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When the sun began to set, it was time to think about a place to stay for the night.

Alex asked. "You brought some things with ya?"

"Sure I did. I knew we weren't going to make it in one day, not even if Nad would help us."

Alex smiled satisfied. "Right-o, well I think we did a great job, mate."

Stevie picked up a few calves who almost got lost. She rode up to Alex with a wide smile and said with a raised voice. "Alex! We're finished!"

He nodded. She took a deep breath and rubbed her back, which felt a little sore. "So, where do you want to stay the night?"

"Fisher would be nice, room for two?" He teased. He glanced at her and secretly imagined her wearing something suitable for a night like that.

Stevie looked kind of shy, but didn't sounded shy at all. "Hey...I saw that naughty look on your face! Don't you even think about it Alex." She winked. That sounded well behaved, but in fact she thought about it once or twice, how it would be...

They did some last check ups on the cattle and then it was time to put up a place to stay the night. Alex went out for some more wood, as Stevie already started the fire. They cooked some soup from a can and ate some sandwiches with it.

"Meg is the sweetest. Really." Alex said, while he filled his stomach with these delicious sandwiches.

Stevie smiled and nodded. She enjoyed his presence so much, just like he enjoyed hers.

"So Jodi came back? Begging for her old job already?" He asked.

"No not really, she's very headstrong."

"Like you are sometimes."

Stevie's eyes got s little bigger. "What?" He could do that, tell her exactly what she's like. Somehow it was always true and he had the guts to do that, unlike other man she has been with. "I am not." She denied, trying to hide her smile.

He couldn't help it not to laugh about it. "Oh come on Stevie! You know you are."

She shook her head as he kept on looking at her, amazed she didn't want to admit. He added, nagging her. "Listen, I know you have lots of positive sides too, but you have to admit you can be very headstrong."

She sighed. "What's the point to keep telling you 'I'm not'? You're obviously very sure of it."

Alex laughed. "Yeah, you bet I am. Sometimes I know you better then you know yourself Stevie."

She looked up, thinking of something to throw back at him and sarcastically said. "Well...Let's not start about your qualities of character then, shall we?" She grinned.

After spending some time sitting by the fire and chatting, it was time to get some rest. They were both quiet as soon as they hit their pillows, a little overwhelmed by the beautiful starry sky. It was a cold, but bright night.

Stevie softly said. "You really think you can leave this behind?"

Alex turned his head to hers and smiled. "You know you can watch the stars from any place in the world, don't you?"

Stevie pulled him a face, sighed and then stared at the sky again. "Yeah, but it's not the same from somewhere else."

When they were curled up and a sleeping for a few hours, they suddenly woke up in the middle of the night.

"What the hell?!" Stevie moaned.

"Sshh!" Alex quickly, but quietly, got out of his sleeping bag, to get the gun. There was some kind of animal around them.

Stevie rubbed her eyes, to wake up more. She was frightened and whispered. "Alex what is it?"

"Sssshhh, not a word. Don't move." He already got the gun and sneaked towards Stevie. They could hear a few branches brake. Something was definitely there. Suddenly one of the horses made a loud noise, he was obviously very frightened. Stevie sat still, awaiting...She didn't really notice Alex wasn't around anymore. She suddenly heard a gunshot, not far from their camping place. "Alex!"

It was quiet, Stevie got even more scared. Her breathing got faster and her heartbeat quickened. She wanted to yell again, but he suddenly showed up from the darkness and lowered himself on his sleeping bag. He made a relieved sound and said. "It must have been a wild dog or something."

Stevie sighed very deeply, happy that she didn't brought Turbo with her, which was kind of unusual. "That really freaked me out. Lucky we're ok. You shot it?...And the horses, how are they?"

Alex immediately lowered himself into his sleeping bag, he was relieved and wanted to go back to sleep. "I must have scared it off. The horses are ok, I checked up on them."

Stevie was still a little bit frightened. "So, you mean it could still be around?"

"Yep. It could be."

Stevie responded very seriously. "Alex?! Then why didn't you shot it!?"

Alex shook his head. "Because I missed, ok?"

Stevie sighed, sounding very worried. "You shouldn't have missed it."

"Riight...Next time you do it, you shoot it. Ok?"

Then it got quiet again, Alex was twisting and turning, trying to get some sleep, but Stevie couldn't get any sleep at all. She was to freaked out about that animal. What if it would return?

She whispered. "Alex?" She waited, but no answer. "I can't sleep."

He turned and responded a little annoyed. "Neither do I, if you keep talking."

She sighed and wisely kept her mouth shot. Alex thought about it for a while, he understood her worries. He softly said, with a hoarse voice: "If it makes you feel better you can always move over here." There was a short, but nervous silence after that. "I promise I won't bite."

Stevie looked surprised, but maybe it wasn't such a bad idea...It was a cold night and she felt not comfy at all. Besides, they're such good friend, not a problem being that close. Without saying anything she crawled towards him. No romantic thoughts, they were both in their own sleeping bag.

Soon Alex fell asleep, but Stevie kept being alert. Even though she felt a little safer now. When he moaned in his sleep she smiled, it felt good being this close to him. When she -finally- almost fell asleep, he softly said her name. "Stevie." He moaned.

She whispered in a sweet way. "What is it Alex?"

He didn't responded, she assumed he must have said it in his sleep. She turned around, trying to lie down more comfortably. She was lying with her back against his, as she dozed off. She was half a sleep when she was totally flabbergasted! He had obviously turned around and she suddenly felt his strong arms around her, pulling her closer. She heard him making a groaning sound. Stevie felt her bodytemperture rise and her cheeks started to glow. The situation also made her smile, she didn't struggle to get out of his arms and decided to let it be this way.