However, you could hurt me.

"Konan that's making it worse!" I hissed at the older woman as she prodded at my leg. She thought it was broken, while I thought it just hurt from being slammed into the wall. That would hurt most people. Tobi, was either being helpful or an asshole depending on your point of view. He was holding me down while Konan patched me up. Which was stupid since Hidan was only going to do it all over again.

Konan hushed me. She was getting sick of my shit; I'd probably spat a dozen curses at her in the past hour. I was tired, sore and pissed. Konan sighed as she apparently decided I'd not sustained a broken leg, healing the darkening bruise so I could walk without looking like some sort of broken doll.

Tobi was petting my hair like I was a dog. It might or might not have been comforting. The funny thing was, he was so childish and sweet but he was also the tallest and, I think, the oldest of us. He let me go when Konan was done, handing me some pain medicine. I sharply inhaled as Konan opened my bottle of birth control and placed one of those in my hand, handing me water. I placed them in my mouth one at a time and took a sip of water to swallow them. Shut up, I can't swallow two pills at once. I'm afraid they'll get stuck.

"What was that little round pill?" Tobi asked, making me choke on the water. Konan calmly looked at him as she took the water back. "It's something to keep her healthy." She replied. He bought it, thankfully. I didn't want to explain to someone that I was taking birth control against rape. I didn't know how to feel, grateful I wasn't going to fall pregnant to the devil or humiliated and angry that it was basically turning this into some sort of consent?

Can I do both?

"I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!" A loud yell echoed. I jumped slightly, Hidan sounded angry. Deidara suddenly stormed in, his eyes zeroed in on me. "Was your leg broken, hm?" He asked in a tense voice. He'd been the unlucky person to have to carry me to Konan's room to be healed. I shook my head, eyes wide as he stalked back out of the room. "Deidara-sempai has PMS!"

Tobi whispered. I snickered, doubting he even knew what that was. Hidan kicked the door open, because you know, Neanderthals apparently can't use their hands. "All fucking better?" He sneered, obviously pleased he put me in the "hospital."

Konan, trying to keep me from screwing up, answered for me. "She's fine." She replied smoothly, eyeing me. I didn't plan to smart off. I needed a break. But, as Hidan harshly jerked me off the table and dragged me through the hall, I realized I wasn't going to get one.

"Let go, you've done enough!" I hissed. He snarled as he threw me into his room, I landed on his bed.

Bad memories.

I scrambled up, gasping as he shoved me back down, pinning me beneath his weight. "Something needs to be done about your mouth." He growled. I shook my head, struggling in an attempt to free myself from his hold. Damn his strength. Damn him.

"What's wrong with you!" I spat, trying to wrench free. People like him, they took control over people weaker than themselves. Hurt them, humiliated them, and liked it, even laughed at it. They were weak. He gripped my hair tightly and dragged me off the bed, forcing me to my knees. I pursed my lips as he undid his pants.

"Suck, bitch." He hissed, his member inches from my face.

He wanted me to put this in my mouth?

My mouth?

I glared up at him, eyes narrowing as he smirked. He pulled so hard on my hair I couldn't help but cry out, and the bastard shoved his cock into my mouth when I did so. I nearly gagged, slamming my eyes shut. Disgusting. That was all this was. I felt his smirk, and tried to pull back to tell him off, but he held me in place. He moved his hips and forced more of his length into my mouth -choking me in the process- as I tried to pull back.

When I figured out how to breathe through my nose, the first things that registered were how much my throat and jaw hurt and how bad this tasted. This was degrading. I never thought about biting, and I'm glad I didn't because I probably would have gotten myself beaten to death.

I tried to swallow, nearly gagging myself more, and getting a low groan from him. Did that make him feel good? I shuddered in revulsion. As he pumped his hard length in and out of my mouth, my jaw hurt more and more and I gave in, trying to get him to come faster so it would end. I swallowed like before, figuring out oral sex was mostly just sucking.

I felt him throb, and before I could think about it, he came. I tried to pull back as hot liquid was forced down my throat. He pulled away and I was going to spit out what was in my mouth, but he held my nose and covered my mouth so I couldn't breathe, making me swallow so I could inhale. I felt sick, my stomach churned like a washing machine.

"Good bitch." He smirked down at me, zipping his pants back up. I couldn't muster anything more than a glare. He chuckled as he walked out of the room. I stood slowly, walking to the bathroom. I said my greetings to the stranger in the mirror before leaning over the toilet and being sick.

"Disgusting." I muttered as I rinsed my mouth and started walking to the kitchen to finish my chores. I noticed Hidan wasn't around, but I'd learned he disappeared for rituals for his religion. I sighed as I did the dishes, smiling as Tobi started playing with the bubbles from the soap. I was glad the day was over.

Kids, appreciate the sleep you get. I used to not want to sleep, but now it was almost all I wanted to do. I looked up as someone came inside. It was Hidan, but he had another girl with him…I know I looked either shocked or horrified, because as soon as I saw her I instantly thought it meant he was done with me and was going to kill me. She was older than I was; probably early twenties. She had dark violet hair and her eyes were a deep purple color as well. It reminded me of poison. She was tall, slender and her skin looked like she spent a healthy amount of time in the sun.

She was unbelievably beautiful.

I glowered as she went back to Hidan's room; my room. What in the hell was she doing here? I shot Hidan a look and he raised his brows as if waiting for me to say something. You asshole, you know what I mean. I waited a moment, confused to the point of being infuriated. He made no move like he was going to "take me for a walk" so I just…went back to the room. It was late and it was my normal routine.

The girl looked surprised when I walked in and I could almost say it annoyed me. But I couldn't, that seemed wrong. She had no idea, and I had no idea why she was here…she could be like me. "Who are you?" I asked; now fuck you, my tone was polite. She blinked quickly. "My name is Nemuri, what is yours? What are you doing here?" Nemuri meant sleep, it was pretty. I wondered if she meant what I was doing in this room, or the entire place in general.

"Amaya. And I'm a…what are you doing here?" I quickly asked, finding myself unable to say I was a slave. She blinked rapidly. "I was sold to a silver haired man, he brought me here. Are you…his girlfriend?" I choked on my next breath, I admit. I shook my head. "No, I was, um, bought by him a couple months or so back." She tilted her head. I knew I had to look like a slave, but she didn't… Not at all, I began to feel weird, self-conscious, in a way. Like he went and bought her because I wasn't good enough.

Amaya fucking Ikari.

I reprimanded myself. I sounded jealous. Bloody. Damn. Jealous. I was actually half horrified she would share the same fate I was. I sighed. Hidan suddenly threw open the door and walked in, and I didn't have time to move so I was thrown to the ground. I spat a curse at him, noting the girl look shocked. Whether at his abuse or my attitude I wasn't sure. She was so calm.

He looked at her and it hit me she was sitting on his bed. He looked over her and then at me. I didn't know what went through his mind, but pure rage went through mine. I didn't know why or even what, I was mad over.

But I was.


Yeah Amaya seems angrier in this doesn't she? That might be me reflecting in her. Life is difficult at the moment. *Snorts* I sound proper. What I want to say is life is shitty. Whatever.

I've been pondering what to put in the story and bothering my sister with ideas and thought this tidbit would be interesting. Who doesn't like jealousy? And the girl seems Mary-sue in terms of appearance, but it's really just Amaya viewing herself as inadequate.

I want a vote going, who do you think will kill Nemuri first, Amaya or Hidan? Isn't she so different from Amaya; that's the whole idea. *Smirks*

I want you guys putting out ideas if you wanna see something in the story, just tell me.