Well I decided to give Naruto the ability to use multiple personas but not from all Arcanas. Also I will have a change from P3FES - The Answer; no one from the SEES team including Aigis entered the velvet room, so the only people who have access to it are Minato, Minako, Yu and Naruto. Also just as Yu has a social link with Margaret, Minato has one with Elizabeth and Minako with Theo and yes Naruto will have one with someone from the velvet room in this chapter you find out who.

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It was another typical day at Yasoinaba. The streets were filled with students from Yasogami High School, some were talking about their daily lives or just spreading gossip, but a certain blonde had other things in his mind.

'What a strange dream, or at least I wish it was a dream,' thought the blonde as he remember what happened last night after he went to bed following the ordeal from the shadows.


Naruto had fallen a sleep, suddenly he was wearing his normal clothes and in an all blue room that looked like a bar. Then he saw the weirdest person he could have ever seen. He was sitting on a sofa, he was almost bald but what got Naruto's attention was his long nose.

"I welcome you to the Velvet Room," said the figure.

"Velvet Room, how did I get here?" asked the blonde.

"Do not worry, currently you are sleeping in the real world," said the figure.

"Real world?!" the blonde started to panic.

"This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter, to assist our guests in their journey."


"Just like our former guests, you have awakened the power of the wild card, the ability to summon multiple Personas."

"Wait, other guests who can use multiple Personas so you mean…"

"Yes, your friends or to be precise only 3 of them," said the figure.

"Ok. But who are you?"

"My apologies for not introducing my self, my name is Igor. I am a resident of this Velvet Room, and as I said I'm here to help you through your journey."

"Helping how?"

"Unlocking the power of new Personas. But know this; the ability to call them forth depends on the strength of your Social Links."

"What the heck is that?"

"They are the bonds you have with people which are represented by one of the Arcana"

"So that voice I heard the other day…"

"Correct, that was a Social Link. It seems that you are awakening in the real world, take this," Igor gave Naruto a strange looking key. "That is the Velvet Key. The next time you come to the Velvet Room it would be of your own accord, until we meet again."

Then the blonde awoke.

Flashback end

Naruto let out a tired sigh. "Man I hope I can ask Yu and the others about that place," he said as he pulled out the strange key from his pocket. "If I didn't know better I'd say I was becoming crazy."

The blonde suddenly felt a pull on his arm, he wasn't surprised since returning to school this was a daily occurrence.

"Good morning Rise-chan."

"Good morning Naruto-kun. What's with the face?" asked the red head.

"Couldn't rest last night, due to all that happened. If it's not one thing it's another. I wonder if I'm just not meant to have a normal life."

"Don't say that Naruto-kun. You are not alone, remember that. We are here for you, I am here for you," Rise finished while kissing the blonde's lips. Then, like when his friends came and comforted him, he heard the same voice:

Thou art I… I am thou…

Thou hast established a genuine bond that cannot be broken

This genuine bond shall be the eyes to the truth…

We bestow the ability to

create Belldandy, the ultimate form

of the Lovers Arcana…

'Another one? But this one is different than the last. I'll have to ask that Igor person when I see him next time, though I think I already know the answer,' Thought the blonde as he and his beloved went to their daily routing while some eyes were watching them.

"He traded the life he had for this? It doesn't make sense," said Ino as she and the rest of the retrieval team saw Naruto and Rise walk by.

"And since when is he so serious, where's the shit eating grin he always has plastered on his face?" commented Kiba.

"Man, this is so troublesome. How are we supposed to get him back now that we can't use chakra?" added Shikamaru.

Moments earlier they tried having Shikamaru bind him with his Shadow Possession jutsu as well as Ino's Mind Transfer but they couldn't even channel chakra. Gaara couldn't even use his sand.

For her part a pink haired girl was raging mad at the site in front of her. How could that whore have taken her Naruto? Also a lavender eyed heiress was feeling jealous of the scene which showed how close the two lovers were.

"Well, I guess we have to use the other plan. Iruka is going to be back in a few moments so let's hope it works," spoke Kakashi.

[After school]

Before heading to the Amagi Inn the investigation team decided to head home to finish minor things before the meeting. Naruto had just left Rise back at her home while returning to his own but stopped as he saw a blue door in the middle of the shopping district. He then noticed that no one had noticed it, he decided to get to the door.

[Velvet Room]

As Naruto guessed he once again stood in front of the enigmatic Igor.

"I welcome you back to this Velvet Room, so tell me young man what can I do for you," spoke Igor.

