AN: Alright, so my second fanfic, yay! :D This one is based off the amazing game, Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen by Square Enix. So far it's looking like it's going to be a novelization of the game, with a few changes since I'm not using the game as reference and writing this as I remember them happening (or in some cases just flat out embellishing and adding where the game originally game no information). Anyway, I hope you enjoy! I spent four hours writing this, so I really hope you like this. I do not own any of the characters used within this work, aside from giving names to some of the NPCs.

A shadowy figure stood before a great hole in the ground in the town of Mamon, which led to an ancient mine. He had long silver hair, crimson eyes, and skin as pale as bone. This man wore all black, except for a red sash and some rather grim accessories around his neck and upon his shoulder. He wore as well a fur-lined cape, partially for the extra warmth during times of cold, and partially because it was what his subjects had come to expect from their rulers over time.

"My Lord," a Skeleton Soldier exclaimed as it emerged from the mine, covered in dirt and other grime from below ground, "My Lord, we've found it! We've found the tomb of Estark!"

"Excellent. Begin the excavation of the tomb immediately."

"Yes, sir."

"And send for someone to overlook the project," the man said.

"But my lord, I thought that you had intended to watch over the project yourself," the soldier seemed confused.

"Well there's been a change of plans. I have other matters to attend to." Without even waiting for an answer, the demon lord turned and walked off into the mist of the night, with only the light of the stars to see by, not that he needed the light with his enhanced sight. He smirked as he neared the edge of the small mining town.

"Finally my plans will come to fruition," he thought. "Now to exterminate that so-called Chosen child and at last I will revive the demon lord Estark and destroy all of man-kind."

He let out a rather barkish laugh once he was a suitable distance from town, before casting Zoom and returning to Monster Hall to begin the search.

"Solo, dear, can you come here for a moment?"

"Sure thing mom," the green-haired child of about sixteen or seventeen said as he bounded into the kitchen to greet his aging mother.

"Would you mind taking this lunch to your father? He was in such a rush this morning that he must have forgotten it," she handed him a bag filled with food and went back about her business. "Oh, and don't forget to stop by the inn on your way home to ask Mr. Harrison what we missed at the last town meeting."

"Don't worry mom, I won't forget again," he said rolling his violet eyes, before turning and running out the door.

He stopped about ten feet down the road to take in a deep breath, reveling in the fresh mountain air. He looked around for a moment and saw a strange cart piled high with food, as if the innkeeper had needed extra for some reason, near the entrance to town. He decided soon enough that he definitely was not going to forget to stop by the inn this time, not when there were visitors, and visitors were something that the small town never got. Solo stretched one last time and bound off towards the river in the northern part of town. His father, an older man whose hair was still brown, though beginning to grey somewhat, was sitting on the banks as usual fishing for that night's dinner and to sell at the market this coming weekend.

"G'day son, what brings you over this way?"

"Mom said you forgot your lunch again, so she asked me to bring it to you."

"Well would you look at that? I guess I did forget it! Thanks Solo, my boy, I don't know what I would have done if I had to skip another meal today."

Solo smiled at that, "Not that you couldn't afford to lose some weight."

"True enough, true enough. Oh yes, Eliza was looking for you earlier. Something about some surprise for you."

"A surprise?"

"I don't know much about it, she just told me that if I saw you, you need to head over to the training room as soon as you can."

"Hm," Solo sighed, "She's always doing this. I promised mom that I'd stop by the inn, but I guess I'll go see what Eliza wants after that."

"Well I'll see you tonight then."

"You better catch plenty of fish," he laughed and started back to the other end of town where the small inn, which really was only used if something happened to someone's house, was located. Running at a good pace, Solo made it to his destination in only few minutes and strolled inside, greeting Mr. Harrison as he approached the counter.

"There you are Solo, my boy! We missed your family at the last meeting, what happened?"

"Dad was out in the rain again and got everyone sick. I'd have come to tell you sooner, but I kept forgetting to come by."

"Well I trust you're all feeling quite well again now. What brings you here today?" he asked, rubbing his fluffy slate beard.

