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Chapter Sixteen

"Oh my God look what Angelina sent us." Hermione said as she held up a mobile with books and little snitches

"Hahahaha that a perfect showing for us both, but with how fast she got it to us I think she had it made before we even found out about Megan." Harry said smiling at how thoughtful his former teammate was. Hermione just shrugged and set the gift aside Harry opened the next gift "This one is from…Oh hey Alicia Spinet!" Harry said as he opened the box and then laughed as he pulled out a build-a-bear box

"I thought Alicia was pure blood?"

"Nah her Mum's a muggle."

"Oh." Hermione said as Harry opened the box and pulled out a black bear wearing what looked like a miniaturized Quidditch uniform with the number seven on the back and the name Potter in gold letterings.

"Think they're trying to tell us something?" Harry asked with a laughed while Hermione smiled and shook her head

"I wonder what they would've sent if we were having a son?" they both looked at each other and said at the same time "The same thing." both laughed at the same time. "They got these before we were even a couple!" Hermione said trying to stop laughing

"I guess they just wanted to be ready?!" Harry said making the both of them renew their fits of laughter eventually Hermione was grabbing her side

"No more my side hurts."

Harry agreed feeling a twinge in his side. "Okay, okay…ah boy. Who's next?" Harry asked as he started to take a couple deep breathes to gain control over himself.

"Um looks like…oh no." She groaned

"Who sent it?"

"Oliver Wood."


Harry started laughing again Hermione wasn't far behind him. The two spent the entire Saturday morning opening gifts eventually they asked for everyone's help "Well at least you'll have lots of clothes, toys, and such." Astoria said almost making Harry and Hermione start again.

"Who sent you this?" Susan asked as she held up the mobile

"Angelina Johnson."

"It's cute." Hermione nodded she loved that mobile since it had perfect symbols of Harry and her.

"So Harry when are we releasing a follow up?" Luna asked

"Ask the mothers to be I'm leaving that decision to them." Harry said making Luna laugh while Daphne and Susan kissed their husband.

"After we're past the first month Dumbledore won't be put on trial till after September. Susan and Hermione won't start to show for two more months however I will in one. Our uniforms will cover the babies until my fourth their fifth month."

"Good thing we're leaving in a few weeks, however we may want to stay away from here next year." Harry said making everyone look at him


"Neville and I have some hunting too do, and I'd feel better knowing you seven were safe."

"You're not…!" Hermione started which started Daphne, Susan, and Alex all of them yelling at the same time only for Harry to raise his wand and set off a bang quieting them all at once.

"I'm not sending you from my side Neville and I will be home every night but our hunt will not be conducted from here. There are too many ways for someone to infiltrate and attempt to kill one of you. We will all be moving…Astoria and Tracy as well if they wish…to the Black family home. Dobby has been working with Winky to prepare it for human life again the wards of the place are the best and since I've thrown out Bellatrix Lestrange she won't lead then past the wards I've done the same with Draco so not one of Tom's Death Munchers can get past them." Harry said looking down at each of his wives who had the decency to at least look somewhat ashamed. "Now first things first Astoria Tracy shall I have Dobby prepare rooms for you?"

Astoria nodded while Tracy waited a few moments "Yes please." she said Harry nodded.

"Second would you four actually like to hear mine and Neville's plan or do you still want to jump down my throat without hearing me out?" Harry said glaring at his wives who flinched at the accusation mainly because that was exactly what they had done. Harry sighed as he walked forward and pulled Hermione and Daphne into his arms and held them for a moment before turning and doing the same with Susan and Alex "I forgive you lot. Just next time please hear me out before you assume anything?" all four nodded Harry kissed Hermione then took a deep breath. "Neville and I both have a bone to pick with Tom and his followers however we can't really make a move against him till after his snake is dead. His followers however…?"

Daphne seemed to understand first "You're going to capture or kill them aren't you?"



