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Chapter Seventeen

Susan woke up with her husband spooning with her and his arm draped over her seven month baby bump in the four months since the Potter-Peverell-Black-Ravenwood family moved into Grimmauld Place the war had been going very well for Harry, Neville, and the people that fought with them. In fact the two of them alone now had the record of captured or killed DE's Moody had laughed when he learned this since he was the original holder of the record. Their biggest success had been the prevention of an assassination attempt against Minister Scrimgeour according to both Narcissa and Snape that had set Riddles plans back months. Although Hermione was rather smug when Harry and Neville revealed that it had been Umbridge that had sold the Minister out.

Harry and Neville had come out of most fights with only superficial wounds which made all five wives happy and while the two husbands were out fighting Luna's anti-Voldemort campaign was running smoothly. Hermione and Daphne were her main researchers while Susan helped her write while Alex was the editor of both their works the five women worked together just as well as their husbands. They were soon joined by Mrs. Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin after they learned that she was expecting as well Remus at first hadn't taken the news well but was able to get over it after Harry gave him a left hook "Parents shouldn't leave their children." had been the only thing Harry said to the werewolf.

Tonks was mainly in charge of security for the six married women five of which were mothers to be Luna had learned as well that she was currently about two months pregnant with a baby girl. Neville had been thrilled at the idea and barely talked with Luna when he named Harry and Hermione the baby's godparents beating Remus by a day when he asked Harry and Daphne to be the godparents of his future son. Now Susan, Hermione, and Daphne were all seven months along all three showing off their bumps with pride Harry couldn't get enough of the babies especially when all four reacted differently around him.

The boys would kick his hand every time he would rub Daphne's belly, Megan never sat still when she listened to Harry talk to her, and Lily pushed against Susan almost making her hand, foot, or some other part of her noticeable. Daphne had been the only one to experience morning sickness which the Slytherin found rather unfair although Tonks and Luna welcomed her advice to help deal with their morning sickness. Daphne was also huge when compared to Hermione and Susan and because of the number of kids Harry would sometimes spoil her more often to help the constant foot and back rubs helped all three of them greatly.

"Morning Su morning Lily." Harry said as he kissed his wife's neck and rubbed her baby bump

"Morning love." Susan said with a yawn Susan turned herself with difficulty to face Harry. Harry's smiling face made Susan's heart throb for the past month all three expecting mothers have been raging hormones each at random intervals needing Harry to shag them rotten Harry's Lobito didn't mind and Harry himself did his best to satisfy each of their needs as often as possible. Thankfully that had calmed down a little however Susan Daphne and Hermione were worried that Harry might be spending too much time with the three of them and not enough with Alex or at least till they saw Harry and Alex just sitting in the den reading and talking together with the fire going.

All three breathed easier after seeing that the fact that Harry was making time for Alex and him to spend together during one of their little girl talk sessions they learned that Harry had been making time for her as often as possible so she wouldn't feel like the odd one out. Susan smiled "So have you picked a color schema?" Harry asked

"Yep. I already ordered the paint."

"Alright we'll tackle that when it gets here." Harry said as he stood up and stretched then walked around to help Susan up.

"Thank you."

"Welcome." Harry said as he pecked Susan on the lips Susan placed her arms around Harry's neck and pushing her belly into him slightly as she hung off of him Harry smiled at Susan before he brought his hands down and gently squeezed her milk swollen breast making Susan moan.

"Harry please." Susan moaned making Harry smile as he pulled aside her robes uncovering her breast

"How bad this time?"

"Bad you haven't paid attention to them in three days." Susan gasped out as Harry continued to fondle her.

"Between the three of you I get more dairy then I need to?" Harry asked as he tweaked her nipples hard enough to make her milk start to pour out

"Ah…oh thank the gods." Susan said before Harry leaned down and latched onto her right breast and started to suck on it Susan moaned as Harry drank her milk switching between her breast making her sigh in comfort. After the three mothers to be started to lactate Hermione found a part in a parenting book that said an easy way to get rid of the discomfort was to actually milk them.

