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Jayden was walking into the dojo thinking about what he envisioned his team would be like. Blue is always second-in-command, the one that could always get the job done no questions asked. That held true for Kevin. He was dependable, quick-thinking and could find a solution for almost any problem. Green should be right below blue, but that is not true for Mike. He was a prankster, a slacker, and had little respect for training. A so-called rebel, if you will. Pink should be a step behind green. On his team, however, Mia was higher than Mike for everything. Yellow should be with pink. The yellow ranger still hadn't arrived yet but he hoped she would be more dedicated than green was. Mentor Ji had told him that the yellow ranger was going to be a bit different than what Jayden was going to be expecting. He said that she was dedicated and for that he was grateful. He spoke that she might be a little reserved and quiet-for that he didn't mind since he was the same way. Mainly, he said she would be the youngest on the team, two years younger than anyone else. It made Jayden question what she was going to be like. Did she have a secret like he did? Was she just a replacement like he was for his sister? But more importantly, why was he so curious about her?


It seemed like his last question was going to be answered right at that moment because when he turned around, a girl around the age of seventeen wearing jeans, white tennis shoes and a yellow jacket, with big hazel eyes and very curly blonde hair walked up to the steps. She looked timid and scared to be there, like she would get into trouble for looking anywhere except for the ground. He quietly approached his yellow clad teammate carefully and cautiously, taking his lion zord out of his pocket and directed it to get Mentor Ji. The girl noticed him coming closer and decided to be brave and look at him. He looked stunning! He wore a red and black plaid t-shirt with black skinny jeans and red converse. He had cocoa brown hair and stellar chocolate brown eyes.

Watching her look at him coming closer, he drew in a breath and noticed how frail she looked. Her frightened eyes followed his calm ones until he came to a stop right in front of her. Drawing back in alarm she stumbled down the steps. Realizing he alarmed her, he was just about to ask if she was alright when Mentor happened to come and reassure her before he could get one letter out.

"You must be Emily, our yellow ranger. I am your mentor, Ji, and this is Jayden, your leader and the red ranger. Come in. We have much to discuss. I'll let Jayden put your luggage away for you."

Stepping aside to let the poor girl-Emily-in, he decided to help take her luggage to her room. Mentor told her to give her luggage to Jayden and then directed her to follow him into his study.

Doing as she was told, Emily very daintily gave her bag to Jayden and then left with Mentor Ji. Once they were in the study, he closed the door and locked it.

"Emily, how's Serena?" He asked her once they both sat down. She refused to look at him.

"Dead." That news shocked him. He knew she was sick since her mother contacted him a year or two ago but never knew she died.

"What about your mother?"

"Gone." He had his speculations but didn't think she would leave without Emily.

"How long has she been gone for?" He was now becoming very scared for this girl if the only two people who tried to keep her safe were gone.

"Two years. I believe it had something to do with my father disposing of her like he did my sister." Suspicions confirmed, he knew she wasn't safe there anymore and was glad she arrived where he and Jayden could watch out for her father.

"And where is that man now? Do you know?"

"Probably looking for me. He came home drunk again an-and tried to abuse me again but when he stumbled and collapsed, I-I knew I could get out safely. I ran through the front door with my backpack full of clothes and things Se-Serena managed to give me. I had the ape zord and let her guide me here. Please don-don't let him find me." She started crying, very softly but he was able to hear it.

His heart broke from the state of mind she was in and what she had to go through just to get to safety. It was a good thing her mother contacted him right before vanishing so he was slightly prepared as to what was going on to his youngest yellow samurai. He decided to have all of the samurai in separate rooms until she became more trusting and open with her team.

"Ji. I would like to show you something. You can't tell anybody." She pulled one of her sleeves up and he could see a bunch of discolored lines all over and going all down her arm.

"Emily, did your father do this to you?"

"He called them punishments for not doing what I was told to do." She pulled down the right shoulder of the uniform and turned so her back was to him. "See the one in the shape of the letter E? That was the first one I remember getting. I was being bullied at school-mind you I was in kindergarten at the time-and my mom was working late and Serena was still at school. I was chasing the dog around inside the house when I tripped on a squeaky toy and landed in the middle of the hallway. Being drunk as he always was, my dad stumbled into the hallway and tripped over me as I was getting back up. Taking out a pocket knife, he threatened to kill me and to make sure it never happened again, he marked me by my initial. Kids would stare at me at school so my mother used to cover them up with make-up. I usually tend to cover them up if I go anywhere just so I'm not stared at." She aimed her gaze on the floorboards and kept her head down.

"Well, he won't be able to find you here." He reached his arm out to pat her on the back but she backed away and flinched so he put his arm back down.

"Are you hungry?" She nodded her head yes and he smiled. "Good. Because I have many different kinds of leftovers." He opened the door and saw Jayden standing there. "Oh, Jayden, could you show Emily to the kitchen? And get her something to eat?" Jayden nodded and Emily looked worried and frightened. He instantly picked up on her uneasiness. He went to grab her elbow and she flinched away from him. Confused, he then gave up on physical contact and made her follow him into the kitchen.

"Emily, right?" He said when they finally made it to the kitchen.

"Yes." She spoke softly, like if she spoke too loud she would get in trouble.

"I'm Jayden." He noticed she kept her gaze on the floor than on him. "What kind of food do you like?"

"Anything really." He looked at a loss and just went to rummage through the fridge.

"Do you like...lets see here..." He kept pulling box after container after box from the fridge and set them on the counter. "Pizza?" She nodded her head. "Do you want me to heat it up for you or are you okay with eating it frozen?"

"You can heat up pizza?" She managed a small glance at him.

"Yep. Do you want it warm or are you going to eat it cold?"

"Warm please." She sighed for a moment. "Who knew they had that kind of technology now a days?" She realized she spoke out of turn and closed her eyes while turning her head to the side, waiting to get slapped or hit or something. After almost thirty seconds of nothing, she slowly opened her eyes and turned her head back. He looked at her worried and thoughtfully until the timer went off on the microwave. He handed her the pizza and she stared at it hungrily. He sat down at the table across from her and couldn't help but seem intrigued by the way she did things.

"So, how did you find this place?" He tried starting a conversation. She swallowed a bite of pizza before answering.

"The ape zord lead me here. It seemed to know that trouble was coming." Her last sentence seemed to have a double meaning that he had no idea about. She finished her pizza quickly and threw it out just as the rest of the team came in. Emily was uncomfortable and Jayden instantly picked up on that as well. He told the team to introduce themselves and then Mentor came in and told everybody it was time to get ready for bed.


Walking down the hallway, Jayden pointed out everyone's room. Stopping right outside of hers, he explained that Mia's room and his room are connected to her room, just for emergency purposes. He then walked her through her room and said goodnight while going through the door on the right-hand side of her room. Making sure the door was closed, she proceeded to change into her pajamas and do her nightly routine. She drifted off to sleep hoping this place would be different than the place back home.