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Isabella's POV

Rochester Lakes was a quiet little town that was nestled just close enough to be an easy commute to the city but far enough away to be a safe distance. It was a place to raise a family. It was a town dripping in money and diamonds. It was a town with hardworking men, socialite women, and model children. The town's landscape was sprawling and tended to perfection just like it's people. This is where I was raised but, Valmont Prep is where I really grew up.

Valmont Prep was the private high school to go to. It was the place for the wealthiest, most privileged kids. I was not one of them; however, I was there on a nice scholarship. My father was the Chief of Police and had pulled some strings to get his daughter a quality education. If he knew what kind of education I would get, I bet I would have been at the public school down the block.

I started Valmont Prep my junior year. It's was the beginning of September, right after Labor Day. The air had a slight crisp feel to it, and I was wishing I had worn a sweater like my mother had advised. I paused walking across the school's lawn and looked up at the large cathedrals of the building. I wasn't sure how I was going to fit in. These kids had been raised with silver spoons in their mouths, while I shopped at regular department stores and didn't always get a vacation every summer. My mother typically spent money faster than my father could earn it. She was a homemaker, a wannabe socialite.

I took a deep breath and started forward praying I wouldn't get lost today. As the first warning bell rang kids were scrambling everywhere when a tall dark haired guy bumped into me knocking my books onto the floor just as I stepped into the hallway. Jerk.

"I'm sorry dollface." He said picking my books up and handing them to me in a nice pile. I looked up into his black eyes and my breath caught. He was gorgeous. Maybe 6'2? Jet black hair, jet black eyes, chiseled jawline. Maybe not a jerk, after all he had apologized.

"No problem." I smiled at him. Just then a little pixie of a girl popped up beside him. She had the same color hair as the gorgeous quasi jerk, almost to her ass. I don't know how short she was but those towering stilettos she has on contributed to most of her height.

"Aro, you don't own the hallways, watch out for the other kids!" she scolded him turning to me smiling. "Hi, I'm Mary Alice Luciano."

"Hey. I'm Isabella." I said returning her smile.

"Ignore my brother, he doesn't pay attention to anything but himself." She rolled her eyes then turned back to the hunky jerk.

"Possiedo questi corridoi bella." (I do own these hallways beautiful.) Aro says leaning in close to my face. Italian sounded sexy rolling off his tongue, and I only wished I knew what he said.

"Vieni e lasciarla essere. abbiamo un giorno occupato Aro." (Come on and let her be. We have a busy day Aro.) Mary Alice said to him before turning back to me. "It was nice meeting you Isabella. Maybe I'll see you around."

She grabbed her brother's arm and danced off down the hallway. I would die if I tried that in those deathtraps she calls shoes. I was still curious about what they said as the second bell startled me out of my mind funk. Oh well, on with my day.

My morning classes flew by faster than I expected. When lunch rolled around I felt the familiar butterflies in my stomach as I realized I knew no one and had nobody to sit with. I've usually stuck to myself anyway, but I did have friends to sit with at lunch. Even if they weren't real friends.

I glanced around the crowded cafeteria looking for an empty table, only for there not to be one. Just my luck. I groaned inwardly as I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. The raven haired pixie was waving and smiling from the far corner of the cafeteria. I felt myself relax just the slightest. She probably just felt sorry because her brother plowed me over this morning,

"Ciao Amico." (Hey friend.) Mary Alice greets me.

"Hey." I say looking around the table noticing all the other faces. There is a warm faced girl with dark brown hair chock full of caramel blond highlights sitting there with a smile, a statuesque blond bombshell staring at her nails like she was bored, a very large dark haired muscular guy, and a huge native boy throwing some food back. Out of the corner of my eye I see Aro speaking to a tall Greek god with a mess of copper colored locks in the corner.

"I shouldn't be rude. Isabella, this is Esme Cullen, Rosalie Leone, Santiago Santoro, and Jacob Black. Everyone this is Isabella, let's make her feel welcomed." Alice made introductions.

"Hello Isabella. How are you liking Valmont so far?" Esme asked with another warm smile while Rosalie didn't even look up to acknowledge me. Santiago nodded his head and Jacob smiled and waved not really bothering to stop eating.

"It's nice. It's actually Bella." I responded. I smiled behind it hoping not to come across bitchy.

"Non abbastanza buono. We'll call you Isabella."(Not good enough) Mary Alice corrected me. I wasn't going to argue. I wasn't a confrontational person.

"Why do you guys keep speaking in Italian?" I asked.

"In our families it's required." Mary Alice said as everyone else at the table laughed. It was a joke I didn't get.

"So what brings you to Valmont junior year?" Rosalie asks speaking to me for the first time.

"I'm on scholarship. My parents thought it would be good for me. Higher education and all." I answered her while picking at the edge of my napkin. I shouldn't let her intimidate me but damn she was intimidating.

"Hmmph." was all she said.

"I think it's great your parents want what's best for you. Some parents don't care at all." Esme tries breaking the tension. "Jacob is on scholarship also."

