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BILLY'S P.O.V (back at school after he droped Jane off at the train)

I sat there thinking about my Janey. Who cared if the teacher was going on about some test. I sat there thinking about the future I so badly desired. I have to tell her soon before she falls for Fadden. Even his name seems like a vile poison it made me angry. He better not brake my Janey's heart or I'll brake that pretty little face of his. I think it's time for a little with him (Bell rings and he gets up from the table and started his journey to find the "Famous" Nick Fadden.)

Jane's P.O.V ( On the train)

I wish Billy knew I loved him in a totally unplatonic way. He has Zoe and she makes him happy. ( I mean he did "IT" with her, and she was the first one to make him laugh since he came back from Juvie.) I don't want to take that away from him. I love him but his happiness means more than mine. If being friends is the only way to keep him in my life then so be it. He has always been my rock and my shelter, but more importantly he's my friend he's been with me through everything. Even the death of my dad and my mom leaving, through every broken heart and hurt feelings he's been there and it means to much for me to loose that. ( The train stopped and Jane got off.) I walked with my head held high and a smile on my face sure going to my dream job was great but what I was honestly so happy about was the thought of my best friend. I just hope Zoe don't take him away. Her name gives me chills. My ringtone goes off.

I put my heart where my head should be

And light up the rest of me

'Cause my dreams they wont fall apart

Through the start, it starts

When your life is a work of art

It's my favorite song and I love 1D. Every song they write i have to hear it Ben hates them but hey blame Carter and Jeremy. (1)

Anyway Grey texted me to get to the office now because she was about to start an important meeting. I started running in my stiletoes, which by the way I have successfully mastered. It scares Billy, he thinks i'll fall and hurt myself. I reached the doors of Donavon Decker and ran to the meeting room. Just in time to because the meeting just started and I hop in the seat next to Carter he looks over and smiles and I smile back. I love him he's my bestfriend here and he's the only one who knows my little secret. When I see Grey the smile disappears from my face she looks angry and that scares the crap out of me. If looks could kill we'd all be dead. I think Carter notices to because the smile dissappears from his face to.

Grey looks around to see if everyone's here and everyone must be because she starts talking. Apparently someones selling our ideas and Donavon isn't happy and neither is Grey she has this whole thing about loyalty. Which I completley understand.

" Alrigth everyone can get back to work now!" she finishes "Except for you Jane Quinby." Carter gives me a sad smile and India gives me a triumphant smile. Oh how that woman hates me so. What did I ever do.

Soon the room is empty and its just me and Grey. I start talking a mile a minute. " GreyI'msosorrywhateverIdidpleasedo n'tfireme!" I say all in one breath. I open my mouth to start again but Grey puts her hand up to stop me so I close my mouth.

"I'm not fireing you I need you to find out who's selling our Ideas." Grey said. with a bit of an evil smile which by the way is the only smile you'll ever see out of Grey Chandler Murry.

"Oh I can do that. Any ideas who it might be?" I ask curious

" Well I'm not 100% certain but i'm pretty sure it is Inda." She said wearily

" Why would Inda do this?" I ask

" Because she detests me." she said stonily I guess the feeling must be mutual.

" Ok I will get right on that." Well this should be fun as if she doesn't already hate me how am I supposed to find this out. I know, I'll get Billy's help.

"That's all for now Jane." She said airly. I get up and leave.

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