Happy N7 day everyone! I hope you had a good one and celebrated well!

As many of you know I recently have been going through a lot of changes in my life this past year. With my mom's sickness and death still affecting me I have found it hard to keep writing some of my older stories or have decided to completely rework and rewrite them.

I have found that my one-shot series Woman of the Web is something I can really jump into and just crank out a chapter as an almost therapeutic session without having to really worry about complicated plot lines. So expect to see a lot more from that series in the coming weeks and months.

Another thing I am hard at work on is a new story I teased in the Pamela Isley chapter of WotW. Spidey's Vegas Wedding will premiere by the end of november with a first chapter hopefully reaching 8,000 words at least. I am still keeping the identity of the lovely lady that will become attached to our favorite hero under my hat, because the surprise is part of the fun!

After that in December I plan to focus more on the Spectacular Summer as well as trying ot get another chapter in for my Harry Potter and the Surprising Marriage Contract story out in time for christmas or at least new years.

Two Spiders I have no immediate plans on for the future so to everyone who is waiting for more on that story I am sorry. However I have not forgotten about it and am making notes on where i would like to go with it in the future. I will most likely return to it some time early next year.

Naruto however is a story I am unsure if i will ever be coming back to. It was a story that I had at first such grand plans for with a word count that would go into the hundreds of thousands. Sadly my life became very complicated and I just lost the muse to write that particular story. If anyone would like to use parts of the original or the little bit that I had rewritten you are more then welcome to do so. And if some brave soul wishes to adopt that story and make it their own let me know.

The Black Family beginnings story prompt still has no takers, perhaps next year sometime I will take this up myself and write for it. I still encourage anyone who would like to, to take up the challenge. I would love to see what you are capable of!

Lastly is in regards to my story Spider-man: Lazarus. In honor of N7 day and the Mass Effect inspiration for this story I have decided to do a complete overhaul of it and have already begun the initial editing and will be re releasing it later on.

However don't hold your breath waiting for its release. Karen Starr will be showing up for Women of the Web tomorrow or monday because tuesday I am going on a trip. Where you ask? Why to the bombed out remains of Boston after the Great War. I will be stepping out of Vault 111 and seeing what adventures await me! Fallout 4 launches tuesday and that will probably eat up the rest of my week.

Again I would like to thank all of you who have stuck with me during this trying time. The online community has really helped me and hopefully in these next few month I can get back into the writing groove and really show what I am capable of. Read on, Write on and Review on fellow fanfiction enthusiasts.