Jacob looks up again at the mention of his name. He is huge but he has a baby face. Still a nice looking kid. Santiago is good looking too over there texting on his phone. The guys are like Gods and their girls put gorgeous to shame at this school. I didn't think I would ever fit in.

I spent the rest of lunch nibbling on my food and listening to the girls gossip about fashion and other students. Before I knew it the bell was ringing and I was gathering my stuff to head off to class. As everyone started walking away Mary Alice grabbed my arm.

"It has to be overwhelming coming to a school like this not knowing anyone. If you need anything don't hesitate to call me." She said handing me a piece of paper with her number on it,

"Thanks." I blushed, "I'm glad I met you today. I didn't know what to expect from this place."

"No problem. Besides I love makeovers." She said with a mysterious smile as she danced away.

As I was walking away I noticed Aro and the copper haired sex god still in the corner. The sex god was upset and Aro was trying to calm him. The sex god calmed his composure as soon as he noticed me looking at him. He spoke a few words and then was out the door next to the kitchen. Aro turned and looked at me, He smirked and started my way.

"Ciao Bella!" (Hello Beautiful.) he says when he reaches me. "Let me walk you to class."

Aro walks me to class making small talk and smiling the whole time. I joked back and we discuss the school mostly. He did mention he thought I would fit in with his sister's circle nicely. He left me at the door to my American History class with a wave and was off disappearing into the crowded hallway. He was definitely charming but the crazy haired sex god was still lingering in my thoughts.

Over the next couple of weeks I sat with Mary Alice and the others at lunch with one exception, the crazy copper haired sex god wasn't seen again. Everyone talked and cut up. I got to know everyone a littler bit better, aside from Rosalie. Alice was a social butterfly, Esme was kindhearted, Jacob was a cut-up, Santiago a car freak, Aro a flirt.

My father was happy that I was happy. My mother was ecstatic and wondered when I would start having friends over. Life was beginning to look up at Valmont. Friday afternoon right before last period, Mary Alice asked me to stay over for the night.

"I'll have to ask my parents but I'm sure it'll be fine." I told her shutting my locker.

"Fabulous. Come over around six?"

"Um, I don't have a car..." I explained to her. I knew my father would be out and my mother would be too drunk to drive.

"I'll pick you up then." She said her smile never faltering as if to reassure me she didn't look down on me for it.

At 5:40 a bright yellow Lamborghini pulled up in the driveway with the pixie dancing her way up to the front door. My mother answered the door with a cocktail in hand. Alice smiled at her.

"Hello, you must be Mrs. Swam. I'm Mary Alice. I'm here to pick up Isabella."

My mother looked slightly confused since I hadn't said anything to her yet,

"Come in dear, would you like a drink?" my mother said putting on a smile while eyeing her car.

"Yes ma'am. That sounds great. Hey Isabella."

"Hi. Mom, I meant to ask earlier if I could stay the night with her." I spoke walking down the stairs. I held on to the banister, as clumsiness had been my best friend all my life.

"That would be wonderful." she beamed glad to see I had made a friend after all.

"Great. Do you need help packing?" Mary Alice said taking a glass of lemonade from my mother and brushing past me on the stairs. I turned and followed.

"We need to take you shopping." she said as she browsed through my wardrobe, or lack thereof.

"I know my clothes aren't up to your standards, but I don't have the money you do." I told her grabbing a bag from under my bed.

"That won't be a problem. I have plenty to go around."

"I'm not taking your money." I told her firmly. I wasn't into charity. Especially when I wasn't in need. My clothes didn't have to be designer label. I was standing there throwing clothes into a bag wearing blue jeans, chucks, and a deep blue v- neck tee. Mary Alice on the other hand had on dark wash skinny jeans and a burgundy colored cashmere sweater with sky- high heel black boots. Her hair was as perfect as it was this morning. Make up perfect, nails polished, dripping in jewelry. I looked down at my own chipped, chewed nails suddenly feeling very self -conscious.

"Trust me, not a problem at all. Besides my mother spends so much money, the boutiques are very good to me and my friends." She said turning back towards me smiling. "Let's go girl! We have a fun night ahead!"

After thanking my mother again for the drink and giving her contact information for her parents we hopped in the car and were on our way.

"Ooh I love this song." Mary Alice said turning up the music,

"I'm talking pedicure on our toes, toes. Trying on all our clothes, clothes. Boys blowing up our phones, phones. Drop-topping, playing our favorite CDs. Pulling up to the parties. Trying to get a little bit tipsy
Don't stop, make it pop DJ, blow my speakers up Tonight, I'mma fight'Til we see the sunlight Tick tock on the clock But the party don't stop,
no oo oh oo oh oh ..."

She is singing out loud and dancing in her seat. I'm scared she isn't really paying attention but she weaves in and out of traffic like it's nothing, As she drives on I notice we are getting into some of the nicer neighborhoods in town and pretty soon we are in the nicest of them all, Rochester Heights. The lawns are huge and the mansions even bigger.Pretty soon she is pulling into a driveway with a gate. She punches in a code and the gates open. She punches the gas and we shoot up the long winding drive and pull up to a huge stone mansion with a large circular driveway. She parks behind a black BMW with blacked out windows and black wheels. She hops out of the car still singing and I follow behind with my bag amazed at the house before me.

