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She froze as his words registered in her mind. The last time someone said that...She refused to remember. Although he seemed like a nice guy, she could never be too sure. She knew better than to fall for that line again. Memories tried to force their way to the front of her mind, but she knew she was strong enough to resist them. Her eyes had a faraway glaze to them as she thought, so when Ji came out to find her, he didn't know what to say to gently shake her back into the present.

"Emily-" Startled, her eyes returned to the present and she shrunk back slightly.

"Yes, Mentor?"

"Do you want to practice? I think you should but the choice is yours." She thought about his question while still resisting memories she'd rather keep hidden.

"Yes." He smiled while she kept a straight face.

"Good. Come inside while I get Jayden and then we can get started." He turned around and hurried into the house. She followed at a leisurely pace, trying to keep her mind preoccupied.


"Jayden, you are going to touch her back while she doesn't look at you." Jayden stared at his mentor, wide-eyed. Ji paced back and forth in his 'son's' room while Jayden sat down on the bed. Both were wanting her to open up more about her past but haven't been able to come up with any brilliant ideas on how to do so.

"Ji, I don't think we should. I mean, shouldn't she have a say in what kind of trust she is able to put in me?" He replied. He remembered how scared she was when he just tapped her shoulder and winced at the memory. "I think we should ask her what she's capable of doing rather than push her into unfamiliar territory and have her close off even more." Ji let Jayden's words sink in before he shook his head.

"She needs to know you won't hurt her. We are doing what I think whether you or her like it or not." With that said, he stalked out of the room and Jayden sighed, alling onto his bed. After thinking for a minute, he got up and left the room. Stepping inside the dojo, he saw Emily standing in the center and Ji glaring at him. "Alright. We are going to try something different. Jayden is going to touch your back while you don't watch him, okay?" Emily looked fearfully at her mentor and Jayden could see the pain and fear in her eyes.

"Mentor, I-" Emily tried to speak her mind but he waved her off.

"Begin." Jayden walked to the center and he knew she could hear him coming. Her breathing became more shallow and her eyes clenched shut. Her hands were balled at her sides and she shuddered. He knew this was a bad idea and that he should have let her come talk to him about anything when she was ready, but Ji seemed to think like that was a bad idea. Each step towards her made him want to stop but he knew he couldn't back his way out of this, especially with Ji standing right behind him. He closed his eyes and shakily reached his hand out. She could sense his hand coming closer and shook violently, all those memories flooding her mind all at once.

Emily was training by herself, but she could feel her father's gaze boring into her back. She missed a punch to the punching bag and in a flash, her father was standing behind her. Before she could turn around, she felt the cold metal graze her skin on her back and her father's never-ending and never ceasing laughter.

She tried to jerk his hand away from her but another memory became prominent.

Emily had just come home from scool and Serena was sitting at the table in the kitchen.

"Hey, Emy, I'm going to spend the night at Erin's tonight. Are you okay with that?" Seena never knew her father abused her little sister and Emily didn't want Serena to know. Panic flooded through her and she changed her facial features slightly before Serena could see her distress.

"Y-Yeah, okay." Serena flashed her a smile and got up from the table, suitcase packed and already in hand.

"Great! See you tomorrow Emy!" She called out as she left the house through the kitchen door. As soon as she left, her father stepped into the kitchen.

"Well, well, well, looks like ittle Emily and I are alone tonight." He approached her and threw her into one of the chairs in the kitchen rather roughly. "Symbol power practice. Now." He threw a yellow marker and a pad of paper down in front of her. She quicly got to work but the first symbol she drew was sloppy and one of the strokes was sideways, earning her a slap hard enough to knock her off the chair and slammed down into the floor. "Fucking whore, its sideways. Bitch, learn how to do it right. Again."

Emily felt tears sting the corner of her eyes. Breathing was almost impossible to do. She knew she couldn't take it anymore.

"Stop! Please!" Tears streamed down her face and he pulled his hand back as quickly as he could.

"Emily-" She took off running and he glared at his mentor before taking off after her.


He searched everywhere but there was no sign of her. He had already checked the forest, the city, and the construction site. Sighing in frustration, there was only one spot he still hadn't thought of to check. Turning around, he ran as fast as he could into the park. If she wasn't there, then she could only be in the counrtyside outside of the city. He slowed his pace down as soon as he heard sobs coming from one of the park benches. He quietly and hesitantly approached the bench and recognized the sobbing figure. It was Emily.

"Hey." She looked up startled and tried to erase the fact she had been crying. He sat down beside her and stared across the street. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" She spoke quietly and confusedly.

"I really didn't want to do that exercise. I was kinda forced to." She put her gaze onto him and he looked right back at her.

"What do you mean?"

"I wanted to do something completely different but Ji wouldn't let me."

"Well, what is it you wanted to do?" He took in a deep breath.

"I wanted to talk to you." She had on a confused but slightly amused expression.

"About what?"

"You. Your past. I meant what I said back there. I really want to get to know you." She searched his face for any lying or deceiving emotion but she saw he was being completely truthful.

"I...I just...I just can't tell you yet. I'm sorry." She started breaking down again.

"Emily, it's okay." She expected him to be angry with her but he was kind and caring instead. This made her cry even more and she couldn't stop herself from throwing herself at him. She engulfed him in a hug and sobbed into his jacket. He gently hugged her back with a shocked expression on his face. "Emily, it's okay." He whisperred into her hair and just held her close. They stayed like that for a while before she slowly pulled away.

"I'm sorry." She got up and walked away. He ran after her once more and caught her by her arm. Her eyes took on a faraway look and she froze for a minute. She saw her father doing the same thing but before anything hit her, Jayden pulled her in for another hug. Her eyes then saw Jayden and reality slowly crept back into her vision. "I just can't tell you. Not yet. It's just too much to talk about." She spoke and he nodded and let her go. His samuraizer went off and she truned around and walked away.


"Jayden? Where are you guys?" Jayden rolled his eyes. Ji had called him.

"Out. We'll be back soon." The words came out harsher than he intended but at that particular moment, he didn't care.

"But-" He slammed his samuraizer shut in annoyance and anger while jogging to his yellow teammate.

"Hey, Emily?" She looked at him curiously.

"What?" He shook his head.

"Nevermind." She shrugged and they began the long trek to the Shiba house, unaware that someone was watching the entire conversation from the shadows.