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Happy Happy Wheels

CHAPTER 1: I Am Irresponcible.

"Come on son! We can do it." A dad on a bicycle yells as he barrels down the Speed Bridge. "But Dad! Watch out for that buuuMMMPPP! AHHHHHHHHH." As the two fly through the air a button is pressed. "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD" Little Timmy yells so his dad could hear him. That button launched the kid out of his seat. On the back of the bike. "DAA-." The kids head got sliced open. This is gruesome. "Oh well. HOLY FUDGE!" The dad got sent flying through the air. DU DU DOO! The victory sound went off and the dad yelled in excitement and relief that he wasn't dead. He then turns to us and said "I know im breaking the fourth wall but I need to say this. My name is the irresponicble dad. My son is little timmy. We live in a world called Happy Wheels. This world is full of peoples levels that we play. We die. We come back to life just to die again. Some times we win and the victory bell plays. There are more of us too! There is pogostick guy and more! In total theres about 12 or so. Now back to the game." Now that the breaking of the fourth wall is done dad selects another level. Its called "Harpoon Course 1". Its made by Lukeinaterfan. "Ok I got this." He starts peddling. A jump appears, and he jump it only to die. He died of a harpoon going through his but into his heart and brain. This game is very bloody. He respawns and tries again. This time after he jumper he had done a flip and the harpoon bounces harmlessly againt has tires. Wait what? That's not right, But then again nothing is right in this forsaken world. He keeps peddling only to come across another jump. He simply peddles off and just barly dodged the other harpoon. "Man these harpoons never give up!" he runs off another semi-cliff. More harpoons. "Dad my but hurts!" Dad looks and sees a harpoon in his sons buttox. "Don't look son. Just close your eyes." "OK." Then he came across another jump! He jumps and sees 5 harpoons shooting at him. One rips his nose off and another in his leg. The 3 others bounced harmlessly off the tires. Really? More indestructible tires? God Dangit. DU DU DOO! The victory bell sounds and the 2 make it through the level. The can life another day. -_-

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