"Well it's about the Social Links. When I was with my friends I created one that started from scratch, but with a very special someone I created another one, and how do I put it, it was maxed out," Asked the blonde.

"The answer is simple; your bond with said person is at its strongest. To put it simple you already had the link but only after awakening you powers did the link manifested allowing you to create personas of said Arcana," answered Igor.

Naruto then blushed remembering who the link belonged to.

"Then what about my friends, how come what I got with them is that low?" asked the blonde.

"The fool and judgment Arcana are not exactly like the rest. These grow as a group and not because of one individual. In this case as your journey continues so will those links I mentioned before. You like our former guests, have awaken the power of the wild card, the ability to summon multiple Personas, though you are different from them."

"Different, how so?"

"Yes, the wild card is usually manifested to those of the Cero, the fool Arcana. But you my friend are an exception since your Arcana has not changed from death. When someone awakens his wild card abilities his Arcana changes from what ever Arcana they are born with to the fool Arcana, but as I said you are different. It's most interesting since this has never happened before," said the long nose man. Suddenly Naruto felt something in his mind.

Thou art I… I am thou…

Thou hast established a new bond…

It brings thee closer to the truth…

Thou shalt be blessed when creating personas of the Hermit Arcana…

Naruto was in shock to what happened while Igor simple started to laugh. "Well, it seems that I'm now part of your journey. You are a most interesting guest indeed. Before you go I guess you need my services," Naruto nodded while Igor helped the blonde search the sea of his soul.

Suddenly a figure appeared over both men. It was a beautiful woman dressed in strange white and blue robes. She had long light brown hair, blue eyes. She also had blue marks in her forehead and under her eyes while two beautiful white wings came from her back.

"I am Belldandy. I will lend you the power I can offer," said the persona Belldandy as she return to the sea of the soul.

"Well young man, until we meet again," said Igor. Naruto found himself outside the door. He then looked at his watch knowing it was late.

"Oh shit, they are going to kill me!" said blonde speeded towards the Amagi Inn as fast as he could. In fact he ran so fast he didn't see the members of the retrieval team who were just exiting the store next to the velvet room door.

"Wasn't that the dobe?" asked Sasuke.

"We lost a chance to take him back," spoke Gaara in an emotionless voice.

[Amagi Inn]

Naruto had just arrived and out of breath and was scared of what they would do to him (mostly of Mitsuru), the doors of the inn opened revealing Mitsuru.

"You're late," said the red head.

"I'm sorry, it's that I had some important business and it took longer," said the blonde while apologizing.

"Sigh, well is not much of a problem since we just got ready since we were also busy. Follow me," Mitsuru told the blonde. She guided him to a room at the side. The room itself was like a meeting room. There he saw all of his friends though he was the only one still in his uniform.

"Hey you're late," said Yosuke.

"Sorry, I had stuff to do," apologized the blonde again as he sat between Yu and the Twins.

"Anyway let's start. The events from last night though strange it had similarities to the Dark Hour we once experienced," spoke Mitsuru.

"But it also had similarity to the TV World," added Yukiko.

"Wait, you mean like they're mixed?" asked Kanji.

"Indeed, though the only person who has experienced both is Naruto," everyone turned to the blonde.

"Well, they both felt the same like what happened, but there was something else," spoke Naruto.

"Like what exactly," asked Minato.

"Well, it was similar to the Dark Hour in that it is our world and we can use personas, but the fact that most of you didn't have to use evokers to summon your personas makes it more like the TV World, but then is what also happened afterward before it vanished," spoke the blonde.

"Hey, what do you mean what happened before it vanished. You mean Saki senpai being a shadow?" said a confused Chie.

"That's only part of it. How Saki-senpai came back but also turned into a shadow that had similar properties to the shadows me and SEES fought at Port Island. But also... it felt like the event was controlled."

"Controlled? What do you mean?" asked Naoto.

Naruto then explained when all of them froze and the mysterious figure appeared and told him what was going to happen in a couple of days.

"Are you serious, did that really happen?" asked a disbelieving Junpei.

"I kinda find it odd that you were the only one," said Yukari.

"I believe him," suddenly spoke Minako with her twin and Yu agreeing.

"During the ordeal we faced, there were some things that only happened to me, so this case it may apply to Naruto," said Yu while Minato and Minako also agreed.

"Um, like what?" asked Kanji.

"Well for me and Minako was that Ryoji in the form of a little boy would appear before us in the Dark Hour before each of the full moon operations as well as what happened when we sealed Nyx," said Minato.

