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"Wait wait wait, how do you do that again?" Gilbert's eyes flashed as he studied the computer screen while Kiku downloaded songs off the Internet. How was that even possible? He couldn't wrap his mind around the technological phenomena as Kiku casually clicked on the next song on Gilbert's list.

"It's simple, really, Gilbert-san." Kiku looked up at him and smiled, secretly flattered that the "awesome" Gilbert had gone out of his way to ask him for help. "You just right-click on the song, and paste the URL into an online converter. Then you download it from that and you have your music."

"Hmm. That easy, huh?" Gilbert thought about the process and realized it had too many steps. His awesome brain didn't have time for instructions, so he'd probably forget what Kiku told him in about five minutes anyway. "Well you're a smart little fucker, aren't you? You do this all the time?"

Kiku was a little taken aback at Gilbert's harsh language, but he realized that he had given him a compliment. He looked at the keyboard. "Uh, yes. I burn a lot of CDs for Yao-niisan."

"Oh, that Chinese guy? How are you two even brothers, anyway? Aren't you Japanese?" Gilbert was pretty sure that even though both were Asian countries, Japan and China were very different from each other. Maybe they're not related?

"Oh, our father was married to a Chinese woman, who was Yao-niisan's mother, but then she passed away. Father then married my mother, who is Japanese, and they had me. We're half-brothers, I suppose." He hadn't ever really called Yao his half-brother, since Yao loved him as much and treated him as he would have a full-blooded one. He didn't really care about nuances like those, anyway. "But I need to get going." He had an anime convention to go to, and he didn't want to be late and miss anything.

"Oh, I see. Well, thanks for that, little techy dude. You kinda just helped make my life." He slapped the smaller male on the back. "See ya later, dude. Tell your brother I said what's up."

"Sure," Kiku said, wincing at the sudden blow. "Goodbye, Gilbert-san." He gathered his things and left, with Gilbert watching after him. "Why the fuck is he so polite? I wish Roddy was more like that. He always hits me when I'm rude." He chuckled to himself and called Antonio.

"Bueno," a pleasant tenor sang through the phone. "Como estas, Gilberto?"

"Toni! I need your help. Come clean my house." Gilbert didn't bother greeting his best friend. Antonio was so kind and forgiving that he would help him out even if Gilbert told him he was going to rob a bank. It made sense, though. He had to be a saint to live with that pissy little shit Lovino without wanting to strangle him.

"Que? Didn't Ludwig just clean up yesterday?" How his Prussian buddy could have messed up his house that quickly was beyond Antonio. "Why do you need it cleaned?"

"Uh…he did, but I kinda had some friends over and we kinda got a little drunk and now the house kinda looks like shit." Roderich had left for a symphony in Vienna the morning before, and Gilbert decided to vent his frustration and boredom through beer and loud partying with friends that were nearly as obnoxious as he was. It got a bit out of hand and Gilbert had ended up kicking his friends out when they started messing with Roderich's piano. There was no way in hell that he was going to have to answer to Roddy for ruining his precious instrument. "But anyway, Roddy comes home tomorrow and I need some help. You know I'm not one to ask for help, so this is important."

"Ah, I see. Well, I'm honored you would ask me to help you out. What time should I come over?"

"Now, if you're not busy, I guess." It didn't really matter what time since Antonio was ridiculously fast with cleaning. "Actually, as long as you come over before tomorrow it'll be fine."

"Okay, then, I'll be over tonight. Adios, mi—" Antonio's farewell was interrupted by a loud FUCK! that sounded to Gilbert like an angry Lovino. "Uh, hasta luego, hombre. Gotta go. I'm coming, Lovino, cálmate…" The line went dead.

Gilbert looked at the phone, shrugged, and dialed up Francis. His plan didn't have a particular order, so he figured it was okay to call him now.

"Bonjour, Mon frère~" Francis' cheesy, melodic voice greeted Gilbert. "What can I do you for?"

Gilbert ignored the proposition and briefly told him about his problem and his plan to fix it. "…So can you help me out with a cake? Roddy loves cake almost as much as he loves me, which is a shit ton, and I bet you could show me how to make a cake that'll bring him back to his senses."

