I shuddered violently when lightning crashed outside, adrenaline coursing through me. I relished storms, I loved the rain and lightning. I glanced to the side when Tobi jumped nearly a foot in the air at the loud crack of thunder, tearing off down the hallway as if trying to escape the storm somehow.

I shook my head with a sigh as I dried the last of the dishes and reached up to put them away. "That idiot is afraid of his own shadow, hm." A scornful voice made me roll my eyes as I cleaned off the counter, declaring the kitchen clean and my work officially done. Hooray.

"He's a little jumpy, there are worse things someone can be." I shrugged, turning around to face Deidara as he stared into the fridge, his visible eye flicked over to give me a look. I snickered, walking past him to go into the other room. Men never seemed to get along, did they? Of course, women could be hell if they decided they didn't like one another. Compliments fringed with shards of glass and jealous glares; probably the reason I never had more than a few female friends. I wonder if Konan felt the same way.

"He's a five year old in an adult's body. I'll never understand why he even made it here. All he is anyway is Zetsu's little pet, yeah." Deidara muttered as he stalked out of the kitchen, apparently not finding anything worth eating. Tobi, from what I could manage to hear, was a decent spy. I got lucky sometimes when I wandered around this dark maze, I caught bits and pieces of conversations. How Tobi succeeded in being quiet enough to spy I'll never figure out, but it didn't really matter to me how or why Tobi got here.

"You're in a great mood." I replied, cutting the discussion apart and switching it to a different topic. He snorted, standing in front of the couch I was sprawled over. Another crash of thunder echoed outside as lightening met earth once more.

"I'm not fond of storms. They make it impossible to do anything but stay inside and die of boredom, hm." He sighed, sitting on his knees beside the couch and pulling a handful of clay from the pouch on his hip. I watched him mold it into a small bird, eyes glued to his hands. I never got over how someone could create something like that, especially in just a matter of minutes. I couldn't even draw a straight line, but people like Deidara practically bled art.

"Don't blow that up in here." I muttered absentmindedly, leaning back again. I was half worried about cleaning up the mess the explosion would create, and half worried about Sasori. He and Deidara shook the walls when they argued over their ideas of art or about Deidara learning not to set off explosives unless he was outside; or about nothing at all occasionally. They just seemed to never agree on anything. How could two people be partners and manage to work together when they could barely say a word to each other without an argument breaking out?

Ha, right. Kakuzu and Hidan try to kill each other every ten minutes it seems.

Deidara rolled his eyes as if I'd said something ridiculous. "Don't turn into Sasori no Danna, yeah. I get enough shit from him." He mumbled, though he did replace the clay back into his pouch. I chuckled, shifting myself so I could place my legs up on the back of the couch, moving so I was sitting upside down. I noticed as my hair was hanging over the edge of the couch now that it was starting to get a bit longer. I hated when it grew out, I'd have to take a knife to it soon.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I glanced up when Hidan walked into the room, clearly having just come inside from the storm. There were traces of pink on his hands, I suspected the rain had washed off most of the blood he'd probably had splattered over him.

"Getting comfortable." I replied just as sharply, turning to look up at the ceiling again. I heard him make an irritated grunt, tilting my head slightly to see why he was so annoyed. He wasn't looking at me however, he and Deidara were glaring each other down as if they were each other's mortal enemy. I felt a sense of oncoming dread, growing uncomfortable with the rising tensions. I hadn't figured out why they were at each other's throats as of late, and I was done being on the sidelines.

"Kakuzu wants to know where you are, Hidan. He said you had a mission you needed to complete tonight." I wasn't lying, I was merely stretching the truth a bit. Kakuzu had been looking for Hidan… But the mission was tomorrow. I just needed him out of the room. Hidan swore under his breath, shoving his scythe against the wall and storming off past us as he muttered something about lazy heathens.

Deidara was smirking as if he'd won something, making me narrow my eyes in suspicion. "What the hell is going on with you two?" I asked with a glare. Well, more like a demand. He tilted his head to look at me, giving a scoff of a laugh that I took offense to. "Forget how to talk?" I asked sardonically, folding my arms in impatience. Deidara threw his head back with a laugh, catching me off guard.

