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A/N: Although this isn't my first go at writing for primeval. This is my first try at writing for Connor/Abby so please be nice if it isn't that good.

He was like a disaster zone, no, he was a disaster zone.

Connor Temple had the uncanny ability of attracting danger, trouble and pain. It seemed that he followed those three things around like glue,or rather they chased after him ; Wether it was him him simply stubbing his toe, or accident shooting Abby, or attracting the attention of mad sycho girlfriends, those were his three constants. In fact Abby had almost come to the conclusion that Connor was fitted with a magnet that drew them into his life.

Now as she lay next to his clearly troubled self on top of a tree top in the late cretaceous she began to think. They were so lost, so far away from home, and both with scars, and what could be deemed in Connors case as quite serious injuries. She found herself realising something that was quite shocking. She was like the fourth component that he attracted. She was like a speeding bullet spiralling at him at a million miles per hour. She never left his side, and now even if she had had a choice she wouldn't want to. He had loved her from day one, and what had she done? She had pushed him away, and had trailed after men that had just ended up hurting her. Connor had never hurt her. Connor never would, because he loved her.

And funnily enough though it had taken her far too long to realise it, she loved him back, and despite her previous denial, she always had.

Abby stroked a hand down the deep scar in Connor's forehead and smiled weakly as his eyes slowly fluttered open, " Abby?" He questioned her, wide eyed.

She leant forwards and placed a firm but gentle kiss upon his lips.

Connor let out a squeal that seemed far girlier than he had possibly meant it to be and rocked backwards over the edge, slipped and fell onto one of the branches below.

Abby rolled her eyes. Yup, a complete disaster zone, but she was going to make sure of one thing, he was going to be her disaster zone.