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The Fourth Shinobi War was finally over. The threat of Akatsuki and the Jūbi had ended, but not without a price.

Thousands of lives were lost due to the ambition of one man, but even so the war ended in favor of the shinobi alliance. However, for one orange clothed, blonde shinobi his personal hell was only about to begin.

Naruto Uzumaki, the hero of the war, no longer smiled; no longer was the loud mouth he used to be. The reason? Many, in fact.

The village returned to their old view of him. It didn't help that Tsunade and his so called friends started to ignore him.

The pink-haired banshee, she only pretended to understand until she got her precious Sasuke-kun back. Naruto faced Sasuke in a one on one battle. Naruto emerged victorious, but had received all he damage while Sasuke was only unconscious.

When he when back to the village, Sakura and Ino had screamed at him for bringing back Sasuke covered in blood, even if that blood was his and not Sasuke's. That alone made Naruto think less of the girls that he originally thought, but it also didn't matter since he knew this would happen eventually.

What many people didn't know was that Naruto had gotten out of his kiddy crush for Sakura a long time ago. The only people who knew were Jiraiya, as well as Teuchi and his daughter Ayame.

There was also the business of Hinata's confession. Naruto was really moved by it, but sadly he didn't feel the same way, his heart already belonged to someone else. His mind brought on the memory of a cheerful red head.

Sadly he remembered when he went and confronted her, she was nowhere to be seen, Neji and Hiashi always told him she was gone.

The day he actually found her she was kissing with Kiba and latter found out they have been a couple since the war.

Naruto was happy for them. He was glad that she had someone she loved and returned her feelings, but he was sad that they didn't even told him and it seemed everyone else knew but him. If he didn't have that special someone already the scene would have broken him.

This day Naruto decided to enjoy himself and goes to the ever popular Akimichi BBQ restaurant. There he sees people and their families enjoying themselves. He smiles at the scene but his eyes stop at a certain table.

Eating at the far side, the Konoha 12 and their senseis were eating and enjoying themselves. Naruto clenches his fists unconsciously in anger as he sees that once again, they had forgotten about him.

He moves to leave the restaurant when he heard the group speak.

The Konoha ninja group was celebrating the recent engagement of Sakura to Sasuke. No one there had thought it possible, but the girl had done the impossible. She finally cracked him and had him take her out on dates for about a few months before getting serious. It wasn't until a few days ago when Sasuke had finally proposed to her, to which she accepted.

They were discussing past tales, missions, and future predictions. Ino had made a certain Hyūga blush hard when she mentioned that she and Kiba would be next more than likely. Kiba of course boasted on about how he was going to have a wedding better than Sasuke's. Hinata would blush hard at the thought, but then Ino pushed more when she mentioned the honeymoon.

That of course brought out some laughs for the embarrassed Hinata. Kurenai, getting her laugh in, tries to get a sip of her sake. As she grabs it, she sees that the cup was cracking all of a sudden before being utterly destroyed. She looks up, about to ask for another, but she sees the cups of Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura, Kiba, and Hinata crack and shatter for no reason. Of course, they paid it no mind and ordered more, but Kurenai was now very anxious.

It was an omen, a very bad omen, which says that if this were to happen. She looks around; trying to see what was going to come. Anko sees this, and with her being mildly drunk and flirting with Iruka, tells her to relax. Kurenai does so, but she couldn't shake the feeling that they had forgotten someone.

She feels a somewhat familiar chakra presence and looks around only to her shock to se a depressed Naruto, who is leaving. Dip down she felt that something bad was going to happen.

[Naruto's Apartment]

For his part, Naruto had just gotten back to his old apartment and just like when he was younger, it had been trashed by the villagers. He only let out a sigh and went in. The walls were covered in graffiti and a lot of his belongings were broken or torn. While he did have more of the village's respect, there were still some who afraid of him because of his power.

He walked to the only door that was still intact which was that of his room. The door had a seal that prevented anyone who wasn't him to enter. He entered the room and let himself fall to the bed.

He was tired, tired of taking all of what the village had thrown at him and he couldn't do anything about it. Why did he even stay? With the exception of 2, maybe five people, no one would care if he died.

He looked over his shoulder to see a set of pictures on his nightstand. He smiled at the first one. It was him the old man Hokage, Ayame and Teuchi, back at Ichiraku's.

