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- De… Derek?

Stiles' voice broke the thick silence, making slightly jump the werewolf and pulling him back from his trance. It took to him few seconds to remember where he was and what he was doing. He was back to normal but he started to panic.

- Derek?! – the worried voice rose again.

But the Alpha didn't listen to him, too focused on the fire that was burning his body. He wanted him so much! He could already feel his heart exploding at the thought of tasting the delicious and soft lips. He kept breathing the sweet scent, trying to calm down his pulse, knowing perfectly what was happening. He was losing control, again. What was wrong with him? He had never lost it before, not like that! He couldn't believe that his desire for the kid was the reason of this unwanted shape shifting. But what else could it be?

- Derek? What's wrong? – he asked again, freaking out.

- Nothing…– he replied with a voice that was far from confident.

Derek breathed in and out, the slowest way he could manage to, but it was still not enough. He felt his body trembling and his claws and fangs were growing before he concentrated hard and put them back in. But he knew it wasn't going to last very long before he couldn't control anything. He moved from the kid and sat on the edge of the bed, trying to hide his physical issues

- Leave. I… I need to be alone. – he whispered.

- What?! Wait, did you just hold me back from leaving to push me away half an hour later? You… You are rejecting me again, don't you?

- Don't ask question. Just leave. We'll talk about that tomorrow. You need to get out of here. Understand? – he said with a rough voice.

- No! What the fuck is your problem with me?!

Derek was feeling his wolf getting stronger. He was going to stand up but Stiles grabbed his arm.

- Stop running away all the time! I want an explanation! Now! – he said before seeing the fangs. – Wait, why are you shifting? I thought you said you always had control?

- Yeah, well, it seems that… something… makes me lost my anchor. – he answer weakly, not wanting to confess that the something was him.

- But… what? Can I do something? Is this… what happened to you last time? – he said, freeing the wolf.

Stiles was afraid, but he wanted to help him gain control again. He had never seen the man like that before, lost and afraid. He moved closer to the werewolf and stood there, one meter from him. Derek looked at him, stunned.

- What are you doing?! You're supposed to run away, dumbass!

- You make me feel so loved! Thanks! I want to help you so can't you speak to me in a nicer way?

- Don't need… your help. Just go away. – he replied, out of breathe.

- You know you really should learn to cooperate. Letting people help you will definitely improve your shitty lonely life.

- Shut up and get out of here! Now! – he said before adding with a lowered shaking voice. – Before I hurt you.

His face was showing anger and yet his voice was full of pain and fear. Stiles breathed in and out, trying to calm his nerves. This werewolf was really a pain in the ass! He was getting really angry against him. Why did he kissed him and laid him on a bed if he couldn't stand him? Why did he hate him so much? He stopped. It had last only a few seconds, but he had seen it! His claws had started to retract when he had yelled at him. That was the answer! He had heard him say one day that his anchor was anger. Oh, he could totally do that! It was in his veins. He looked at him with a disgusted glance.

- You know what? I really don't know why I like you so much! You're such a jerk! Well, you're kinda hot, like, REALLY hot! But that's all. You are weak, you totally failed being an Alpha and seriously, you would have never beaten the Kanima without help. It's pathetic! And I can't believe I have those fucking feelings for you as you're such a looser! Actually, I think I'll get over you pretty easily. It's not like if I was missing something great.

Derek clenched his teeth and turned to the boy, red eyes shining.

- SHUT UP! Shut your fucking mouth! – he yelled, before his enraged face went hurt and desperate. – Won't you… shut up… for once in your life? – he said with a painful voice.

Stiles felt his heart broke. But a slightly smile appeared shyly on his lips as he saw Derek turning human again. The werewolf looked at his claws-free hands and then he fixed the high school boy with "incomprehension". What had just happened? How did he regain control so easily? He was going to speak but someone interrupted them.

- Stiles! Stiles! Are you okay?

Scott burst in the room, out of breath and a scared look on his face. He stopped, his eyes jumping to the two men before sighing in relief. He walked towards Stiles and hugged him strong.

- Thank god you're fine.

- Yeah, I'm totally fine dude. What are you doing here?

- Peter called me. He said that Derek was losing control and that you were in danger. I… I jumped in the car and drove here as fast as I could.

- So sweet! At least there's one person you like me that much. – he said without looking at the Alpha but it was clear for everybody that it was meant for him.

- So you… have talked a little?

