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Chapter One

'Six months, it's been six months since Norman died, I broke up with Liz, Harry is still with Gwen and the only thing I did all summer was try to do as much good as I could as Spider-man' Peter Parker thought to himself as he entered Mid Town High for the first day of his senior year. 'Not sure if school starting up is a good thing or a bad thing, guess I will just have to find out' Peter sighed as he walked towards his home room class.

"Hey there Tiger" Peter turns to see Mary-Jane Watson walking towards him. "How have you been? I barely heard from you all summer."

"Oh sorry MJ, I have just been trying to keep myself busy you know, trying not to think about things." Peter replied just letting the sentence hang

"Don't sweat it Tiger, things will work out, I am sure of it. It's a new year and a time for a new start." MJ smiled as they entered their home room and took their seats. Luckily Harry and Gwen were not in the same home room; Peter really didn't want to deal with all that just yet. He hadn't spoken to Harry at all over the summer. He also avoided Gwen as much as possible though she did get in trouble a few times and Spider-man came to her rescue, much to the aggravation of Harry who still wanted Spider-man to pay for killing his father.

After a few minutes of waiting and listening to Flash brag about some football camp he went to over the summer and how he was going to get back on the team, the bell sounded and the teacher walked in.

Home room ended rather quickly with the teacher going over the rules of the school and new or supposedly important things that will happen during the year before the bell rang and class ended.

Peter left the class not wanting to socialize with anyone during the short break and made his way to his AP Chemistry class and took his usual seat at a lab station near the front of the room. Opening his book he started reading the first chapter most of which he already knew.

Peter and Gwen were the only ones able to answer all the teacher's questions, but there was this cold awkward air around them when the other was talking. Not even the teacher picked up on it but a few of the students did. Gwen was certainly able to feel it coming off form Peter

After class Gwen approached Peter and was visibly upset. "Peter, I have to talk to you." She said in a stern voice giving him 'the look'.

'Aw crap not the look' Peter thought to himself. "Sure Gwen what's up?"

"What's up? What's up? Pete you barley spoke to me at the end of last year! And then over the summer I didn't see or hear from you at all!" Gwen yelled in the now empty classroom. "We used to be so close Pete. What happened to that?"

"What happened!? Gwen I broke up with Liz to be with you, and you said you would break it off with Harry for me! And when the time came for us to finally get together you chose to stay with Harry." Peter sighed. "Gwen that crushed me, and honestly I just can't stand hearing Harry's rants about Spider-man. I gave you time and space to decide what you really wanted, and you are still with Harry so you made your choice."

"Pete I…" Gwen was at a loss for words she was trying to keep Harry from going back onto The Green but in the proses she really hurt Peter.

"I gota go Gwen, I got English class I have to get to." Peter turned and left the room and headed to his class. The next few periods passed quickly and Peter soon found himself in the cafeteria eating his lunch. Originally he was sitting at the table alone but a quick hug from behind changed that.

"Petey!" Liz Allen yelled as she finished her hug and sat down next to Peter. "It's so good to see you Petey! How was your summer?"

Peter smiled "It was good Liz didn't really do much." Peter was genuinely happy to see Liz. Despite their messy break up they managed to salvage their relationship and continued on being very close friends. Liz often would hug and flirt slightly with Peter, they would laugh and joke around much as he and Gwen used to. He spent more time with Liz over the summer then with anyone else, even going to Coney Island a couple of times. "How was yours?"

"It was great! Went to the beach with my family, also visited my brother a couple of times. He is doing a lot better and is getting the help he needs. It was really exciting at times. I even got rescued by Spider-man a few times, but then again you should know about all that because there was a picture in the Bugle almost every day with your name on it" she giggled the last part

'Great my ex turned best friend still has that mega huge crush on Spider-man' Peter sighed to himself "yeah well I wanted to get as much work in as I could and help my aunt out as much as I could. The assistant editor Mr. Robertson even helped me some letting me shadow some of the reporters and learning to be a real news photographer."

"Petey that's amazing!" Liz smiled as she gave Peter another quick hug.

MJ walks up then and sits down on across from Peter smiling at him she uses her own nick name for Peter "Hey Tiger"

Liz giggles a bit at MJ's appearance and Peter being a bit unnerved at what to do when surrounded by two beautiful girls. "Oh yeah I also went to the really awesome school for a few weeks!" Liz said.

Both MJ and Peter looked at Liz and said "You found a school you liked?"

