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Set up after Season 2, so SPOILERS! This is a slash story, OOC (I hope not too much), a little Angst maybe and Romance. Because I just love slash romance! And of course, this is a STEREK story. Because there's nothing better than Sterek! I'm in love with this pairing! Oh and there will be a rated M part at the end. Well, this is just a little story, not a big one with cliffhangers or adventure, or anything else. It's just a romantic way to bring Derek and Stiles together. It was supposed to be a One Shot at first, but it appeared to be a little longer that I was planning to so I've split it in few chapters. I hope you'll enjoy it!


Stiles swallowed a last gulp of whiskey and put the empty bottle on his room's floor strewed with beer cans. Everything around him was dangerously twitching and his neck's muscles seemed anaesthetized so that his head was getting heavier and difficult to keep in place. He was completely drunk. He tried to stand up but he failed, his legs gave away and he fell onto the ground. He laid down on his side, fixing an invisible spot in front of him, faraway. The ringing of his cellphone broke through the silence. He grabbed his phone as he could and looked at the caller ID. Scott. He hesitated to pick up. It was better for him if his best friend was not finding out in which state of intoxication he was, at the risk of getting a sermon or worse of all, being questioned about the reason of his strange behavior. He was far from being an alcoholic drinks lover and didn't understand how people could enjoy so much to drink until they forget about what they're doing. His friend knew him by heart and no doubt he would be chocked to see him like that. The beta tried to call him again two times then he gave up. Stiles put down his phone at his side and fixed again his distant contemplation, trying desperately to forget about what he had been drinking for. But the pictures were well anchored in his head. He found himself so stupid. And pathetic. And childish. How a smart person like him could possibly sink that low? And all because of… - the ringing of his cellphone broke through again, but the number had changed. – … him! He looked with bitterness at the name appearing on the screen and slammed the device away from him.

- Fuck you, Derek! – he gibbered at his phone.

Then he rolled on his back and put an arm across his eyes. He wished he could be able to empty his brain as easily as sink himself into darkness. In this moment, the sadness and the shame he was feeling made him want to disappear and erase all those emotions that got him in such a humiliating situation. His heart sank a little more when he remembered everything that had happened with Derek, from the day of their meeting in the woods to the earlier incident that drove him into drunkenness, lying on his bedroom's floor. From the moment he had laid eyes on this man, he had felt something grow inside him. A kind of attraction he hadn't identified at first and that he had thought later was just because of the mystery around the guy and his curiosity about this whole new world of Lycaons that was opening at him. But he had realized soon that this attraction was far beyond all of that. His heart was not only racing because of the fear the man filled him with. When Derek had been shot by Allison's aunt Wolfs bane bullet, Stiles had feared for the werewolf's life. Then he had been intimidated by the presence and the piercing look of this charismatic and imposing man, more than he should have to. It had not been very difficult to understand what was happening to him, and consequently, he had not been the only one to find out about it. With his overdeveloped senses, Derek couldn't miss the emotional turnover that he produced on the high school boy. And he didn't keep it for himself. Stiles remembered pretty well of the embarrassment he felt at that moment, like if it was yesterday. Derek had spent few days at his house, hiding from the police. After Danny had come to his house, the Beta had made him understand that he didn't like to be used like he had been.

- What the hell was that? Next time I'll kill you. You understand ? – he threatened.

Stiles was sitting at his desk, internally exulting for having watched such an enjoyable show and most of all for having made a little of a fun of the big bad guy.

- Threats, always threats, don't you have something else inside your brain? Nevertheless, we got the information we wanted because of my genius idea. It's not like I've prostituted you. – he openly mocked him. – We needed to bring a gay guy to speak, so what's best than the sight of a big and… muscular… bare-chested… man, well, you know… . – he said as lightly as he could, lifting his gaze up to the werewolf's eyes after drifting to his now covered-torso, aware of the coloring of his cheeks.

Derek stared at him for a moment before a slightly smile appeared on his lips.

- And something's telling me than he has not be the only one who enjoyed it.

Stiles went silent for a second, destabilized. Then he regained composure and tried his best to look neutral, but he failed.

- What, me? Pfff, you're kidding, right? I'm not gay. I take a shower with guys almost every day, you know, after the Lacrosse training, and I've never been attracted to one single of my teammates.

- That's not what I was implying. – he said with a leveled voice, quizzically.

- Yeah, well, sorry for disappointing you, but you're wrong. – he answered with a nervous smile while looking elsewhere.