The next also give him a smile. It was him and the Konohamaru corps, which made him remember how much those three had changed.

The next one made him sad and to think about a lot of things; it was the Team 7 picture. The one next to it made him really depressed. It was the Konoha 12 picture with their senseis and without Sasuke. He grabbed both pictures and just dropped them into the trash as they no longer meant anything to him from along time.

He then looked at the next set of pictures and a smile adorned his face once again. The first had him when he left with Jiraiya to train. It was him with an older group of teens with only one who was younger.

He was wearing a simple school uniform which was a white shirt and black pants. A small white dog who had a costume with wings was sitting in his head.

He could see then the other people on the picture (ok I'm not describing them, look at the Megami Tensei Wiki).

"Minato, Minako, Aigis, Yukari, Shinjiro, Mitsuru, Junpei, Akihiko, Fuuka, Chidori, Ken and Koro-chan," said Naruto in a sad voice.

When he went out of the Elemental Nations the things Jiraiya did besides training him was to enroll him in a school to help with his education which he needed to learn more and to keep him out of trouble.

But trouble was the first thing that came knocking as Naruto got involved in with the Dark Hour. There he discovered the power of Persona, his Arcana was Death but somehow it felt different that the rest.

It was weaker that the rest, it was like it was almost sealed, its form was a white humanoid with a hole in its chest, ripped black clothes, long orange hair and a skull mask with hollow eyes and a black katana.

They defeated Nyx and prevented the fall, only for Minato and Minako to end up in a coma.

Then one day before leaving the dorms the SEES team along side Naruto and Jiraiya were trapped in the dorm and in a loop of the same day.

There they discovered the truth about their friend's coma and that they were dying because they became the great seal in order to stop Erebus the manifestation of the malice on people's hearts that was calling Nyx.

The beast was defeated but they knew it would come back, but then Naruto and Jiraiya did something they didn't believe. They undid the seal holding the twins and instead put the remnants of Erebus in it.

Jiraiya explained that the beast would be seal permanently and even if it grew stronger the seal would also since it gained power the same way Erebus did.

Another shock came after since the twins were not the only ones released but Ryouji as well who was allowed to live a normal life with his friends and gained his own Persona which was none other that Thanatos.

A few days after the ordeal, Naruto and Jiraiya were ready to leave. Naruto was met with a tearful farewell.

The second year of training Naruto and Jiraiya return to the Elemental Nations to improve his chakra control, but at the start of the third one they left again this time to a quiet town called Inaba. After he got there he tried to contact his friends from Port Island but he never could, which made him sad and wonder if he would ever see them again.

He then looked at the next pictures they had him wearing a black school uniform with a white undershirt and a black headband. He wasn't alone on the picture.

To his side was a tall blonde teen wearing the same uniform except he had a black t-shirt under it and the coat was hanging on his shoulder.

Another teen was at his side also with the uniform except the coat was open. He had dirty, gray hair.

Next to that person, another boy had one of his eyes closed. He had brownish hair, the same uniform as the others, and a pair of earphones on his neck.

Below him was a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes similar to Naruto's. He was wearing a white shirt with a red flower.

Next to him was a girl dressed in the male version of the uniform. Naruto let out a small laugh, thinking everyone who didn't know her would mistake her for a boy.

Next were three girls really close together. One had short brown hair and was wearing a green jacket.

The one next to her had the female version of the uniform. Her red hair went down to the base of her neck and had two pig tails.

The last one had long, black hair, which she kept from her face with a red diadem. She was wearing a red sweater.

Naruto let some tears fall from his face and into the picture. 'Kanji, Yu, Yosuke, Teddie, Naoto, Chie, Rise-chan, Yukiko. I miss you guys; the day I left Inaba was the worst mistake I could have ever made.'

He remembers this new ordeal in the TV world and how when he confronted his shadow which pretty much was the same as his dark side in the Waterfalls of Truth only worse.

He and the investigation team were ambushed by it while exploring Adachi's dungeon in the TV world. Naruto was able to accept his other self thanks to the help of his friends and his Persona was able to gain greater power but it didn't change like Yosuke and the others.