- Oh yeah, we did. Everything had been settled, not that it had been very hard to do so but at least, it had been very… interesting. I'm ready to go home. – he said confidently.

- Okay. – he looked over the quiet wolf, wandering what had happened between them but Derek was looking at the ground. – So, let's go.

As Stiles stepped out of the room without even looking at the Alpha once since his best friend had arrived, Scott glanced at him before following him. Derek had watch the young boy left, with green eyes filled in sorrow, tightening the beta's heart. The atmosphere was so tensed when he had entered the room that he didn't dare asked what had happened but everything had apparently not been totally settled. He left the room when he heard Stiles call him from downstairs and gave an understand look at the downcast man he had in front of him who was now making eye contact with him.

- Call you later, man. – he said, trying to not sound too much like if he had pity for him.

The wolf didn't answer anything. He stayed there, fixing the ground again. So Scott left.

The two friends were getting in the car when the wolfy one broke the silence.

- You sure everything's fine?

- Yeah, why?

- Well… I don't know… Derek seemed like… he was not feeling very well. Or more likely… depressed, hurt.

- Please, Scott, do you remember who you're talking about? – he answered, looking up at the room's window where Derek was staring like a shadow at the two boys. – He's the one who doesn't care about others. Like if he could get hurt by words! – he added, looking straight at the half-hidden Alpha's silhouette, knowing perfectly well that the wolf was listening to them.

Scott didn't say anything more. He started the car and pulled away from the house.

Stiles didn't hear about Derek during a whole week. Scott kept asking what had happened in the burnt house but his friend wouldn't say anything, until he got annoyed by the beta.

- Nothing, buddy, stop asking. He's a big boy, he'll be fine. When he'll be tired to be a prat, he'll come back.

- I need to know, Stiles. He's not answering his phone and when I went to the Hale house, Peter told me that he had spent two days in his room, hitting the walls and growling against you before running away in the woods without coming back. Did you see the face he made when you left? What did you do to him?

- What? Hey! I'm the one he kept torturing during the last months. – he said, offended. Yet he capitulated under Scott's serious look. – Okay! He was shifting and I just thought that if I was pissing him off enough it will bring back that kind of anchor he used to have to get in control. And, okay, I took advantage of it and I pushed him a little hard in revenge but nothing he can't take. I mean, come on, it's Derek! He's far from the sensible man you are. – he defend himself. Seeing his friend's worried face he added. – Scott, trust me. He was really mad at me. When he'll stop pouting, he'll come to bully me and be happy again. So, just be patient.

- I don't know what you said to him but I could sense it, he was not angry, Stiles. – he said before turning and move away from the human kid, leaving him frowning and thoughtful.

In the evening, after having a nice dinner with his dad, he went upstairs. As soon as he got in his room, he turned on the light and jumped at the sight of the Alpha waiting for him in a corner. He tried to calm down his heart beats, breathing deeply in and out. He looked at him, a little relieved to see he was back in town and fine. He closed his door and went to sit on the edge of his bed.

- So, I guess it's time to pay. Look I know you're mad at me but please, don't hit the face. I want to stay pretty. – he said with a slight smile.

Derek frowned.

- What are you talking about? – he said with a tired voice that tightens Stiles' heart.

- You… You're not here to punish me? For what I said to you last day?

- No. I wanted to ask you something.

- Really? Well… yeah. Okay. What is your question?

Derek was fixing him with his usual intense gaze, but Stiles could see something else under. Something that he couldn't name but whatever it was, it broke his heart. Derek clenched his jaw, a strange light flashed quickly through his eyes.

- Did you… - he started, before closing his mouth. A second after, he looked completely defeated and opened his mouth again. – How did you know that what you said was going to get me back in control?

Stiles looked at him stunned. He was kidding, right? What was that question? That is not what he was going to ask. He could swear it. The way he looked so hesitant, he knew he changed the question half way.

- Well, you told us that anger was your anchor. – he answered anyway, studying the werewolf's strange behavior.

Derek nodded, standing still like if he was waiting for something before moving toward the window.

- Is that all you wanted to ask?

The dark-haired man went still. Stiles was suddenly shocked by the sadness and the… was that pain?!... in his emerald eyes. His throat went dry and his heart beats went crazy, making Derek turned his head in his direction. He swallowed and tried to regained composure, finally understanding Scott's mysterious words. If he was right, he probably never had messed up that much in his entire life!

