It has been a few weeks since the press conference with Fury and Peter was having a great time. School was great with hanging out with Liz and MJ made it bearable even though Gwen was avoiding him after their fight and Harry was royally pissed at him for upsetting Gwen. In a rare occurrence Peter was actually hanging out at the school after class rather than heading home. MJ had rehearsal for the next school play and Liz had cheerleading practice so Peter decided to stay and watch Liz practice. Whenever she was in a maneuver Liz's face was always so focused on what she was doing, she smiled but in her eyes you could tell that she was focused on the technique that is until she looked at Peter and her eyes suddenly brightened.

"Ugh god Liz why are you still so hung up on puny Parker." Fellow cheerleader Sally said to her during a break between routines.

"I have told you this before Sally, Peter is a great guy. I was wrong to do what I did to him and humiliate him like that. I was such a bitch to him before, especially before we got together but he was always kind and sweet. When we broke it off it was a confusing time for both of us." Liz replied exasperated at having to explain this several times before. "Now can you just drop it and let me be happy, let me be myself." She finished causing Sally to just gape her mouth at what Liz said but didn't make any kind of argument.

After practice Liz came and sat down with Peter. "Hey Liz that was some routine." Peter smiled at her as she chugged a bottle of water.

"Thanks Petey!" Liz slurred out as she chugged the last of her water. "I wanted to get a really good practice in because we got big plans this weekend!" She smiled giving Peter a flirty glance.

"What kind of plans?" Peter said "As far as I know I don't have anything special going on this weekend."

Liz gave Peter her 'Are you kidding me' look. "Peter you can't be serious, you forgot? How can you forget that?"

'Aw crap I'm in trouble now. What could I have forgotten?' Peter thought as he desperately tried to remember something

"Peter, your birthday?" Liz said as Peter suddenly realized that it was his birthday this Saturday. "Haha Petey you are the only person I know that can forget their own birthday!" Liz laughed "Well I was thinking why don't we throw a little party? You know blow off some steam. We can invite whoever you want!" she said excitedly.

And so the two of them got together a guest list that wasn't that long consisting of Rand Robertson, who of course was going to bring Sally, not that Peter had a problem with Rand. The two of them actually got along really well and with all that his dad told him about Peter, Rand had to give Peter some respect. MJ and Sha Shan also made the guest list and Flash if he promised to behave. He did mention a girl he met that he was going to ask if she wanted to come. Liz looked a little down after he said that but told him it was ok. He would ask Felicia about it when they patrolled later that night.

Later That Night

Felicia was the first on the scene as Rhino started tearing through a plaza jewelry store. 'Alright Felicia it's your first fight with a super powered baddie no biggie Rhino may be big but he is also stupid.' She thought to herself as she dove into action.

O'Hirn didn't even bat an eye as the Black Cat swung into the jewelry store. "Beat it kitty, this score is all mine." He grunted

"Aww and here I thought I'd get to have some fun." She teased knowing it would throw the brute off. Though it didn't faze him as much as she thought, all he did was turn to her lean down and growl at her. This suited Cat just fine as she sprayed him right in the face with some heavy grade mace.

"AHHHHH MY EYES!" Rhino shouted as he stumbled out into the street just in time for Felicia's favorite hero to arrive.

Upon seeing Felicia Peter just couldn't help but quip "Yeah O'Hirn I know she is beautiful but you must have seen women before right? Or did your mommy not give you the talk?" he smirked dodging the brute's attempts to grab him.

"Aww honey you're so sweet." Felicia flirted "I love it when you compliment me especially when we do these things as a couple." Both of them continued to dodge Rhino's attacks keeping him going around in circles.

"That reminds me Cat, my birthday is coming up and a friend of mine is throwing me a party." Spiderman informed his feline friend dodging another one of Rhino's blows.

Cat using her whip swung around Rhino's horn. "Well that's awfully nice, I could use a good party to help me relax. Though I was hoping we could celebrate your birthday more privately." She purred the last part seductively.

"Wait are you two?" Rhino huffed as he tired from all the moving around. To which Cat only smirked and giggled, and Spiderman turned, looked at Cat and then nodded. That was all it took for Rhino to lose it. With one massive nose bleed he was out for the count just as the police were showing up.

As the duo swung off Peter turned to Felicia. "So I am guessing I will pick you up around 7?" Peter said waiting for her flirty response.

"Oh I will be waiting Spider, eagerly." She purred as they went their separate ways for the night.

Saturday night.