He moved to the last picture, which showed him wearing the same uniform as the previous one alongside the red haired girl. He was blushing and had a nervous smile. She on the other hand was behind him with her arms wrapped around his neck, with a cheerful smile on her lips.

"Rise-chan," he said in a sad voice, while his finger moved around the picture, "I miss you so much."

He then left the picture back at the stand and fell into the bed his eyes closing until he fell asleep.


The scene depicted a train station with a group of eight teens on one side. On the other stood Naruto alongside Jiraiya.

"Well, see ya," said Yosuke

"Good luck over there too," spoke Yukiko.

"We will be here, so don't be a stranger," said Chie.

"Until we meet again, Naruto," said Naoto.

"Naruto, we'll be waiting," spoke Kanji.

"Take care," said Rise.

"I'll be looking forward to seeing you again," spoke Teddie.

"Be careful," said Yu.

Naruto nodded. Seeing the sad faces of all those gathered, especially Rise´s, made his heart hurt.

"It's time to go Naruto," said Jiraiya.

"Yeah, I'm coming Ero-sennin," Naruto said. He turned to see his friends again. "Guys, thank you." He then boarded the train, followed by the doors closing behind him. The train started to move slowly while the group started running by its side.

"Thank you for everything, stay well until we meet again," said Yukiko with tears on her eyes.

"You'll always be Naruto, remember that," said Teddie.

"Don't forget about us over there," yelled Naoto, she too had tears on her eyes.

"I love you Naruto," screamed Rise unable to hold back her tears.

"I'll do my best, you better not run away too," said Kanji.

"I'll always remember our time together," said Chie.

"We will always be with you," said Yu.

"Distance doesn't matter to us; even if we are separated we are still friends," said Yosuke.

Naruto couldn't help but to shed tears for the wonderful friends he was leaving behind. He gave a final wave to them as the train moved farther and farther away.

Naruto went and set his bag on its place and took a seat next to Jiraiya. He then took out a picture that showed him and all of his friends. He started to cry, until he felt a hand on his shoulder. It belonged to Jiraiya.

"Cherish them Naruto, friends like them only come once in a life time."

"I know Ero-sennin, but it still hurts. They, they know everything about me and still thought as me as a friend. They gave me the gift of friendship, friendship I never knew before," said Naruto.

"Want to come back?"

"What?" spoke Naruto in a quiet voice.

"Naruto, I don't know how much time will pass, but I believe in what you friends said. I don't know, but some day things may change in Konoha and maybe you won't stand being there. Unlike Yu, Rise and the others, your friends back home may not become this close to you as they did and may one day hate you as their parents do."

"Yeah everyone back there looked beyond my mask and saw the true me, not the dobe, the knuckle head dead last, or the Kyuubi brat, they saw Naruto, Jiraiya-sensei," Naruto said making Jiraiya look closely at him since he has never called him that.

"For seeing them again, to be with them again, I would left behind everything, even my future in Konoha. My dream is not to be Hokage or get the acknowledgment from the leaf, but to have a normal life with my friends," he said full of hope.

"Your friends, or the cute little idol that caught your heart?" teased Jiraiya. Naruto, for his part, was blushing madly.

"Naruto, a piece of advice, stop running after the pink haired girl. Don't end up like me, alone with no one to love."

"But you have Baachan."

"No Naruto. Tsunade never saw me as anything more that a nuisance. Because of that, I lost the chance to be with someone who truly cared for me. Please Naruto, follow my advice."

Naruto only nodded in response.

-End Dream/Memory-

Naruto suddenly awoke from his sleep and sat at the edge of the bed. 'Why did I leave?' he thought to himself. 'I actually had a life there; I had true friends there and I left it for what, a place that doesn't know I exist?' His hand moved to his neck and touched the necklace that was there.

This necklace was not the one that Tsunade had given to him. It was a special one that he cherished with all his heart. It had a sun on it and it was one of a pair. The owner of the other one belonged to his true love, someone who loved him back and saw the real him.

He got up and moved next to the table that was in the room. There, an item that didn't belong in the Elemental Nations lay there. It was a cell phone. He picked it up and turned it on. He scrolled the different numbers until he stopped on one in particular.

He was scared to press the dial button, but inside he knew he had to do it. "Click." He pressed it. The phone rang a couple of times. He was ready to hang up, until a voice that he hadn't heard in months came out of the phone.