"Of course I can, mi amour, who do you think I am? I might even have some tips for after the cake, if you know what I mean." Gilbert could hear the suggestive smile Francis was definitely wearing. He didn't need tips on how to get into Roddy's pants. Jeez.

"Just come on, I don't need you acting all sleazy while I'm trying to romance my wife. And make sure you've got a cake that's as awesome as I am."

"You owe me one, then." Francis wasn't going to make this easy for Gilbert. He loved to have a leash on Gilbert, and Gilbert knew it.

"Fine," Gilbert said, giving in. "Don't be late."

"Only fashionably, Gilbert."

And he was. Francis and Antonio ended up showing up at the same time, which was probably not good since the three of them were more into messing around than actually getting anything done. But Gilbert was serious. He needed to get his Roddy back, and he wasn't having any of his buddies' antics tonight.

Antonio had a fourth of a bag of Gilbert's potato chips in his mouth, and Francis was going through the fridge complaining about the lack of wine when Gilbert slammed his fist on the counter. They both jumped, and Antonio nearly choked on the chips he was devouring.

"All right. Today there shall be no fuckery. We are getting down to business right now." Gilbert's eyes flashed, meaning that he wasn't joking.

Antonio gave him a disbelieving look. "Hey, hombre, how can you be so rude after I took the trouble of leaving my precious Lovi at home to come and help you?"

"Shut it, Toni. Your little Lovino isn't neglecting you." He saw Francis start to say something. He pointed at him. "And you probably got it in five minutes before coming over here, so I'm not listening to any of your romantique shit."

"I am offended," Francis said with a theatrical gesture of his hand over his heart and a pained look on his face. Gilbert rolled his eyes. Sometimes Francis was unnecessarily dramatic, and it was kind of irritating.

"It's okay, Francis, he's just frustrated, that's all. Isn't that right, Gilberto?" Antonio shot Gilbert a knowing look, and in turn Gilbert covered his face. He shuddered, finally breaking.

"It's been months, you guys. Do you get how painful this is? I haven't jerked off this much since I was fourteen. This isn't me! Awesome people don't masturbate. It's so lame."

Antonio blinked. "Did you say months?"

"Mon dieu." Francis looked sincerely concerned.

Cringing, Gilbert took a swig of the beer that was on the counter. "So you understand." He couldn't take it anymore. The dumbest things mad him horny now. He couldn't even watch TV anymore since every other commercial mad him strangely aroused. He didn't know what he would do if Roderich rejected him again. Actually he would probably die.

"Si, amigo, completely. I will help you out." He walked over and patted a dejected Gilbert on the back. Francis swung an arm around Gilbert's shoulder. "I will help as well."

"Good," Gilbert said, cracking his knuckles. "Let's do this bitch."

Roderich stared through backseat taxi window at the scenery. It was the German countryside, all hills, trees, streams, and distant mountains. Since it was nighttime, instead of greens and yellows and pinks and grays, everything was tinted a deep shade of indigo. The beauty of it was fascinating. He sighed and closed his eyes.

In about twenty minutes, he'd be home, free of the stress of concerts for the time being. Waiting for him was the quietness he loved almost as much as the sound of his piano, a delicious pastry or two to eat, and…a problem he himself had created.

Roderich hadn't meant to neglect him, he was just so tired and stressed and overwhelmed that he hadn't the time for entertaining his lover. And he could tell he was hurting Gilbert. Normally Gilbert would pester Roderich until he gave in, and he had tried, but after a few weeks he had given up. How long had it been since they'd last embraced each other? It hadn't been since he'd started preparing for his symphony, and that was two months ago.

"Shit…" Roderich mumbled. He hadn't even noticed it had been that long. The taxi driver looked at him through the rearview mirror.

"What's eatin' you, kid?"

How rude, Roderich thought. He was clearly not a "kid". He didn't say it, though. "…Nothing. I'm just tired, really." Which was true. He hadn't gotten a good night's sleep for the past three weeks.

The driver just grunted and went back to driving, and Roderich closed his eyes for the remainder of the ride.

Finally home, Roderich reached into his pocket for his keys. The house was quiet, and there were no lights on. Gilbert was probably out drinking with his friends, which meant he wouldn't be home for another four hours. It was midnight. Roderich could go shower and go straight to sleep after finding some cake or something to eat. He opened the door and walked in.