She had even been the one to beg Harry to suck on her breast to get rid of the pain and Harry being the man he is…well let's just say they all felt better afterwards. Susan moaned as Harry licked up any milk he might have missed then recovered her breast making her lean her head against his arm "Thank you Harry."

Harry moved her back and kissed her gently making Susan moan a little while she tasted her milk on his tongue. "Anytime love." Harry said once they broke the kiss Harry opened the door and walked with Susan as she waddled out of the room and down towards the stairs which they had all been happy to learn turns to an escalator when a pregnant woman over three months steps onto them. Which all three heavily pregnant women loved although they had been told that since their bodies were already use to walking up and down many flights of stairs the idea of walking the stairs was dreaded by all three of them.



"How much longer do you think this will continue?" Susan asked

Harry sighed "I don't know love. We've only got one more Horcrux to go…the problem though."

"Is how do you get at it while fighting Voldemort and what's left of his followers."

"Right…" Harry said as the two walked into the kitchen where Dobby was preparing breakfast Hermione already at the table reading a paper "Morning love." Harry said as he walked forward and kissed Hermione on the cheek before she turned and pouted a little making him chuckle and gave her a proper kiss.

"Morning Harry." Hermione said before Harry kneeled down and kissed her belly "Morning Megan how are you today?" Harry asked his hand on Hermione's bump Megan instantly started to move making Hermione gasp and place her hand on her belly as well. Both parents to be loved it when Megan started moving it always brought a smile to their faces

"HARRY I NEED YOU UP HERE NOW!" Daphne's voice roared.

"Uh oh!" Harry said as he ran up the stairs while both mothers had to waddle to follow Daphne had been put on bed rest by order of their midwife Madame Pomfrey about a couple weeks ago Harry almost broke the door down as he ran into the room.

"Daph what's wrong?!"

Harry asked as soon as he saw the Slytherin beauty who was grasping onto her bed post hard "I think I'm in labor!" Daphne yelled

"Dobby get Pomfrey here now!" Harry shouted as he grabbed Daphne's hand

"It keeps hurting no matter what happens."

"How close?"

"Not very. Erratic at best."

Harry started to breathe easier. "Daph."


"This sounds like Braxton Hicks."

"Like what?"

"False labor Mrs. Black." A voice said making them both look at a tired healer who had her wand out "It's your body's way of preparing itself for the birthing process. Which I have just confirmed is exactly what's happening." Pomfrey said Daphne said who also started to breathe easier.

"Sorry about the panic you two." Daphne said sheepishly

"It's perfectly okay many a woman have been confused by the two." Pomfrey said "Lord Potter are you…"

"All of them are still on the diet you wrote for them, all four babies are active, and yes I've been getting Daphne to walk around a little so the muscles in her legs don't atrophy."

"Right well keep up the good work Dad." Pomfrey said before Hermione and Susan walked into the room.

"What happened?"

"Braxton Hicks." Harry said Hermione breathed easier Susan however looked confused "Did either you or Daphne read those books?" Harry asked.

"Braxton Hicks or False labor happen usually in the final trimester or sometimes even the second trimester it's your body experiencing contractions." Hermione said

"The contractions are erratic at best and vary on long they last. It's also your body's way of preparing for labor." Harry added.

"Oh…" Susan said making both Gryffindor's shake their heads.

"Anyway Lady Black you're not in labor but both babies are doing great. Trick for next time. Time the contractions if their five minutes apart then you're in labor. I'll take my leave now have a nice day all of you."

"Sorry about this Poppy."

"It's okay Harry just keep up the good work." Harry nodded as the healer took Dobby's hand and vanished.

"What was all the noise about?" Neville asked from the door way.

"Daphne just had a bout of false labor and mistook it for the real thing." Neville nodded "Didn't let you sleep did she?"