"Hello?" asked a female's voice.

"Hello Rise-chan," he said trying to muster the courage to continue.

"N..N…Naruto-kun? Oh god it's you! It really is you!" Naruto could hear her voice filled with happiness.

"Yes it's me, so….. um, how are you?" Naruto asked nervously.

"How am I? How am I? Do you know how worried I and the others have been? You haven't called us in months and we thought the worst had happened to you! There were times I cried myself to sleep, thinking that you found someone else and that you forgot about me or worse that you had died in one of you missions!" Rise spoke really angry and sad at the same time.

"I'm sorry Rise-chan, I'm truly sorry. It wasn't my intention but things became complicated with the Akatsuki and the war," Naruto said while passing his hand over his face.

"War? A War? You were in a war?" she screamed.

"It's a long story Rise-chan. I can't discuss it on the phone, since it will take time, but my business here is finally over." Rise herd his voice filled with sadness and almost like he was about to cry but didn't ask.

"So that means you're coming back? But what about you friends there?" she said while her voice went from happiness to sadness.

"What friends? My only friends are you and the gang back at Inaba! I have nothing more here Rise-chan. I want to be there with them, and most of all to be with you! To have a normal life. Hell, to actually have a life! I have missed you since the moment I left and there hasn't been a single moment I haven't thought of you," Naruto said with all the determination he could.

"I feel the same. I have never stopped thinking about you and especially after our first night together," Rise said with a tender and kind voice.

Naruto for his part smiled and had a blush that could put Hinata to shame. Rise was the girl he loved with all his heart.

"So how long till you can come?" she said full of hope, interrupting the blonde.

"A month at most. I need to take care of some minor things here, and the trip back would also take time."

"I'll be waiting."

"Well, say hi to the gang for me okay? I love you."

"I love you too."

Naruto finished the call. Any doubt he had, had been banished the moment he heard Rise's voice. The next thing he knew he was already packing. He sealed some of his belongings into scrolls. He then took a paper from the drawer and started scribbling on it.

He would have left Konoha for Inaba eventually to stay with Rise. That was already a given but the current events just sped things up.


"I love you."

"I love you too."

With that, Rise Kujikawa hung up the phone. A large smile adorned her lips and she was dancing all over her room, until she dropped on her bed. She then took the necklace in the form a crescent moon that was on her and proceeded to kiss it.

"He's finally coming back!" she thought, happily. She couldn't wait to tell the rest about the call. She was so happy, that for the first time in months she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

[Next day, Junes Food Court]

The investigation team was sitting at their usual table, enjoying the company of each other. One year ago, they came together to solve the case of the murders that plagued Inaba. Now they were just a normal group of friends hanging together before the start of the school year.

"It's really relaxing to enjoy our time together without worrying about someone being kidnapped, don't you think?" asked Yosuke.

"I agree, but life isn't as exciting as it used to be," commented Chie.

"Still, it's not the same without all of us here," said Kanji.

"Yu-kun and Naruto-kun left a while back. Yu-kun still calls, but we haven't heard anything from Naruto-kun," spoke Yukiko.

"I miss them," said Teddie while crying huge tears.

"Hey everyone!" said a voice, which caused all to turn their heads.

"Oh, hey Rise-chan, good morning," said Chie.

"You look rather happy today, may I ask the reason for it?" asked Naoto.

"You would never guess what happened last night!" Rise said with a wide smile on her face.

"Well, it had to be something huge since you have been really depressed the last couple of months since both Yu and Naruto left. Including the fact that Naruto stopped calling," said Yosuke.

"Yosuke! Don't say that, that's a delicate subject!" said Kanji.

"No, it's okay Kanji, Yosuke is right. I was really depressed up till yesterday. But come on, guess what happened!" Rise said while pouting.

The group started giving their own ideas on what made Rise happy with some stupid ones coming from the guys which earner them some glares from the girls.

"I give up," said Teddie.

"Yeah. Come on Rise, the suspense is killing me," spoke Chie.

Rise couldn't hold her self, and let it all out about her talk with Naruto.

"Seriously, he's coming back? That is really good news" said Yosuke, sounding very happy.

"Yeah! Naruto is coming back!" screamed Teddie really exited.