"Yeah well it's not really a school for just anyone. I met a lot of really cool people there!" she laughed obviously excited about it. She then pulled out her phone which had been going off in her purse. "That's actually one of the friends I made at the Institute! Hold on." She answered the phone and began talking to the person on the other end. Peter and MJ were listening closely with interest as to what kind of people could make Liz interested in a school. "Oh hey Kitty how's it going? Oh you're in town for a few days, that's awesome! Yeah I get it you had to get away from Bobby after that whole thing. Well at least the Professor is letting you get out of the house for a while. What was that? You brought Amara with you? That's awesome! What? And Jean? Aw well it could be worse. Yeah it could have been Mr. Logan hahaha. Well I gota go lunch period is about to be over I will see you after school? Great!" Liz smiled as she hung up the phone and turned to Peter and MJ. "Kitty is a good friend of mine at the Institute, we really got along great and Amara was my roommate while I was staying there, even though she is a foreign exchange student we found out we had so much in common, all three of us." Liz said with a grin.

"Like what?" MJ asked innocently

"Like we all have a huge crush on Spiderman!" Liz giggled just as the ending bell rung. Neither girl noticed Peter chocking after that last statement as the two girls laughed and walked to class together.

The rest of the school day ended a few periods after lunch where Peter made his way to the school roof and donned his costume.

"Time to get to work" he said as he swung off into the city.

Spider-man swung above the crowded streets of New York humming a little tune to himself, going on his afternoon patrol after school. With Tombstone AKA The Big Man under federal surveillance the city had become more of a free-for-all for the lower crooks. Some of the super-powered baddies took this opportunity to form their own little gangs especially Doc Ock but so far he had been mostly quiet. It had been almost a week since school had started and during that time Spidey caught Rhino robbing a jewelry store, the enforcers from robbing a bank, and the Vulture from ransacking what was once the Oscorp science facility.

That had been one exciting evening. With Norman Osborn gone the company was bought out by Stark Industries and Tony Stark made several appearances in New York, usually at swanky uptown parties. But that night Tony made an appearance at his new facility not in a stylish business suit but instead in his Iron-Man armor. He took Vulture down hard while Spidey had him distracted. He even complemented Spider-man on "A job well done" this had Peter on cloud nine. He got complemented by one of the most famous and powerful heroes around!

Though it was odd, Spider-man hadn't seen any sign of Flint Marko aka Sand-man or Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat. A part of him was glad that she dropped off the radar; he really didn't want to face her again after their encounter in the prison with her father. Though he didn't hold anything against her, he could never forgive her father for murdering Uncle Ben. Her final words to him, the hatred in her voice and the tears in her eyes, he was glad that his mask hid his eyes because he couldn't stand to look at her like that.

His thoughts were broken by a sudden lightning strike coming from what he knew was a popular mall. He quickly swung into action finding at the mall a very irritated Max Dillon aka Electro at the jewelry counter.

"Hey there Sparky! I know diamonds are a girl's best friend but I just don't think it goes with your eyes" Spidey quipped webbing up Electro's head and bashing him with a wooden plank.

Electro tore the webbing off with a blast of electricity and screamed "YOU! I will FRY YOU!" as he hurled lighting blasts at Spider-man

"Aww come one Maxie why do you have to be like that?" Spider-man whined sarcastically as he dodged the blasts.

"I told you before my name is ELECTRO!" he yelled sending and arcing electric wave towards the ceiling. Though not a threat to Spidey it was a threat to an innocent civilian. Spider-man quickly jumped into action zip-lining across the floor and rescuing the girl in trouble.

"Wow this is a dream come true!" the girl exclaimed as she help on to Spider-man. When he looked down he found a girl with long curly brown hair, brown eyes and a Star of David hanging from a gold necklace. Swinging down to the lower level of the mall Spiderman stopped near a door.

"Umm you can let go now." He sighed before the brunet reluctantly released her hero. "go out that door and go get the police, I will handle Mr. Bright Light." He turned away heading back to finish the fight with Electro

"No wait! I can help!" she shouted

"No way it's too dangerous. You go get help." Spider-man turned to her letting her know he was serious.

"Fine. Name's Kitty by the way." Kitty sighed and just as Spider-man was about to turn back to the fight with Electro out of the corner of his eye he saw Kitty go right through the door, not opening the door but walking right through it.

'Well that's not something you see every day' Spider-man thought just barely dodging another one of Electro's power blasts. 'I will have to figure that later' he mentally sighed webbing Electro up and smashing him up against a concrete column. This knocked Electro out and Spider-man webbed him to the column. Just then sirens approached and officers entered the mall, moving in to arrest Electro. "Well then Sparky it's been fun but I gota swing." Spider-man gave the knocked out Electro a small wave before he swung out of the mall skylight grabbing the camera he had placed on his way out. He then quickly swung up into the upper parts of the taller buildings as he made his way home to Forest Hills.

Unknown to Peter he was being watched from the rooftops by two figures. The first a man in a long black trench-coat smiled "The kids got potential that much is evident. What do you think agent?"

The second figure a women with long red hair answered "Defiantly Director, but we will need to know who he is under that mask." He voice slightly pitched by her Russian accent.

"I think I know a way to find that out" he smirked as he pulled out the latest issue of the Daily Bugle. "Parker now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time"