I watched her expression change as she slept, it was almost like she was awake. Her eyes would squeeze shut tightly and her mouth would frown, and her eyebrows would knit down. Something along the lines of fear at times and anger or sadness at others. I don't know how much time I wasted listening to the damn bitch toss and turn in her obviously disturbed dreams before I finally gave up on getting back to sleep and stood up, glaring down at her as she whimpered in her sleep.

I frowned as she suddenly cried out, not loudly but still enough to fucking scare someone if they weren't expecting it. I leaned down to touch her forehead to see if she had a fucking fever and needed some damn medicine before it got serious, and the second I touched her she relaxed into my hand. I narrowed my eyes at her, not pulling back for a minute. When I did I turned and left, walking straight out of the base.

So what, I was the fucking cause and remedy to her nightmares? Shit didn't work like that. Wasn't supposed to, anyway. I sighed in annoyance as I leaned against a tree, what the hell was with this girl anyway. Fucking won't listen to anyone, and then can't handle the consequences. And then I deal out the consequences, and fucking can't handle her violent twist in personality. What schizophrenic shit was this? Worse than Zetsu was.

I growled, I wasted nearly a fucking hour thinking about the mutt. Useless bitch- actually, she was good for a fuck.

At least life had been interesting lately.

I slammed the base door open, mind zeroed in on the cause of my troubled thoughts. Gives me shit whether I'm around her or not, Jashin-damn whore. But I wasn't ready to get rid of her, not yet. I still had a lot to get from her. "Damn it, where is she?" I demanded, glaring at Kisame as he sat in the kitchen talking with the fucking Uchiha. He nodded towards the hall and I stormed off, sneering as she turned to look at me, eyes clouded in anxiety. Good. Fucking fear me.

"There you are, where the fuck did you disappear to?" She shuddered like something cold had touched her. "J-just around the base." I raised a brow at her shaky voice, that wasn't right… It was more fun when she had that brassy and stubborn tone of hers.

"Come the fuck here," I ordered, smirking when she followed me like the lost little dog she was. I pulled her into my room, glowering at her and looking her over. She was entirely different. Her skin seemed paler, she'd gotten skinny as fuck, her red hair was disheveled. She kept shrinking down like I'd hit her. The worst was her eyes. They were yellow, pooled with fright, like she was staring the fucking devil in the eyes."What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"What do you mean?" She asked, her tone was colder than before. I narrowed my eyes, forcing her back against the wall "You and your damn crying. You act like a fucking brat." Her mouth fell open and I noticed something else, her eyes instantly snapped to red and filled with anger, filled with her fucking true self. Not this sniveling cowardly girl.

"What the fuck do you want from me!" She shrieked, tears pooled into her eyes, but this time they looked like ones of pure rage. I stepped back at her harshly loud tone, feeling my ears ring, fucking obnoxious women. "Stop being a weak little bitch!" I growled, raising my arm up; and no I didn't plan to hit her, don't you fucking glare at me. Bitch deserved it though, because she fucking lunged at me, scratching four quickly bloody lashes across my arm.

And of course, she bolted right after that. Like I couldn't fucking walk right after her dumb ass.

"Fucking bitch." I muttered, watching as the scratches quickly healed. I smirked, looking up after her as she ran down the hall.

This was what I had wanted.


They say hating someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. If this was the case I was chugging arsenic and anticipating Hidan to drop dead. Because as I sat on my knees in Deidara's bedroom, tears trailing down my cheeks, I loathed the very air the Jashinist breathed. I hated him for what he'd done to me. I heard him curse as he stomped towards the room, I felt my blood heat up and adrenaline course through my veins. Not from fear this time.

I was angry.

Angry he had hurt me, angry he'd taken my innocence, angry he didn't give two shits about anything. Angry I had let myself slip. I would bring new meaning to the damn word.

"Fucking get over here," Hidan snarled, wrenching me from the floor. I returned the hateful look, the fear he made me feel only bringing forth more anger. How dare he have such power over me. "Let me go, damn it!" I hissed as he dragged me back towards his hellhole of a room, I shot Deidara a warning look when he reached out for me; this was mine to deal with.

He threw me hard onto the stone floor, knocking the wind out of me. He shut and locked his door while I wheezed for air, glaring up at him as he came to stand over me. "You haven't learned a damn thing have you?" He demanded in an eerily calm voice. I gave a surprised a yelp when he lifted me off the ground by my throat, ramming me into the wall behind us. The impact reverberated through my body as I tried to breathe, gripping his wrist tightly. He leaned close, so close his lips brushed over mine as he spoke.

"What do I have to do to break you?" He hissed. I smirked, looking straight into his eyes.

"You can't."


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