When he got home from school, Scott went straight to his room and threw his back-pack on the bed. He then sat at the edge of his bed putting his palms to his face. Something wasn't right. He could feel it. When he closed his eyes, all the memories of Allison flashed through his head. Almost in tears he heard a knock on his door "Come In!" He shouted. His mom, walked in. "Scott Scott Scott!" She yelled running beside him "Allison! She's Hurt! She got in a car accident!" Scott's jaw dropped, his heart practically stopped beating. He immediately got up running out his bedroom door, and then the front door. Jumping in his car he sped to the hospital finding the closest parking spot to the door. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. He ran to the desk worker "Argent, Allison argent!" He said with his voice shaking "Room 503" The desk worker replied. Running past people, he finally got to her rom, swinging the door open, there was Allison. Lying in the hospital bed, IV and all. Breaking down in tears he sat in the chair next to her bed. "Allison…" He mumbled and grabbed onto her hand holding it tight. "You can't leave me…" tears streaming down his face.

The last thing she could remember was people in white coats running around her, Scott's mom had been there. But then she'd been pulled into blackness and she haven't had the strength to fight against it. She gave in, letting herself be pulled into it. Allison slowly opened her eyes, the white room coming into focus slowly. The white walls, blue curtains and the light sound of the dripping tap from the bathroom was clear to her. She picked them out easily, but the sound of someone crying was new to her. She turned her head, her eyes fluttering shut for a moment before she opened them again. Her soft brown eyes meeting ones exactly like hers, a soft smile tugging at her lips. "I'm right here.." She muttered.

Tears filling his eyes even more. Gripping her hand even tighter. He felt her move, looking up…They met eyes. "A-a-Allison…" Scott said as his eyes grew wide, and a smile wiped on his face. He stood up, kissing her hard on her forehead "Are you okay Allison?" He said with much concern pressing his forehead against hers. Now gripping both of her hands. This was a good feeling. Scott was there. Scott was holding her. Scott was going to stay there until she was better. Scott was going to make her better.

"I'm fine Scotty, promise." The smile she held was weak but it never faded. Her eyes left never him, watching him as his forehead pressed against hers. "It's okay." She could see the tear marks down his cheeks, reaching her hand up slowly and faintly brushing a tear away. Her gaze left his for a moment, looking at the healing cuts on her arm. She probably looked even worst under all of the blankets and clothing she had on, she would remind herself to check later. "I saw your mom when I came in… She was asking if you were with me…" She cut off for a minute. "She thought you were in the car with me, Scotty."

"You're not fine, Allison. You're in the hospital. You're hurt." Scott said still having his forehead pressed against hers. As her hand laid on his cheek, a few more tears fell. He missed this. "It's not okay" He said sniffling. His eyes never left hers. All he could stare at was her beautiful face. It was always so hard for him not to stare at her all the time. He listened to Allison speak, her words were soft and sweet. "My mom thinks we still have a thing." He said finally breaking eyes contact wiping his nose with his arm "She always thinks I'm with you" Scott said meeting his eyes with hers again.

"You always were that's why, even when we shouldn't be." Allison let the weak and rough giggle escape from her lips as they were still in the same position with his forehead against hers. "I'm okay, I made it out. I'll heal, maybe not as quick as you but I will." Her eyes met with his again, the brown and gold flakes in his eyes mixing together. She remember how much she use to just sit and watch as they mixed together when they use to lay with each other. "I didn't think you would want to see me after what happened." Her voice turned into a whisper when she spoke, her gaze dropping from his as she closed her eyes for a second.

Scott had an idea and he listened to her speak. He laid his hand on her stomach, tensing it. Taking her pain away. Her pain went through his veins, making him cringe before it fading away. He knew he couldn't take all of her pain, but he wanted to help a little. "Better?" He said smiling.

"Thank you." Allison said as she gave a smile, he was still helping her after everything that had happened between them. She was still sorry that she'd hurt him, broken his heart even. But she hadn't meant to, she didn't know what was going on with her. She just knew there was something wasn't right. She watched him as his hand moved from her stomach, his soft touch fading. "You don't have to thank me Allison" Scott said running his hands down both her arms to her hands, grasping onto both of them. He didn't mind that Allison broke his heart, all he wanted was her back. He'd do anything to get her back too. "You didn't do anything to me Allison, all you did was make me fall in love with you, and that's not your fault" He said leaning in closer to her face, centimeters from her lips. The words 'I hurt you' fell from her mouth, and landed right on his heart. He could feel his eyes starting to well up. "That doesn't matter anymore…" He said sighing while a tear fell from his cheek landing on her chest. Allison watched him and it hurt her to know she'd hurt him so much, she removed one of her hands from his and brushed the tear stain away feeling her own eye well up. "I'm sorry, I really am. Plus don't say it doesn't matter any more because it does okay. I hurt someone I love and it's an awful thing that I did." Allison looked up at him, their soft brown eyes connecting before Allison looked down and closed her eyes. "I expect you to hate me, after what happened." She pressed her forehead against his, squeezing his hand slightly.

Scott was hurt, not only hurt…But heartbroken. He loved just looking at Allison, studying every perfect feature. His eyes scanning her face. "You don't have to be sorry, Allison" Hearing her tell him she loved him, almost mad him smile. He could hear her heartbeat slowing down…she was calming down. "I could never hate you" Scott replied rubbing his thumb on her hand as she squeezed his. Leaning his forehead against hers, they both made eye contact. Centimeters away from her lips he moved closer, touching noses. He scanned her eyes with his and slowly kissed her. Pressing his lips against hers.

Allison opened her eyes as she felt his breath against her lips, their eyes connecting as she felt his nose brushing against her own. She smiled as he kissed her, her dark brown eyes falling shut as she moved her free hand up to his neck and stroked her fingers down the back of it. Even though she'd only just broke up with him, she loved Scott and that was something that couldn't just fade. Allison deepened the kiss, her lips moving against his slowly as her fingers moved into his hair slightly.

Scott listening closely to her heart beat. Slowing down, it kept slowing. Growing softer as the kiss did . Until finally, it just stopped.