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Tactician and the series

How many years had it been he wondered?

When was the last time that he had received any kind of stubborn and ground breaking recognition for his world saving achievements?

Mark leaned back into his chair, a heavy sigh escaping his lips,

"all the good I do these people and what do I get in return? Some slight acknowledgment and 'thank you' from the cast… I didn't even get married Dammit! I might be the culminated genius of 10,000 tactical minds, but where is my recognition!? Where's my happy ending!? WHERE'S MY HOT WAIFU!? Eliwood Got Ninian, Hector got Florina, Rath got Lyn, and everybody else in the damned army got a good wife! Why can't I express my love!"

The random piece of imagination named Mark slumped forward on his computer in hammer space and started to weep bitter tears for his Hand of God status.

Sure, it was nice to control people, but where was the love?

As he started to beat his hand against the desk, Mark accidently hit the mouse, clicking on the saved tab called the fire emblem wiki.

He looked up when he heard the ever annoying sound of advertisement and saw the newest Fire Emblem game, Awakening.

Mark let a scowl come across his face,

"Great, a new one… wonder who the lucky pompadour is who gets all the ladies in this game… Frikken roy... him and his Pimp statues..."

He had never looked at the game, his loathing for Nintendo stopping him from looking up anymore games from them after what they did to him.

But just for the hell of it, he decided to look over at the new game.

Who knows? Maybe he could find another cute girl in there he could imagine having, but never will.

However, the more he researched, the more interest he found in the game,

"Huh… double teaming… when I tried to introduce the concept to Hector, he was so baffled that I'm quite sure that I almost broke the physics of the world…"

As Mark looked over the rest of the game and its functions (which he found quite interesting) he came across one piece of Info that gave him hope like no other,

"what's this… Unnamed Tactician? Can it be!? YES! I'm back! look out world! I'm coming back!"

However, the best part of his eternally scorned existence turned into a new light when he read one little info bit,

"M-M-M-MARRIED!? I CAN GET MARRIED!-? And not just to one preset girl either! If it's got tits, I can marry it! FINALLY! IT'S MY T-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E!-!-!-!-!-!-!-! Beautiful waifu, here I come!"

in the next instant, mark opened a hole in space time and jumped through it, his thought's as excited on this new game as his Libido was. He was going to enjoy multiple play through this time around…

anybody else excited about the new fire emblem game coming out for the 3DS? I know I am! turns out that Roy doesn't hold the Pimp title anymore from what I read...

Now back to writing my real stories.

In the off chance that somebody made something like this already, I am sorry if it seems like I have ripped you off