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All That You'll Miss

Chapter 3

-One Year Later-


"Abrianna, put that down!" Lisbon cried as she followed Abrianna to the agent's desk she was about to start pulling things off. She was only just walking and was now beginning to get into all sorts of trouble everywhere she went. Lisbon picked up Abrianna and the little girl immediately cuddled into her mother's warm loving embrace. Lisbon's boss watched from the doorway for a moment before making his presence known.


Lisbon span around immediately, still holding Abrianna. His voice softened with his next words.

"Why don't you take Abri out for a bit, eh? Take her to the park or something. I'll deal with your paperwork, ok?"

Lisbon sighed in relief. "Thank you sir."

"It's ok Lisbon. She's a handful, and raising her alone must be tough."

Lisbon smiled sadly. "Yeah, but she's worth it. I wouldn't have it any other way, sir."

"I know, I know, Lisbon. Go to the park with your daughter now though. It'll do you both good."

"Thank you sir."

"Any time Lisbon, you know that. Goodbye for now, Abri."

"It's Abrianna sir."

"Oh, I know. Abri is shorter though and just as cute. Now go before it decides to rain on you both."

Lisbon sat Abrianna on the swing and began to push lightly. Abrianna's cry of joy was enough to bring a smile to Lisbon's face. Being a mother was hard, that she could admit to at least. Abrianna wasn't sleeping throughout the night, despite being over one years old, and Lisbon was always tired now. However, Lisbon loved Abrianna, and wouldn't trade her for anything. Her dark curls framed her face and made her look cute. Paired with the piercing blue eyes, everyone who met her was under her spell. Even Lisbon couldn't say no often to her daughter, and she hated the small pouting look that she used whenever Lisbon did say no once in a while. Lisbon pushed the swing slightly higher and laughed along with Abrianna as she squealed happily at the height she had gotten to.


"Tell me about her."

"Why should I?" Mashburn asked, crossing his arms stubbornly with a glare on his features.

"Please Walter, I just want to know what my daughter is like."

"What Teresa's daughter is like, you mean." Walter corrected immediately. "She's not yours Patrick. You know that."

"She is mine."

"No she's not. Teresa won't even acknowledge her child has a father, and the closest thing that kid is gonna get to a dad is me."

"What? You and Lisbon?"

"No! I mean Talia's never around other men other than me and Teresa's team. Teresa won't date for fear of Talia getting hurt in any possible way. You really did a number on her."

"What do you mean?"

"You screwed Teresa up big time. She's a ghost now. The only time she lights up is when Talia's around. You screwed it up when you broke it up with her, Patrick. I mean, come on, you had to have known she was pregnant when you left."

Jane looked down at the table between them, feeling a bit ashamed. "I may have had an idea about it."

"Then why the hell did you leave?"

"Does it matter?"

"Not to me it doesn't. To Teresa and Talia, probably."

"Is her name Talia, Walter?"

"No its not, that's just what I call her. You already know her name."


"Uh-huh. Yeah, it's Abrianna Talia Grace. Abrianna is plain cute, Talia after her mother and grandmother, and Grace after, well Grace. If she was a boy, Teresa would have loved the name Rick Wayne. Apparently, Cho refused to allow her to use his mane in it. It doesn't take a genius to work out who she was referring to with Rick, does it?"

"How do I make it up to her, to both of them?"

"I don't know, and quite frankly, I'm not going to help. Bye."


Lisbon brought Abrianna back into the building firmly attached to her hip as she headed to her office. She walked through the door only to find her boss slumped against some of the paper work he'd offered to do for her. Lisbon grinned. They had been through so many bosses it was almost unbelievable, but this current one wasn't half bad. He didn't treat her with kid gloves, and was understanding of her situation even if he'd only heard rumours about her baby's father.

The boss to her looked like one of her younger brothers and she couldn't just leave him as he was. She placed Abrianna into her car seat and found a small blanket she kept in one of the filing cabinets, placing it over her boss gently. She done things like that a million times for her brothers and Abrianna, so it was no big deal. She stuck a post it note to the file he had been filling in, saying: Thanks boss, it was great, now go home and get some sleep! :)

She picked up the car seat with Abrianna in and left the building slowly. Yet another day had gone by and another day she was thankful she had gotten involved with Jane. She hated him for all he hadn't done for her and her baby, but she would never wish she hadn't met him, for he'd given her the best thing in her life: Abrianna.