"Narcissa. She was never a Death Eater herself but she knows their movements better than anyone. Snape is helping as well he's changed from being Dumbledore's spy to mine he'll let us know when something big is going to happen so we can try and put a stop to them. Neville and I along with Remus, Tonks, Aunt Amelia, Kinsley, and Magnus will take things from there."

"The Order of the Phoenix no longer exist. We are something new." Harry said looking at all the girls.

"What about us? We can't just sit on our bums while you do this?" Daphne asked

"Luna is going to be running an anti-Voldemort campaign she's going to need writers, researchers, protectors, and much more. The four of you will be working behind the scenes with her to do this all the while keeping yourselves and our unborn children safe."

"Harry you can't just…"

"Alright." Hermione interrupted Alex making the American look at her in shock "However Lord Potter if at any point I or anyone of us goes into labor you are to stay by our sides through the entire thing and stay with us for two weeks at least no matter what is going on in the war!" Hermione said as she walked up to Harry her finger pointed at him in a familiar lecturing pose and tone of voice.

"As you wish Lady Potter." Harry said with a slight bow Hermione nodded at his answer

"Good, and I expect you home every night, or in the morning after a raid as you said."

Harry smiled as he kissed her "Of course Hermione."

"And Harry I swear if you are anywhere near deaths door when you return I'll kill you myself after you've been healed."

Harry smiled as he wrapped her into his arms and just held her close "Understood 'Mione."

"Okay then. As long as you remember those three things I can live with the idea of you fighting without me by your side." She said against his chest as she held him close to her. Daphne and Susan thought she looked much like Harry did when he held Susan after Dumbledore had tried to force them to kill James, Sirius, Lily, and Megan. Alex seeing this made an important decision and that night was time to put it into action later when Harry walked into the room he shared with Alex he paused when he caught sight of all the candles in round the room.

"Alex?" Harry asked as he slowly moved into the room than he caught sight of her Alex was wearing a matching red bra and thong almost see-through lingerie set Harry chuckled nervously "Alex what exactly are you…?" she placed her finger on his lips.

She then started to undress Harry slowly running her hands over his body "Harry I've decide that I'm ready, but before that there's something I want to do for you." Alex said as she pushed a boxer clad Harry onto their bed so he was sitting on the edge of it. She then placed a cushion on the floor then reach behind her and unclasped her bra Harry could feel himself harden as Alex kneeled down in front of his clad only in her knickers. Alex then reached forward and removed Harry's boxers Harry sat up to help make it easier Alex then gently place her hand around his slightly hardened member making Harry gasp at her touch. Alex leaned forward and licked Harry's cock like it was a lolly-pop from the bottom to the tip making Harry moan Alex did this a few times till a shot of pre-cum dripped out of the tip of his cock.

Alex rubbed the pre-cum all over his dick before she squeezed her breast on either side of Harry's cock. "Alex…" Harry moaned as he felt her soft orbs start to move up and down his cock wile Alex sucked and licked the tip Harry leaned back his hands gripping onto the sheets "Alex…that feels…so good." Harry said as he felt his hips start to buck forward. Alex kept her ministrations painstakingly slow Harry felt himself get completely lost as Alex worked her breast up and down before he felt a familiar sensation in his balls "Alex…I'm close." Alex started to move faster and sucked on his tip harder. "Alex I'm gonna cum!" Harry said as he reached the point where he couldn't hold himself back anymore and released his seed into her mouth Alex took everything he shot into her mouth then swallowed it after he was done.

Harry laid back after she released him "Oh god. No wonder all of you love it when I go down on you."

Alex smiled then stood up and showed how wet her knickers were the sight alone was enough to make Harry hard again. Harry then reach forward and pulled off her knickers "I wanted you to remember this night just as much as I'm going to." Alex said as Harry stood up and held her close to him her breast pressing into his chest and his cock was touching her neither lips and Harry decided to see just how anxious she was as he teased her by moving his hips back and forth making his cock tease the outside of her pussy. Alex gasped at the feeling and moaned "Harry please don't tease?"