- Okay, can we just stop this whole shitty game and settle everything for good? Why won't you be sincere and franc for once? Come over here, I won't bite, promise. – he tried to joke, happy to see the ghost of a smile on his tensed lips and taping the edge of the bed next to him.

Derek paused a moment before heading slowly toward the bed. He sat next to the boy and fixed a point in front of him. A heavy silence filled in the atmosphere. After a long moment, Stiles cleared his throat.

- Great, I love the awkward quiet moment we're sharing right now but we really need to clarify everything between us before I become crazy.

- Us? – he asked, his eyebrows raised. – Didn't you say you were going to get over me pretty easily?

Stiles breathed deeply. "Here we go, talking about the main issue at last." he thought.

- Okay, did you run away for few days because of what I said to you? I said that because I was afraid. You were shifting against your own will, losing control and I was desperately trying to find a way to help you. I remembered you saying that anger was your anchor so I decided to give a try. And sincerely, who's the best to get you all pissed off? – he said proudly, pointing his thumbs toward himself. – You know, usually I just need to stand in the same room than you to get you angry, but I guess you got used to me so I had to level up a little.

- So you said that to get me…

- Angry. Yes. Why? Did you think I was actually meaning it? – he asked, laughing. But Derek's face was serious. – Oh my gosh, you did! I'm sorry, but at least it worked perfectly well.

- Yeah, except I wasn't pissed off.

- Yeah, right! You should have seen your face. You yelled at me to shut up. – he said, pausing. – Wait, Scott told me that too. If it wasn't anger, what was it?

- Nothing. – Derek answered, clenching his jaw and turning his gaze. – As you said, it's not like I could be hurt by words.

Stiles opened his mouth to say something when he realized the meaning. He looked at the man, feeling remorse.

- Look, I'm sorry. I said the first things that were going through my head at that moment. I was freaking out! I just wanted you to shift back to normal. Everything I said was a lie. – he said softly before pausing. - Well, I do wander how I can like you that much because hey! I'm sorry but you're a total jerk. And you ARE really hot, obviously. But, I don't think you're a looser or weak or pathetic.

Derek was diving in his eyes, a small smile on his lips. Stiles looked away, feeling his heart jump in his chest under the Alpha's soft gaze. He lowered his head, fixing his hands trembling nervously.

- And keep your sarcasms for you. You know perfectly well how I feel. I can't get over you so easily though I wish I could.

- Don't want you to. – the wolf said in a whisper.

Stiles looked back at him, his breathe taking away by the words he had heard. Derek cupped one of his cheeks with a hand and softly caressed the skin. Then he leaned toward him and hesitantly pressed his lips on the high school boy's ones. The contact was sweet, contained and uncertain. It was the straight opposite of what they had already shared. Their eyes were closed and their hearts were beating fast. Stiles put his hand on Derek's one still cupping his face and looked at him when they broke apart, each sounding out the other. Derek could feel the longing desire of the young man mixed with the anxiety and the fear. Understandable feelings regarding what had happened every time he had kissed him before. Stiles lowered his gaze, opening his mouth like if he was going to say something but nothing came. The Alpha waited a little but the boy didn't seem to find his words. So he spoke, trying desperately to formulate out loud what he was feeling.

- Stiles, give me another chance. – he said with a tender voice that seemed to surprise the kid. – I… I want you so badly. – he whispered, sending shivers through the young body.

Derek slammed himself internally in the head for saying that. Why couldn't he just say that he likes him so much? He clenched his jaw, preparing the declaration but as he was going to speak, Stiles' face went very close, cutting his breath for a second. The high school boy had hesitate a short moment, stopping his movement as their lips were almost touching, before closing his eyes again and making contact between them. His lips were trembling a little but the kiss was frank. The werewolf pressed a little more, cupping his face with both hands before deepening the kiss. Their body temperature was starting to increase and as the kiss was getting stronger, Derek freed Stiles' face to put his hands on his back, pulling him on his laps, the young's ones around his hips. Stiles wrapped the wolf's neck with his arms and try to hide the embarrassment he was feeling all of a sudden. He knew what was coming and cursed himself for the fear that was taking over him. He bet Derek could feel it.

