Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: The Wolf That Worships The Moon

Notes: Random PWP with one of my favorite pairings. This will contain Yaoi! Enjoy Lovelies!

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~*~*~*Chapter 1~*~*~*

Hatake Kakashi peered over the brim of his beloved Icha Icha Paradise; the silver haired ex-Anbu was captivated by the beautiful body and face of one Hyūga Neji.

To Kakashi the younger man was the epitome of perfection; dark, almost waist length, cocoa tresses that swayed as the Jounin walked past. Pale skin that seemed to shine even in the daylight.

Neji's wide white eyes that seemed to stare straight into your soul; unraveling all your secrets with just one piercing look. Kakashi would be blind if he hadn't noticed Neji's body; sleek, slender with just the right amount of muscle and curve.

The seventeen year old Hyūga prodigy was gorgeous. Kami knew how much Kakashi wanted the younger male for his own but therein lied the crux of Kakashi's hesitation to take what he wanted. Neji was only seventeen and while in the eyes of the village this made Neji an adult it still made Kakashi feel a bit like a dirty old man.

All throughout his life Kakashi strived to do the right thing, tried to take the correct path; even when his choices seemed to backfire on him spectacularly. Still the Sharingan user tried his hardest to do the honorable thing.

However, if his craving for the Hyūga prodigy didn't abate soon Kakashi was going to give honor the finger and take what he wanted. The older man snapped out of his thoughts when he felt a weighty stare on him.

Casting his uncovered dark eye around surreptitiously he froze when he met the pale, curious, eyes of his obsession Hyūga Neji. Kakashi ripped his gaze away from the younger man's and quickly stood, stowing his treasured book in his pouch, and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

The last thing the masked man saw before he disappeared was Neji moving towards where he had just been sitting not a moment before. The gorgeous younger man's eyes showing emotions Kakashi couldn't recognize in their pearly depths.

*~*~*~TIME SKIP*~*~*~

The next few days Kakashi made an effort to avoid Neji but it was becoming harder and harder to evade the stubborn teen. Wherever the ex-Anbu went Neji seemed to find him; quite a few times the long haired Jounin had almost caught the wily Copy-Nin.

He should have known his luck wouldn't hold for very much longer and eventually the stunning Hyūga would catch up to him. The chase ended when Neji finally cornered him in his apartment no less. Kakashi knew their game of chase was up so he resigned himself to listening to what the younger man wanted to say.

"Kakashi-Sensei..." Kakashi looked at the slightly nervous teen in front of him and almost chuckled at the uncharacteristic fidgeting Neji seemed to be experiencing at the moment. However, Kakashi was a man who could, generally, control himself and remained quiet so the flustered Hyūga could continue.

Neji attempted to speak his piece again with no success. The older man smiled through his mask. Letting the younger man know it was okay, that the pale eyed teen could take as long as he'd like. Finally, the the smaller man spoke in a low, rush of words, barely discernible even with Kakashi's excellent hearing.

"I like you and I know you like me. You stare at me all the time when you think I'm not looking. I just wanted you to know how I felt and maybe if you're interested we could go out sometime." The last words were mumbled but Kakashi heard it all.

It took him a few moments to assimilate what the Hyūga had, in fact, said and several more to realize what Neji's confession meant in regards to him. Lifting his cycloptic stare back onto the blushing face of his infatuation Kakashi knew he was screwed.

Completely, and utterly, screwed because he was indeed going to take Neji up on his offer. Kakashi's hesitancy from a few days prior was quickly thrown out the window in the face of this tempting offer.

But anyone who knew Hatake Kakashi knew he couldn't resist needling someone should the opportunity arise and apparently prospective lovers were not exempt from his teasing. "Mah Neji-kun likes me? Hmm I'm flattered."

Kakashi knew he pushed the younger man to far when Neji's eyes took on a slightly hurt look and when the smaller man moved to leave Kakashi knew what he had to do. Moving with the speed that made him one of Konoha's best Kakashi was quickly holding Neji's firm body against his.

The younger male nuzzled the older man's firm chest with his nose while Kakashi took a moment to bury his masked face into the shorter man's soft hair; inhaling Neji's sweet and unique scent, feeling goose bumps erupt on his flesh from the close proximity to the other man's tempting body.

