Hi, allow me to introduce you to Chapter 3. Chapter 3, Reader. Reader, Chapter 3. Now, with that out of the way, go and enjoy the chapter. Some predictable questions and comments will be answered after the chapter, so go there if you have a question which you think may be predictable.Thank you and enjoy!

Ah, you're back. Excellent. Now that we have witnessed Harry Potter's sorting into the house of wise Ravenclaw, I believe the time has come for some enlightenment.

After all, we don't want people to get the wrong impressions, now do we?

So, before we go back to that magical moment when the Sorting Hat yelled out 'RAVENCLAW!', let us take a look at the psyche of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is a cold and cruel individual, who acts arrogant and snobbish. But there is a reason for that, and if you truly want to understand the tale of the noble son of House Potter, then the time has come for an explanation.

Harry Potter became an orphan at the age of fifteen months. Later, as he grew old enough to understand, Harry was told that his godfather had died on that same night, because of the wounds he sustained whilst saving Harry and avenging Harry's parents.

This, this is the first step in understanding the mind of young Harry Potter. What effect would it have had on you? What would you have felt when you came to understand that it is because of you that three people died, and a fourth one lost all he loved all in the same night?

Our beloved hero was raised in the Muggle World, isolated from almost all social contacts, only Remus a permanent fixture in his social life. Born to a magical couple, Harry never attended elementary school or even kindergarten. So, until his education at Hogwarts finally started, with whom did Harry have contact? Only with Remus Lupin and the babysitters that were hired for full moon nights.

Here lies the second elemental piece of Harry Potter's psyche. How should a boy have learned how to socialize, how to make friends, how to empathize with others, if he never had others to learn this with? How do you learn to trust if there are none to trust around you?

The Heir of House Potter found his salvation in books. They were a permanent fixture in his life, and they at least never abandoned him. So it was that Harry learned to love books, and a true scholar was born. But with books as a cornerstone of Harry's mind, is it not to be expected that Harry developed a certain personality? Can one not argue that it is only normal to grow more detached, more logical, perhaps even somewhat obsessive with the application of logic to all aspects of reality?

Ask yourself this: 'How would I have handled? Who would I have become?'

Of course, there is more to Harry Potter than merely his upbringing. There is for example, the fact that Harry is a genius. Young Potter was born that way, and it of course influences his mind and his actions. But what is interesting, is that Harry never had much contact with people who are not geniuses themselves. After all, we can say that Remus Lupin is rather smart at least, and other then him Harry never had much social contacts.

We have uncovered another piece of the wonderful creature that is Harry Potter. A genius who never learned to deal with other geniuses. And so we wonder, is it not normal for Harry to mock others? Is it not normal for Harry to be distant of others? After all, he must think them all idiots! Why socialize? Why be polite? The masses won't be able to keep up with you anyways.

Ah, I can see it in your eyes, you are starting to realize exactly how Harry Potter came to be the boy that is the protagonist in this tale. And I see it in your eyes: 'Would Remus not have done something? Would Remus not have showed Harry love and affection?'

And I say bravo, because that would normally be quite correct, and a good argument. But what most people do not see, is that Remus has two sides to him, we have the fun-loving, kind, affectionate Remus, the boy who was destroyed by Fenrir Greyback and the wolf that he infected Remus with, only to be rebuilt into a man by the Marauders. Let's call this side of Remus the Marauder.

Now that we know the Marauder, it is time to meet the Lone Wolf. The Lone Wolf is the side of Remus that does not dare to grow affectionate to others, the side that is responsible and serious, the side he needs to survive, and the side that protects him from the pain of rejection and loss.

With the death of all those he loved, all in the span of a single night, the Marauder disappeared, and he wouldn't return as the leading state of mind in Remus, until well into Harry Potter's sixth year of life.

So when the Marauder finally returns to Remus Lupin, Harry Potter is five-and-a-half years old.

Our emerald-eyed hero did not understand what happened when his one friend, the only human being with whom he has regular contact, started pranking him. Suddenly, Harry was confronted with actions by Remus that were humiliating and sometimes even somewhat painful. Harry saw this as the one person that he has let into his heart hurting him, betraying him.

Can you understand the relationship between Harry Potter and Remus Lupin now? Do you now see why Harry does not hug Remus? Why he does not thank him? Why he orders him around?

