Superman flew around Metropolis, his bright red cape flapping behind him in the wind. He had finally become a regular thing around town again and he was glad for it. The night was was surpisingly crime-free and he would enjoy every second of it. The skylight reflecting off the still water and the small sounds combining to make one large mesh of noise. Landing on the very top of the Daily Planet, Superman looked around; making sure nothing got under his radar. Something caught the corner of his eye and he narrowed in on it.

An object was streaking through the sky. It was too small to be a jet and was going much faster, heading right towards the fields at the edge of the city.

Jumping off the building, Superman followed it. Somehow when he had gotten closer to it, it began to match his speed so he could never gain.

This continued for a few more minutes before it started to drop down towards the ground. Superman, unrelenting, followed it down. Floating above the cornstalkstalks, he looked around. The only thing that moved was the swaying stalks in the wind.

Frustrated, he prepared to fly away when a voice stopped him. "You really give up easily, don't you?"

A girl stepped into the clearing and smiled at him.

She was ratty looking; blond hair messy with leaves and sticks tangled in, jeans and t-shirt stained with dirt. But the grin on her face was made for someone who was drapped in silk and pearls.

Superman rasied an eyebrow and floated back down to the ground.

The girl walked up to him and stuck out her hand. "Kara Zor-El. Nice to meet you Kal-El."

Superman blink in surprise. She had a Kryptonian name.

"Hello." He shook her hand and just looked at her for a moment before she figeted under his gaze.

"I guess you're wondering what I'm doing here." She said, rubbing her neck awkwardly.

Superman gave a small smile and nodded. "I am."

"Well, I'm your cousin." Kara peeked up at him, then looked back down. "I'm sixteen... I guess."

"Wait a minute." Superman help up his hands. "First of all, how are you sixteen if Krypton distroyed 26 years ago and what do you mean 'you guess?"

"Well, to start, I was 15 when you were born and when you were sent out, I was sent out after you. But on the way here my craft was unstable and I crashed into a meteor. I was incased in ice and frozen until a few days ago when I crashed to Earth. I haven't aged, so I'm still sixteen."

Superman smiled and put an arm around her slight shoulders. "You have no idea how happy I am to know that I have living family."

Kara smiled and hugged him back before her stomach growled loudly in the silence. She blushed slightly and stepped away. "Sorry. You get kinda hungery after 26 years." She said.

"How about I take you to my home here on Earth and you can have all the food you want?"

Her blue eyes widened and she nodded, grinning widest he had ever seen.

"I'd love that."

Flying through the air, Superman led the way to his small, cozy appartment. Kara landed lightly on his porch and looked around. "I like it."

"One moment please. Feel free to make whatever you want in the kitchen." Superman ducked out for a moment, then reappered dressed in a warm grey sweater, a pair of pressed slacks, and thick glasses with his dark hair combed down.

"Woah." Kara said around a mouthfull of blueberry muffin.

Clark smiled. "I can't be Superman 24/7. I have another, normal life."

Kara nodded and wiped the crumbs around her mouth away with her sleve. Clark looked her over once again; this time with the caring, carefull eyes of loving family. She seemed very skinny and tall for her age. Her eyes burned with knowlage that a person could live a thousand years and never know. She yawned and streched out on the couch; falling asleep withen seconds. It was another reminder of how young and fragile she really was. Pulling a spare blanket over her, Clark put his hand over her forehead, feeling the warm heat. At that moment he promised himself that no matter what happened he would take care of her, the way she had first set out to take care of him.

The only thing on his mind was how he was going to explain the sudden apperence of a sixteen year old girl in his life.

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