So, this is my first story, ever! It's really short because I want to see your reactions first and then I'll write the rest of it.
When a dog does good, you give him a treat. When a writer does good you give him a review. If I don't get any reviews, I promise to stop this ! ~# at once.

It was dark and Donny Donowitz woke up in his tent, relatively safe. He walked out and took a few deep breaths before realizing someone has been watching him a while. A dark figure stood before him and he instinctively reached for a weapon of any kind. The vague sound of a trigger being pulled filled the air and The fearless Bear Jew froze. He wasn't afraid for himself, but the thought of this being the end of the Basterds scared him to death. Still he dared to look up, hoping to see the face of his soon-to-be murderer, but he couldn't. Instead, he stood up and tried to be loud enough to wake up the others, but quiet enough to make it seem as if he wasn't doing it on purpose.
Next there was a gunshot. Donny felt nothing. For a brief moment, everything was very still, and then he felt something warm spread on his shirt. It was blood, the dark figure had fallen onto him, apparently shot in the back and he was bleeding heavily. Donny turned to look at the attacker, but it was too dark for him to see anything. The last thing he heard was a woman's voice 'Don't kill me, I'm unarmed, I swear, it was your gun!' and then a loud thump. The mysterious lady has fallen to the ground and Donny ran to see if she was breathing. She was, and The Bear Jew felt so relieved, he even forgot about his attacker and her victim. Donny carried her to his tent and put her down. The, he stepped out and stayed up, watching over her, swearing at Utivich for falling asleep when he was supposed to guard camp.