"Not right off the bat."

"She just hit the Fifth month mark right?"

"Mm." Neville said.

"You'll be in for some other sleepless nights my suggestion get some Pepper-up Potion and take a small shot of it every morning. Doesn't help with the missed sleep but allows you to move through the day." Neville nodded and walked away. "Dobby let's get Daphne down for some breakfast."

"Right away." Dobby said as Harry helped Daphne stand up

"Why is it she's the one that gets teleported places?" Susan asked

"If either of you are placed on bed rest I'll have Dobby do the same for you." Harry said as Dobby took them downstairs. "Thank you Dobby." Harry said making the elf nod Harry looked at Emma who was sitting at the table

"Braxton Hicks?" Emma asked making the two of them nod.

"Sorry about the wake-up call."

"I did the same thing with Hermione there's no reason to feel bad." Emma said with a smile making Daphne feel better. Emma had become a god sent for all of the mothers to be with her advice and effort to help them ready she had even helped them with their nesting phase which Susan was still in. Hermione already had Megan's room ready which was painted in a nice Periwinkle the same color as her yule ball dress they also had a nice white crib and the mobile that Angelina had given them hanging over the bed.

Daphne decided to go a different route and had Harry and Neville paint the boys room like a Quidditch field Harry took it a little farther by casting a spell that made players fly around tossing the Quaffle, hitting Bludgers, or catching Snitch's however Susan could almost never make up her mind when it came to Lily's room .

Alex walked down while Hermione and Susan waddled down behind her "What happened this morning?"

"False alarm." Harry said making his fourth wife nod as she took a seat at the table. The morning passed normally then Susan's paint arrived then she finally told Harry that she wanted to paint the room in her and Harry's old house color's Yellow and Brown for her and Scarlet and Gold for him. Just as they were about to get started the wards were tripped and allowed Snape through the door. "How are you Severus?"

"It's you I'm worried about Harry. He knows that you've been targeting his Horcrux." Snape said

"Then the time has come…" Harry said. "Severus it's time for plan 8B." Harry said making everyone in the room look at him.


"I'll explain in a minute 'Mione." Harry said still looking at Severus whose face had paled and got a worried expression before changing to an emotionless one.

"Alright, but you had better succeed…for all out sakes."

Severus said before turning and leaving the house. Harry took a deep breath and looked at Neville "Make it count brother." were the only words Harry said making Neville nod and turn to walk up the stairs.

"Harry you're starting to frighten me what is plan 8B?" Hermione asked/demanded.

"Plan 8B was created just in case Tom ever figured out that his containers were in danger. The plan states that Neville and I will pretend to fall into a trap that Severus is now currently setting up, however we will be expecting them and turn the tide of the war as well as end it."

Hermione looked horrified realizing that this was… "This was the plan that could end with more than Riddle or Bellatrix dying wasn't it?" Hermione asked in a small voice making her sister wives look at her.

"…Yes." Harry simply said "Even if we win this battle there is a chance that Neville, I, or both die in the fight." Harry added before he walked up to his wives "Severus' job is to make sure both Riddle and Bellatrix fall for our trap instead." as soon as he was in reaching range Hermione tried to raise her hand to slap him only for her wrist to be caught by Harry.

"Why? Why do you constantly have to put yourself in these situations?!" Hermione yelled "First year facing Riddle and his lackey alone and nearly getting yourself kill for it! Second year risking your life fighting a Basilisk! Third year risking your soul to try and save Sirius! Fifth year running off by yourself to fight Bellatrix! Why do you keep putting your life in danger like this?!" Hermione asked as Harry pull her into his chest and allowed her to beat his chest with her fist until she broke down and clung to him tightly. "I don't want to lose you Harry."

