(Hidan's Pov)

"Whose bright fucking idea was it to stay up all night just to watch some asshole break into a "sacred" temple?" That shithole was falling apart and he didn't even take anything!" I spat, tempted to throw something at my dick of a partner when he just continued walking as if I hadn't said a damn thing. He'd wasted an entire night on stalking some heathen kid, just to see if there was something worth selling in that falling-apart-temple made to some worthless fake of a god that idiots worshiped in the next town over. They'll all burn for their blasphemy. "Greedy bastard, next time go yourself." I muttered, storming away from him as we walked back inside the base. Waste my fucking time on your money when you're not even sure if anything would be there and you're too lazy to check yourself. Senile fucker.

I lean my scythe against the wall before walking into the living room, muttering under my breath about Kakuzu and his blasphemous obsession with his shitty cash. I sighed irritably when I found Kisame taking up the entire fucking couch. "Other people live here, asshole." I snapped, irritated with his disinterested glance. "Other places to sit." He replied. I crossed my arms. "Like the fucking floor. Now move." I said, tempted to turn that suggestion into an action when he snickered. "Is that a threat or are you just bitching like usual?" I narrowed my eyes. "Oh, like you when you can't find a slut willing to lay around with you so you have to fuck yourself with your sword?" I shot back. Kisame rolled his eyes at me. "You make an awful lot of jokes about others being gay, do you have something you want to tell us?" I stepped around the couch to knock him off of it, but he stood up before I could. Damn tall bastard.

"You're the one that gets drunk and hits on every living thing with a fucking pulse." I spat. Kisame was a whore, male or female and he didn't care who they were or how fucking filthy they were. "Are you actually pissed off because you can't get anyone?" Kisame said, disgusting smirk set on his expression. I rolled my eyes. "You have to get them fucking wasted off their ass before they even look at you." I sneered, snickering when the smirk fell off his face. "At least my partners are willing." I laughed at that, smirking at his pissy expression. "Last time I checked getting a bitch fucking drunk and screwing them is called taking advantage of someone. I've had double the women screaming my name than you have, shark-boy."

He rolled his eyes. "You're just mad that I can make your whore scream louder than you can." I started to tell him off again before his words actually hit me. "What the fuck do you mean?" I demanded, growling under my breath as he turned and began walking away. "And I didn't have to get Amaya drunk." I felt my eyes widen slightly. He wouldn't. He didn't have the balls.

I was tempted to go back after him, but I couldn't shake off the fucking need to find her first. I walked down the hall, shoving Tobi out of my way. What sane person was up this fucking early, anyway? I threw open the door to my room, stopping in my tracks so fast it almost sent me to the fucking floor. "What the hell happened!"

Amaya was leaning against the wall near the bathroom, breathing hard as if the effort had been like running a fucking marathon. She was naked and had scratches and bite wounds marking her, blood staining her thighs and the ground beneath her. She looked up, horror flashing across her expression before she looked relieved. She was pale, her eyes dull. I cursed under my breath, bending down and placing one arm beneath her legs and the other on her back, lifting her up. Fuck, there was blood everywhere.

"What happened?" I asked again, sighing in impatience when she didn't answer. She was in fucking shock, how long had she been lying there? I walked into the medical room, finding both Konan and Deidara talking. Konan dropped something made of glass onto the floor, I don't know what it was for but it scared the hell out of Amaya because she jolted like a damn skittish animal. "What happened to her!" They both asked at the same time, Deidara glared at me like I'd fucking done it. I shoved her into Konan's arms before storming back out the door. "Just take care of her."

I had something else to take care of.


Breathe. Don't forget to breathe.

I chanted inside my mind as I slowly pushed myself up, letting myself slump heavily against the wall. My breathing was coming too fast, I knew I was hyper-ventilating, I could do nothing about it. My thoughts swarmed like buzzing bees, and they made about as much sense… It was all a jumble. I felt waves of pain and nausea overcoming me. I needed to get to the shower before someone came back. If I could get to the bathroom, I could lock the door.

You weren't smart. Can't even defend yourself.

Go away, I've no time for you.

I jolted when the door suddenly opened, an utter streak of terror coursing through me. I looked up when someone stepped through the door, familiar fuchsia eyes meeting mine. I felt twisted relief course through me, relaxing back against the wall. The effort of being frightened was too much, nearly. His own eyes widened in shock; he bled more than this on a daily basis, I didn't see what the big deal was. He spoke, but all I heard was his voice. None of the words. He knelt in front of me and I felt him pick me up, my head lilting back. I felt faint again, knowing this time I would be fine and that I could sleep all I wished.

He said something else, but I couldn't even manage to part my lips, even if I could comprehend what the hell was coming out of his mouth. I stared at the ceiling, blackness trying to eat my vision away. I jumped when a sudden loud crash broke through my senses. What was breaking? Where was I, why wasn't I able to pull my mind together, it was like those poor women in the medical shows that had amnesia.

I felt myself being handed to someone else, listening as a female voice spoke. I wanted to say I couldn't understand her, but I still couldn't speak. I shivered as I was laid on a cold table, feeling a sharp prick in my arm. I gave in to the darkness beckoning me, slumber was a convincing temptress and I couldn't ignore her. I felt myself sink quickly, my thoughts vanishing.

Welcome back.

I walked down a familiar path. It was an ocean of darkness, but I knew where I was going, I didn't need my sight. I followed my red line, growing steadily more aware and falsely calm. I watched as she faded in from the darkness. She had grown. Her hair fell past her chin now, she looked taller. She looked less childish.