The house smelled…good. Kind of like lavender and maybe…chocolate? It was warm, too. Roderich turned on the hallway light and walked to the kitchen. He turned on the light there, too, and saw something on the island in the middle of the kitchen. It was a cake, with whipped cream frosting and purple cursive letters that said: Welcome Home, Roddy~

He blinked, surprised, and swiped a bit of the frosting off the side of the cake and licked his finger. "Oh…" It melted in his mouth and his face heated up. "Wow." It was delicious. Roderich looked around, got a plate, took a knife, and cut himself off a small slice.

"Aw, go ahead and take a bigger piece," a voice said.

Roderich spun around to see a silhouette in the doorway. A confident, muscular one.

"G-Gilbert!" He said, breathless. Gilbert was surprisingly quiet. "I didn't know you were home."

"Of course you didn't. I am the physical representation of stealth, you know." He strode over toward Roderich, who was just now noticing that Gilbert was wearing a red button-up shirt with a silky black tie and a smart pair of black slacks. This was unusual as Gilbert usually ran around in a T-shirt and ripped up jeans.

"Why are you dressed like that?" Roderich was concerned. Not only was Gilbert fully dressed, the house was clean, and there was a delicious cake on the counter. Roderich had been gone for five days. The house should have been a wreck. What was the Prussian up to?

"Because it makes me look even sexier than I already am," Gilbert said with a grin. "Anyway, eat that."

Roderich gave him a suspicious look as he took a piece with his fork and cautiously put it into his mouth.

"Oh, my God," Roderich breathed, "What is this?" It was like heaven had come to him in the creamy, chocolaty, melty form of a pastry.

"I call it 'Almost-as-Good-as-Sex Cake'. You like?" Gilbert wiggled his eyebrows at him.

"Yeah…"Roderich was mesmerized by the flavors in his mouth.

"Well, you enjoy that while I go run you a bath." Gilbert left the kitchen and Roderich dug into his cake.

Sitting in the tub, Roderich tried to remember the last time he had relaxed like this. Gilbert had even gone so far as to float candles in the water and play music that sounded like modern variations of Beethoven's symphonies. Roderich never would have thought to alter the composer's music in such a way, but he liked the way it sounded. He sank down so that the water was up to his nose and thought about how Gilbert had cleaned the house, baked him a cake that was so good it should have been a crime, and drawn him a luxurious bath that one might have taken at a spa.

And then he felt terrible. True, Gilbert wasn't the most romantic person in the world, but he did go out of his way to make Roderich feel special. And here Roderich had gone and taken it for granted. A person can only handle rejection for so long before they get fed up and leave. When would Gilbert do that?

Suddenly terrified, Roderich got out of the bath, put on his robe, and ran to the bedroom. There Gilbert was, on the bed, watching some special on Prussia and the Teutonic Knights. Gilbert looked up at the scared-looking Roderich and turned the television off, looking concerned.

"Hey, are you o—" Roderich rushed over to Gilbert and kissed him. Gilbert was such a rough and abrasive man, yet his lips were so soft. Pushing Gilbert down on the bed, Roderich continued kissing him, nibbling and licking and sucking his lips until he couldn't breathe. Then he let go and looked into a dazed Gilbert's eyes.

"I'm so sorry," he panted. "I'm such a horrible person. I was so preoccupied with everything else that I just ignored you." A tear fell from one of his violet eyes. "I'm so sorry…"

Gilbert was surprised to see Roderich act this way. "Uh, really, it's okay." He put a hand up to Roderich's cheek. "I understand how busy you were, and it was kinda selfish of me to bother you while you were working." Roderich heaved a sigh of relief. "But," Gilbert declared.

"But what?" Roderich was confused.

Gilbert's crimson eyes flashed. "I'm still going to have to punish you for neglecting me."

Roderich squirmed as Gilbert tasted his body. His hands were everywhere; on his shoulders, caressing his chest, teasing his nipples, gliding down his spine, and cupping his behind. Roderich couldn't stop Gilbert from stimulating his body, as Gilbert had tied his hands to the bed with his black necktie.

Gilbert looked up at Roderich from between his legs through eyes like rubies and grinned. "Look, you're overflowing," he said as he licked up a bit of the warm liquid that had dripped down the side of Roderich's erection.