As Peter approached Felicia's Manhattan apartment he couldn't help but realize that she lived in the same plaza district as Liz and Harry. It wasn't anything profound but one of those details you notice and are surprised you never noticed it before. 'Though that might be because I never have been to Felicia's place before. Sure she told me where it is but usually we just go our separate ways after patrol.' Peter thought to himself nervously as he ascended in the elevator to Felicia's apartment room 1221.

He was wearing a deep red button down shirt and black slacks to the party. As usual he wore his Spiderman suit underneath it just in case. He knew Felicia loved dressing up and he had to remind her that this was a birthday party with a bunch of high-schoolers.

When he reached the door he nervously knocked, even after dating Liz never really got him over that slight fear he got when around girls at least in his civilian identity. The door immediately opened revealing Felicia in what could only be described as a quintessential Little Black Dress that every woman has and was wearing it to a degree that supermodels would be jealous of but it wasn't overtly sexy or trashy it just looked that good. It was a simple halter top dress with an open back and went down to just below mid-thigh, she carried a black leather clutch purse, a silver necklace with a cat pendent, and was wearing classy three inch heels. "Well then hero are we going to this party or not?" she said as she passed by him heading towards the elevator.

It didn't take them long to get to Liz's building where the party was taking place, with it only being about a block away. Ascending to the top floor Peter and Felicia approached Liz's door and knocked to be allowed in. Flash was the one who answered the door. "Hey Parker it's about time you… you…" he stuttered upon seeing Felicia. Felicia pulled Peter passed the gawking Flash with a giggle before being stopped by the party hostess.

"Petey! You finally made it!" Liz said giving Peter a hug, all the while Felicia smirked to herself. "Who's this you brought with you?" Liz said releasing Peter and turning to his female companion. Liz, who was dressing in a strapless cocktail dress that was the same deep red as Peter's shirt, she also had on black nylon leggings and a star shaped necklace with a ruby gem in its center.

"Oh, right. Liz this is Felicia. Felicia this is Liz." Peter said introducing the two.

"Peter has told me so much about you Liz. You might not remember me but you family did help my mother host several of her fundraisers before. I think we even met at a few of them." Felicia said to the brunette girl.

"Yes I remember that. Felicia Hardy right?" Felicia nodded in response. "How did you and Peter meet?"

Felicia smirked and noticed Peter getting a little uncomfortable. "Well you could say a certain spider was involved in our first meeting." She replied cryptically making Peter cringe. "I first met Peter when he was out photographing Spiderman." She finished making Peter exhale in relief while Liz glared at her slightly.

The party went well. Everyone had a good time and was really enjoying themselves. Everyone congratulated Peter for his birthday and Flash asked him "How is it that you keep getting with these beautiful girls?"

"I guess I am just lucky." Peter replied before the whole party was ruined.

It was at that moment that Doctor Otto Octavious came smashing through the wall. "Where is Felicia Hardy?" he yelled before spotting Felicia. Peter tried to intercept him but was stopped when the doc slammed him through a wall with one of his tentacle arms. "Insolent child." Otto spat as he made his way quickly to Felicia. "You however my dear are my ticket to your mother's great fortunes. Yes she will pay handsomely for your return." He muttered as one of his mechanical arms quickly grabbed Felicia and he made his way through the room. Everyone else had fled from the doctor who quickly made his escape. All while Felicia screamed in protest.

When Peter finally woke from being thrown through a wall he was greated by the sight of Liz staring off into the distance. He looked down and noticed that his shirt had been ripped. Not just torn but pretty much ripped from his body. Now his Spiderman suit clearly was showing and Liz must have seen it. "Um Liz I can explain…" Peter started before Liz cut him off.

"It all makes sense now." She said still staring out the hole in the wall. "All those times you bailed, how you always get pics of Spiderman, all of it."

"Liz I know you are upset and there were times when I really wanted to tell you but I was afraid that if you knew then that would put you in danger." Peter retorted worried as to why Liz was acting all calm over this.

She turned and smiled at him. "Well you won't have to worry about that anymore Petey." She said as her hair changed to a blazing orange color and her fists looked to be on fire. "I was hiding a secret too." She then ignited her whole body burning away her outer cloths revealing a skin tight strapless body suit that even though was covered in flame refused to burn at all. "Call me Firestar, Spiderman."

A/N sorry if the scene with doc oct was a little rushed I really wanted to get this chapter out. Next time will focus on Felicia in the doctor's captivity and Spiderman and Firestar's first team up.