As we walk through the double doors she calls out into the house. "Mama, we're home!"

A beautiful woman not much taller than Mary Alice steps out of the kitchen wearing a beautiful dress and apron with sky high heels that rival Mary Alice's.

"Ciao mia bella figlia." (Hello my beautiful daughter.) She greets with a warm smile. "Ah hello. You must be the beautiful Isabella I've heard so much about. It's a pleasure to meet you darling, my name is Carmen."

She has jet black curls nearly to her waist with a slight Italian accent. I see where Mary Alice gets her looks. This woman is beautiful. Unlike my mother, her smile seems very genuine.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Luciano. Thank you for having me."

"Nonsense. It's Carmen." She tells me before turning back towards the kitchen. "I was just making some raviolis. Are you hungry?"

The smell from the kitchen was making my stomach grumble. My mother wasn't a cook in the least. Homemade food was making my mouth water. I followed her into the kitchen that was lined with granite counters, dark cherry wood cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. She has several pots and pans on the gas stove that she went back to tending. Mary Alice grabbed two plates and laid them out filling them with pasta and bread before setting them on the breakfast bar.

I dug in greedily never had tasting anything this good. Just as my mouth is full of raviolis in walks Aro and the yummy sex god. I started choking. Mary Alice starts patting my back while Mrs. Luciano gets me a glass of water.

"Are you alright dear?" Mrs. Luciano asks face filled with concern.

"Yes ma'am." I cough out.

"Ciao bella!" Aro greets me. I nod to him while I sip my water. The copper haired sex god walks over and takes the seat next to me staring in my eyes the whole time. Is it possible to choke on water?

"Bon appetite!" Mrs. Luciano says setting two plates down for the boys.

"Thanks Ma." Aro says giving her a kiss on the cheek while wrapping her in a hug.

"Grazie." the copper haired sex god says.

"Isabella dear, have you met Edward Cullen?" Their mother asks me.

"No ma'am, not formally." I answered finding my voice again.

"Isabella, this is Edward Cullen, Edward, this beautiful girl is Isabella Swan." she makes the introductions giving Mary Alice the stink eye.

"He was busy Mama, when he was at school. Mi dispiace."

"I know my darling. These men are always busy. Now it's done. Do you need anything else before I leave?" She asks looking at the four of us.

"No ma'am." Mary Alice and Aro answered at the same time. Mrs. Luciano hangs her apron on a hook next to the stove and kisses her children on the head before dancing out the door in the same fashion as her daughter.

Nobody spoke until we heard the click of the front door.

"We wanna go tonight." Mary Alice said turning to her brother. I didn't know where we wanted to go, but I was down since the sex god was going.

"Alice." He spoke. That was new to me. I looked at her questioningly.

"Everyone calls me Alice outside of school and when the parents aren't around. You can go by Bella now if you please. Just act correct in front of the parents." She explained to me. Whew. Mary Alice sounded so stuffy to me.

"Please Aro. Pretty pretty please. We'll behave." Alice said batting her eyelashes.

"Lasciarli andare." (Let them go.) Edward says nodded to us without looking up from his plate.

Aro takes the time to contemplate Edward's request.

Finally he speaks after a couple of minutes of Alice bouncing on her seat.

"Alright kid, but you two better behave and stay out of the way."

Out of the way of what? Whatever it was I had a feeling I wouldn't be wearing my blue jeans.

After an hour of Alice slapping me into a too short, red mini, applying makeup, curling my hair, and threatening me within an inch of my life until I put on some red strappy heels, she deemed me ready to go. She herself has on a short black mini with a low cut silver sequined top with black Louboutins. As I compared our looks I was torn. Although I like the height the heels added to my 5'5 frame, I was sure I was going to fall to my death.

We piled into the black BMW that was parked outside earlier, which I now knew belonged to Edward Cullen. Aro is sitting upfront texting and sipping on his whiskey. T.I. is playing low on the speakers. Alice is gibbering away about how much I'm going to love this club and Edward is silent. I'm wondering how the hell we're going to get in with us all being under 21.

Twenty minutes later we roll up in front of a club with no windows and a lime green neon sign reading 'Twilight'. Aro opens the door and helps us out while Edward hands the valet his keys.

"Uno zero e sei morto." (one scratch and you're dead.) He says giving the guy a serious look.

"Yes sir Mr. Cullen."'

We walk right past the line and straight through the door with Edward and Aro giving the bouncers handshakes. Wow. I had never been to a club before. My dad definitely wouldn't approve.

As we walk in, I take in the loud hip- hop music, the strobe lights, people everywhere laughing and dancing. I see Aro is at the bar ordering drinks. Just as he hands me my cocktail I turn around and see my worst nightmare sitting at a bar on the other side of the club and I groan to myself.