This is my sequel to "Sore Bottom for a Sore Loser." It happens a few hours after the battle between Peach and Young Link. I hope you guys like it!

Sore Bottom Sequel: The Two Mothers

This adventure starts with our young hero walking angrily out of a room. As the door closed, the name Zelda could be seen in large letters on the front of it. Young Link had just received the paddling of a lifetime, and he now knew that everyone was going to be making sure he didn't curse anymore. Even the announcer was told of this plan.

"Great," he muttered angrily. "Now the only place where I can curse is my room! I have no privacy unless I'm there." He rubbed his stinging bottom with a fury, like it was his job or something. "Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Zelda's planning on having it bugged with cameras," he thought, and shivered at the prospect.

With these negative thoughts in mind, our hero went into the waiting room. Perhaps a fight would get his mind off of his bottom.

To his dismay, he heard the announcer say, "Young Link and Zelda to the Hyrule Temple stage. Repeat: Young Link and Zelda to the Hyrule Temple stage."

This scared our hero almost as much as the news of everyone watching him. He wanted to curse, but with so many witnesses, a spanking would have followed immediately afterwards.

As he was teleported to the stage, he saw Zelda standing across from him, a look of pure excitement on her beautiful face.

The announcer yelled, "FIGHT!" and immediately Zelda jumped into action. She tried a few quick punches, obviously going easy on Young Link, and each attack was blocked by the Hylian boy. She dodged one of Link's sword attacks and caught him by surprise by bumping her hip against him, remembering how effective such a move had been when Peach had fought him. He fell to the ground, right onto his sore bottom.

"Ouch... You dumb bitch!" He yelled, then regretting his words almost immediately.

Unfortunately for our hero, Zelda heard what he said and picked Young Link up by the tunic, called off the fight, and teleported to her room. When they get there, she started lecturing him. "Didn't we just get done talking about this?!" she yelled sternly, causing the boy to flinch. "I can't believe that you would swear AGAIN... and at ME of all people! You know how I settle this, so get to it."

Our young hero knew what that meant. He pulled down underwear and hiked up the hem of his tunic, then waited for his impending punishment.

Zelda sat on her couch and ordered him over her lap. As he lay down across her lap, in came Princess Peach. She just stood at the door, knowing what was going to happen. She walked over to them and sat on the couch, right next to Zelda. She gently placed Link's head in her lap and started stroking his hair as Zelda began the spanking. She started slow, but because Link's bottom was already red from the two previous spankings, it hurt from the beginning.

Already, our hero started squirming and screaming. "Please stop! I'll do anything just stop!" All of his attempts were failures, however, as she kept at it.

Smack after smack Zelda would not let up! She then reached over to a small table next to the couch and grabbed a hairbrush. Link screeched in protest upon feeling it being placed against his burning bottom, but Zelda ignored this and went right back to spanking him. Soon, light shades of purple were beginning to form on our hero's scorching backside.

"Would you like a turn, Peach?" Zelda politely asked, holding out the hairbrush to her fellow princess.

"Actually, I have something else in mind, and if this little boy accepts what I have to offer, he can get off your lap, for now," Peach said, her tone all too mischievous.


Peach nodded and said, "Well then, we are now your guardians. In other words, we are your new moms. Both of us. We will give you the chance to actually grow up. What do you say?"

Link nodded and then Zelda said, "This means that we will have the authority to spank you when we see fit. Do you understand?"

Link nodded once again, this time with tears running down his face. "I would love that, and I promise to be a little angel."

So it was settled. Link, Zelda and Peach would give up their fighting careers for the time being and raise our young hero. Link thought he got a get-out-of-a-spanking-free card, but what he didn't expect was all of the harsh spankings that would be coming his way in time.


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