Hermione cried out as Harry held her tightly to him "You won't lose me Hermione." Harry said as he just held his closest friend, his first true love, and his wife. Harry looked to see Susan, Daphne, and Alex all looking ready to burst into tears as well "As much as the idea would cause all of us to be sick tonight may be my last will all of you…" Harry said making Hermione cry hard for a second "Let's make tonight last." Harry said as he waved all three of them over and felt each of them take a spot on his body and hug him tightly to them knowing that each of them were all fearing the same thing.

Harry spent the night talking, laughing, holding, and even making love with all his wives all the while also spending time with his surrogate uncle, and aunt as well as his in-laws all the while just enjoying the night. Dawn came sooner than any of them had expected Hermione, Susan, Daphne, and Alex had agreed to share that night in bed.

(Que scene music: Idyll's End from The Last Samurai)

When Harry felt the first rays of the sun hit his face he realized that he wasn't the only one awake he looked to see all four women in his life with their eyes open all looking like they had suffered their worst night's sleep ever. No one said a word as they all just lied there enjoying the peace and comfort from one another slowly Harry started to rise and asked Dobby to bring them some tea and something light to eat. All of them sat on the bed and nibbled on toast while drinking their tea the warm liquid offering them a small comfort.

Harry looked out the window but not saying a word the girls understood there was nothing that could be said in this situation that would off any kind of solace. Harry after finishing his tea stood up and helped the girls onto their feet and walked and into the room that had been dubbed the armory where Neville was already waiting Luna not too far away. Both young men nodded at each other and walked up to two different wardrobes before pulled both doors open revealing two completely black almost armor like outfits (Think male death dealer clothing from Underworld).

Harry and Neville striped off their robes revealing two almost completely naked men before they both took deep breathes and reached into the wardrobe and pulled out the pants. Both dressed pulling on the pants then moving from there a pair of black dragon skin boots, two belts Harry's held two holsters where he placed two 9mm pistols courtesy of Dan Granger along with two extra clips of ammunition, Neville preferred a .45 caliber revolver along with some quick load slots. Both then picked up the shirts off the hangers and pulled them on Harry then reached forward and picked up a vest where he kept a few hidden surprises for anyone they faced they then pulled on some black fingerless gloves with padding around the knuckles.

Then both took Wand holsters that they kept latched to their arms for quick draw dueling finally both pulled on black trench coats the both with their crests on their back before buttoning them closed. These were the same outfits the two had worn every raid, every battle, at every whisper of trouble these were their war outfits. Both men looked at each other before walked towards their respective wives and then held them one last time (End Music here. A/N: Listen to the song and you'll understand why I wanted it here) although the worlds were never said all of them knew this was possibly goodbye.

Soon the two detached themselves from the group and walked down the stairs Harry looked into the kitchen to see Remus and all of those that had fought with the two of them all of them looking sad that they wouldn't be there this time to back them up. "Remus…"

"I know Harry."

The werewolf said as he stood up and walked to his Nephew is all but blood both grasping the others forearm it had become a ritual between all the fighters as both a sigh of trust between them but they had all a started doing so after seeing a video called the Scorpion King.

"Live free." Harry said saying the line they choose for the ones leaving into battle or to a dangerous situation before the battle

"Die well." Remus said those that had to stay said or were in a safer position would say this line. Harry nodded as he and Neville walked out the door and then the sound of a whip crack followed them letting everyone there know the two warriors had gone and might not return.

It was strange how quiet a field in Scotland could be as the two men walked as they neared a forest enclose Harry's eye barely turned as he saw a thin line of black flying through the air past them "Looks like they took the bait." Neville said Harry didn't show any recognition of his words but kept walking. Eventually both individuals looked to see Bellatrix LeStrange standing in a clearing waiting for them. "Bellatrix LeStrange you are under arrest for the torture of multiple innocent men, women, and children along with multiple counts of murder."

"A little soon to be reading me my rights isn't it?"