The Alpha's hands went under his shirt, touching his body with a tenderness that he would never thought the wolf would be capable of. He broke the kiss and buried his face in the boy's neck, licking and biting the warmed skin. Then he pulled up the shirt and took it off, revealing the thin muscular chest. He put his lips back on the skin, going down to the torso, his hands on his hips sticking hard against him. Stiles could feel the werewolf getting hard under him and his own pants were getting tighter as his arousal was increasing. His body suddenly tensed, his grip on the man's shoulders tightening and his heart racing a little more. Derek pulled away and looked at him intensely. His gaze was burning.

- Stiles… - he called him with a voice rough by the desire. – We don't have to… if you're not…

- What? No, no, it's fine. I… want to. – he answered, his face bright red.

- You're still afraid of me, I can smell it. I don't want you to…

- I'm not! I'm not afraid of you. I'm just… anxious. But I want it, really. There's no way I miss the chance to share my bed with the sexy Derek Hale.

- What do you mean "miss the chance"?

- Well, you know… You're here, hugging me, all aroused for me and…

- Are you saying that I'm just here to fuck you?

- No! No… I just thought that… okay, yeah it may be what I thought… but… apparently it isn't… - he said awkwardly, blushing a little more.

- I know I'm a jerk most of the time, but that doesn't mean I'm the kind of guy who takes any ass passing by.

- I… I'm sorry. How could I know you actually wanted me, like really ME. It's just… - he said, feeling ashamed.

- Stiles.

- Can we just go back to the moment we were not talking…

- Stiles.

- … and having fun before I ruined everything and…

- Stiles, shut up!

The young boy looked at him, not making any more sound. He looked like a child that had just been grounded. Derek sighed, exasperated.

- How can you possibly be so annoying and so adorable at the same time? – he said with a slight smile, hearing Stiles' heart skip a beat. – That's why I like you so much.

Stiles' eyes went wide and his pulse crazy. Derek kissed him, lying him on the back and getting on top of him. The boy opened his legs to greet him, wrapping his arms around his neck, pulling him closer. The kiss had started soft and tender but was now getting hot and passionate, making them both feverish under the growing desire they shared. Derek took off his own shirt, leaning back on his partner, to seal again their lips. One of his hands went down the boy's side, reaching the pants that he started to undone. Then he slipped it down with the underwear, freeing his erection and took it gently in his hand. He made slow in and out movements that became faster and faster, making Stiles arching and panting. Then he sat back, put away his own clothes while Stiles was totally kicking off the pants and boxers. Derek looked at him, grinning.

- What? Are you making fun of me? – he said, slightly pouting.

- I just wonder why you keep hiding yourself behind those large clothes. You have a well-built body.

- Hey! I allow nobody to joke about my jeans and hoodies. I love those. They're very comfortab… - he said offended before being cut off by Derek's lips.

The Alpha lied down, pressing his erection against the young's one, making him moans. He gently grabbed his legs, putting them up to get a better access and broke the kiss. He glanced again at the boy, a last silent questioning, giving him the chance to back off if he wanted to, but Stiles put a hand behind his neck and pulled him in for a fiery kiss, lightning a fire in the wolf's body. Once out of breath, they pulled back. Derek went licking and kissing and biting along his jaw, then down his throat to the shoulder. Stiles plunged his fingers in the soft dark hair, enjoying the delicious attentions. The dark-haired man put one of his hands at his ass and slowly inserted a finger inside him. The human tensed, arching his back and clenching his jaw to not let any sound of pain out. He tried to relax and to focus on the delight that the man's lips were giving him. Derek was very caring and soft. After a short moment, he started feeling his body getting used, as had Derek that was already preparing a second finger. Stiles was breathing hard, his hands now on the werewolf's shoulders were gripping him tightly. As Stiles was getting accustomed, he pulled out the fingers and put his penis at the entrance. He felt Stiles shiver, knowing what was next and anxious about it. He entered very slowly, checking any signs of unbearable pain on his lover's face. Stiles felt the big limb penetrating him, the pain increasing in his back but he bite his lower lip to stay in control of any hurt noise that could alarm his partner. Once he got totally in, Derek stayed still, giving time to the young man to relax. He saw his tensed face, eyes shut and frowning. He was hurting him. He got his torso up a little, getting on his hands and giving an unwanted bump with his hips that deepened him more inside of the young boy who suddenly let out a gasp, wrapping around the wolf's neck like if it was a lifebuoy. Derek got a little anxious.

- Stiles… Are you okay?

- Ye… Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry. – he answered with a trembling voice, out of breath.

