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"If you have to kill someone, never ever tell a living soul."

~~ Gene, Layer Cake

Edward's POV

I shoved Aro away and stormed out of the house. I was angry at everything, mostly myself. I lashed out at the most important person in my life and I would never forget the way she looked at me. Her eyes full of fear and helplessness. I wanted to rush back into the house and take her in my arms and make it all go away. But I knew that wouldn't work. Not at that moment. So I agreed to leave with Aro.

I jerked open his passenger door and climbed into the SUV. I dug around in his glove box looking for a bottle or flask while he walked around to the driver's side. He watched me for a moment and said nothing as he started the engine and pulled away. I found a small bottle of whiskey and pulled it out. I unscrewed the lid and tossed it out the window. I turned the bottle up and drained the contents. The sharp lick of heat trailing down my throat while the cool night air hit my skin were the only things I felt besides guilt and numbness.

I scoffed when we pulled up in front of the strip club.

"Blaze is here." Aro explained.

I didn't reply and got out of the vehicle. I walked up through the crowd shoving anyone who didn't move out of my way. The bouncers quickly moved aside to let me pass, and I let myself get lost in the dark atmosphere inside. Smoke hung heavy in the air, and I could feel the bass of the music through my shoes. It was the kind of place that always felt normal before Isabella came along.

I walked up to the bar and threw my empty bottle on top of it. The girl working jumped, and I pointed to it.

"More of that and keep it coming." She quickly collected a bottle and a glass and placed them in front of me. I poured a drink and tossed it back. Then another and another.

The only fear I had was that I would lose my girl, and I was determined to drink it away. I would never let her go. I would fight with every thing in me to keep her. I wasn't thinking rationally or being my usual calm and collected self. I was in a dark place, and I was a dangerous man. And she saw every bit of it in my eyes when I grabbed her.

Blaze sat on the stool next to me and gave the bartender a dazzling smile. She relaxed some at his presence and put his usual in front of him.

"Thanks, Jaime." He winked at her, and she moved back towards the other end of the bar to tend to customers.

"Want to talk about it?"

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I shot him a hard look.

"It might make you feel better." He shrugged and sipped his drink while I was downing mine.

"Yea, then we care share secrets on how to get rid of period cramps."

"No need to be a smartass."

"Whatever. I don't have time for your bullshit." I tossed my glass haphazardly over the counter and chuckled when it broke on the floor. "I won't be needing that anymore." I shouted to the girl before I grabbed the bottle and disappeared through the club.

I found a new place to sit on one of the bright red couches that littered the floor plan of the room. Blaze hadn't followed yet, but he would. I continued to stew in my own anger while I thought about the couch I sat on being the same color of blood. Just like all the blood that I carried on my hands. I laughed humorlessly.

"Care to share your joke, cousin?" Blaze asked as he and Aro sat down on either side of me.

"What is there to joke about?"

"What isn't there to joke about?" Blaze grinned.

Aro rolled his eyes and leaned forward. "What happened back there?"

I slid my eyes over to my cousin not wanting to discuss it with his smartass attitude.

"I'll take that as my cue to go get a dance." Blaze sighed in mock defeat and left us.

"She was fucking crying and all that shit. A normal reaction to losing someone, then she got an attitude and before I knew it we were arguing. She threatened to leave, and I lost it." I told him in monotone. I looked down at my bottle and realized half of it was already gone. I was beginning to feel the numbing affect of the alcohol finally.

"She's hurting. It'll pass. She loves you, and she isn't going to go anywhere." Aro offered.

"If she knew half of what I don't want her to, she'd leave without hesitation."

"But she doesn't. And she won't. You have protected her far more than she'll ever know."

"But not from myself."

"Do... are you feeling guilty?" Aro asked wide eyed.

"I've never felt guilt, why would I now?" I lied through my teeth.

"Because you've never been in love before. It's okay to feel that. Just don't let it eat you alive."

The conversation was headed towards way too Dr. Phil for me so I was putting a stop to it immediately.

"I need to hit something. Break something." I stood up and took a long gulp from my whiskey before handing it to Aro. He shook his head and followed me as I walked around the club in circles with no set destination in mind. I was looking for a fight. A good old fashioned bar fight so I could take my frustrations out on a complete stranger.

I was stalking and watching, looking for someone who thought they were a badass motherfucker. Someone I would enjoy taking down. No one really caught my attention. My reputation proceeded my name and everyone steered clear of me. Except for a little petite blond eyeing me over her fruity looking drink. Her face seemed familiar somehow, but I couldn't place her.

