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Billy's POV

"Billy!" I hear Janey before I see her i wish she knew how much i loved her. Yeah I know i'm dating Zoe but I'm not in love with her the way I am with Jane.

"Over here Janey!" I can practically see the smile on her face, she always smiles when I call her Janey.

"Guess what Nick finally asked me out we are going on a date tomorrow! I'm so excited. What do you think I should wear." Typical Janey asking questions a mile a minute and worrying about her apperance. I don't know why though she really doesnt know how great she is. She looks like an angel all the time she so beautiful with her curly hair and her big doe eyes I would always say yes to her. I must have been deep in my thoughts because next thing I know Jane is waving her hand in front of my face.

"Earth to Billy i've been trying to get your attention for like five minutes." She starts laughing ive known that laugh since kindergarten and I love it more everytime I hear it.

"Sorry must have just been overthinking. Anyway what was your question?" I was praying she wouldnt ask me what I was thinking about.

"I asked what outfit should I wear?" Oh Janey.

" Janey, Nick will love you in what ever you have on,(your beautiful all the time.) and i know you'll figure it out you are the one with a job in the fashion industry." I say smiling remembering all the times i've helped her out of jams. No matter what I'll always be there for her.

"I know." she says also smiling "But i really want Nick to like me."

"Janey if he dont like you then he's stupid amd if he hurts you he has to deal with me dont ever doubt how great you are janey no guy is worth that." I ment every word of what I just said to.

"Awww Billy that was so sweet." "Now I love you but I have to get to work or grey will bite my head off, but are we still on for tonight."

"Yes pizza and movies at your house tonight."

"And maybe sleepover since Ben's away." ahe says with her signature doe eyed look

"Of course Janey." I really cant say no.

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