"Getting it out of the way." Neville said

"All for not I'm afraid." a chilling voice said making both men look to see the snake himself walk out into the clearing followed with all the rest of his followers which had the two outnumbered 12 to 2

"Six a piece not too bad." Neville said looking behind the Death Eaters as if looking for something then looked back at the group.

"Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom two very constant thorns in my side."

"Well when you're popular…" Neville continued to say before a large black cat attacked one of the DE ripping his throat out making everyone look at it in surprise

"About time this stuff was wearing off."

'Harry' said but something was wrong with his voice even more so when his face started to bubble and warp until his hair grew longer and greasier. His noise turned hook like making everyone realize the Harry in front of them was wearing long flowing black robes not a black trench coat 'Harry' also grew a few inches eventually Severus Snape "Severus?!" Voldemort demanded his voice surrounded in surprise.

"Did you really think I would continue to serve you after you killed the only woman I ever loved?" Severus said as he drew his wand Neville following his example but drew out his revolver as well as his wand and the battle began. Harry jumped out of the way of a spell his animal instincts kicking in and saving his life he shifted in air and drew his pistols opening fire. The entire area was filled with spell and gunfire filling it with smoke and lights eventually Harry ran out of bullets and flicked both wands out and used them to fight he Neville and Severus had killed all but Bellatrix and Voldemort Neville and Severus were focusing on Bellatrix while Harry focused on Riddle. Harry and Riddle cast spell after spell at each other anyone that watched would've thought they were two fencers battling instead of two wizards. Harry cast as cutting curse at the same time Voldemort cast Avada Kadavera the brother wands once again linking together before Harry brought up the wand he had won from Dumbledore and cast a second cutting curse cutting off Voldemort's wand arm making the dark lord cry out in agony.

A sound none there were accustomed to hearing from the man Harry walked up to Riddle "Thomas Marvollo Riddle you are accused of murder multitude of families including previous Lord and Lady Potter, multiple counts of torture, and casting of the unforgivable curses against your fellow man. With the authority invested in me by the DMLE I hereby condemn you to death. Do you have anything to say on your behalf?"

"I will return Potter but not without sending you to…" Voldemort paused mid rant when Harry turned and fired the same curse at Nagini (who had been trying to sneak up on him that) Bill used to destroy the Horcrux that had been in his scar. Unlike him Nagini didn't survive the process as a green mist left the body of the destroyed snake

"And that makes six Riddle."

Harry said facing the snake man once again. "DAMN YOU HARRY POTTER!" Voldemort cried out and tried to rush the man before Harry took out a knife and plunged it into Voldemort's throat Harry held the knife as he felt the snake's blood leave the body that he had occupied.

Voldemort felt the life leave him as he glared at the young man before him once last time. Eventually the shock of what happened passed and Bellatrix cried out in anger before casting a nasty hex at Harry only for Severus to jump in its path and take the blow knocking him onto the ground while Neville aimed his gun and fired his last shot into Bellatrix's skull killing her instantly both young men ran towards the man who had been their greatest asset in the war.

Severus Snape was choking on his blood as the two men arrived he looked up at them both "Who would've…thought I'd…risk my…life for the son…of my greatest…tormentor."

"How about for the son of the woman you loved?" Harry asked making the potion's master look at the young lord.

"That…I can…believe." Snape was starting to slip all three of them knew it "Let me look…into her…eyes…one last time." Snape requested making Harry nod as he removed his glasses and looked at Snape's blobby form.

Minutes passed before Snape's breathing became shallow and eventually stopped Harry replaced his glasses and looked at the man before him. Who had gone from tormentor to hero since Harry had known him "Requiescat in pace" (Rest in peace) Harry said as he closed the eyes of the man that he sacrificed himself to protect Harry. Harry then looked over at the corpses of Voldemort and LeStrange "Looks like we're finally done Neville." Harry said making the young man nod before both grabbed an arm of Severus Snape and vanished.