Harry smiled as he lead her towards their bed and laid down he then rubbed the tip against her making her moan again before he slowly started to push inside of her. Like he had with his other wives he stopped and waited after he broke her hymen Alex gasped in pain as she waited for the pain to subside. After it faded she force Harry onto his back so that she was sitting on him "Hermione talks about how this position feels and I want to feel it as well." Alex said as she slowly started to ride Harry. Harry grasped her hips and started the thrust into her making Alex moan in pleasure as they eventually match a pace Alex brought her hands forward and started to tweak her nipples as they matched each other thrust for thrust. "Harry…Harry" Alex moaned

"Alex you're so tight. You're squeezing down on me just right."

"Harry you're hitting all the way in the back I can feel your cock hitting my womb." Harry flipped them over placing Alex on her back her lifted her legs onto his shoulders and he started to pound into her making her moan loudly Harry could feel her walls twitch. "Harry I'm close!"

"So am I…" Harry tried to pull out so he didn't cum inside only for Alex to shout at him

"Don't you dare! I want you feel you cum inside me!" Harry quickened his pace thrusting deeply inside of her until he felt Alex's walls clamp down on his as she opened her mouth as if to cry out only for no sound to leave her Harry thrust a few more times before he felt himself shoot inside of Alex making her moan. "So warm…I feel so…full." Alex said as Harry laid down on top of her before turning onto his side lying next to Alex while still inside of her.

"Oh God. It feels so good." Alex said breathlessly Harry smiled at her as he pulled her body in close to his

"You do realize that we might have just created my fifth child right?"

Alex nodded against him. "It's worth it to feel like this."

Harry smiled at her as he just held her "Harry?"


"Can we go again?"

Harry smiled as he kissed his wife then started to kiss her neck. In the morning Harry woke up to a naked Alex lying on top of him and he smiled as he just held her "Good morning Alex."

"Good morning love."

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm sore but the good kind like after you exercise."

Harry nodded "Just remember to ask Susan for the numbing salve to help."

Alex nodded against his chest "Love thank you for being so gentle with me."

"Of course. You asked me to be gentle on our wedding night remember?"

"I know but I'm thankful anyway. I can see why so many feel addicted to sex."

"Aye." Was all Harry said making Alex laugh at his words.

Later in the morning Susan handed Alex a familiar looking jar with a smile on her face "Congratulations." was all the Hufflepuff said

"Thank you." Alex said Susan nodded as she walked away.

The rest of the school year pasted normally or as close to normal as a magic school could get by the end of the term Dumbledore's court date had been set "July 11th far enough away were we can plan for it." Hermione said once she read it in the papers also in that time Harry had for lack of a better term adopted Astoria. Harry and Daphne learned that the Greengrass elders were trying to changed Daphne's marriage contracts over to Astoria they found out when a cry Astoria showed them a letter saying that she was to keep herself pure unlike her sister. Harry had been livid and declared that Astoria was under the protection of House Potter, Black, Ravenwood, and Peverell effectively ending any and all possibility of such an endeavor and also making it completely legal for Harry to take Astoria away from them to live with Daphne and himself. Both sisters almost squeezed the stuffing out of him the night Tracy even gave him a hug because of what he had done to protect the fourteen year old girl.

Susan's aunt Amelia was going to wait for them along with Tonks, Remus, as well as Dan and Emma Granger at track number 9 ¾ to take them to #12 to help set up the Fidelius charm and help set up the wards that Dumbledore had Sirius turn off because they weren't 'very nice'. On the way to the train Harry was surprised to see Malfoy going back to acting like his regular sneer and attitude "Lucius must have broken out of Azkaban." Harry said Susan who confirmed his theory by telling him that the ministry kept it hush-hush so it wouldn't look bad for them.

"Aunt Amelia was furious and wanted to resign right then and there except…"

"We need as many people inside the Ministry as possible in case they try something against us." Harry finished her thought making her nod.