A relationship that was at one time tight, slowly deteriorating to professional and businesslike over a simple misunderstanding. That is how Harry Potter and Remus Lupin grew from a father-son relationship, to something more reminiscent of a boss-employee relationship.

Now my guest, I have talked and I have explained. I hope that this has made you see Harry Potter for who he truly is. Can you now see how Harry Potter's behavior can be explained? Do you understand our young hero?

I fear that you still do not, but I have done my best. I know that you tire of the words of this old man, and therefore I shall lay the matter to rest.

So, my dear guest, let us return to a story both wondrous and terrible, joyful and sorrowful, romantic and bloody, and many more things as well.

Let us return, to the sorting of Harry James Potter, and what transpired immediately afterwards…

Standing up, Harry doesn't quite know what to feel as he places the Hat on the stool before moving for the table of the Bronze-and-Blue.

The applause he gets is unremarkable in every way. The cheering is polite and enthusiastic, as it has been for the other new Ravenclaws.

As he spots Montgomery waving him over, Harry moves for his… acquaintance? Victim? Assistant?

Deciding to simply categorize Montgomery as an acquaintance for now, Harry sits down across from Montgomery, politely nodding at the boy, Harry turns to watch the remainder of the sorting.




As the final student gets sorted, Harry does a quick headcount.

There are 61 new students this year. Of them, 13 are Gryffindors, 17 are Hufflepuffs and there are 17 Ravenclaws as well. That leaves 14 Slytherins making a total of 61 new students divided in 32 boys and 29 girls.

Running that through his head again, Harry decides then and there that it is unlikely that he is going to be getting a private dorm. Doing his best not to mutter angrily, Harry is relieved when Dumbledore keeps it short.

"For the first years, welcome to Hogwarts. For those returning, welcome back. A new school year begins and how better to start it than with a lemon drop dinner for everyone?" The old wizard smiles benignly.

As a universal shiver of disgust runs through the staff and the students second year and up, Dumbledore's eyes twinkle just a bit harder.

Wondering how the old man does that, Harry can't help but be impressed.

"However, I have been informed that a feast with only lemon drops is unacceptable, so feel free to enjoy the other delicacies as well. Now without further blabbering, let's enjoy this delicious food!"

As Dumbledore finishes, the tables are suddenly laden with food. Smiling contentedly, Harry composes a healthy meal with plenty of vegetables and fish.

Setting down his plate, Harry can literally feel Montgomery staring at him. Looking up with a blank expression, Harry is puzzled at the horrified look the boy has plastered on his face.

"What is that?! You can't seriously be thinking of eating that? No meat. No gravy. No sauce. No potatoes. No pasta. What is the matter with you?" Montgomery says, looking at Harry as if he's the insane one.

"This, Montgomery, is a-" Harry starts, only to be interrupted by Montgomery.

"I told you, call me Monty!" The excitable boy yells out.

Continuing in his I-don't-care-for-you-or-your-pathetic-life voice, Harry maintains his blank expression as he says, "- healthy and balanced meal consisting largely of salmon and spinach, there's also some bread to balance everything. Now let me eat in peace and lower your volume."

Having said that, Harry turns to his plate and digs in, only to look up mere seconds later when he hears Montgomery hyperventilating.

Seeing Montgomery staring at something, Harry subtly turns around so he can follow the boy's stare to the Gryffindor table. To a girl at the Gryffindor table to be more precise.

Elegant brown curls, high cheekbones, intense brown eyes and a smile that makes your heart sigh happily.

Harry doesn't know who that girl is, although he's rather sure that she's a first year.

"I'm in love." Montgomery deadpans, before standing up and moving for the girl in question.

Taking a bite of salmon, Harry turns around to watch Montgomery getting his ass handed to him.

As Montgomery reaches the girl, Harry can see Montgomery's mouth move. The girl smiles and says something as well.

Leaning back, Harry almost winces as he sees the girl's expression turn murderous the second Montgomery says something which judging from Montgomery's goofy smile, must have been moronic.

The slap that follows can be heard throughout the entire Hall. Montgomery takes it as a champ though, he simply walks back to Harry and sits down again, a goofy grin and a red handprint on his face.

