Isaac went back to his job the next morning. It was weird seeing someone he knew it at morgue, he mostly only dealt with strangers. Isaac has had to preserve bodies before, it's just his job. He knows he has to move the body into a refrigeration unit. The colder the body is, the slower decomposition will be. This will make it more difficult for bacteria to infest it, but before he does that he has to place absorbent padding at each of the openings of the body to prevent seepage. It a gnarly job, but if it means to bring Allison back, he'll do it for Scott.

The next step was to figure out a way to make up an explanation or excuse if Allison did come back, so Isaac had to pretend to tell the hospital that he saw Allison move, or breathe. Even though that was a complete lie, Melissa would be the only nurse in on it. Scott already told Melissa, she was happy that he was so creative, but inside she didn't think it would work. She did end up telling the hospital that there was a report that someone did see Allison's body move, and that report soon got to the cops and then everyone that knew Allison in Beacon Hills knew, including the whole school, And Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Isaac, Derek, are the only ones that really know whats going on. Currently.

Stiles was nervous about the transformation. He didn't know what was going to happen. He started thinking about when Derek said 'You shape shift into something that resembles the person you are" it worried Stiles. He wondered if he would shape shift into something that needed a mother. Because after all, that's what Stiles was lacking. He didn't want to be the one person that ruined this. Is was Wednesday afternoon, and Stiles was sitting in the cafeteria at there usual table next to Lydia. Over the past two days Lydia has become really attached to Stiles. Everyday at school, he would be the person she talked to, and Stiles was really digging it. It's like his 5 year plan was actually working. Yesterday in the hallway Lydia wrapped her arm around his. That was definitely the highlight of his day. He always enjoyed being in Lydia's presence, but when she actually acknowledged it, it was even better.

From a far, Scott noticed Stiles sitting at their table with Lydia. He smirked, he always wanted them together and he was pretty stoked that it was actually happening. He was walking with Isaac to the table and picked up an apple on the way. He sat in front of Stiles, like he usually does and Isaac sat next to Scott "Hey love birds" Isaac said smirking grabbing a french fry off Stiles' tray. Lydia started blushing and looked down at her feet, then she looked at Stiles who was looking out the window. She waved her hand in front of his face and snapped a few time "Stiles!" She finally yelled, it startled him, and he quickly jerked focusing his attention on Lydia "Yeah!? what?" Stiles said looking at Lydia then back at Scott and Isaac "Oh, Hey" He said awkwardly waving with three fingers. Scott looked at Stiles' food tray, and then noticed he Stiles hasn't touched any of his food. That's when Scott knew something wrong, if Stiles wasn't stuffing his face at lunch, something was off "Stiles, are you alright?" Scott asked pointing at his food. Stiles looked down, and looked back at "Oh ya know, just watching my girlish figure, I'm actually thinking about becoming a model." Stiles said scooting his food tray over to Isaac, letting him finish it. Scott knew he was worried about getting the bite. He figured after school he'd walk with him down to The Hale house so he could talk to Derek about it. Scott figured that might make him more comfortable with the whole situation. Isaac started munching on the french fries, Then in walked Erica Reyes and Boyd. Walking straight to their table.

Erica ran her fingers down Scott's neck and back and leaned over whispering quite loudly, "I'm super sorry about your loss." Her nails were painted a dark red color, that matched the color of the pumps she had on. Along with those she had black skinny jeans that complimented her figure in all the right ways and a cheetah print tube top with a leather jacket over that. Every guy in the school would admit they had a crush on Erica, including Scott. Boyd on the other hand rolled his eyes and patted Scott on the shoulder saying "Hey man, I'm really sorry about Allison" He said then took a seat next to Isaac and he shared the french fries with Boyd. "So Scott..." He said, twirling her hair with her fingers laying her other hand on his thigh "How have you been?" She said in this fake concerned voice. Scott didn't answer he looked down at her hand then at her face. He clenched his jaw and gritted his teeth. "It's okay Scott" Erica said rubbing his thigh "Derek told me the plan." She looked over at Stiles and winked "Looks like Stilinski is going to be our new puppy" Erica smiled liking her lips. Scott remembered he still had to talk to Peter about the plan, he figured he'd do that after school too. Boyd leaned over to make eyes contact with Scott "Should we tell Chris Argent?" He said biting a french fry and everyone looked at each other. Lydia spoke up, "I think we should Scott. I feel like he has the right to know." She tucked a few strands on hair behind her ear and laid her hand on top of Stiles' under the table.

The bell rang and Erica got up first looking at her reflection in the window. Boyd and Isaac went to their next class, and Stiles and Lydia were walking in the hallway Erica turned around and Scott was still sitting down. She went over and sat next to him again, she laid her hand on top of his "Scott, I really am sorry." Scott moved his hand out from under hers pretty quickly. "I might not look like it..." Erica went on "But, under all this, I'm still the same insecure Erica that seized in class and got made fun of 24-7." Scott looked up from the ground making eye contact with Erica and this time, he laid his hand on top of hers. "I know" Scott let out a big sigh and stood up beginning to walk away, Erica stood up right after him "Scott wait!" She yelled, he turned around and she ran over to him wrapping her arms around his neck. Scott was surprised, he hugged her back wrapping his arms around her waist holding her tight. Scott was vulnerable at this point. "You helped me when I needed it" Erica whispered "I'll help you when you need it" They stayed hugging for a little while, then went there separate ways.

Meanwhile in the hallway, Stiles walked to Lydia's locker with her. She opened her locker, and Stiles waited patiently for her to gather her things. He had his back against the locker next to hers and his arms were crossed and his mind was somewhere else. Lydia closed her locker and the sound made Stiles snap back into it. "So Stiles..." She went on. Stiles uncrossed his arms and made eye contact with her beautiful green eyes. "Would you you mind if after school, I went to your house? I need some help in biology..." Lydia said licking her lips "But you- oh, OH! Yeah, Yeah, sure, Of course, I could help you out in biology" Stiles answered nervously. "Good!" Lydia said cocking her head then moving closer to Stiles "Because I need a lot of help in that class" Lydia whispered getting closer to Stiles almost touching noses. Stiles stomach had butterflies. He's sure at this point he was more pale than usual. His hands started getting clammy. He picked up his arms and set them on her waist as she laid one of her hands on his neck because the other had her book in it. Lydia pressed her lips against Stiles'. Her lip fitting perfectly between his top lip and bottom lip. Stiles was sure he was blushing. Fireworks were going off in his head, and everything he had been thinking about all day disappeared and everything was focused on Lydia. She pulled back biting her lip and walking off to class. Stiles on the other hand, kept his back against the locker and his hands were still in the air as if Lydia was still there, plus his mouth was open in awe. It wasn't exactly how he thought him and Lydia's first kiss would of been, but it was amazing none the less. Stiles laughed and the late bell rang "Oh shit" He groaned before taking off down the hallway to his class.