"Well mom just wanted me to come by out find out if we missed anything."

Mr. Harrison stood for a moment, playing with his beard a bit more, as if contemplating something. "I can't right say that you missed much. We mostly just went over the same old laws as usual, though if I remember anything, I'll be sure to send someone over to let you know what I forgot.

Solo shrugged a bit, "Fine by me." He turned to leave and noticed that someone was sitting in the common area by the fire, apparently warming himself. "Say Mr. Harrison, who's that?"

"Oh him? He's just some bard what stumbled into town last night. He was right tired, and I couldn't just leave him out there for the wolves, so I brought him in and arranged for him to stay a few nights until the rest of his little musical troupe would be arriving in that big ol' castle Casabranca down by the ocean," he crossed his arms, discreetly wiping some nervous sweat from his brow. " He strikes me as nice enough, though there's something a bit off about him. Either way, he'll be leaving soon."

Just as Mr. Harrison finished talking, the bard looked back in their direction and smiled at Solo.

"Well don't be scared lad, I don't bite," he said with a singsong quality to his voice. "Why don't you come say hello to this simple traveling bard?"

Solo was getting a strange feeling from this man, though he couldn't decide if it was bad or good. Against his better judgment, he approached the man and stood beside him. Up close he could see that the bard had long silver hair, which was pulled back into a braid. Over his eyes he wore what looked like a red sweatband, so Solo determined he must be blind and had heard that he was inside rather than seen him. His skin was very pale, indicating that he rarely got any sun, and he was in clothes traditional for bards, though the colors were decidedly blacker than any other vestments Solo had ever seen for a traveling musician, not that he had seen more than just a few pictures in the books his parents kept at home. Slung across this stranger's back were a lute and a sword, and on his waist was a flute.

Solo was impressed, "So you play more than one instrument?"

"Oh yes, in my trade you have to skilled in any number of instruments. I unfortunately lost the rest of mine in the woods when I stumbled and fell into a ditch."

"Well you seem awfully capable to me, for a blind man that is."

"Ah, yes, well I'm not totally blind. I'm sure you have noticed my paleness. Really I am an albino. My eyes are very weak and bright lights are painful to look at, so I prefer to just cover them up. I usually rely on my hearing instead."

"That's pretty cool that you can do that. Well it was nice meeting you Mr. … I'm sorry, what's your name?"

"Mansalere, Pizero Mansalere. It was nice to meet you too, Solo was it?"

"That's me alright," Solo said. "Well I hope I'll get to see you again before you have to leave. You're an interesting guy."

"Same to you," the bard said.

Solo smiled as he left, fighting to hold back girlish giggles at the thought that he had finally met an outsider. He quickly stopped by the house to let his mother know the news from Mr. Harrison and started north once more to the town cellar, or as it was usually known, the training room. Along the short walk he encountered his magic tutor, who was really a terrible teacher since he hadn't learned a thing. He saw a few of the other townspeople who had taught him various things over the years as well.

As he reached the bridge across the stream to get to the cellar, he saw a very large and very strange frog lying on the wooden planks. It seemed to be croaking something, but he was still too far away to hear, so he moved closer to the frog, treading lightly and carefully on the squeaking, old and rotten planks of the bridge.

"Please, please help me!" it croaked. "I am a princess, a princess that has been turned into a frog! You must kiss me and return me to my true form!"

Solo screwed up his face in disgust. Princess or no, and he seriously doubted it was one, there was absolutely no way he was going to put a frog to his lips.

"Please, oh please! Help me kind sir! Only a man as great as you can break this curse upon me!"

Now he knew it was all made up.

"Cut the act Eliza, this is ridiculous, I know it's you."

"Oh, you're no fun," she exclaimed as she morphed back into herself.

"Sure I'm not. I just know all your tricks."

"Hmph! Well it was still a good trick. I learned a new spell and I was going to scare you with it, but I guess that didn't work. And you wouldn't even kiss me, what kind of boy are you?"

Solo flushed, "That doesn't have anything to do with." He caught himself admiring her green hair, almost the same color as his own, and forced himself to look away.

