Princess Tutu: Teased Maid

Chapter: 6- Confusion and Embarrassment

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~Ahiru's POV~

We arrived at the house, and Fakir ordered me to get the maid outfit on.

I pouted as I walked to my room, where I had the outfit folded in one of the dresser drawers.

"Hm..." I hummed a bit.

Rue really was beautiful and graceful.

No wonder Mytho loved her so.

I could just tell.

And Rue seemed to have felt the same.

Nobody could love Mytho as much as Rue does...

I'm impressed! I hope I could fall in love with someone and love them as much as Rue does!

Without even knowing, I already had the outfit on.

Well! Time to get to work!

Um... The house is actually clean enough... Why do I need this on then? I remember Charon telling me that I only needed it when I was cleaning and such...

Fakir has explaining to do! Making me put this on for no reason!

I walked down the stairs, a bit grumpy.

"Fakir!" I yelled.

"Master," he smirked.


"Master. You are to address us as Master when a guest is here."

I stared, a bit dumbfounded and surprised. Then I blushed, he was talking about to Rue.

"M-Master," I started, and knew I had nothing to talk about... Since basically he just explained why I was wearing this outfit. "What jobs do you have for me today?"

"Bring some tea and snacks," he told me. I blushed and did so.

Phew... I kind of saved myself from embarrassment...

I made the tea and a few little snacks. Just small little cakes.

Does Fakir even like sweet things?

I took the platter of tea and snacks out to everyone.

"Wow. What kind of tea is this?" Rue smiled, warmly.

"Oh..." I blushed and answered, "Jasmine."

"Oh really! One of my favorites!" Well... Haha! What I was thinking earlier! Noone like Rue could be jealous! She's really nice! "But... I was thinking you'd make Yunnan... It's Mytho's favorite."

Yunnan... That was in the cabinet! But... Jasmine looked like it was rarely used... So...

"Oh! Well... I-I didn't know! I'm sorry! I just thought that since Jasmine was barely used then I should have used that and... Ah! Do you want me to go make Yunnan instead?" I rambled.

"No. No!" She chuckled, and I blushed. "It's fine!"

I smiled a bit.

"Thank you, Ahiru," Mytho quietly said.

"Right," Fakir scoffed.

I smiled.

"Oh Ahiru, please. You don't need to be so formal! You can go take off that maid outfit!" Rue laughed.

I looked confused, then smiled and nodded.

I walked up to my room, then changed into something casual.

Yellow shorts that went down to my knees and a yellow short-sleeved shirt.

I then took my pendant and put that on as well...

I then went to the dining room with everyone.

We started to talk.

The conversation will be in the next chapter...

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