- Stiles, you don't…

- Hell, Derek, I'm in heaven! Stop worrying, I'm more than fine. – he said, looking straight at him before smiling like an idiot while looking at him with lust - Now, I swear to you, if you're not moving like that again, I'll really get mad at you and you better check what you'll be eating in the next days to be sure there's no wolfs bane inside your food. Because that was SO good and I want a lot more. So stop worrying and do what you're supposed to do. Right now! – he said, pulling him for a passionate kiss, trying to hide his embarrassment.

Derek grinned, letting the boy stealing his lips and started to move back and forth, speeding along with the boy's panting and moaning. It didn't take long before the Alpha found the young's sensible point that sent him to infinite pleasure, making him feel dizzy. His arms were wrapped around the man's neck, digging his fingers in his shoulder bones. Derek was hitting him with powerful pushes, both breathing hard and aroused, body burning and sweat all over them. Stiles was doing his best to keep from screaming. He was not prepared for such great sensations. Feeling himself on the edge, he hugged his lover thigh before the hot white liquid spread between them. The werewolf followed few seconds after, burying his face in the pit of the boy's neck and shoulder. They were both trying to catch their breath. After a moment, Derek lied down at the side of the high school boy, who moved to his bedside table to get tissues.

- I'm sorry. I didn't have time to warn you, I didn't want to… - he said awkwardly while wiping the man's stomach off the sperm.

Derek put his hand on his mouth.

- It's okay. Stop panicking. – he answered before taking the tissue and wipe the boy's belly.

Then the wolf stood up and went to throw it in the nearest trash bin. He got his clothes and put his underwear and pants on before hearing irregular heartbeats. He glanced over to the still lying kid. His look was neutral but his pulse was betraying him. He was in distress. He went closer and sat on the edge of the bed, looking at him.

- Stiles, I am not running away or ditching you or anything you seemed to think. I just don't want your father finding me in your bed tomorrow morning. I don't feel it would end up well.

- I know. Why are you telling me this? I'm not freaking out. Why would I? I'm fine. Totally fine.

- How many times will I have to tell you that?! People can do their best to lie all they want but heart never lies. You can say anything you want, while I was getting my stuff, your heart has been going unsteady. That's the sign for insecurity. – he sighed, tired of the human' lies attempts.

- Did not! Stop listening to my heart beats. It's SO unfair! Damn your fucking wolfy superpowers. – he said, lying on his other side and turning his back at him, pouting.

Derek smiled fondly. He lied behind him and put an arm around his waist.

- Hey, stop sulking. You're acting like a child. – he said softly.

Stiles mumbled before pausing and turn back to face the wolf. He was grinning.

- Yeah, well, according to the law, I still am. What you have done tonight is called corruption of a minor.

- Oh, so you prefer we wait until your legal age to do it again? Too bad, I had plenty of other things to… show you for next times. Well we'll have to wait.

- No!... I mean, I didn't say that in that way… what kind of things? – he said, his face going red before he realized what he had say. – And how many times are you planning to do with me?

The question was weird and goofy but Derek knew what he was really asking. He made his offended face.

- What kind of image you have of me? Do I seem so emotionally out of reach? I thought I had been pretty obvious about what I wanted from you.

- Yeah, well sorry but you totally look like you don't want any emotional attachment. How am I supposed to believe you? I don't have super hearing to listen to your heart like you do.

- Sometimes you don't need to. – he whispered, putting the boy's hand on his chest where is heart was.

Stiles felt the normal beating under his palm. Derek moved closer to him and kissed him with such tenderness he would have never dreamt about. And at his big surprised, the Alpha's heart had been suddenly racing. When they broke the contact, Stiles refused to look at the man, clenching his lips to provide from the wide smile that wanted to stretch from part to part of his face. He cuddle against his lover and breathed deeply. He had never felt that good since a long time. He liked this sourwolf so much! It was almost insane, but the weird thing was that the man actually liked him back.

- I know you have to go but can you just… stay a little more please?

- Yeah. – he murmured, hugging him and kissing his forehead.

Stiles closed his eyes. The warmth of the wolf was comfortable. He was starting to fall asleep. He was afraid to wake up in the morning and realized that everything that happened tonight had just been a dream. He flied his hand back to the chest to feel his lover's heart. He needed something to hold on. He needed to tell him.

- Derek, I love you.

And just before the sleeping boat took him away, he had felt it. The rock he would keep holding on to. The promise that everything was real. Because the way the heart beneath his hand had stopped, jumped and then raced, it couldn't be a lie.


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