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Ch. 14: Signs of regret pt 2

Natalie remained quiet after responding to Juice. She could feel Juice's eyes as every 2-3 minutes he would give her a sidelong glance. How do you explain your own special brand of chaos to another? How do you break down walls that were put in place so long ago that you can't remember ever not having them? Juice pulled up in front of her apartment and Natalie slowly climbed the stairs to her door.

Juice watched her as she walked dejectedly up the stairs. 'Nat, do you even want me to come up?'

Natalie turned slowly at her front door and gave Juice a pale simile of her usual smile. 'I really need you to stay. But I'll understand if you don't want to, I can barely stand my own company right now.'

'What's going on?'

'Can we just get inside first?'

Juice watched her as she climbed her stairs slowly like each step was a physical struggle. What is going on with her? As much as I want to drill her a new one, even as social retarded as I am I can tell now is not the time.

'You know what Nat, just lay down. I'll draw you a bath.'

'Juice you really don't have-'

'No, don't worry about it.' At the top of the steps he turns to the prospect. 'I'll be here, let Jax and the guys know I have my pre-paid on. '

As he ushers Natalie into her apartment he thinks, maybe that file can shed some light on all this.