Roy: "How did you find - Forget it. You probably wouldn't say."

Jade: "Nope."

Roy: "What are we doing here?"

Jade: "It's simple, Red."

Roy: "Then enlighten me."

Jade: "We're going to order some food, watch some stolen pay-per-view, and you're going to stay until we've fucked each other senseless, nice and proper."

Roy: "I can't tell if you're kidding."

Jade: "Not this time, loverboy. But keep up with that sourpuss of yours and I might come to my senses."

Jade: "It's been too long. You're out of practice."

Roy: "Shut up."

Jade: "Make up your mind - do you want to talk or not?"

Roy: "Because critiquing my sexual performance really counts as talking."

Jade: "Picky, picky."

Jade: "Really, though, what was with that knuckle thing?"

Roy: "I wasn't thinking about it, okay?"

Jade: "Clearly. Misplaced, awkward, mission-less knuckle? You're lucky you weren't on the receiving end."

Roy: "This is a nice way to say hello, after however many months it's been."

Jade: "My point exactly."

Jade: "You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say you've been suffering quite the dry spell."


Jade: "Seriously?"

Jade: "You haven't had a fuck in five months?"

Jade: "You're joking."

Roy: "Shut up."

Jade: "You're not joking."

Jade: "But why the hell not?"

Roy: "Forget it."

Jade: "Oh, Red. You know I can't do that."

Jade: "This movie is terrible."

Roy: "It was your idea."

Jade: "I distinctly remember you whining about bringing more culture into our already bi-racial bed."

Roy: "I meant seeing an actual movie. In a theater. With other people around."

Jade: "Back to adventurous sex?"

Roy: "You know that's not what I mean."

Jade: "Relax. Try to smile. It was funny."

Roy: "You're never funny."

Jade: "Words hurt, Red."

Roy: "Can I turn this crap off now?"

Jade: "Only if we can go back on."

Jade: "Good boy."

Jade: "You're getting better. You only fumbled once that time."

Roy: "Thanks for the vote of confidence. Now quit hogging the pillows."

Jade: "My room, my pillows."

Roy: "You paid for this place?"

Jade: "More than I should have. But I hacked the pay-per-view, so it's a little better."

Roy: "But... why?"

Jade: "You're too sickeningly heroic to let even one of these shitholes to go unpaid for, and don't think I don't know the sad state of your finances, Roy Harper."

Jade: "Don't look at me like that."

Roy: "Like what?"

Jade: "Like that."

Roy: "I'm not - "

Roy: "What exactly are we doing?"

Jade: "Lying naked in bed after a very, very satisfying ride."

Roy: "Jade."

Jade: "Don't - "

Roy: "You're pretty fucking ridiculous, you know that?"

Jade: "Keep talking like that, it makes me all warm and tingly."

Roy: "I'm serious, Jade. Just tell me right now if you're going to keep playing your games."

Jade: "I can think of a game we can play - "

Roy: "Will you knock it off already?"

Roy: "No more games, or next time I won't follow you here."

Jade: "I like it when you get all pushy."

Roy: "Did... all that - mean you'll stop playing around?"

Jade: "It means I like being bunk buddies with you."

Roy: "Chesh -"

Jade: "One move at a time, Red."

Roy: "That was quite the move."

Jade: "So I've been told."

Roy: "Where are you going?"

Jade: "Shadows. You might want to stay away from Johannesburg this week."

Roy: "Because that's right on my commute."

Roy: "What's happening in Johannesburg?"

Jade: "Now, Red - that would be giving away the surprise."

Jade: "See you there."