I folded my arms as I waited for him to let us inside, glaring down at the grass as the wind whispered through it. I rubbed my forehead where I'd run into him, having become absorbed with my own thoughts. It was partially his fault, don't stop right in fucking front of me.

I glanced sideways when he grabbed my forearm, jerking me forward and inside the base, which seemed to have more of a chill than the outside did. I blinked quickly to try and let my vision adjust to the darkness, but I suppose it wouldn't really matter anyway since he'd not let go of me.

"Do you have to drag me everywhere?" I muttered odiously, eyes narrowing when he didn't answer. He always answered, even if it was just to tell me to shut up. He shoved open the door of his room, slamming it shut behind us as we walked in.

I winced when he tightened the grip on my arm and pulled me forward, throwing me onto the bed. I lost my breath at the impact, flipping my hair out of my eyes to glare up at him. "What the fuck is your problem!"

I exclaimed, the sudden attack had come out of nowhere! I hadn't even done anything! Wind rushed past my ears as I was shoved back down, ravening fuchsia eyes clashed with mine.

"You." He hissed the word before forcing his lips onto mine, silencing any reply I might have had the time to think of. He'd already thrown his cloak to the floor, my hands met his bare chest as I tried to break the kiss. Of course, when do I win anything?

He bit my lower lip and forced his tongue into my mouth when I opened it. I considered that cheating. His hands slid up the shirt I'd had on, tugging harshly forward and tearing it off. I winced slightly as the fabric was ripped off of me; I'm sure there was a more civil way for that.

He repeated the action with the cloth binding I wore over my chest, letting it fall to the ground. He broke the kiss and I inhaled sharply when he nipped my jawline, rough hands slid up my stomach to my breasts as he bit over my pulse; I knew he'd feel how fast it was racing.

My back arched forward as his thumbs slid over my nipples, stifling a short gasp at the flare of sensation. I pressed my legs together out of sheer spite when one of his hands slid south, shuddering when he growled against my neck.

I hissed when he nipped my collar bone with those damn sharp teeth, his tongue lapped at the blood that bloomed as he shoved my legs apart to push down the last articles of clothing I was wearing. By this point, I was convinced clothes were fucking useless.

I dug my nails into his back out of retaliation, smirking as he hissed. "You wanna play rough, bitch?" He muttered against my ear, I felt him shift to the left. Is there any other way, for you? I thought, eyes widening when he grabbed both of my wrists and forced them up above my head, rough cloth wrapping around them and tying them to the headboard.

"Untie me, you psychotic bastard!" I spat the first thing that came to my mind, jerking on the binds and nearly succeeding- in dislocating my arms, that is. He chuckled darkly, his lips sliding down my marked throat as he did so. I swore under my breath when sharp pain shot up my back as he nipped my breast, I squirmed in protest at the action.

I grit my teeth as he pushed one of my legs up, wincing as he nipped my inner thigh. My chest was rising quickly as I'd started to pant, the result of my vain struggle and my entire body feeling hot. I hadn't paid attention to him when he'd slid his pants off, a mistake on my part.

I sharp sound escaped my grit teeth when his member slid into me, my back arching in reflex. I swallowed thickly, hands clenching into fists above me. I heard an almost inaudible growl leave his lips, his fingers digging into my thigh as he started to thrust his hips.

"You fight a hell of a lot for someone that's this turned on." He hissed, his face inches from mine. I couldn't muster enough energy or care to reply to the sharp comment, my eyes only narrowed in a glare. I bit my lip as his nails scratched thin red lines along my stomach, his thrusts getting harder.

Body's betrayal. I thought stubbornly in answer to his earlier statement. I felt the harsh building of pressure in my abdomen, cursing inside my mind. My muscles started to tighten like a coil, I felt his lips form a smirk as he nipped my shoulder, picking up the pace. I tried to force the building pressure back, failing miserably as it only grew more intense, exploding inside of me like a bomb.

"Ah!" The barely stifled cry was still heard as my head tilted back, body releasing the pent up pressure in a burst of damnable pleasure. I felt him shudder above me, hot liquid spilling inside of me barely a second later. I panted desperately for air, feeling the ties around my wrists loosen; my arms fell onto the bed above my head. I withheld a wince as he got off of me, standing up and picking up his pants, disappearing into the bathroom for a few moments.