"Indeed that is marvelous news, Rise," said Naoto.

Yukiko coughed, getting the groups attention.

"Is something the matter, Yukiko-san?" questioned Yosuke.

"Well, yes, as a mater of fact," she said. "Last night I also received a call. It was from Yu-kun."

[Tokyo, some weeks latter]

Naruto was admiring the view of the city, his train stopped a few moments to let some of the passengers off. The train became almost empty. There was still some hours before he reached Inaba.

Leaving Konoha wasn't so hard. First he filled an application to be removed from the shinobi program as well as citizenship. It was easy he just annoyed Tsunade and the paper had a genjutsu to make it look like something else. She became so annoyed with Naruto's pestering she signed the form without even looking at it.

When he exited the Hokage Tower he saw the Konoha 12 who didn't even know he was there, not that he cared anyway.

That same night he left. He would have liked to sell his apartment or his parents' home but they would never buy the Kyuubi brat's apartment and wouldn't believe he was the son of the Yondaime.

Naruto suddenly noticed a shade of familiar gray hair on the cart.


Said teen looked in the direction he heard his name being called from, only to see a familiar face.

"Naruto!" he said in surprise, "What are you doing here?"

"Hey, that's my line Yu! Damn, it's good to see your face again," Naruto spoke while shaking the hand of his friend.

"Same here pal, same here. But still, what a surprise seeing you here."

"A lot of stuff happened man, really bad stuff. So I left the village so that I could at least have a future. What about you? I heard you transferred some time after I left."

"Yeah I did, my parents' job keeps from being in the same school for a long time, but I managed to convince them to let me finish the last year of high school back at Inaba with everyone."

"Yeah, I want to finish school also, I don't really like being back at Konoha and Inaba was the one of the only places I could call home."

Yu simply nodded. He, like the rest of the investigation team, knew Naruto came from the Elemental Nations, they also knew his status as a Jinchuriki, but that didn't stop them from being friends. In fact, it made them all closer, knowing they had the blonde's trust.

"So I guess your life got as it was when you were younger?" Yu asked.

"Worse man, worse. Almost everyone I thought were my friends turned their backs on me. They treated me as if I didn't even exist," said Naruto sadly.

Yu put his hand on Naruto's shoulder causing the blonde to look at him. "Then they weren't your friends, true friends accept all the good and bad things about the person. When we fought the Shadow's last year, we all saw our darkest secrets, but were able to continue thanks to the help of our friends," he said with a smile.

"Thanks Yu, I needed to hear that. Also don't get the wrong impression that if things were different I wouldn't be coming back, their stupid attitudes just sped things up."

"I guess you really missed us or is just Rise?" said Yu (I know out of character). Naruto only blushed and Yu laughed.

Both Naruto and Yu were enjoying each others company, reminiscing about their adventure into the T.V. World and their friends back at Inaba.

"Hey Naruto, forgive me for asking but, where are you staying?" Yu asked his friend.

"I still don't know. I took my inheritance that the village kept from me and let me tell you that it would keep me from working for at least 50 years so I decided to rent or buy an apartment or house," he answered, making Yu's eyes as big as baseballs. Naruto only laughed at his friend's reaction.

Yu getting his composure back, continued to talk to his friend. "It will be really late one we get there though; if you like I could ask my uncle to let you stay for the night."

"I don't want to intrude."

"Nonsense, besides he and Jiraiya are good friends I don't think he would mind. Also, where is Jiraiya?" The moment Yu asked Naruto, he seemed to become really depressed.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes Yu, I will tell you later maybe with the rest of the gang. The only thing I can say is that Jiraiya can't come to Inaba anymore," Naruto answered.

"Well, let me call my uncle and tell him, okay?" Yu picked up his phone and dialed. After a couple of rings, some one answered.

"Hello. Dojima's residence," said a small voice.

"Oh hello Nanako-chan," Yu said in a happy tone.

"Oh Big bro! You called! I really have missed you," said Nanako in a sad tone.

"Me too Nanako-chan, but I need to speak to your father for a moment. Is he there?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'll call him," Yu could hear Nanako calling her father. "He says he's coming, Big bro, are you really coming back today?" she asked full of hope.

"Yes Nanako-chan, I'm coming back and I'm staying longer this time. Also, someone else is coming with me," Yu said. Nanako, for her part, was confused. Dojima suddenly entered the room and Nanako gave him the phone.