News of the defeat of Voldemort and his DE had reached many ears and celebrations were held all around however in a house on Grimuld Place warriors in a dining room raised their glasses into the air "To those we've lost in this war may they find peace in knowing the evil is cleansed from out world." Harry said as everyone took a drink. That night Harry was sure that all four of his wives were going to either squeeze or smother him to death.


Harry held Daphne's hand as she squeezed it tightly. Daphne was now in her twelfth hour of labor and the time had come "At the next contraction Lady Black push." Pomfrey said Daphne bit down and pushed when the contraction hit.

It had been a month since Harry and Neville had finished the war and the time had come for Harry's son's to come into the world it was just lucky Daphne knew this time was real. It helps that her water broke while she was in bed "Ah! Harry I can't!" Daphne said after pushing a couple times

"Yes you can Daphne. You've been waiting eight months to see our son's I know you can bring them into the world." Harry said kissing Daphne's forehead and helped her breathe through the pain

"Alright the first boy is crowning keep going Lady Black." Pomfrey said Daphne was gasping for breath as she pushed again "Head, shoulders just one more and he's out Daphne." the midwife said. Daphne gasped in relief when their first son came into the world and seconds later they heard him cry Pomfrey handed James to Harry who held him close to Daphne who was crying at the sight of her son before another contraction hit her.

"Oh God. Harry!" Daphne cried out as Harry grasped her hand Sirius' birth went faster and when his cries were heard Daphne looked as both of her sons were cleaned while Harry held her and kissed her.

"You did it Daph. You did it you brought them both into the world." Harry said kissing her again Daphne had never felt so tired, and pained before in her entire life but she wouldn't trade it to see her sons as they were given to mother and father to hold for the first time.

Daphne was crying in happiness at the sight of her two boys as they looked up at her in wonder "Hi. So you're the little scoundrels that liked to kick me so much?" Daphne asked making her husband laugh.

"Welcome to the world James Michael Black and Sirius Remus Black." Harry said Pomfrey took the boys and laid them in a crib in the room while Daphne laid back with a sigh

"Get some sleep Lady Black I'll watch over them." Harry said Daphne shook her head

"Will you hold me?" Harry smiled as he climbed into the bed behind Daphne and held her close to him Daphne fell asleep while Harry kept a vigilant watch over everyone in the room.

Hours later after mother and children had rested they allowed visitors the first ones in were the Godparents Remus, Tracy, and Tonks all gushing at the sight of the boys even Remus had a smile on his face Harry wasn't used to seeing. Tracy got to hold both boys while sitting down and had her picture taken Remus and Tonks each got a photo of the boys with them. After they had their time Emma, and Minerva walked in Emma had become something of a second mother to Daphne and couldn't think of a better grandmother for her boys. Minnie had tears in her eyes at the sight of the boys who would someday call her Grandma having never had children of her own Minerva loved being called the honorary grandmother of all of Harry's children and future children.

The last ones to visit were Hermione, Alex, Susan, Neville, and Luna. All four girls gushed at the sight of the boys while Neville clasped the father's forearm both smiling.

Eventually when they had all had their time with the boys they left the room allowing Daphne the privacy needed to feed her boys while Harry burped them and rocked them to sleep once they fell asleep Harry laid down with Daphne who laid her head on his chest and allowed him to hold her "You are amazing Daphne."

"I'm so glad to finally meet them. They're beautiful."

"They get that from their mother." Harry said making Daphne smile then yawn "Sleep love. You need your sleep." Daphne nodded as she fell asleep. Harry smiled as he looked at his boys and their mother asleep peacefully without a care in the world "Just like I wanted it to be for them all." Harry thought. Harry looked at his wife then kissed her forehead and laid down falling asleep.

One Year Later

Harry and Hermione were sitting in their room Harry holding her close both thinking back. All five children were either a year old or close Alex had given birth to a baby girl just like the dream Harry had showed.

