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The night was a dark navy hue with little or no stars to be seen or illuminate the murky ink sky at all, beneath, a neon light buzzes as it flashes, drawing the attention of the stray flies and gnats that float in the clear air.


Not the classiest club, a far cry from it but it had benefits. You see, guys lined up at the door night in, night out for free entry, cheap shots and entertainment…

The décor was dull with dozens of lights littering the place in an unorganised array of mess. The budget had clearly been spent on the entertainment, large bulbs at the back of the stage would light up the club for the most part along with the stage effects that would flick on and off in frazzles of light and colour as the performers put themselves on show.

Near the back two men sit on a small table, hidden by the shadows of the curtains as they sipped from their medium size wine glasses every now and again before conversing with each other once more and scanning the room.

The first one, a small man with curly hair looked uninterested by the surroundings, choosing to indulge into the inky red substance after swirling it daintily in his hands several times a lot more than his friend. He sighed, this was supposed to be fun, to find a sucker to fuck over the sink in the toilets then drag him into surrendering.

"C'mon Blaine, loosen up. We'll get laid and feed in just a few hours, stop being so uptight!" The other man took a large gulp of his drink, licking the drop that had slid down the corner of his lips, savouring the taste before sighing and leaning back into his chair, his slender legs crossing as he propped his head atop of his hand. "Just relax and watch the show…"

Blaine rolled his golden eyes in disgust before looking to the stage, awaiting for the entertainment to start and hopefully keep him somewhat occupied. For years he and Sebastian would come to the club as a last resort to find a feed, to find drunken gay men who would happily bend over for them as well as being trashed to a point where they couldn't fight them off. He let out a growl from his chest as his insticts whined at him once more, for more.

His eyes flashed dangerously before he took a longer sip of his drink to supress his urges, you see, the two males in question had no taste for fancy champagne or the tang that came from beer or the bitter taste of gin and tonic, no, quite the opposite.

"Let's have a round of applause for the best entertainment that Lima has to offer! Gentlemen, We bring you Kurt Hummel!"

The lights dimmed before flashing dangerously, one minute an empty stage and the next a slender figure blackened before the spotlights settled on their target.


Caught in a bad romance


Caught in a bad romance




Want your bad romance!"

Sebastian sat up in his seat, uncrossing his legs and leaning forward in interest, his grin creeping more and more over his face with a devilish tone behind it. Blaine shook his head and looked back to the man on the stage. He was slender with skin tight jeans that could have been painted on to his shapely thighs with a simple white dress shirt covered with a black waistcoat. What was more intriguing was his face, chiselled and refined with a boyish charm, handsome and alluring with plump pink lips that begged to be bitten.

"I want your horror

I want your design

'Cause you're a criminal

As long as you're mine

I want your love

Love-love-love I want your love-uuhh"

He rolled his hips suggestively as he pranced across the stage causing the hoots of encouragement to become even louder , more rowdy shouts and requests' from the drunken sex pests that leered lustfully at him. The guys clicked his tongue and winked before catching Blaine's attention once more…

"I want your psycho

Your vertigo stick

Want you in my rear window

Baby you're sick

I want your love


I want your love

(Love-love-love I want your love)

You know that I want you

('Cause I'm a free bitch baby!)

And you know that I need you

I want it bad, bad romance!"

In that moment the air became tense, filled with a painfully familiar smell that made both Sebastian and Blaine look around with cautious eyes. Why creatures like that would be here was beyond them, oh times had changed since they had last come to Scandals' a year ago…

Blaine let out a low growl as his eyes flashed dangerously from gold to black as he spotted the source, two men that looked about the same age as them had walked in and sat at the bar. Clearly they had sensed them also because it was obvious who they had begun to stare at.

One with tanned skin and a Mohawk leant back on the stall, his eyes never leaving Blaine's as he sipped on his pint, his larger friend next to him shaking his head and tapping his arm, muttering something quietly to him before turning away.

"Je veux ton amour

Et je veux ta revanche

J'veux ton amour

I don't wanna be friends


I don't wanna be friends

(Caught in a bad romance)

I don't wanna be friends


Want your bad romance

(Caught in a bad romance)

Want your bad romance!"

The music began to reach it's peak and at that moment the tanned man had moved swiftly from the bar and out of sight of his friend an the men he had taken a clear disliking to. Sebastian smirked into his glass, more relaxed than ever before shooting around to meet the man in question eyes to eye.

"I thought I smelt wet dog, Puckerman."Sebastian's voice was firm and mocking and stirred the tanned man named Puck, his heaving chest and heavy breathing was indication of that enough.

"Can it Smythe. What are you two doing here? You know you can't just flit around and do as you please." Puck's voice was gruff and demanding. At this point his friend came over and towered above them all, his goofy grin disappearing at the intensity of the co0nfrontation in front of him. Luckily no one had turned around or had even noticed the exchange of words.

"Heh, really? You think you're above me? Think again. Unless you catch us in the act you can hardly do anything…" Sebastian spoke in a sing-song voice as Blaine stood up with a low growl. "Seb, leave it. Let's go."

"You should listen to him." Puck smirked like he had just won a battle with Blaine's choice of words being surrender; a tap on the shoulder warned him. "Dude, just leave it. You're going to cause trouble…."

"Finn, bro! Demons like them shouldn't be here!"

"Oh? Demons? Last time I heard Werewolves were no better…" Blaine spoke with a harsh tone with was smooth and suave, ticked off by the comment he stepped forward. "Don't think because we are leaving that we bow down to you scum, I was hardly enjoying being within the presence of scum."

With that the wolf man lunged forward with Finn reacting quickly, attempting to hold back his friend who had only just managed to slash through Blaine's coat and tear apart some skin, the scent of blood infesting the nostrils of the four of them.

"What the hell is going on?!"

The frantic yet pissed of voice had a effeminate tone to it but had a strong male pitch, all four looked around to see Kurt Hummel himself, the performer marching up to them and standing face close to Puck's who flinched.

"What did I tell you about showing me up?! I would have been fine walking home by myself and it would be safer for my job but no, you have to show up and cause trouble!" This boy was well and truly pissed. His porcelain skin donned a red hue as he snapped at Puck and Finn, even Sebastian looked in wonder, and 'O'shape forming on his lips. "Dammit Finn!"

He turned around, jerking Blaine's arm hard which mad him growl in response. "Growl at me again and I'll make sure you won't be able to at all!" Sebastian sniggered as Blaine supressed another growl, Kurt took a tissue out and soaked it with the bottle of water he had been holding it before cleaning the wound.

"Dude! Don't you know what he is? That could hardly hurt him!" Finn exclaimed as Puck shook him loose.

"Outside! The pair of you!" Sighing in defeat the two left muttering curse words and insults at each other. When they left Kurt rolled his eyes and scoffed, ignoring Blaine's golden eyes.



The sarcastic voice cut him off in a harsh clipped tone as Kurt looked up to him, giving his full attention.

"I know what you are… I know what you do.. and quite frankly I don't think much of it at all, it's disgusting and all of you," He gestures to the door his friends' had just gone out of, " are as bad as each other! Don't think for a second I'm helping you for fun, I'd do it for anyone."

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