Roderich gasped. He felt like he was going to explode. "What are you playing around for," he demanded. "J-just touch me already." He was sweating, and he was so hard it hurt.

Gilbert chuckled, red eyes glowing. "Well, it wouldn't be a punishment if you got what you wanted, would it?" He dragged his tongue up the side of Roderich's throbbing erection again, but let it linger near the slit at the top. He momentarily dipped the tip of his tongue in before kissing it.

That was almost enough to make Roderich come. He bucked his hips, sliding his member through a wet trail across Gilbert's cheek. Roderich groaned, unable to handle the sensation.

"Oh, how naughty, Roddy," Gilbert pouted, wiping the wetness from his cheek with two fingers. "Look what you did to my sexy face." He hung his fingers above Roderich's mouth. "Open your mouth, babe."

Roderich hesitated, but did as he was told. He slurped and sucked at Gilbert's fingers until they were coated with his saliva. Gilbert grinned and said in a voice dripping with lust, "That's a good boy."

Then he pushed his fingers into Roderich, who whimpered. This was the first time in a couple of months that he and Gilbert had done this, and it hurt a bit. Roderich adjusted as the pain dulled and pleasure took its place as Gilbert's fingers reached Roderich's sweet spot. Roderich gasped and then let out a quite lewd moan.

It was all Gilbert could do not to flip Roderich over and fuck him raw after that. His little songbird was so sexy, and he didn't even know it. Gilbert loved the sight of Roderich's violet eyes darkening, his brows knitting together in utter ecstasy as Gilbert worked his fingers around inside him. And it had been so long. Gilbert praised himself for not losing control so far.

"Ahh…Gilbert," Roderich panted. "H-hurry up…" He moved his hips so that Gilbert's fingers rubbed up against his sweet spot and moaned again. "I want you…"

Gilbert groaned, and bit his lip. "Okay, but you're gonna have to come get it." He untied Roderich's wrists from the bed, but kept them bound together. "Come," Gilbert beckoned as he rolled over onto his back.

Roderich looked at his lover, who was the picture of perfection. Gilbert was not beefy, but he was definitely muscular. His strong shoulders and perfectly toned chest glistened with sweat and heaved with each of his lust-driven breaths. As Roderich lowered himself onto Gilbert's waiting member, he watched him shut his eyes and bite down into his reddened lower lip.

Roderich placed his bound hands on Gilbert's abs, and moved himself, up and down. He had to stop for a second as Gilbert seemed to grow inside him and send a wave of pleasure through his body. He tried to catch his breath as Gilbert grabbed his hips and moved him more. He gasped and moaned at the sensation it made.

Gilbert watched as Roderich trembled and moaned, his eyes shut tight as if he was concentrating on something. He threw his head back, and dug his fingernails into Gilbert's abdomen, which made Gilbert even harder.

It wasn't enough. "Ahh, G-Gilbert, I can't…" He couldn't move fast enough, and it was frustrating. "I can't…"

Gilbert took Roderich and flipped him onto his knees and bound hands. Then he thrust into him from behind, squarely hitting Roderich's prostate. Roderich cried out, clenching his fists and biting into the sheets. His usual soft tenor of a voice rose to a desperate alto as he moaned and demanded Gilbert to fuck him more, harder, faster.

Gilbert obliged, bending down to lick Roderich's trembling back. This earned him a drawn out moan that made him thrust even harder. Roderich clawed at the sheets and turned his head, trying to look at Gilbert. "K-kiss me," he panted.

"Hn…Roddy, you're going to kill me." He flipped Roderich again, this time so that he was facing him. He drowned Roderich in a kiss, letting his tongue be nipped in between Roderich's teeth. They went on like that, Gilbert thrusting into a moaning Roderich as he kissed him, until Roderich broke away and breathlessly cried, "G-Gil! I'm going to—"

And then he came. A few months' stress and frustration, his worries over his relationship with Gilbert, and his love for him all burst out of him at once. Gilbert came at the same time, unable to withstand the beauty of his lover. After his body relaxed, he collapsed on top of Roderich, who was still gasping. Gilbert removed the tie, and Roderich wrapped his arms around him, not wanting to let go.

"Don't leave me all high and dry like that again, Roddy," Gilbert mumbled.

Roderich scoffed, but smiled. "Shut up."

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