Greetings one and all, gather round for that which I have to tell. My name is Peeves' best friend, and I present to you: "Harry Potter: Overhaul"
Yes, now what is Harry Potter: Overhaul? Well, it is my attempt at making a story which is nice to read, and which avoids at least one or two clichés.
I will not deny that this story was inspired by Knowledge is Power by Fettucini which can be found under the author Nkari127. I will however, say that I plan on expanding on Hogwarts. I have a roster made up for Harry's year that has 61! students. Granted, most of those will barely star, but I plan on making the wizarding world a bit ... bigger. I am looking for one or two people whom I can bounce ideas off of. If you're interested, I'm only a PM away.

Pairings: Harry/? - SURPRISE, RL/NT, ...?

Rating: Rated T

Warnings: Well... It's rated T. I don't know quite yet, but this story is rated T, and it deserves that rating.

On the subject of slash: I respect people of all sexual preferences, I do not want to offend anyone. But know that this story will have no slash, and no amount of asking, begging or threatening can change that. Thank you.

SUMMARY: Harry Potter, raised by Remus Lupin. Born on July 6th 1980. His lifegoal? To become the greatest wizard ever and to exterminate all evil.


"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ...

born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh moon dies ...

and elders blood will bathe him as sacred, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ...

and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ...

the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh moon dies ..."

-Scene Break-

It is the 6th of July, 4.32 a.m., and Lily Potter is currently screaming in pain as the doctor does his best to guide the young women through her first pregnancy.

Out in the hall, James Potter paces in front of the door to the operating room, as his wife's screams are clearly audible.

His best friends, the Marauders, are sitting nearby as they do their best to calm down the soon to be father.

Finally, at 5.27 a.m. seconds before the moon dips behind the horizon, only to rise as a new moon tonight, the cries quiet. And they are replaced by the cries of a newborn infant.

Sprinting into the operating room, James Potter runs right into the scalpel the doctor is just about to put down.

As the doctor reflexively yanks back his scalpel, blood starts squirting out of the wound in James' neck, as a major artery has been hit.

As everybody watches stupefied, nobody notices that the blood James' is spraying is all landing on the newly born baby, who will be named Harry Potter later that same day.

Just having been cleaned by one of the nurses, Harry Potter should now be slick and wet because of his father's blood, but this is not the case, as the blood seems to be absorbed into young Harry's skin…

As James' sinks to his knees, it is fortunate that his longtime friend Remus Lupin walks into the operating room. Originally having planned on greeting his unofficial nephew, he is unpleasantly surprised when he spots James on his knees, with a clearly life-threatening wound.

Acting immediately, Remus pulls his wand before swiftly healing James with one of the healing charms he had thought himself, to patch up his friends after they had accompanied him during the nights when his furry little problem, became a big furry problem.

With the immediate danger now taken care of, Remus vanishes all the excess blood, before deliberately obliviating each and every one of the Muggles present.

Healed, James is pulled upright by his brother in all but blood, Sirius Black, before finally making his way to his newborn heir.

"Harry James Potter. You are truly your father's son. You're causing trouble already!" James grins, before getting a sharp slap from his wife.

As we leave the Potters and their friends, we move to a future. A future in which only two of the six magical people present tonight, have a further part to play…

-Scene Break-

Carefully checking his set-up one more time, Remus deliberately positions himself in the chair he has placed in this corner thirty minutes ago.

Looking around at the many things he has prepared, Remus grins with anticipation as his eyes fall upon the young boy currently sleeping in his bed, not 10 feet from Remus.

Smiling, Remus pulls the rope that is hanging next to him.

Immediately, the trumpet, placed not 3 inches from the boy's right ear, blows at full power.

Flying out of bed, the boy lands with an undignified thump. On his buttocks. On the bulls eye that was painted by Remus not ten minutes ago.

Just as the boy tries to get his bearings, a click can be heard above the boy's head.

Knowing that he shouldn't look up, the boy stares straight ahead as he is bombarded by uncooked eggs.

Scrambling forward, to escape the egg-bardment, the boy can feel the rope snap as he hits it with his hand. Cursing, the boy tenses as he prepares for the next part in this chain of humiliation.

The next part happens to be a catapult, which launches the boy into the tub filled with ice cold water which was just a large block of ice when Remus set it up two hours ago.

Flying out of the tub, the boy lands on a skateboard, knocking out the support for his bookcase in the same move.

The skateboard finally comes to a stop at the bathroom door, where the boy is knocked into the shower by a large boxing glove on a spring.

As the water comes on, the boy can hear Remus howling with laughter.

Sighing, the young wizard realizes that Remus has charmed the water, and probably his shampoo and shower gel as well.

"I wonder how many colors I'll have when I go to sleep tonight." Harry mutters.

As we leave Harry to his shower, we reflect on exactly what effect such a waking up might have on a seven year old boy. As Harry goes on to get his first Animagus class from Remus today, as Remus had promised he would start the classes on the boy's seventh birthday, we ourselves are going to recap on the major events of the past seven years.

-Scene Break-

Harry James Potter was born on the 6th of July, 1980. But we already know this, after all, we were there.

Harry would go on to live a happy life with his two parents, his beloved godfather Sirius Black, and his unofficial uncles Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew.

All of that changed on Halloween, 1981, as the Potters were attacked by a group of Death Eaters, led by Bellatrix Lestrange. Both Potter elders sacrificed their lives to protect their son, and to great success. For just as an Avada Kedavra struck down Lily Potter, Sirius black burst into Godric's Hollow, followed by Mad-Eye Moody and Remus Lupin.

Together these three took down the Death Eaters, only to be informed that it was Peter Pettigrew who had told the Death Eaters that the Potters would be without any other company tonight.

As a livid Sirius Black took off to chase after Pettigrew, Moody went to inform Dumbledore. Thus leaving young Harry in the hands of Remus Lupin.

The only thing Remus hadn't taken into account, was that Sirius had gotten wounded during their fight against the Death Eaters.

It is this which cost Sirius Black his life. For as Black tracked down Pettigrew, he had already been severely weakened through his wounds and through blood loss.

Although Black managed to kill Pettigrew, he did not manage to do so without sustaining further injury, thus leading to him bleeding out before he could get to help, or help could get to him.

And so it is that Harry Potter ended up in the care of Remus Lupin. Cleverly abusing the chaos and confusion that ran rampant that night, as Neville Longbottom had destroyed Voldemort, Lupin managed to ram through the paperwork, that made him into Harry's legal guardian.

Raising Harry to the best of his abilities, Remus simply hired a babysitter for the nights during which he had furry problems. Money was always tight, as even in the Muggle World, Remus had a hard time maintaining a job.

The solution eventually came through the money left to Harry by his parents.

Never living a life of abundance, but never living a life of shortage either.

Harry Potter grew up a pained boy, as he knew that his parents had died protecting him, and knowing that he had cost his 'uncle', all those he held dear in the world.

It was at young age, that Harry Potter decided that he would become the greatest wizard ever seen. So that he would be able to destroy those that would harm others, once and for all.

That's the prologue. Now, some final things.

First: For those worrying, HPatEC is not being abandoned, I just wanted to write this as well. My time will be split between both stories and it all depends on what I feel like writing.

Second: Please leave a review, if that's even possible after a measly 1500 words.

Third: Any suggestions are much appreciated both in the form of Review and in the form of PM.

Fourth: I would really like it if I had one or two people to bounce ideas off of, so if you're interested, let me know.

Fifth and last: Thanks for reading!