"Add to that that I didn't face my shadow self in order to awaken my Persona. Also the day I arrived at Inaba I had a dream of a mysteries figure making fun so that I could catch him. If that figure was Adachi, Ameno-sagiri or Izanami I don't know."

"Well, we still don't know what we are dealing here so I have made some calls," Mitsuru then looked ate her collage friends. "It seems we will be staying longer so I had to arrange a leave for an undefined time period till this is settled. I informed your parents but we'll still need to do assignments to not be too far behind."

"Ah man I was hoping to enjoy a longer vacation," commented Junpei and then everyone laughed.

"Wait Mitsuru, if we are staying longer I think us staying in the inn wouldn't be such a good idea," commented Shinjiro.

"Don't worry I got it covered," Mitsuru the brought a map with some pictures.

"Oh I know that place," said Yukiko

"What is it?" asked Fuuka.

"It's an old Hotel. It was more modern that our inn and more western in style, but the owners moved away," answered Yukiko.

"Yes, this place will serve as our home as well as our base of operation," said Mitsuru.

"Really?! This time we get a true secret headquarters!" said an exited Chie.

"Translation she means it beats our old HQ at Junes," said Yosuke.

"You mean the food court?" commented Ken.

"You got to make do with what you got," said Yosuke.

"Well, this time we will be more prepared and we will have equipment," Said Aigis.

"Woa, it feels like were some type of government group," commented Kanji.

"We need a name!" yelled Ryoji and Teddie.

"I already have one. From this moment on the members of SEES and the Inaba Investigation Team shall be known as the Shadow Operatives," said Mitsuru proudly.

"I like it," said Naruto.

"Me two, it sounds so cool!" said Junpei while everyone agreed.

"You have been thinking about this haven't you Mitsuru," said a smiling Akihiko which made Mitsuru blush.

"So we get some super clothes and gadgets and weapons," said an exited Chie.

"No, our everyday clothes will do as well as the weapons we use before, though we will be able to prepare for missions much more effectively," said the red head while Chie and some others in the grouped sighed in defeat. "But thanks to Tatsumi I have these," Mitsuru brought a case she opened and inside were some armband like the ones SEES used to wear only it read S.O. which everyone took one.

"But senpai, we have a time limit before the next time that happens again, so how are we going to be prepared in such a short time?" asked Yukari to which Mitsuru only smiled.

"You're having the Kirijo group working right as we speak don't you. Typical," said Shinjiro.

"Well, this meeting is adjourned. We will meet at HQ the day the phenomena happens and since it will be Sunday I expect all of you there early also take these before you leave," Mitsuru handed them some devices to everyone present that looked like cell phones.

"These are special phones that have been upgraded to those we used during the Dark Hour. As you know this new phenomena doesn't allow the use of electronics so this will help us communicate," every body thanked her and suddenly something rang in Naruto's mind.

Thou art I… I am thou…

Thou hast strengthened your bond…

It brings thee closer to the truth…

Thou shalt be blessed when creating personas of the Fool Arcana…

After the meeting everyone went their separate ways, Naruto still had things to think about so he hesitated to ask Yu or the Twins of the Velvet Room but sadly they already left so he went straight home unaware of the next day a horrible surprise awaited.

(I was well tempted to end it here, but it was only half of what I usually write.)

[Yasogami High next day]

It was the same as always, students walking into the building and going to their respective classes. Naruto had just said good bye to Rise and when to their respective homerooms, when he entered his class he saw Yu, Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko talking around Yu's desk as always.

"Someone seems exited this morning," said the blonde mostly gesturing to Chie.

"Well she keeps saying that now we're some type of secret organization, like the ones she used to watch on her favorite shows," commented Yosuke with everyone laughing. The bell suddenly rang and everyone took their seats (they have the same seat as P4 only that Naruto sits next to Yosuke in the back).

Kashiwagi entered thee classroom in her usual flirting manner. "All right everyone I got a surprise for you," she said causing confusion to the present.

"You see we got an entire group of exchange students, more than 15 to be exact and we got 4 assigned in this class room. You can come in now," said Kashiwagi towards the door four figures entered two males and two females.

When Naruto saw them his only thoughts were, 'What the fuck are they doing here?'

"Ok, introduce your selves," said Kashiwagi.

"Sasuke Uchiha."

"Sakura Haruno."

"Gaara no Subaku."

"Hinata Hyuga."

After the introductions the 4 new students got to their respective seats, unfortunately for them they all sat in the front in the same row as Naruto making it difficult to watch the blonde.