I slowly pulled myself into a sitting position, sighing heavily as I glared at the varying marks along my body. I heard him exit the bathroom, barely glancing up in time to see him slam out of the door to the room. I twisted my mouth to the side in confusion at his sudden burst of anger, shaking my head. He could throw tantrums like a child could, it wasn't my problem. Right that instant, at least.

I stood up, throwing open the dresser and pulling out a pair of underwear and one of his shirts, slamming it shut to take out my annoyance. I showered quickly, wincing as I washed. I stepped out into the cruelly chilly air and dried off, my hair already fluffing up from being washed. It took up too much volume when I washed it, it was almost impossible to keep out my face then. I avoided the mirror the entire time I was in the bathroom, certain my reflection wasn't feeling kind.

I ripped the sheets off the bed, tossing them into the basket of laundry I'd set aside to do later. I replaced them, blowing a strand of hair out my eyes as I fixed them. I picked up the basket, heading downstairs and into the eerie hallway to shove everything into the washer and leave it to finish. I winced as I walked up the stairs, muttering under my breath as I walked into the living room. "What are you mumbling about, hm?"

I jumped when a voice suddenly broke the silence of the base, looking up in surprise to meet a bemused blue gaze. "Don't sneak up on me!" I said irritably, flopping onto the couch. He raised a brow at me, starting to say something before his gaze flicked sideways. I nearly groaned as Hidan walked into the kitchen, throwing an arm over my eyes as if sleeping.

I looked up when I felt weight sink down on the couch, Deidara had sat down, placing one of his arms over my leg. I blinked, arcing my brows. "Do you have nothing else to wear with those shirts?" Deidara asked as he glanced towards me.

I slowly shook my head no, contemplating if he was drunk. "Didn't think he'd give you much more, un. Not that I mind you walking around in them." He flashed a smirk, though it wasn't in my direction… Alcohol or he'd taken some sort of drug with an odd effect, definitely.

I nearly screamed when someone grabbed my arm and literally pulled me up off the couch. "Go away." Hidan muttered towards me as I managed to land on my feet.

"I was here first!" I argued. He shoved me toward the hall, but his glare was set on Deidara, who was smirking rather eerily. I stomped away in annoyance, wondering what on earth they could have started. Males and their damn testosterone.

What exactly was I missing?


I glared down at the shitty little she-male, completely ready to wipe that smirk off of his face. "Is there a problem, Hidan, un?" He asked, playing fucking stupid. I grabbed the front of his shirt, jerking him off the couch.

"Yeah, it's you running around being a little slut." I snapped, his eyes narrowed and he reached into his pocket, I shoved him back. "You gonna bring out your shitty little clay toys?" I narrowed my eyes when he smirked.

"What the hell crawled up your ass, yeah?" He asked, placing his hand on his hip. I clenched a hand to punch his stupid little smug face, growling under my breath.

"You want those little mouths of yours sewn shut, bitch?" I spat back, not even sure why I was so pissed. I didn't need a reason, he was just an annoying little asshole. He smirked then, as if he were playing a fucking game.

"You act like you're jealous." His words snapped the last bit of control I'd tried to keep. I swung at him, he leaned back enough to dodge, but I still knocked him against the fucking wall. He looked up at me with a narrowed gaze, smirk gone.

"Afraid someone will take her away from you, hm?" He hissed. I punched the wall beside his head since he fucking dodged again, but it still shut him the fuck up.

"I don't give a fuck about her." I growled, glaring down at him. Who the fuck did he think he was anyway, the little shit.

"Then why are you so pissed?" Deidara snickered, quickly ducking to the right and heading out of the room.

"Bitch!" I snarled after him, pulling my hand off the cracked wall. I grabbed my scythe and stormed out of the base, blood had to be shed right fucking now before I hunted him down and finished sending his stupid ass to hell. Jealous of fucking what? As if she'd even think about fucking him!

Fuck, as if I even cared!


I'm sick so I decided to write. It's a mistake to stay out four days of a school week.

But I needed to focus on this story because I needed some fucking plot development god damn it why am I so slow.

This is the third time they've had sex, they both reacted differently each time. How do you think the reactions are changing?

Inspiration: Touchin On My by 3OH!3 and my sexy friend Gemma for writing perv-stuffs.

Homework: Something happened in this chapter that's not actually happened before. What is it?