"What will they try?" Astoria asked

"Scrimgeour has tried to make me a poster boy and when I said no he called me Dumbledore's man through and through. Now however he'll try something and this time there will be an underlining threat but it won't be against me." Harry said making Astoria look confused until she saw her sister Susan and Hermione all touch their babies "Umbridge will the biggest problem."

"How do you know that?"

"She sent a pair of Demetors after me to get me into trouble or to get me killed. Either way she wants me out of the picture because I stand in the way of what she called 'order'."

"She's power hungry and will do anything to get more…" Hermione was interrupted by the sound of an explosion everyone looked to see smoke coming from Hogsmead station.

"Crap." Harry said as he drew his wand "Looks like Neville and I get an early start to our work." Harry said as he jumped out of the carriage "Activate your port keys get out of here." Daphne nodded as she grabbed Astoria and then vanished Alex, Susan, and Hermione weren't far behind them. Harry nodded once he knew they were safe he ran off to join the DA members running off to fight and help save as many as possible.

The expecting mothers, Alex, and Astoria all landed on platform 9 ¾ surprising Remus, Tonks, and the Grangers. "What happened?"

"There was an attack on Hogsmead station." Hermione said making Remus curse.

Everyone could see he was torn between keeping the girls' safe and running off to help Harry. A moment later Luna appeared looking a bit disorderly but alright "Are you okay Luna?"

"Yes we were almost attacked by some Death Eaters when Harry arrived and helped Neville and I fight them off then before they ran off to help at the train station. Neville asked me to activate my port key so he could fight without worrying about me. He didn't use those words but I knew that's what he meant." Luna said.

"Why did the port keys bring you here?" Tonks asked

"Gringotts built them to take us to our nearest alley that was away from the danger which was you two." Daphne explained Remus nodded at the explanation.

Time seemed to drag for everyone more so for Hermione, Susan, and Daphne if no one else was around to keep them occupied Hermione was sure they'd all go crazy with worry. Eventually they heard the familiar sound of a train whistle they all looked to see a familiar red steam engine coming towards them with a few students above it on broomsticks acting as sentries eventually when the train pulled in Neville stepped off the train and Harry landed next to him and hopped off his broom. Everyone was happy to see they looked no worse for wear Hermione and the girls all ran and almost knocked Harry off his feet trying to hug him Luna nearly did the same with Neville.

"Remus…If I didn't know better I'd say we were welcoming General Potter and Colonel Longbottom home." Dan said Remus nodded

"Harry's always had the ability to lead he proved that when he was able to get himself and five other students through the Ministry against overwhelming odds. Neville became something like his second in command this year and he too has an ability to lead people he's just been too shy about it in the past."

"Was anyone hurt badly?"

"On our side Madame Pomfrey is looking over a couple students that were hit with the Cruciatius curse that's the worse wound our side received. As for the DE's two have shattered legs, two are in critical condition and five are dead including Draco Malfoy who joined in to fight alongside his father who is also dead. The rest fled like the cowards they are." Harry said as he and Neville turned towards the train to help some of the students disembark the students that had been sentries landed and helped as well Hermione wasn't surprised to see most of the fliers had been Qudditch players mostly the Gryffindor team that Harry had chosen himself.

Eventually some of the parents came running onto the platform to see Harry, Neville, and the fliers helping their children then rushed them home most thanked Harry some thanked Neville as well. When the last family had passed through Harry and Neville shook hands with the sentries and walked over to their extended family "I can see why he chose Long…Neville to be the Godfather to one of his daughters." Tracy said making Astoria smile and nod.

"Just wait till after James and Sirius are born." Astoria said making Remus smile and hold his hand out to Tonks who made a face as she placed two gold coins in his hand.

"You hussled me." Tonks said making Remus look at her wounded

"Did not. I just know my nephew better then you do." Tonks just rolled her eyes at Remus who laughed.