"Are all redheads impatient smartasses?" He asked rhetorically, stretching his arms over his head before he finally turned to face me again. "You really don't know, do you, yeah?" His words were tinged with that arrogant ha-ha, I know something that you don't!

"If I knew what the fuck you two were having little glaring wars over then I probably wouldn't have asked." I replied a little shortly. I didn't take kindly to my questions being dodged, curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back to test his next life.

"He's jealous." Deidara said the statement matter-of-factly with a shrug of his shoulders; meanwhile I had been trying to stretch and had leaned pretty far off the couch, when the unexpected words hit my ears I succeeded in throwing myself onto the floor with a grunt. Deidara snickered as I pulled myself into a sitting position, sorely tempted to throw something at him.

"Who, you mean Hidan? Jealous of what?" I scoffed. Hidan thought he was the best thing to walk this planet, he wasn't jealous of anything. Deidara raised a brow at me, as if I were being slow to catch onto some inside joke.

"Of any other guy that touches you, hm. Well, besides Tobi I suppose, but he doesn't count." Deidara said with a roll of his eyes upwards. I snorted, shaking my head as I stood up to dust myself off. Hm, time to make a note about sweeping in here more often.

"If you don't want to tell me the real reason you two are having bitch fits, fine. But he could care less about who does what to me." I tilted my head from side to side to crack it, shivering in satisfaction when I succeeded in releasing some of the tension in the stiff muscles.

"Explain to me why he attacked Kisame after he found out what he did to you, yeah." Deidara's voice sobered at that, I turned to give him an incredulous look. Hidan had attacked him? He never said anything about that to me.

"I…had no idea he had done that. He's never said anything about it." I shook my head in confusion, taking a trip back down my memories. My hand came up to touch the collar around my neck almost subconsciously. I'd never asked why he had changed the collar to let me fight.

"He did it so you could protect yourself. He tried to kill Kisame when he found out what happened, Leader-sama had to stop them, hm." I looked up at Deidara as he spoke again, shaking my head slightly. My mind tried to process what my ears heard, as if my brain forgot what words were. Hidan had given me a chance to defend myself, but why would he? Hidan hadn't given a damn either way about me before.

"That has nothing to do with you, though." I said, more than happy to shove the incomprehensible conversation somewhere else. He crossed his arms over his chest with that same secretive little smirk that I was getting ready to knock off of his face.

"I told you he was jealous, un. I've been doing it on purpose though." He snickered at that. Deidara seemed to have a habit of irritating everyone else for his own amusement. Yet he got pissed off if Tobi did the same.

"Jealous of… You're not even into girls!" I spluttered the last part, still not any less confused. Deidara's eyes took on a glint, as if we were in on some sort of secret, which I guess was apparently true.

"Do you honestly think I would let him know that? You only know because you basically asked." So, I was special. I rubbed my forehead, still trying to get a grasp on Hidan being pissed off at me being around another guy. I took a deep breath before I spoke again.

"He may have been angry towards Kisame because… I belonged to Hidan and if you've noticed, he doesn't like people touching what's his." I couldn't word it any differently, it was the only truth to be said. Wouldn't you be mad if someone used something that was yours, especially if they didn't ask? That was exactly what had happened. No matter how it seemed at times, I was still from the slavery chain and I was still Hidan's property despite working for everyone living here. It wouldn't change.

Deidara sighed, shaking his head. "You're both idiots." I blinked, making a strange sound that was similar to a gasp of disgust. He smirked, turning to walk away from me before I could think of a decent enough reply. Sasori was right in calling him a damn brat.

"You have a shitty habit of standing in the middle of the damn floor." Hidan's voice broke the silence I'd gladly let fall over me, rough hands shoved me to the side. I grunted as I fell back onto the couch, crossing my legs as if I'd purposely sat down.

"You have a shitty habit of being a total dick." I muttered back, he flipped me off before he headed back outside -into the damn rain again, and he'd probably come back and drip everywhere- with his scythe. I wondered if Kakuzu had actually told him about some sort of mission…

I stared after him, questions burning up my throat and scalding my tongue where I wouldn't let them leave. Was Deidara telling the truth, or was I being wrapped in lies again? My hand touched the collar as I looked at the floor in thought.

The truth could hurt just as much as a lie.


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