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"I'm gon' ride, I'm gon' ride

I'm gon' ride, I'm, I'm gon' ride on you baby

On you lady, all night, all night!

I'm gonna take care of your body,

I'll be gentle, don't you scream

It's getting hotter, make it softer,

Feel your chest on top of me.

I'm gon' ride, I'm gon' ride

I'm gon' ride, I'm, I'm gon' ride on you baby

On you lady, all night, all night!

I'm gon' make you feel that loving,

Getting weak all in your knees.

Kiss your body from the tip-top,

All the way down to your feet!

Oh, oh, oh, and we can go slow, slow,

Yeah we can go slow, oh, oh, oh

Lay on your back, you like it right there

Don't have to say it twice

Love, There's nothing here to fear

Taking it back, back to where it's clear

Rolling on and on, sounds of love are in the air!"

~~ Ride, Somo (acoustic version)

(I am in love with this song.)


"What do you wanna do with him?"

"Take him to a warehouse at the docks."

"I assume there will be lots of torture involved?"


"Should I call in any backup?"

"Not yet. I want some answers in private."

Blaze nodded and sipped on his flask. He held it out to me, and I waited a beat then took it. I let a long gulp run down my throat and relished in the burn. I handed it back to him and turned back towards the road.

I thought about all the different ways I wanted to cause that motherfucker pain. Each little detail that would drive that sorry piece of shit over the edge, until he begged for a death that I would drag out for weeks, months maybe.

I was so consumed with my thoughts that I didn't notice the blue lights flashing behind me. The sirens brought reality crashing back on me.


Edward's POV

"Figlio di puttana." (Sonofabitch!) Blaze muttered under his breath as he put his flask inside his jacket pocket.

My eyes didn't leave the cop car behind me while I dug through the console for gum I knew Isabella always kept fucking everywhere. I pulled over on the shoulder and popped a piece in my mouth. I hadn't drank enough to give me a DUI but enough a cop would smell it, and the last thing I needed was to be pulled out of the car.

I prayed to God to forgive all my past indiscretions and to keep the motherfucker in my trunk unconscious. A young, lanky guy got out of the cruiser and walked cautiously up to my Beemer. He couldn't have even been twenty-one.

"License and registration, please."

I reached over and popped open the glove box. I dug my license out of my wallet and handed it all over to him. He obviously didn't know who I was, but he would. I could see my cousin texting away and lighting a cigarette out of the corner of my eye. If he knew what was good, he'd better have been texting Seth.

Normally, I was cocky as hell with pigs. Especially young ones out to prove something. Peter Whitlock made me bite my tongue that night. The kid glanced over the papers and handed them back.

"Did you know you have a taillight out?" He asked turning towards the back of the car. I got a glance at his badge. Officer Lane. I would file that somewhere in the back of my brain.

"No, but I'll have it fixed first thing in the morning." I answered calmly.

"I could write you a ticket for that, but with the construction going on, it's happening to a lot of vehicles." He shrugged.

"Those construction guys should really clean up after themselves." Blaze grinned. I wanted to smack it off his face.

"Some things can't be helped." Officer Lane said eyeing my dumbass cousin. "W-" he was cut off by a familiar voice on his radio.

"Lane, where you at? Let's get grub."

Thank fuck for paid off pigs!

"I'm on a traffic stop. I'll be at the diner in about fifteen." He spoke into his shoulder piece before letting the button go and speaking to me. "Just make sure you get that fixed. It's dangerous, and it's against the law."

So was the guy in my trunk.

"Yea, thanks for letting me know." I nodded my head, and he began walking back to his cruiser. He pulled out his phone and dialed somebody. As he opened his door a loud thunk sounded from my trunk. The car went quiet as Blaze and I held our breath.

Officer Lane laughed into his phone and sat down in the car, closing the door behind him. Whoever was on the phone was distracting him.

"Let's get the fuck out of here!" Blaze looked at me with wide eyes.

I slid the car into gear and pulled off easily, not wanting to draw any more attention from the pig.

"Oh my fucking God! I'm going to climb back there and beat the fuck out of that asshole." Blaze said turning in his seat once we were out of view of the cop.

"Naw, just leave it. He hasn't made anymore noise, and we're almost there." I said watching my rear view closely.