Hermione started to give Harry a once over to make sure he was in one piece and Harry wisely chose to stand absolutely still with his arms out as she stacked around him ready to pounce at the slightest hint he was hurt. "Hermione I can get through battles without damage." Harry said Hermione just stared at him before she walked up and pressed one hand into his right side Harry just looked at her like she was crazy but Hermione moved the hand to the other side and pressed down Harry's hiss of pain while quiet made Hermione look at him. "I'm not at deaths door, and I am still technically in one piece. Besides it's just some bruised ribs."

"'Hermione I can get thought some battles without damage' I'll believe that when it happens Harry." Hermione said making Harry give her a small smile.

"Madame Pomfrey say's I'm find just a day to rest and drink this." Harry said as he held up a potion vial for Hermione to see.

Hermione took it from him "Then I'll just have to make sure you drink it." Hermione said as she uncorked the vial


"Come on Harry time for your medicine." Hermione said with an evil little smile making Harry shiver a little in fear before he laugh nervously and started to back away from his wife.

"Voldemort and fifteen DE's no problem. A pregnant Hermione Potter and he's almost running in fear. What does that tell you?" Neville asked

"That he's a smart man." Dan and Remus said together making the teen laugh and the women smile. Everyone laughed as Hermione began to pursue her husband Harry seemed to be doing everything in his power to avoid drinking yet another potion he was doing a good job of dodging and evading Hermione until Remus got involved.

Harry found himself upside down glaring at the Marauder "You aren't still sore about losing are you?"

"Oh no I just think I should give Hermione a chance." Remus said with a laugh Harry's glare worsened until he heard his wife's foot tapping on the stone before him and he gulped when he realized he was cornered.

"Hi 'Mione." Harry said giving a weak laugh before Hermione plunged the vial into his mouth and forced him to drink all of the contents once he had swallowed the last drop Hermione pulled the bottle away with a victorious look on her face Harry however looked like he was about ready to throw up. Remus reversed the spell and dropped Harry onto the ground with a thud "Oof!" Harry groaned out once his back hit the ground. Harry raised one hand into the air "I will never understand why they always make those things taste so terrible." every magical person there nodded in sympathy as Harry lifted himself up and cracked his back as he stood glaring at Remus once again then he stopped and his features changed to a familiar look.

"Harry…" Remus said in a somewhat worried voice the last time he saw that look he had accidently spilled some butterbeer on one of Harry's stuffed animals when Lily was in her nest stage. The moment James saw it he ran Remus and Sirius were confused even more so when he returned as if dressed for a battle although both men understood the moment Lily walked in

"Who did it James?" Lily had asked in a low voice that made both Remus and Sirius shiver in fright



James looked like he was in battle with himself before he looked at his friends "Sorry boys. Remus was the one." both men looked at him shocked them were scared as Lily got this little smile on her face.

The next morning the first thing out of both Sirius' and Remus' mouth had been "What was the number of that truck?" now Harry was looking at him with that same little smile.


"Yeah Neville?"


"Right." Remus said as he turned and ran Harry not far behind him

"Five Galleons says Remus doesn't wake up till morning." Neville said.

Later that night Tonks was collecting her winning the only ones that hadn't bet had been Hermione, Susan, and Daphne all three knowing Harry would take it easy on the werewolf. Although Remus had been knocked out Harry decided that to finish his lesion he took a bucket of water and woke Remus by throw all of it in his face Remus had shot up in an instantly "Man the lifeboats! Women and children first!" after he woke up Remus just looked at Harry who just looked him in the eye the promise of retribution in his eyes. That night Harry was sitting on his bed brushing Daphne's hair something the Lady Black enjoyed a lot to be honest Harry found it very relaxing.


"Yes Daphne."

"Do you think we would've gotten together if we hadn't of created James, and Sirius?"

