streets and very few cars drove past them. They stopped in front of a large building on top of a short hill. In front of the property stood a sign that said, 'Pallet town laboratory' and underneath read, 'Property of Professor Samuel Oak'. Rail got out of the car, almost destroying the passenger's side door in the process.

"Now listen son, I sent you five hundred dollars in your bank account. Use it only for emergencies or to buy supplies that you need." Rail's father spoke. "If you ever need money, just call me using your cell phone. Even though your mother told me to tell you to make sure you sleep in a motel room every night, I advise you to do what you feel best. Make sure to call every night and if you ever stop by vermillion city to challenge Lt. Surge for a badge, make sure you stop by so that your mother won't be worried sick."

"I got you dad." Rail said shaking his father's hand again. "And I will definitely call you whenever I can. Make sure to be ready for me to have very strong Pokémon, because I will definitely challenge you to a battle and show you how much I have grown." His father left, and Rail turned around to see the great building known as a laboratory, even though it does not look like one from the outside. He walked, ready to get his Charmander and fulfill his dream on becoming the next champion of Kanto.

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