Stiles started to move around his chair, trying to avoid the inquisitor look on him and concentrate on the researches that were all over his desk. But he got stopped by the werewolf, who suddenly bent over him, his hands grabbing the armrests. Stiles felt his heart racing, the man's face was really close to his and his hypnotizing green eyes were diving in his anxious golden iris. He swallowed hard, his breathing was speeding and his whole body was warming. He lowered his look at the sight of the mocking smile that was stretching a little the beta's delicious lips.

- Well, your pulse is running so fast, it's impressive! I can feel the heat of your skin without touching it and the hormones you diffuse prove alone that you're attracted to me.

Stiles squeezed his lips to make them stop trembling, his eyes still fixed on the ground and his fingers were clenching on the seat. He would have answered him with self-assurance that we was mistaking but he was totally paralyzed and he was in such a state of shock that deny it would be frantically useless. The heavy silence that was floating between them was unbearable and Stiles was starting to suffocate under the tension of the sardonic gaze fixed on him. His father's voice came from downstairs, freeing him with a delight the young boy didn't think he could experience one day. He closed his eyes, licked his lips and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes, Derek was sitting back on the chair where he had been while Danny was here. Stiles stood up cautiously, feeling his legs weak and shaking. Then he stepped out of his room, trying to ignore the little wink that Derek gave him when his gaze flew over him against his will.

- Go to hell. – he said to the beaming wolf before closing the door.

Stiles felt his heart ache from this memory. After this Derek had ignored him most of the time, which was totally fine with him, until the wolf killed his uncle and became the new alpha. From then, his temper, his behavior had changed. While he was an introvert kind of jerk before, he was now a confident all new-powered werewolf leader. He had started to taunt him with seductive smiles and intense looks while adding new betas in his pack. He remembered the day Erica had been changed. Hell she was hot! But the jealousy he felt the day she had climbed in the black Camaro wasn't about HER. He envied her to be so close to HIM. And from the wide satisfied smile on the Alpha's face, Stiles bet he was well aware of that fact. So he tried to move on, to forget about those unwanted feelings he had for the wolf, chasing more after Lydia and failing lamely. His heart raced each time he was near him, his throat went dry each time he crossed eyes with him and his chest ached each time he was ignoring him. He hated him so much for making him feel like this! He even grew jealous of Scott because Derek wanted him so badly in his pack while he was nothing, nothing to him, nothing but a useless piece of human. Oh yeah, he hated him SO much! And yet, he had always been there for him. He was coming when called, helping when ordered and worst of all, he helped him even when not asking, just because he wanted to. And then he could not deny it anymore. During the pool incident while he had hold Derek off drowning for hours, he feared for him, he couldn't let him go, he was afraid to lose him. That's why he had been holding him that long. He didn't care if he was going to drown himself with him. He just could NOT let him go, he was repeating in his bed the same night, crying when he realized it was not a silly crush anymore.

Scott knocked at the Stilinski's house but he got no answer. He knocked again and opened the door, calling for someone. He entered silently and headed for the first floor where his best friend's room was. He pressed the handle and stepped inside. As soon as he saw Stiles on the ground, he threw himself at his side, checking for his pulse.

- Stiles! Are you okay?! What happened?! – he cried, putting his arm away from his eyes.

He concentrated himself on his friend and heard his heart beat and breathing. He relaxed a little when the sleepy voice answered him.

- Scott? What are you doing here?

- You were not answering your phone so I was worried. I came to check if everything was okay. What happened?

- Nothing. Just… was thinking about something and … you know what, it doesn't matter. Thanks for coming but I'm fine. I'm totally fine, dude.

Scott held him on and made him sit on his bed. Then he checked the room and sighed when he saw the beer cans and the whiskey bottle.

- Come on, man. You can't be serious. What if your dad sees that?

- He has a lot to do tonight.

- You can't stay here by yourself. You're coming with me.

- I'm fine Scott. Go home. I'm going to sleep anyway.

- No way. Get up. – he said firmly while grabbing him to help him up.

- Okay, okay. I'm coming. – he growled, feeling his legs shaking under his weight.

- Look, you can't even stand by yourself. What got into you, buddy? I don't recognize you.

They went downstairs and Scott led him to his mom's car. Stiles sat on the passenger seat and fasten his seatbelt.

- I'm going to throw the cans and the bottle away in case your father comes home before you and sees that. Won't be long. – he said before closing the door.

Stiles nodded and pressed his forehead on the window, closed his eyes and fell asleep. After throwing the garbage, Scott pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

- It's me. I'm at his house. He's drunk. I bring him to your place.

Then he hung up, got out of the house, closed the door with his key and went to his mom's car. He glanced at his sleeping friend and gave him a warm but sad smile.

- I can't believe it, buddy. Why you didn't tell me what happened? You used to tell me everything before.

Then he started the car and left the Stilinski's drive way.

To Be Continued…

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