Eliza chuckled, "If you say so."

"So was that all?"

"I guess so," she said jumping over the side of the bridge and splashing into the water. "You want to play in the water until dinner?"

Solo looked over in the direction where he knew his father was fishing, "Well dad doesn't really like it when we do because it scares the fish, but I guess it's okay so long as we stay over here."

"Yay!" she said and pulled him into the water with her.

That night, Solo was woken from sleep by a high-pitched scream. He scrambled out from under the covers and ran outside. Villagers were scrambling about and many of the houses were on fire. Everyone was in a panic, screams assaulting his ears from all directions. He took a few steps forward, only to fall back and land in the dirt. Sitting just a few feet away was his mother, face to the ground, a sword through her back. It looked to him like she'd stepped outside to investigate the commotion like he had and been immediately struck down.

Tears streamed down his face as he struggled to his feet to examine the corpse that he had once called mom. Before he could even get close though, his father grabbed his and he ran him to the north side of town.

"Wh-what's happening? What about mom?"

"Forget your mother."


"I said forget her!"

Solo glanced behind as more tears rolled down his cheeks, staining his pajamas. "But mom…" Before turning back to face front he caught sight of the blind bard standing beside the fallen inn, smirking at the destruction. He pointed and several monsters carrying weapons and more torches rushed forth from the woods to destroy even more buildings and kill even more people.

"Dad, what's going on?"

He just kept running, "There's no time to explain right now. Eliza will tell you when we get you somewhere safe."

"What? Eliza? She knows about this."

"We all do. It was supposed to be a secret until you came of age, but no use in that now." He let go of Solo and roughly pushed him towards the waiting arms of the local sword master that he had been learning from all these years. "I'm glad I got to be your father, Solo," he breathed with sadness as he unsheathed a sword and ran back towards the flames, only to have his head smashed open by an axe before he even got in a single hit against an enemy.

Solo's tears began to fall even harder than before and he scream out as he saw his father hit the ground. He turned to face his master, his eyes pleading for an answer as to why this was all happening. No words were exchanged, but he gave him a sad look that said he wished it didn't have to be this way. This moment didn't last for long, however, as Solo was then roughly ushered down the stairs into the training room where Eliza greeted him.

The sword master left without a word, though it was obvious to Solo that he was prepared to die as well so long as he stayed safe.

"Eliza, what's going on?"

She took his hand gently and guided him to a hidden room. "I'm so sorry, Solo. I wanted to tell you so many times before now, but I couldn't. I just… I just couldn't."

"What? What did you want to tell me?" he asked as she led him to the corner and indicated for him to sit.

"We should be safe in here for now," she closed the door that they came through. "As for what's going on… I wish someone who knows more than me could have told you, but it looks like I'm the only one left.

"Solo, nobody ever told you this, but you are a very special child. Probably the most important in the whole world!"

"But that doesn't make any sense. I'm just a fisherman's son," he argued.

"No you aren't. You are the Chosen hero. This village was established shortly before your birth as a place to keep you safe until the evil you were meant to face arose. When you were born, you were brought here where the elderly couple you knew as your parents took you in, in your parents stead, and raised you."

"You… you mean they're not my real parents?"

"I'm afraid not," she said sadly. "We've known for years that the servants of the evil you must defeat would be looking for you and hoping to kill you before you became strong enough to kill their master, but we didn't count on them finding you so soon. You're not ready yet, but-"

She was interrupted by the increasingly loud sound of footsteps above. A worried look flashed over her face and she stood from where she'd been sitting beside you.

"Listen, Solo," she told him as quickly as she could, "even though you are the Chosen, you can't win alone. There are nine people in this world destined to help you. You must find them and grow strong. Once you are strong enough you absolutely must strike down the evil threatening this world."

"But why me?" he asked frantically.

"I'm sorry, there's no more time," she said casting her spell and assuming his form. She rushed for the door, but hesitated before opening it. "Goodbye, Solo."

He saw a few tears run down her face before she rushed out of the room to be greeted by death.