For the other members of the newly established Shadow Operatives they didn't know what was happening but felt Naruto's discomfort at the new arrivals, also the duck butt haired boy and pink haired girl looked familiar.

Classes continued with the retrieval team still asking themselves the question, why would Naruto change a life of glory for just a plain normal one.

In math class a teacher had put a very difficult problem on the board. Even Sakura who was a genius back home couldn't solve it.

The teacher suddenly called Naruto to try and solve it. Sakura and Sasuke were smirking thinking the dobe will just humiliate himself, but to their shock he answered correctly after doing some equations.

"Good Uzumaki, I wouldn't expect less from one of the top students in school," said the teacher which left Sakura, Sasuke, Hinata and Gaara with wide eyes.

The bell sounded again signalizing lunch time, when the teacher left so did some students while other remained like the new ones as well as Naruto and his friends.

After some moments the door to the class room opened revealing the rest of the Konoha 12 as well as Gaara's siblings. Gaara and the rest joined them and started talking before making their way towards the blonde.

The door opened again revealing 3 students from a younger year, the red head quickly launching herself at Naruto's arm which caused the kunoichis to feel jealous.

"Hey, let's go eat lunch at our usual place," said Yosuke and soon the group left with Naruto, before the retrieval team could follow they were interrupted by a bunch of students walking towards the cafeteria and losing the blonde.

Mean while in the roof top the group of friends were enjoying lunch as usual until Rise noticed something wrong with Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, its something the matter, you haven't touched your lunch, are you feeling ok?" asked Rise which caused all of his friends to look at him.

Naruto let out a sigh before speaking. "It's the new students and the ones that entered after the bell rang," he said.

"What about them senpai?" asked Kanji who continued to eat.

"Do you remember about the "friends" from my old village I mentioned before?" he asked while everyone nodded. "Well all of the new students are them."

"WHAT?!" yelled the group.

"Naruto, are you sure?" asked Chie which the blonde only nodded.

"No wonder duck butt and the pinky looked familiar, they were the ones in the movie," said Yosuke. Before anyone could say more the door to the roof opened and the accursed new students came through.

"There you are Naruto-baka, who do you think you are dumping us?!" yelled Sakura while the former investigation team covered their ears.

"Man you were right, it's like nails on a chalk board," said Chie.

"Naruto," said Gaara as he came forth. "We need to talk in private," he said.

"Hey, if you have anything to say to senpai, you can say it to us too jackass," said an angry Kanji but calmed himself when Naruto put his hand on the teens shoulder.

"Yes, if you want to say anything my friends have the right to know," said Naruto.

"Who is more your friend than us? We have known you for more that 15 years," said Lee which actually got Naruto to get angry.

"Once I thought that, but now I know the truth. You all are not nor were you ever my friends. I was your scapegoat, your punching bag and now that I left to make a future for my self you don't like it. As for knowing me, don't make me laugh. You knew of me for more than 15 years yet you didn't know me, and you still don't. You didn't know the suffering I went through in that hellhole of a village and you thought I was an idiot while all I wanted was to be accepted." Naruto then turned to Rise and the rest.

"In only one year they alongside others knew more about me than you all did in a life time, so don't say that I don't know who my real friends are."

"Naruto, stop being immature you need to grow up and stop being selfish," said Gaara. The retrieval team nodded while Naruto only sent him a glare.

"You're just jealous because we got together with our dream men," added a smirking Sakura with some of the girls agreeing.

"Grow up, selfish and jealous? You who have everything on a silver platter, all of you had family and acceptance while I was left to rot. I sacrificed myself so many times for you ingrates and never asked anything in return, and yet you say I'm selfish for once in my life by wanting to be with those I care about and care for me as well," by this point Yu and the others were by Naruto's side if anything happened while Rise took the blonde's hand.

"Naruto don't make us use force," said Shikamaru, when Naruto only started to laugh.

"Force? You couldn't even catch a cold if you fell on a frozen river in winter. You know you can't use chakra here right? That's why Jiraiya brought me here so that I could learn to fight without the use of even an ounce of chakra."

"Lee fights without chakra and he could beat you," said Tenten.

"Sadly, he does use chakra. His speed and strength use it even if he can't use genjutsu or Ninjutsu. I bet Chie here could defeat him without even trying," said Naruto turning towards the girl in question, who gave the green spandex wearing boy a devilish smirk while wiggling her eyebrows mischievously and cracking her knuckles. Before anyone could say anything more the bell rang. Naruto and the others started to leave but before Naruto could he turned to his ex-friends.

