That night he caged her

Bruised and broke her

He struggled closer

Then he stole her

Violet wrists and then her ankles

Silent Pain.

God, fucking, damned me. He did. I didn't even believe in a solid God, but if I did, I would know he had damned me. I was a mistake of some kind and he was dealing with me by erasing me from existence in a way that punished me. And you know what?

Fuck you too, God.

I almost tripped up the stairs as I came up from one of the lower level rooms, having been hiding. No, I'm not going to lie to you, I was actually hiding so no one would bother me and I could anguish and writhe in sorrow. Whatever, I could have done worse and we all know it. I grunted when I turned the corner and ran into someone, looking up into a sharp, predatory smirk. "Sorry." I muttered, stepping sideways to get past Kisame so I wouldn't have to prolong the interaction. I was afraid of the way he spoke to me, the way he looked at me. It sent every nerve on edge. I felt his gaze on me as I walked away and I was practically running by the time I finally got out of the hall and into the living room.

"Finally, do I need to buy a fucking dog whistle for you to hear me?" Hidan startled me by almost running into me, speaking in an irritated tone. "No, you could stop being lazy and come find me." I retorted with quick precision. He sneered down at me. "I don't think you'd like that." He said, eyeing my wrist and back at me with amusement in his eyes. I bristled and turned away to walk to the couch, clearly done with the conversation since the only responses that came to mind were curse words. "I'm going on a mission, won't be back until some shitty hour in the night. So don't do anything stupid." I regarded him with a glare, smirking slightly at the fact that he was clearly annoyed at being sent away until late. "Have fun." I taunted. He shot me a malevolent look, luckily I didn't flinch. I was getting used to the looks.

"Have fun with you later." He hissed the threat before walking out. I rolled my eyes, looking down at myself. I was still covered in scratches and wounds from our little night out a couple of days prior. I glared with odious hatred at the Jashin symbol carved deeply into my wrist. Bastard, who the hellfire do you think you are.

I tensed when someone walked behind the couch, chuckling lowly. "You look like shit." I slowly looked back, honest to god not wanting to answer, but he looked like he wanted one… "Well being around Hidan does that to you." I muttered. Kisame sneered, looking me up and down. I tucked my shirt closer, swallowing a little warily. "Go to my room." He said, turning to go into the kitchen and leaving me sitting.

I didn't move, staring after him with what I knew was a wide eyed, probably frightened look. He turned to look over his shoulder, narrowing his eyes in disapproval. "Are you deaf or stupid?" He said, his tone sounding like a warning. I rose slowly, walking almost robotically towards his room. He probably had some huge mess there. As I said, I hated going into his room when he was around because I didn't want to end up stuck with him, but I wasn't going to defy him either… I had a feeling that wouldn't end well.

I walked inside his room, shivering at the cold and dim atmosphere. "Wow…" I murmured, surprised to find no mess. I'd only been in here just yesterday, so I didn't expect a massacre or anything, but… Why did he- "Slam!"

I whirled around when the door shut, looking up at Kisame as he stepped towards me. I took a step back, eyes darting around to try to find a way around him before he cornered me. "Take your clothes off." He ordered as he closed in on me. "Get away from me, Kisame!" I said rather loudly in hopes someone would hear me. But there was no one to hear.

He grabbed my arm so hard I swear if I'd moved an inch, he'd have broken it. "Take your fucking clothes off." He hissed, shoving me backwards. I looked around, finding a kunai nearby. Damn it, anything's worth a shot. I took the knife and flicked my wrist hard, as he dodged I tried to race past him.

Didn't work.

I gasped at the impact as he grabbed me by my wrist and slammed me against a wall, his hand around my throat. I couldn't breathe. "Guess you want this the hard way." He sneered, roughly ripping my clothes to shreds and exposing me. I screamed, like the desperate idiot I was. He threw me like I was a doll, I hit his bed and had no time to react before he was on top of me. He undid his pants. I tried to lash out, punching and kicking at him to try to deter him for even a second. He grabbed my thighs and spread them apart, his teeth nipping at my neck and shoulder. I felt blood, hot against my skin as he left wounds. He settled between my legs so I couldn't close them again; I cringed in pain as he roughly grabbed my breasts. Men didn't understand how bad that hurt, and when they did it seemed they wanted to cause the pain. I grit my teeth as he pinched my nipples, sending sharp pain down my spine.

I tried to scratch at his arms, but all it got me was a sharp bite on my collarbone. I felt him lift up my hips a bit, and I wish I hadn't known what was going to happen next. He thrust inside of me with a low groan, not stopping at all. I screamed, not even realizing I was going to do it, it just happened. The pain almost made me pass out, and I deeply wished I had. His pace was brutal and I felt blood, way too much blood as he tore me apart.

This hurts worse than Hidan.

Hidan hadn't gone in dry, he hadn't thrust like a fucking madman either. I hadn't pegged Kisame as someone like this, I actually expected it from Hidan…

I screamed at him to stop as I felt more blood streak down my legs. I hadn't bled this much when I lost my virginity, surely I wasn't supposed to be bleeding. It was bad, wasn't it? Was he killing me? I knew I was crying, but there was nothing I could do about it. I drifted in and out of consciousness, but it never let me fully sink into blissful unawareness. I dealt with the pain eating me alive for who knows how long before he pulled out. I couldn't move, and I really didn't have a chance to; he grabbed my hair and forced me up, thrusting into my mouth. I gagged at the taste of my own blood and his seed as it shot down my throat. I couldn't even yelp when he used my hair to toss me off the bed. I almost threw up, but managed to force the feeling away as he fixed his clothes and left. I could hardly breathe, much less move. I didn't want to do either, at that moment. It took me almost two hours to crawl -don't judge me, I couldn't and wouldn't stand- out of his room and back to mine, thankful everyone had been somewhere else as I collapsed in exhaustion and pain on the floor in the safety of my room.

I knew I was still bleeding, because fresh liquid was sticky on top of the dried crimson staining my legs, neck, and chest. I felt my head loll to one side as I truly did begin to fade out. Maybe that was why I hadn't fainted earlier, whatever higher power was up there wanted me to make it back here away from Kisame. I knew I needed help, but I couldn't draw up the energy to whisper a name, much less try to crawl back out. Besides the fact I had no clothes on. I silently told myself "don't die" before I was immersed in dark oblivion.


Lyrics: Monster by Meg and Dia

Inspiration for a scene in the story: CrystalDarkSamus

So, what do you think Hidan is going to do?

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