Harry paused and set the brush aside then made Daphne turn and face him "I don't honestly know. To be honest there are all different kinds of possibilities as what could've happened. For instance if I hadn't of met Malfoy I probably would've been in Slyterin with you if it hadn't of been for a troll I never would've been friends with Hermione. Daph there are too many 'what ifs' towards that line of thinking. So I'll tell you what I do know…" Harry said as he laid the two of them down on the bed and held her while looking into her eyes. "…I know that I fell in love with a woman I knew absolutely nothing about. I know I can't think of a better woman to carry my sons. I know that no matter what happens in life I can count on you to be there for me just like you can count on me." Harry caught a single tear that was falling down her face "I know I find you beautiful both physically and mentally. I love how crafty you are. But there is one large thing you did the captured my heart."

"What?" Daphne asked desperately needing to know the answer.

"You opened your heart to me and allowed me to do the same in return." Harry said placing his forehead against Daphne's said young woman felt the tears build but she smiled and buried her face in Harry's chest.

"I opened myself to you because I trust you Harry. I know now that you would never intentionally hurt me much like I had thought about so many other boys at Hogwarts."

"I love you Mrs. Black" Harry said as he held her

"I love you to Mr. Black." Daphne said that night instead of her usual passionate self she wanted to experience what it was like to make love slowly. Harry understood her need and fulfilled it the best he could when she fell asleep with Harry spooning her she fell asleep for the first time unafraid to wake up in the morning. When she did wake up Daphne found that she was lying on Harry's shoulder his arm wrapped around her back holding her to his side but what surprised her was the sight of a naked Hermione lying on Harry's chest sleeping comfortably. "What's the big idea?" Daphne asked quietly looking at Hermione who stirred and looked at Daphne

"I was cold and no matter how many blankets I use I couldn't get warm until I came in here to lie with the three of you."

"Three?" Daphne asked

"I snuck in and turned Harry onto his back so I could snuggle into his side." Susan's voice said from their Husbands other side. Daphne looked annoyed at the idea

"Su, 'Mione it was Daphne's night last night you should've discussed this with her first." Harry's tired voice said making Daphne get a smug looked on her face.

"Next time I promise." Hermione said before she laid back down on Harry's chest and fell back asleep Daphne rolled her eyes but laid back down on Harry's shoulder and just enjoyed being warm until her stomach lurched.

Daphne got out of the bed and ran into Harry's bathroom and proceeded to execute her first bought of morning sickness she felt someone lift her hair back which she appreciated. When she was done she leaned back into the person holding her hair and know that it was her husband "Thank you Harry."

"Any time Daph." Harry said as he helped her up and poured her out a glass of mouth wash to get rid of the aftertaste.

"I thought this would start sooner. I mean we're almost three months along…" Daphne paused as Harry handed her the cup of mouthwash which she used thankful that Harry poured it for her. "Ugh that was horrible." Daphne said Harry gave a small smile as he picked her up bridal style and carried her out of the bathroom Daphne leaned against his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his neck. Both Susan and Hermione were awake now and although it was a very romantic scene neither one felt even an ounce of jealousy both knew that Harry would do the same for them.

"You know it was probably a good thing you two changed our sleeping position." All three girls looked at him like he had two heads "If I had both arms around you still it would've been harder for you to get away to the bathroom." Harry explained making all three of them look thoughtful then nodded in agreement.

Later that morning Harry poured out a glass of ginger ale and set an open package of saltines in front of her "Can't I have some regular food?" Daphne asked Harry just took a plate of breakfast food and waved it under her nose Daphne's face scrunched up and she held her stomach. "Take it away!"

She yelled at him and drank her ginger ale and ate her crackers without another complaint Emma walked in and saw Daphne's breakfast "Ah morning sickness started huh?" Emma asked making Daphne nod "Well it looks like whoever gave you the ginger ale and crackers is on the ball." Emma said making Daphne look up at Harry.

"I read a few parenting books and they all said that ginger ale and crackers helps with morning sickness." Harry said making Emma nod.

"Be happy that he did so. Dan was a right mess when I started throwing up almost every meal I ate and instead of asking for help he tried to keep giving me regular meals." Emma said making Daphne smile as she watched Harry cook breakfast knowing how much he truly cared about her and their boys.