"As for being jealous, I'm not. I was happy that you and Sasuke were together, I was happy that Hinata and Kiba were together because I actually cared for your happiness. Unlike you, who wished to see me miserable, unlike you who I considered you my friends when to you I wasn't even worth your time. Please do what you always did, ignore me now, because I know if you succeed and bring me back to the village, the moment its over you will again forget I existed," and with that he was out of their site.

Naruto's words had some of them thinking but certain others didn't care. "The nerve, how dare he say that to us after we came to bring him home," said Sakura.

The rest of the day went pretty normal after the fateful encounter, Naruto and his friends went to Junes after school to talk about what happened but were also joined by the former SEES members after a call from Yukiko.

"Not only do we have to take care of the shadows when the strange phenomena starts but now we have to deal with a bunch of jackasses when we are not doing that? Man, that is some bullshit," commented Kanji.

"What are you going to do about them Naruto," asked Yukari.

"Nothing, as long as they don't cross me. They can't use chakra here and also if they cross the line their clan status isn't gonna help them here because if they actually pull something against me or more important against any of you they are going to spend the rest of their lives in jail," said the blonde.

"Hey man, don't worry. If they try anything we got your back," said Junpei while everyone nodded.

"Thanks everyone," said the blonde.

"As Shinji-kun said aren't we friends," spoke Minako and for the third time that day Naruto heard a voice in his head.

Thou art I… I am thou…

Thou hast strengthened your bond…

It brings thee closer to the truth…

Thou shalt be blessed when creating personas of the Fool Arcana…

The moment didn't last long as Naruto noticed the new school arrivals sitting on another table but the fact that the senseis were there as well.

Suddenly Iruka came to the table. "Hey Naruto how has it been," asked the teacher.

"It was great until you showed your face Umino," said the blonde. His words actually hurt Iruka as he didn't recognize the blonde.

"Can we help you sir?" asked Mitsuru which made the man shiver at the coldness of the woman.

"Well, I just…" Iruka couldn't continue.

"Look here, we know you want to take Naruto back to your village, so I will be clear. Don't try anything and leave him alone, you have already made a dangerous enemy in me for how you treated him, so you all had better leave or you'll regret it," finished Mitsuru.

"Is that a threat?" asked Anko as the rest of the retrieval team joined.

"No. It's a promise and as our friend said, your status here won't help you."

With that the retrieval team left but not before giving glares to the others.

"I don't think they are going to back down on this senpai," mentioned Yukiko.

Naruto was depressed for what his former comrades tried to do only to feel Rise hugging him and rubbing his back.

"Don't worry Naru-kun, we are here and we will not them have their way with you," said Rise. Naruto only smiled.

"Thank you Rise-chan, everyone…" before he could continue Rise captured his lips and a "awwwwwwwww" was heard from the girls. The couple turned to their friends and saw them blushing.

"What?" asked the blonde.

"That's so romantic." commented Yukari.

"Get a room," said a joking Akihiko.

"Oh we will, and we can have those special moments," said Rise with an evil smirk while she had her head on her boyfriend's shoulder.

"WHAAAAAT?!" said the group in shock.

"Rise, don't tell me that the both of you have…?" asked a shocked Chie.

"Yes, for a while actually," the comment made everyone blushed since most of them haven't gotten to that part of their relationship yet.

"We use protection," said a blushing Naruto.

"Even so, dude you lost your virginity before any of us, man you have been busy since coming here," commented Junpei.

"So, um Rise how was it?" asked Yukiko which caused wide eyed looks in everyone.

"It was the most beautiful thing ever. Our first time was in Christmas Eve last year. We started just hugging, then kissing and finally we did it. Naruto was so kind and gentle and keeping with my every need. Those were the best hours of my life," said a squealing Rise.

"H...hours?" asked Fuuka which made every girl give envious stares at Rise and angry looks at their boyfriends (mostly the girls that have had relations).

"What?" asked Shinjiro while Minako only stared at him.

"Why can't you be more like that?"

"Sorry, but I'm not a Jinchuriki and I can't go at it for hours like a horny rabbit."

Naruto then looked at everyone before turning to his girlfriend who was happily sipping her drink.

"Why did you have to say that?" asked the blonde.

"Why not, can't I show off how my boyfriend is a great lover? Besides today you promised you would help me with my home work and after we are done I'll have a surprise for you," finished the red head while she kissed the blonde.

Unknown to them the kunoichis from the retrieval team stayed behind also feeling jealous because their boyfriends only lasted a couple of minutes at most.

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