Kakashi's cock began to stir on its own accord; Neji certainly wasn't helping the taller man stay in control with the way he kept nuzzling and sighing happily in contentment. Tightening his arms Kakashi pressed his covered lips to the crown of Neji's head before he pulled away.

Neji stared at him, looking a little put out by the abrupt separation but quickly composed himself. With a smile showing through his mask Kakashi spoke; "Neji, I want you, I do, and if you keep doing what you're doing I'm not going to be able to resist taking you."

The beautiful man in front of him cocked his head to the side in an adorably cute manner as he digested Kakashi's warning; "But what if I want you to take me?" His new lover's words hit the silver haired man with the force of Tsunade's chakra backed fist.

Swallowing, Kakashi looked deep into those gorgeous white eyes, staring to see if Neji was being completely serious. Looking hard to see that he understood what he was asking Kakashi for. He saw nothing but want and affection in those normally guarded pale eyes.

A thrill of anticipation rippled up the taller man's spine, moving forward Kakashi grabbed the Hyūga, pulling him back into his firm arms. Lifting a long slender hand Kakashi grasped Neji's hand, and brought it up to his mask.

Neji seemed to understand what the silver haired male wanted and grasped Kakashi's mask and slowly pulled it down, exposing the lower half of the older man's face. A gasp was heard causing Kakashi to open eyes he hadn't realized he'd closed.

His already semi-hardened cock jumped to its full length when the Sharingan user saw the lust developing in those pale eyes. Kakashi couldn't resist those pouty lips, and crashed his thin lips to Neji's plump ones. He quite enjoyed the feel of the younger man's mouth on his.

Kakashi thrust his tongue past the other man's lips, gliding his slippery appendage against Neji's. The younger man tentatively stroked his tongue against Kakashi's in return. The ex-Anbu couldn't stop the rumbling moan that escaped from his mouth when he tasted the other.

Neji tasted like green tea, dango, and something bitter that Kakashi couldn't place; all he knew is he liked it and wanted more of that taste. Neji's hand was still grasping his lowered mask while his other hand was clasped tightly in Kakashi's vest.

Kakashi's hands were settled on the younger man's shapely hips, holding the younger man's taut body close to his larger one. He was quickly losing his ability for rational thought but he did know that didn't want their first time to be anywhere but his large comfy bed.

Breaking away from the intense kiss; he had to restrain himself from tacking the man in his arms when he heard the whimper escape Neji when they parted, Kakashi took a deep breath and a step back, letting their arms unravel from around each other.

His larger pale hand reached out, taking Neji's smaller one in his while he began to make his way toward the bedroom. Once they entered the room Kakashi began to strip his lover slowly.

Savoring the sighs and little moans being wrung from his gorgeous young lover as he licked and nipped the skin he uncovered; soon Neji was nude before him.

Kakashi could only stare in awe at his lover's toned body. He always knew Neji was attractive but seeing him bare before his eye was overwhelming. His hand rose to the headband that covered his Sharingan and pulled the piece of fabric away so he could look upon this beautiful man with his mismatched eyes.

A sharp exhale of breath left Neji's swollen lips when his rare eyes met with Kakashi's; not many had the privilege of seeing his Sharingan and living to tell about it. A sexy smirk made its way to the older man's lips; it was nice to know that he had this much of an effect on the younger man just by exposing his face and gifted eye.

Slowly Konoha's famed Copy-Nin began to undress himself, shamelessly letting his lover watch his slow movements as he uncovered more porcelain skin littered with scars. When both men were, finally, stripped of their clothing they stared at each other in reverence, feasting on the site of their exposed flesh.

The lust was building in the Hatake's body as he surveyed Neji's body completely, taking in every detail. Neji's skin was pale much like his own, those gorgeous mocha locks stood out against it in sharp contrast as it flowed over his lithe shoulders.

Letting his eyes drift the older man let his gaze rest on the hard leaking cock nestled in a bed of dark curls. Another shiver of need, this one more urgent, rippled through Kakashi's strong form.

Bringing his wandering eyes back up he met those ethereal white orbs. It hit him then that Hyūga Neji was like the moon; radiant, captivating, and serene.

Many people had compared Kakashi to a wolf. If this was the case than Neji was his moon and he would spend the rest of the night worshipping that gorgeous body until they were both sated and sweaty.

Chapter Two will contain the slash!

I wrote this as a break from my multi-chapter fics...nice to write a simple slashy two-shot.

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