"This has been a fucked up day."


We rode the rest of the way in silence. I pulled up to the warehouse and waited for a bay door to open. I slid the car through and killed the engine. I was never happier to be out of a vehicle.

"Boss." Paulie greeted as he closed the bay door.

"String the shithead in the trunk up." I called over my shoulder.

"On it."

Blaze dug around through a filing cabinet procuring a half empty bottle of scotch.

"Jackpot." He sang out.

I shook my head and lit a cigarette. I inhaled the smoke deep into my lungs and watched as Paulie worked the chains on Peter and lifted him up until his feet were a couple of inches off the ground. Peter groaned and began coming around. A huge welp was coming up where he'd been hit in the face. It wouldn't be noticeable when I left.

"Can I have the honors?" Blaze asked smiling like a kid in a candy store.

"Sure." I shrugged, stubbing my smoke out.

"Wake up shithead!" Blaze hollered out as he smacked Peter across the face.

He groaned loudly and picked his head up looking around the room. His eyes widened when he spotted me.

"No... no, please-" His pleas were cut off when my fist connected with his face. Once I swung the first time, it was over. I had no restraint. I swung my fist over and over, letting my anger fuel me. I didn't care that blood was splattering all over my face and clothes. Strangles cries and blood poured out of his mouth when Blaze pulled me back.

"You wanted info, right?" He whispered, trying to hold me back while I fought against him. Peter's face resembled ground up beef and my chest was heaving. I didn't give a fuck about getting information in that moment, I just wanted him to feel pain.

I slowed my breathing and nodded for my cousin to release me. I pulled off my tie and jacket and tossed them to Paulie.

"Burn 'em." I said unbuttoning my shirt and tossing it next. "I need to take your ride. Fix my tail light and keep this place locked down. Keep him alive and in pain. I'll be back later."

"Got it, Boss." He responded while he started a fire in a metal barrel.

"You riding home half-naked?" Blaze's grin was back.

"Shut the fuck up." I shook my head and walked outside with my cousin in tow. We climbed into Paulie's green Tahoe and headed for home. I wanted a shower and fresh clothes and my girls in my arms. Sleep would come later. Esme needed me to go with her for Aro's sentencing.

Esme's POV

Any exhaustion I felt drained away as Aro's lips made contact with my skin. I closed my eyes and sighed as he made a trail of wet kisses across my chest. My body naturally wanted to arch into him but his hand splayed across my stomach held me in place. I brought my hands up to his biceps as he held himself over me. I could feel his want pressed against me, and I relished in his weight on me.

A whimper escaped at a loss of contact, and I looked up to find his ebony eyes staring at me, his face completely relaxed.

"What?" I half-grinned.

"There aren't words to describe how beautiful you are." He smiled and kissed my nose.

"Is that so Mr. Luciano?"

"Mmm-hmm, Mrs. Luciano." He murmured against my neck continuing his excursion on my skin.

My eyes rolled back at the sensation he made hum throughout my body. His hands roamed all over while his lips never broke away aside from the brief moment to pull our shirts off. Aro's hands gently grabbed my thighs, bringing them up to his waist. I complied locking them in place with my ankles crossed.

"I can't get enough of you." His voice came out gruff with want, and I pulled on his neck to bring him closer, his chain brushing my chest.

"I can't give you enough of me." I whispered on his lips before taking them with my own. His hands fisted softly in my hair and he pushed into me, finally allowing my back to arch. I would never tire of the feeling of the man I loved inside of me.

Aro thrusts were deep and long and my head lulled back. His assault on my neck would leave me covering marks in the morning, but I didn't care. I was his and he could mark me any way he pleased. Shimmers of a promise of release began coasting across my lower regions, and I shifted my hips up to allow him deeper. His mouth came down on mine, and our tongues danced, turning those shimmers to quakes. I gasped as my orgasm hit me, Aro kissed down my breasts as I rode out the aftershocks.

I felt him smirk against my chest briefly before he strengthened his thrusts. He found my mouth once again, nibbling, licking, sucking. He grunted my name before I felt him pulsing. I rocked my hips, riding every last bit out of him and bringing myself to the edge again.

"So sexy." He laid his forehead against mine and held me as I quivered. I paused for a beat to catch my breath and nodded.