It was like looking into a mirror aside from the fact her eyes were black. They were abysmal, this is because they were void. She had no soul. I was her soul. She smirked as she looked over me. "Welcome home." She said, mouth set in a familiar sardonic smirk. I remained silent, glancing around me.

"It isn't time yet." I told her. She laughed, circling around me. "What are we waiting for? Is it him?" I felt my eyes narrow. "Silence." I told her, feeling her amusement vanish. She stood in front of me. "Make a choice, girl." She pushed me forward, the ground giving way beneath me and letting me fall. I watched her fade away.

But she was always there.

-A Few Hours Later-

Death take me.

I groaned as I was thrown back into the world of the living, eyes fluttering open to be greeted with bright lights. I shifted to bring an arm up to shield my vision, cringing when I felt a twinge. I glanced down, confused to see an I.V. needle inserted in my arm. I looked around me then, realizing that I wasn't on the cold floor of Hidan's room. I was in the medic room in a hospital bed. "What the hell…" I muttered, trying to recollect my memories as to why I was here. Had Hidan gotten angry? Did I fall down the stairs?

I felt a draft and looked down at myself, becoming aware I was completely naked under a thin white sheet. I swallowed thickly, hoping this dizzy feeling was due to some sort of medication. I let my head fall back to the pillow, closing my eyes to let myself rest. I felt depleted of energy, for some strange reason. I winced as an ache began in my head, unfocused flashes of what I thought to be a dream began zipping past the backs of my eyes. Being locked in the room with Kisame, being unable to move, crawling across the floor.

I was raped.

I clenched my hands together, trying to force down a wave of nausea as it threatened to make me sick. I'd been stupid and gone into his room, I'd literally offered myself to him! It was so easy for him to just take what he wanted!

What's Hidan going to say?

I stared with wide eyes up at the ceiling, the silence enveloping this room beginning to smother me. I wanted to throw up, I wanted to shower, I wanted to run. Adrenaline began heating up inside me, my veins feeling as if they were on fire.

I nearly screamed when the door opened; as Konan walked inside I felt myself release the breath I'd been holding. She looked surprised to see me awake, a relieved look falling over her expression. I probably would have been a pain to deal with if I died, I understood her thankfulness. At the old slave house, when someone died, there was a lot of extra work to bury them and hide the fact they had lost stock. I shivered at the memory, surprised at how distant it seemed.

"How do you feel?" Konan's soft voice broke me from my reverie as she stood beside the bed, looking at the I.V. and heart monitor. "I… Fine. Bit nauseous." I said finally. She cast me a glance, not commenting on my former hesitation. "Any dizziness, nausea, and cramping you have should diminish shortly after the medicine is worked from your system." She told me, gently easing the needle from my arm and holding a piece of cloth over the tiny wound until it stopped bleeding. I wanted to sit up, to move, but without clothes I had nothing to do but lay there like the doll I was.

"This is a pain reliever, it might make you drowsy." I barely listened to Konan, pursing my lips as she gave me a shot in my thigh, the cold medicine burning slightly. I was startled as Konan brushed my hair away from my eyes, handing me a shirt and some underwear. "I got these for you to wear." I waited a second to see if she would leave, but all she did was turn around and begin reorganizing the medicine and equipment. I dressed sluggishly, displeased and impatient with my body's refusal to move faster.

"Don't push yourself, the next couple of days you just need to relax." I heard Konan say as she turned back around, odd empathy in her eyes. I wondered then… Were all women under some form of understanding with each other? We clashed and we could be jealous and cruel to each other, but didn't we all know what each other went through? Even if Konan was never a slave, she was still a woman, and I feel like women all held some sort of bond.

I recoiled when the door opened, eyes wide as Hidan stepped inside, eyes zeroing in on me. I noticed him visibly relax, only making me more wary. He was mad, I knew he had to be. "Can you fucking walk?" I blinked, stuttering a moment before finally convincing my voice to work. "Yeah, I can." Well, I hoped.

I stood, legs shaking but not throwing me to the floor. He eyed me a minute before rolling his eyes, walking up to me. I went rigid as he lifted me completely off the ground, muttering something under his breath as he walked out of the room and down the hall. I didn't move or speak, beginning to feel like my body was set on autopilot. I shivered as we walked into his bedroom, the familiarity giving me an eerie -and stupid- sense of calm. He set me on the bed; was I really awake? I'd never known Hidan to actually give a crap about someone. Maybe Pein had said something to him; though Hidan didn't seem to care about what his leader said.

"Don't leave this room." He said with grit teeth, turning and leaving me shut inside the room. I curled up into the blankets, inhaling the familiar scent. I still expected Hidan to come back later and tear me a new one for being stupid and letting someone else sleep with me; until then, I was going to sleep. Sleep and let my body try to heal itself. I rubbed the Jashinist symbol on my wrist, slowly drifting into a dream, the last thing I heard was the sound of Hidan yelling and something loud crashing.

Are you protected or are you haunted?



The main reason I got fed up with even trying to finish this chapter is my laptop randomly shut down for no apparent reason at all and I lost this entire chapter except for Hidan's part. Not going to lie, I lost my shit and in a fit of rage declared myself on break from this story. I'm still upset, and it happened weeks ago. I wanted to get this done for you even though I wanted to just quit because I loved what I'd written and this is never as good as what I'd had before, but… Fuck it. I tried.

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