Disclaimer: As cool as it would be.. to own the right to Twilight.. I don't. I just like to play with them *giggles* A LOT!

I'm hoping to keep up with multiple updates a day but I'm currently job hunting so there might be a time where you only get one chapter a day. FanFiction doesn't pay the bills unfortunately so I gotta look elsewhere. This is probably the fluffiest of fluff I've ever written. like "So fluffy I'm gonna die" sort of fluff.


Chapter 1


You're wearing those shorts again.

I swear there are magnets in the back pockets because every time you wear them I can't look at anything else.

Your legs are currently propped up on the passenger seat window, the laces of your favorite pair of Vans blowing in the wind as we speed towards our destination.

You pop your gum with a smile because you know it annoys me.

There's a scar on your left hand from kindergarten. I bit you because you stole my red crayon.

My best friend since then.

You have no idea I'm in love with you.