Princess Tutu: Teased Maid.

Disclaimer: Just so I don't forget! I don't own Princess Tutu! Or anything... If I did... I'd make a sequel to it!

Well... I've always wanted to make a maid story for Princess Tutu! ^^ This is Ahiru x Fakir! I'll be using Ahiru as her name! Oh! And Mytho x Rue! And so forth and so forth! Aw... I should've made Drosselmeyer do the disclaimer... Because he was so mean!

Well... On with it!

~Ahiru's POV~

I opened my eyes slowly. Another day~ But I'm so tired...

Ugh... It's so cold today!

I can't live in a tent forever, huh? Well Lillie and Pique did offer... But I lied to them saying I was living with my Uncle... Drosselmeyer... But... Well...

Ah! No worrying right now! I'll be late for school!

My baby, blue eyes shot wide open and I threw on my school uniform.

My salmon-pink hair in its usual braided ponytail. And that piece of hair I started calling 'Lucky', stood proud on the top of my head.

On my way to school. I saw a ***Maid Needed*** Poster... I kept reading down and down, some things caught my attention.

***Maid will be given place to sleep.***

***They will be paid $50.00 per week.***

***They have to cook, clean, and be obeident and respectful.***

This was just the job! My eyes gleamed, and I started to run to school, joyfully.

I found myself nearly to the gates. I started to daydream about the wonderful, life-saving job. And stupidly closed my eyes.

When I opened them I was about to bump into somebody... Oh no. Oh no! OH NO!

I ended up falling onto the person.

"Oi! Get the hell off!" The person yelled.

Wait. That voice. I opened my eyes. Those green eyes, clashing with my baby blue. That black hair.


"Ah! I'm so sorry!" I yelled, and jumped off.

He was getting ready to yell at me, and so embarrass me. Until Mytho-sempai, his brother, came and saved me.

"F-Fakir? C'mon... We should just get to class..." He said, shooting an apologetic look towards me. I blushed.

Mytho. The shy, kind, popular prince. Yet. He always looks so lonely... And... Even though I can't do much... I just want to help him smile...

Before I knew it. Lillie and Pique had pounced on me.

"Qu-Ah!" I screamed.

"Heya Ahiru!" Lillie yelled... In my ear.

"H-hey Lillie. And Pique..." I scaredly greeted. They both scared me.

"Well... Let's get to class," Pique said and we all walked to class. They both went on talking. And I was just there. Just gonna get through the day... You know? But I kept smiling. I don't need them to worry about me!

We were finally done with all the regular-basic classes, and we got to do my soul- my passion and my most favorite class in school- Ballet.

I smiled, as I walked to the changing room. I saw Rue-chan- Mytho-sempai's-gorgeous and talented girlfriend. I blushed just lloking at her. Not only was she gorgeous and talented. She was so polite to everyone.

I shook it off and knew that I couldn't be late for class... Or Neko-sensai will surely punish me! Ugh...

Getting my leotard on and putting my hair into a bun, with my sweat band on, I ran into class. Only to be the last out.


Oh no...

"For being late... I will have to punish you!" Neko-sensai yelled.

Oh crap...

"For your punishment! You will have to marry me!"

"Oh Neko-sensai! Please excuse our clumsy duck!" Pique yelled.

"She's too clumsy and stupid! It won't happen again!" Lillie added.

Wow... I actually think it's working...

He just glared and started to continuously smooth and comb his hair with his hands...

We all chose a spot to start stretching and excersizing.

Neko-sensai then started to group all of us together.

"Rue and Mytho," Neko-sensai said. Aww... I was hoping I would be paired with Mytho-sempai. "Lillie and Femio," Well countless of times have I heard Lillie say she liked Femio... Go Lillie! "Pique and Autor," I saw Pique blush... "Ahiru and Fakir."

No. No! NO!

Why? Anybody but him!

He continued to call names. He finished the list. And told us all to go to our partners and practice. For at the class we'll have to dance infront of everyone.


I shakely turned my head to him. And got up to walk over to him.

"Just don't make a fool of yourself and myself as we dance," he muttered to me.

"Oh yea-?!" I started, when he said.

"Just follow my lead, you clumsy duck," he sighed in annoyance, then pulled me into the pan de puex.

Twist... Turn... Bow... Flip...

This is too complicated!

He lifted me up into the air, where my back leg stayed up. I blushed.

... This is too fun!...

The dance finally ended, and I couldn't believe that I actually landed, gracefully.

"Your not as terrible as I thought," he smirked at me. "Your worse."

I blushed and wanted to counter. But just couldn't. Thankfully, Neko-sensai saved me.

"Ok everybody. It's 55 minutes left of class. So we'd better get all the dances finished."

All of the dancers had only 5 minutes to do their dance and run off.

Fakir and I were at the middle-ish mark. 25 minutes...

We started the dance.

Twist... Turn... Bow... Flip...

Ah! Into the air!

I accidently hit Fakir in the nose... He grunted a bit, and held me up.

I was sweating and blushing. Oh no. I robably got on his bad side. Again!

The dance ended. Neko-sensai clapped as we bowed.

Then all of the class started clapping.

I was still flushed, Fakir grunted and then muttered to me,

"I thought I told you to stay out of my way."

I started to glare, but then instead muttered,


He just stared and then muttered,


Walking away.

Oh no! I'm still on his bad side. Arn't I?!

I awkwardly walked to my place and sat down.

Waiting for class to end...


Yes! Class is over!

I immdeiately ran out and hummed. Right! I have that job! I'm so happy!

Pique and Lillie stared at me as I threw my clothes on and ran out.

-Place to sleep! Great pay!- Is what ran through my mind. As I ran to the address.

I came upon the house, it was HUGE!

I blushed and walked up to the door, ringing the fancy doorbell.

The person to answer it surprised me more than I could ever imagine...

I stared wide-eyed.

As baby blue clashed with venomous green.

I won't leave this story for months and leave on edge! (For those who enjoyed.)

Oh! I hope you all enjoy!