"It's hard to believe one year ago today you held me as I slept after feeling a great pain in my abdomen." Hermione said look up at her husband who smiled at her

"I know. I still sometimes wake up thinking it had all been a dream if it wasn't for one of the kids crying every once in a while when I thought that I still might think it was." all five of his children were amazing to Harry. James and Sirius were his boys and the trouble makers just like their namesakes, Lily was a big cuddle bug who always tried to get hugs from her father, Elaina (Alex's daughter) loved to listen to stories form everyone around her, and Megan just loved being around her parents especially when it was daddy's night to tell the bedtime story. Harry loved reading to his children at night all five were always so entranced by his voice and the way he said the story in fact Amy (Neville and Luna's daughter) and Teddy (Guess who his parents are) would sit in on a few sessions Harry's voice was like magic for all the children. Each fell asleep as he read and once they had he helped carry each child to their own rooms.

Elaina's room was decorated as a forest scene with a black wolf with a white lighting shaped mark on its head and greenish eyes while a raven stood on the wolfs head with bright greenish blue eyes. All the teen parents finished their education Neville went on to become one of the most accomplished Aurors in the Ministry, Luna kept the Quibbler going reporting the news that the ministry tried to keep hidden, while Harry and his wives were working on earning their masters in the subjects they wanted to teach. Headmistress McGonagall already offered Harry the position of DADA teacher as soon as he was ready for it, Hermione, Daphne, Alex, and Susan had apprenticeships with McGonagall, Slughorn, Filtwick, and Sinestra each hoping to take their dream jobs when the time came. Harry laid there with Hermione who smiled and held Harry

"One year and the war is over, our daughter is safe, I'm married to four wonderful women, and there isn't anything else I could ask for."

Ten Years Later.

Deputy Headmaster Harry Potter sat at the staff table of Hogwarts with his wives surrounding him this would be the eighth year he had been teaching DADA he had in fact broken the jinx on the position, Hermione was now the Transfiguration mistress and head of Ravenclaw, Susan had achieved her dreams of teaching Runes and being the head of Hufflepuff house, Daphne was the Potions teacher and was now head of Slytherin, while Alex was the Charms teacher, Head of Gryffindor, and one of the most popular teachers (she ran a close second with her husband being in first), now today was a day they had all been looking forward to today they would get to watch their children, and godchildren be sorted into a house as first years.

It was hard to tell who had been more excited in the morning Megan or Hermione Megan had gained her mother's love of books and learning but like her father also liked to have fun and fly with her siblings, Elaina was the more adventurous of the sibling all four mothers were sure she had been the one to pick up Harry's trouble magnet however on a smaller scale (or at least they hoped so), Lily was a hard working soul who loved helping her Uncle Neville in his greenhouses Neville said she was a natural Herbologist, James and Sirius were the most fun loving of the bunch but took their rolls as big brothers very seriously (no pun intended) their sisters knew they were just looking out for them.

Sirius was the calmer of the two and liked spending time with his mother in her potions lab whereas James preferred to read about the creatures Hagrid would be teaching them about in third year (mainly because neither of his parents let him go out and see them with Hagrid). Teddy was just like his father and the mediator between James and Sirius the three were inseparable Remus said they were the next generation of Marauders. Amy however was soft spoken like her mother and liked being her mother's little helper when it came to running the newspaper that the Quibbler had become.

When Harry looked at his watch and saw the time he stood up and headed down to greet the First Years one of his favorite duties as the Deputy Headmaster a position he held for three years now. Harry stood at the doors and waited eventually at the sound of Hagrid's fist against the door Harry opened the doors "The First Years Professor Potter." Hagrid said making Harry nod the two had gotten a kick out of Hagrid calling him that title and still did.