I let a wicked grin take over my face, and I approached her. She seemed a little nervous. Then again, I knew I was intimidating. I stopped a couple of feet from her. She brushed her hair back and sipped her drink.

"Hi." She said finally with a hint of a southern accent.


She glanced around the room and looked back at me.

"Can I buy you another drink?"

"Sure. Thank you." She smiled.

I snapped my fingers, and a waitress appeared. I order her another drink and one for myself. I was looking for a fight and found myself with another type of distraction. The alcohol in my system wouldn't let me care that I was doing wrong. But when wasn't I doing wrong?

Something about her sparked my brain, and I couldn't figure out what. I should have been on my A game. I should have gone home or anywhere else where I wasn't drunk and vulnerable to threats.

She slowly stirred her drink and gave me fabricated shy glances.

"What's your name?" I gave her another smile and took a step closer. She looked up at me and paused.


"Samantha?" I asked taking another step. Her breathing hitched at my question.

"Yes." She gave me an amused look. Something clicked. I knew something was off, and I still couldn't put my finger on it. I pushed her up, trapping her flush between the wall and my chest. I brought my lips down to her ear.

"You're lying to me, Samantha." A shiver of fear ran down her body, and I went in to predator mode. "So tell me, Samantha, why would you need to lie to me about your name?"

She remained silent, and I grabbed her hair pulling her head back. She groaned and tried to pull away from me. I yanked her hair again forcing her to look at me.

"You know who I am?" She nodded. "So it's only fair I know who you are."

"Ch-Charolette." Her fear forced a stutter in her tone.

Then it clicked. Charolette. Charolette fucking Whitlock. Wife of Peter. I stepped back and wrapped my hands around her throat and slammed her into the wall. The waitress approaching us gasped and dropped her tray. I didn't even acknowledge her.

"Whitlock." I said laughing as real fear danced in her eyes. My night was getting better. I would find the man who thought he could hide from me.

"Where is your husband?" I asked her calmly. Her response was garbled so I released my grip a little so she could speak.

"I don't know." Tears pooled in her eyes.

I squeezed her windpipe, and she made a dry, choking noise.

"Try again." I ordered.

"Edward, you're making a scene." Aro spoke next to me.

"I don't give a fuck. Samantha here was just about to tell me where Peter is." I chuckled.

"Samantha?" Aro shot me a confused look then went back to his poker face. He'd seen her more than I had. I was working when he was in the clubs with my brother and everyone else. I ventured out only when I needed something.

"Yes. Samantha here thought she could lie to me about who she is." I explained to him before turning back towards her. "If you don't tell me where he is, I will kill you right here, right now. I won't give a single fuck that we're in the middle of this crowd. No one can save you."

"Okay, okay!" She cried out. "I'll tell you! Just please don't kill me."

"Do tell." I waved my arms stepping back to give her breathing room.

"He's in a hotel in Greenville. He knows you're looking for him." She said softly, rubbing her throat. I could see she would have bruises from my hands, but I couldn't bring myself to care. The only thing that was taking my mind off Isabella was avenging Emmett.

"Why does he think I'm looking for him?" I questioned.

She leaned back against the wall and looked up at me.

"He took your brother because you took his."

What the hell is she talking about? I ran my hand through my hair trying to make sense of his intentions.

"This is about Jasper? I didn't do shit to his punk ass." I said aloud, more to myself than her. He would die. He would die a painful death for taking my only brother from me, but first I wanted to know why. Jasper was a young buck. Thought he was bad with a big attitude. He didn't register on my radar very much. The guys liked to party with him. Then ... he fucked around with Mary Alice and Carlisle...

I turned and made my way out of the club as fast I could. I had a new destination and nothing was stopping me. Aro and Blaze were right behind me filling my ears with questions. I didn't need to see their faces to know they wore matching confused expressions. Explaining things to them would only add another obstacle to taking the revenge that I hungered for.

Mary Alice's POV

Mallory and Charly had both been fed and laid down. I was beyond tired and was about to slip into my pajamas when I heard Carlisle's phone go off. What now? I thought pausing to listen.

"What's wrong, Edward?" Carlisle asked as he started buttoning his shirt back up.

He listened for a minute and nodded. "I'll be out in a minute."

"What's going on?" I asked concerned. I couldn't make out what Edward said, but I could tell he was yelling.

"I'm not really sure myself. He's drunk and upset. I don't know what's happened since we left earlier." he told me and kissed my forehead before walking down the stairs. I listened to make sure the girls were still quiet, and I followed him down.