Aro rolled off of me, pulled the covers up around us, and pulled me flush to his chest. I held onto his arms knowing it might be the last time I felt them for a while. He stroked my arms. He kissed my hair. He squeezed me. Silently telling me he loved me. Silently telling me he missed me even though he wasn't gone. Silently telling me all of the things a man like him didn't say aloud.

In those moments with him, I let go of the worry and dread and anxiety long enough to find a peaceful night's sleep.

Ghosting kisses on my face woke me.

"Morning, Ma."

"Morning." I rolled over to face him, and he wound his arms back around my waist. "When do we have to get up?"

"Hmm..." He groaned and looked over his shoulder at the sun beginning to filter through the half drawn curtains. "Soon."

"I don't wanna."

"Me, either." He kissed my forehead and slowly climbed out of the bed. "Shower?"

"Together?" I held on to the covers, not ready to leave the bed, but not beyond being persuaded.

"The fuck else, Ma?" He shot me an incredulous look.


He grinned and pulled me out of the bed. He held his hand on the small of my back, leading me to his bathroom. I grabbed a couple of towels while he started the water. After checking the temperature with his hand he stepped in, grabbing my hand and pulling me in with him.

Aro's eyes raked over my body and he pulled me close, kissing me softy. I was waiting for him to want another round. Instead he took his time soaping me up and rinsing me off. He shampooed my hair and pulled me back against him while he massaged my scalp.

"Why don't we shower together every morning?" He lips ghosted the shell of my ear.

"I don't know." I sighed.

"When we get a place, we will. It's a rule now." He told me seriously as he rinsed my hair. I smiled and rolled my eyes as I took my turn lathering his hair up and soaping him down. All too quickly the morning was passing and we were dressed and standing in front of the house. There was a black Lincoln with a driver dressed in all black, holding the back door open.

I tugged on Aro's suit sleeve, and he glanced down at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Why aren't we going in your car?"

His face softened and he pulled me tight against his chest, kissing my nose.

"I won't be coming back today, Ma. I thought it was better for you to not have to drive."


I knew what was coming and somehow I'd eluded the truth from myself. The car ride was quiet. Aro's arm was wrapped tight around my waist. He alternated between sipping from his flask and smoking cigarettes. The fire red cherries dying away like his freedom. His parents followed behind in another black Lincoln. Very few would be there today, because it looks suspicious when a bunch of criminals go to court together. However, my brother and Isabella would be there for moral support.

We arrived far too quickly and Aro helped me from the car. I gripped his hand tight as he exchanged hellos with his lawyer before leading us into the courthouse. Edward squeezed my shoulder, and Isabella offered me a small smile. I nodded at them and turned back to watch the hallway grow shorter.

Aro stopped short of the doors causing me to nearly run into him. He held my arms until I stopped wobbling.

"Wha-" His lips crushed against mine zealously. He pulled back and grabbed his blinged out cross, lifting it over his head.

"What are you doing?" I asked confused.

He slipped the necklace over my head, his hand drifting down and fingering the detail on the cross.

"I love you. More than anything. " he whispered so low that only I would hear, "I want you to wear this. I know you can't wear my ring yet, but that shit changes soon. In my bedroom there is an envelope for you. It has whatever you could possibly need. Stay safe and wait for me."

I felt tears pricking my eyes and words failed me. I nodded and looked up at his face. He didn't look like he felt any of the anxiety or worriedness I felt. He had his game face on. I needed mine, but I couldn't find it.

"I love you, Ma." he brushed his lips across mine once more and grabbed a handful of my ass before lacing our fingers together and strutting the courtroom doors.

I took a seat in the front row between Edward and Isabella and mouthed 'I love you' whenever Aro glanced back at me.

I was in a daze as the proceeding began, until two words broke through the emotional cloud surrounding me.

"... two years ..."

I heard a sob from somewhere in the room, and I realized it was me. Isabella grasped my hand with one of hers and rubbed my arm. Edward put his arm around me and whispered reassuring words about how it wouldn't be that long and something about good behavior.

None of it mattered as I watched Aro being lead from the room in handcuffs. He looked over his shoulder and winked at me before blowing a kiss. I whispered 'I love you' one last time before he disappeared around the corner.

"Let's go for drinks." Edward spoke quietly rising and pulling me gently with him.