"Hello," said Dojima.

"Hello uncle."

"Oh, Yu, I was ready to go and pick you up at the station. Did something happen?" he asked.

Yu then explained his situation with Naruto.

"Of course he can stay, though it's a little odd that Jiraiya isn't with him. Well, I pick you both up then," said Dojima. He did in fact knew of the Elemental Nations, since he and Jiraiya were old friends.

"Thanks Uncle, I'll let him know." With that, Yu hung up the phone. "Well it seems you are stuck with us until you find a place."

"I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything, that's what friends are for."

"Yu. Thank you."


Both Naruto and Yu had just gotten off of their train and were stretching themselves after along trip.

"I'm glad we are finally here. I feel so numb after sitting so long," said Yu

"I know what you mean. Though, it's good to be back, right Yu?" said Naruto. Yu only nodded.

Both teens left the station. They found Dojima next to his car, waiting for them. After some greetings, they got into the car and drove back to the Dojima's residence.

After a while, Dojima stopped at the gas station. Asking the attendant to fill the tank, he came next to Naruto.

"Can we talk for a moment, Naruto?" asked Dojima. The blonde only nodded while he followed the older man. Yu stayed behind to watch the car.

"Is something the matter Dojima-san?" inquired Naruto.

"I want to ask you, did something happened back at you village?"

Naruto was taken aback by the question. Before he could say anything, Dojima continued. "Listen Naruto, Jiraiya is a great friend to me and my family. He told me about your status and how your life was back there." Naruto was shocked.

"And you still approved that I stay with you? You aren't afraid that I may do something to you or your daughter?"

"Why Naruto?" said Dojima while laughing. "The fox doesn't change the fact that you are a good person, besides I knew of it since the day you first arrived. Also the fox didn't affect Kushina the entire time she was here."

"What? You knew my …"

"Mother, yes I knew her along your father, they were my and my wife's best friends."

"Since when did you know I was their son? Did Jiraiya tell you?" said Naruto, thinking Jiraiya told everyone except him.

"No, he only confirmed it. Remember the day I met you, when you were with my nephew and the two girls?" Naruto nodded. "Well, the moment I saw you, I knew you had to be related to them. I thought you were their son and that they had come to visit after a long time…" Dojima paused for a moment, letting Naruto take the information in.

"After a while of looking I found neither Minato nor Kushina, but I ran into Jiraiya. He told me what happened back there in the leaf village and what happened to both of my friends. It was hard to find out that they had been dead quite some time. The last time Kushina was here ,she was so happy because she was pregnant with you. She even asked me and my wife to be you godparents," he said leaving Naruto really sad.

"Thank you Dojima-san, I'm glad that I learned something more about my parents."

"Well Naruto, can you explain what happened after you and Jiraiya left."

Naruto then told Dojima everything from the moment he got back to Konoha. The death of Jiraiya, Pein's invasion, the Fourth Shinobi War and the last day of hell he spent in Konoha.

Dojima was shocked that in couple of months all that had happened. It also saddened him to learn of Jiraiya's passing.

"Well that was a lot to take in, but I'm glad you at least met Minato and Kushina, even if it was brief. Also, thank you for telling me about Jiraiya. I guess that your stay is permanent this time."

"Yeah there's nothing back for me at the Elemental Countries."

"Well, you can spend the night with us, but I think you would like to have your parents' house afterward."

"My parents' house?" Naruto asked confused

"I'm sorry, I guess I forgot. Your parents owned the house next to ours, though it's empty at the moment. But it's yours now. I'll give you the keys later." Naruto nodded and both men started to head back to the car.

After driving for a few minutes, the car stopped at the Dojima's residence. All three got out of the car. Dojima asked Yu and Naruto to go in first, which they did. The moment they stepped inside a popping sound was heard various times. Both teens were covered in confetti and serpentine. Suddenly, various voices yelled at the same time.


Well, I hope you like this version, I know its not new except for some parts, the second chapter is going in the same line of being from the previous story but its not that versions Chapter 2. Also Chapter 3 is completely new with nothing from the previous version so you know both of those are finished already but I won't post them till I get some reviews.

Also here are the things I didn't mention.

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