Edward was pounding on the front door, and I paused at the top of the stairs. I couldn't take much more, but I wanted to be sure everything was okay. Carlisle opened the door and Edward shoved him back. I slapped my hand over my mouth in shock and took a couple of steps.

"It's all YOUR fault." Edward said pushing Carlisle again. I knew Carlisle was the calmer man, but he had a temper as well. He shoved Edward back and held his hands up.

"What the hell is going on?" Carlisle asked confused.

"My brother is dead because of YOU. That's what's going on." Edward snarled at him.

"I had nothing to do with Emmett's death! How could you even accuse me of something like that?"

Edward's eyes darkened and he pulled his fist back. I watched Carlisle's stance change to be ready for a fight when Aro made it through the door and wound his arms through Edward's holding him still.

"What the fuck is going on?" Aro shouted, struggling to hold Edward in place.

"Carlisle killed Jasper and Peter blamed me for it. My brother lost his life because of him." He spat the last word.

"I don't have any control over some punk kid I don't even know." Carlisle retorted.

"Maybe if you had, this wouldn't have happened!" Edward shouted back at him.

I was frozen in place watching. I wanted to go to Carlisle, but I thought better of it. Especially if I needed to get to the girls. I'd never seen Edward so intoxicated.

"Man, calm down." Aro tried to reason with him.

"Fuck you!" Edward said before bringing his foot up and slamming it into Aro's. Aro groaned and let go of Edward. As soon as he did Edward lunged for my husband, and I couldn't hold back the scream that escaped from my throat. Edward and Carlisle were rolling around on the floor throwing punches at each other. My table and lamp were knocked over, fresh flowers crumpled on the floor and Aro just stood there. Blaze walked in and took stock of the room before grinning.

"Why aren't you doing something?" I screamed going down the rest of the stairs.

Aro jumped in and tried to pull them apart. I was standing in shock and horror gaping at two grown men fighting in my foyer. This did not happen in my family. My brother pulled Edward back and Carlisle stood up spitting blood out. Carlisle had a dark look on his face and stalked towards Edward. Blaze stepped in between them.

"Let's cool it. You've had your rough housing. This isn't going to fix anything."

Carlisle and Edward were both breathing heavy and staring each other down.

"Take him to the car." Aro said passing Edward off to his cousin. "I'll be out in a minute." He said looking at me.

I walked over to my husband and began checking him for injury. What the hell was going on? Carlisle brought my hand to his busted lips and kissed it.

"I'm fine, love." He smiled at me.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know why he wanted to come over here. We got some information about Peter and he was pissed and wasn't talking. I thought he wanted knock out shots or something." Aro started.

I held my hand up to silence him.

"Aro, you're my brother and I love you. I know you didn't mean any harm. Just get him out of here."

He nodded and hugged me. I squeezed him back so he would know I wasn't mad at him.

Carlisle was wiping his face off with a handkerchief, and I was pulling back from Aro when Edward bound back through the door. He lunged for Carlisle and Aro pulled me back. Edward's fist connected with Carlisle's face and my husband had enough. He threw Edward off of him and rolled over quickly getting to his feet. Edward shook his head and ran his hand through his hair before charging towards Carlisle's back. Right before he reached him, my husband spun around and shoved him hard knocking him over the couch.

I could tell Edward had a lot to drink by the way he clammered his way over my furniture. It took him just long enough for Carlisle to be able to get to his medical bag and pull out a syringe. Edward pushed his hair out of his face and started across the room with my husband matching his every step. When they met in the middle Carlisle put his arm up to block Edward's punch and stuck the needle in his arm.

"What the..." Edward started and his eyes closed and Carlisle caught him before he hit the floor.

"What the hell was that?" I screeched.

"A knock out shot." Aro answered solemnly.

"A sedative, darling. He'll be fine." Carlisle said to me before turning back towards Aro. "That'll have him under for a few hours. Take him home. Get him the hell out of my house." He waved his hand and disappeared up the stairs. I turned back to my brother. He didn't look happy at all.

"What happened?" I shook my head. "What is wrong with him?"

Aro shrugged. "A lot has happened tonight. Isabella or Esme can fill you in on that end and we'll have dinner tomorrow, well tonight, at Ma's."

Blaze helped him pick Edward up and they carried him out the door. I closed the door and locked it back before going to check on the babies and my husband. I was still surprised at Edward's attack on my husband. Even after we rushed over there to help him with his situation. I would help Isabella because she was my friend, but Edward was no longer on my good side.