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Lois Lane POV

Working at my desk, I typed furiously on mykeyboard; not bothering to listen to the on-going chitchat of one of the office ladies next to me. Suddenly I noticed she stopped talking and I followed her gaze.

Exiting the elevators were Clark Kent and a young blond girl.

"Excuse me." I murmured to the woman, not waiting for her reply. I swift walked up to meet them at the glass doors.

"Hi Lois." Clark smiled his dorky grin and I smiled back.

"Hello Clark. I take it your weekend was good."

The girl cleared her throat, obviously annoyed at being forgotten.

"Louis, I'd like you to meet my cousin Cassie. Cassie, this is my partner and friend Lois Lane."

I held out my hand. "Nice to meet you."

Cassie pushed her thick glasses up her nose and shook it. "You too." Her voice had the same nerdy, slightly stuttering quality as Clark's, a simiar face structure, and the exact stunning blue eyes.

"This place is so big!" She looked up at the celing and spun around. She stopped and stumbbled, grinning widely.

Innocent and navie like a puppy dog. Yep, just like Clark.

"Well," Clark said, putting a hand on her shoulder. "We should be going."

"Bye now!" Cassie called over her shoulder as Clark led her to his desk.

A thought struck me as I watched their retreating backs.

Since Clark was adopted, how did he have his seeming biological cousin?

Clark Kent

I dragged Cassie away Lois, who had a thoughtfull look on her face.

"Too much." I murmured; softer than a human ear could hear.

Cassie glanced at me then away again.

Yanking her arm away from me, she walked ahead of me; only to trip over a breifcase in the middle of the way.

"OW!" Cassie landed flat on her back; her glassed knocked askew.

"Oh my god! Are you okay?" Jimmy swivled his chair around and held out a hand.

"Fine." Cassie stood and brushed herself off.

Jimmy finally noticed me. "Hey Clark. Who's this?"

"Jimmy, this a relative of mine."

"My name's Cassie." They shook hands and Jimmy grinned at her.

"See you around Cassie."

She nodded before turning away and I inwardly smirked. I tell her it's too much and she does little.

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