"Thank you Professor Hagrid. Follow me everyone." Harry said leading the students into the Entry Hall "Welcome to Hogwarts. In just a few moments I will be leading you through these doors and into the Great Hall where you will be sorted into your house. The houses are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff each founded by an extraordinary witch or wizard that prized different personalities of people. Godric Gryffindor was known to favor the brave and true, Salazar Slytherin preferred the cunning and ambitious, Rowena Ravenclaw preferred those of a studious mind, and Helga Hufflepuff loved those that were loyal and hard working. Each house will be like a second family to you but don't let that stop you from meeting others from the other houses I myself am married to a woman from three of the houses and a good friend with another from the fourth."

Harry paused as they all looked thoughtful "Now we have a points system here where any large achievements will earn you points and rule breaking will lose you points at the end of the year the points will be tallied up and the house with the most points will earn the house cup. However don't let the competition become the thing that drives you all away from each other friendly competition is grand but letting it control your actions leads to more trouble than it's worth." Harry paused again and was proud to see his children and godchildren nodding at his words.

"Now the sorting ceremony is nothing to fear just a small amount of time and you'll be sitting with your house." Harry said seeing a few Muggleborn and raised children breathe easy. Harry looked at his watch then said "Alright follow me." Harry said as he led them to the Great Hall the doors opening for him as he led them towards the front of the room in front of the staff table where they all saw a patched hat while Harry took out a scroll and lifted the hat "When I call your name please come up and take a seat on the stool and I'll place the sorting hat on your head. When it feels it has chosen the best house for you it will call out the name for all of you to hear." Harry said as he unrolled the scroll. He called names until he reach one he was excited for "Black, James." a miniature Harry minus the glasses walked up to the stool and sat down Harry placed the hat on his son's head after a few minutes "GRYIFFINDOR!" was yelled out making a very familiar table clap as James walked over and joined them.

"Black, Sirius." Sirius wasn't as Harry like as his brother his hair was tamer and he had Daphne's blue eyes instead of Harry's green but also had his poor eye sight "SLYTHERIN!" the hat called out Sirius smiled as he walked over and joined his mother's old house Harry smiled.

Harry called out names again until he reached "Longbottom, Amy." Harry's goddaughter walked up she almost looked like a perfect match to Luna but had her father's hair and eye color as soon as the hat touched her head it called out "HUFFLEPUFF!" Amy ran over and sat down with her housemates.

"Lupin, Theodor." Harry's godson walked up and almost jammed the hat on his head "GRYIFFINDOR!" James was the loudest as Teddy ran over and joined his friend.

More names were called before Harry said "Peverell, Lily." Lily looked just like her name sake as she walked up and waited "HUFFLEPUFF!" Lily went and joined her cousin Amy both excited

"Potter, Megan." Megan ran up as well but unlike her cousin Megan did pull the hat down reminding Harry of a certain formally bushy haired girl. "RAVENCLAW!"

The hat called and Megan walked over to join her house "Ravenwood, Elaina." Harry's youngest walked up and waited as Harry lowered the hat "SLYTHERIN!" Elaina smiled and went and joined her favorite sibling at the Slytherin table.

The final name of the night was "Weasley, Victoria." Harry's second goddaughter and Susan's as well Hannah's little girl Melody wouldn't be starting for another two years, Tracy's son Richard was in the same boat, and Astoria was currently pregnant with her first but was keeping the sex a secret from everyone including herself. Victoria walked up and sat down she was the first Weasley to not have red hair in almost 20 generations Harry lowered the hat "RAVENCLAW!" was the final house called as Victoria ran over and sat with Megan.

Harry rolled up the scroll and took the stool along with him off to the side while Headmistress McGonagall gave the introduction speech. As they kids all filed out for their dorms and beds Harry walked with his wives to the married quarters of Hogwarts "It's good that two of the kids wound up with each other." Hermione said

"Agreed, and it's probably for the best that it was no more than two to a house who knows what would've happened if James and Sirius had been in the same house." Harry said making his wives laugh. As Harry slept with Hermione in his arms he couldn't help but think "Life throws you surprises. But sometimes the unexpected become the greatest things in your life." Harry then laid down and fell asleep hold his wife in his arms.

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