Never Forget

A/N this chapter is out of the current timeline but I really wanted to post it. Still working on my other stories and this one as well. Posting may be slow but I am still working on them.

It was a solemn day. The sky was overcast and cloudy as Peter Parker walked through the streets of the city with a large bouquet of flowers in his hands. As he approached his destination he was joined by Liz Allen and Felicia Hardy, neither saying a single word, both silently falling into step behind Peter.

As he walked his mind went back and thought of all he had done in the past year and a half. All the people he had helped, and all the lives he had saved. Passing by Middleton High school the trio was joined by other class-mates. Flash, Kenny, MJ, Rand, and Hobbie also followed Peter on his path, each one silent, each one with a solemn look on their faces.

The rout this growing group took them by the ESU campus where Dr. Curt Connors, his wife Martha, and their young son Billy join the growing group. Connors dressed not in his usual lab attire, wore his formal US Army uniform all perfectly pressed and decorated. He only nodded to Peter as they joined the group. As they grew closer to their destination everyone in the group began to think about their lives. What they had done in the past and what they would do in the future. Time was very short and the world sometimes cruel and unforgiving, they thought of the ones that they had lost.

Only a short distance away from their final destination; Jamison, Betty Brant, and Robbie step out of the Daily Bugle. Jamison was silent, with not a hint of anger on his face but rather a look of serene reverence. Today was not a day for outrage or anger. Not today. Just then the clouds opened up and it began to rain. Even the heavens weep on this day.

They reach their goal, the monument. It is a symbol to commemorate those who died when the towers fell, all the workers in the buildings and all the first responders. The thousands of people who died one this site 12 years prior. Everyone bowed their heads; to them this was sacred ground.

Peter took the flowers he had carried and set them on the base of the monument. In them was a card that simply said, "You are not forgotten."

A/N This chapter is dedicated to the real heroes. The first responders who risked, and in some cases lost their lives in the tragedy of 9/11. 343 never forget