"One day her name is going to be Chelsea Deighton-Hunt." The boy sighs dreamily before taking a cold cup of pumpkin juice and holding it against his smarting cheek.

Turning back to his dinner, Harry shrugs. He deadpans, "Your funeral."

Now dinner can only be so interesting, and I have watched Harry eat many a time. So for your sake I shall rip space and time apart. Let us move to the end of dinner, when the Headmaster rises for his speech.

"Now that our bellies are full with delicious food, the time has come for the announcements. Mr. Filch would like me to remind you all that it is forbidden to use magic in the hallways. The list with banned items is available for review in Mr. Filch's office. The Forbidden Forest remains forbidden for all students, exceptions include members of the Herbology Club during sanctioned outings, Care of Magical Creatures students during class and students who have received a waiver for exceptional reasons which has been signed by the Deputy Headmistress, Professor McGonagall."

And then Dumbledore's eyes stop twinkling and his voice loses its lighthearted tone, "And finally, the third floor corridor is off limits for everybody. There will be no exceptions and violations will be punishable with expulsion and the snapping of your wand. This is not a laughing matter and any who set foot on that corridor will not like the consequences." Dumbledore says, his eyes boring into two redheaded twins at the Gryffindor table who seem to shrink under his gaze.

"And with that in mind, I believe it would be best if we save the school song for another time. Prefects, lead the first years, the other years hold back for a second to avoid clogging up the doorway, have a nice sleep and everybody is expected at seven forty-five tomorrow morning to receive their schedules, thank you."

With that, Dumbledore sits down and the Prefects of each House stand up and start calling for their first years.

Moving towards the closest prefect, Harry notices Montgomery next to him muttering something about roses, white pigeons and a sappy soap opera.

Doing his best to squash the amusement bubbling up inside of him, Harry listened as the Prefects introduced themselves before starting the route to Ravenclaw Tower.

Eventually arriving at the common room, Harry is somewhat surprised when the eagle knocker suddenly speaks up.

"For some I go fast, for some I go slow, to most people, I'm an obsession, relying on me is a well practiced lesson. What am I?" The knocker says before falling silent again.

Immediately realizing the answer to that ridiculously simple riddle, Harry answers clearly, "You are time."

The door to the common room opens and Harry is pleasantly surprised by what he sees.

As the group moves forwards, Harry examines everything as fast as he can. He spots the fireplace merrily burning between two floor-to-ceiling bookcases. He sees the ladders folded up next to the bookcases, so you can climb up and take the higher books out as well.

He spots the cobalt blue carpet in the middle of the room, with the bronze raven woven into it. There are recliners and benches and desks and tables and anything a study could possibly need.

The windows that illuminate small niches in the wall, where one can withdraw to study in private. The spiraling staircases on the far side of the room, with Boys and Girls written above them.

And finally there's a board right next to the entrance, where you can post a notice and be certain that all of Ravenclaw house has seen it by the end of the day.

All in all, this is a room with which Harry could fall in love with. And then he looks up at the ceiling, and that feeling is reinforced even stronger, for the ceiling is clearly something magical as well.

For on the ceiling, is a projection of the night sky, like in the Great Hall, but the difference is that this projection is clearly meant as a tool for studying. For as Harry focuses on Sagittarius, it seems as if he zooms in on it, and he can see the projection of an actual archer in it.

Pleased, Harry looks at the Prefects, who are patiently waiting for the first years to finish gaping at the common room.

As everybody finally stops gaping, the sixth year male prefect clears his throat.

"I am Eric Stinsby and welcome to Ravenclaw House, this will be your home for the next seven years. There are a few important announcements which I have to give you right now, the rest can wait until tomorrow, when we will go over the not urgent topics. Now then, as you can see, there are staircases leading to the dormitories. The dormitories have a five person limit, meaning that there are two dormitories for both the first year boys, and the first year girls. Denise?" Eric explains, before turning to another prefect, who seems to be his partner.

"I'm Denise Sanders, I'm a sixth year prefect like Eric, and I hope you will love the time you are going to spend as a Ravenclaw for the coming seven years. So, for the girls it's rather simple, you have the two dorms on the third level, so when you are dismissed later, simply follow the stairs until you reach the two doors that have a large 1. Five girls per room, once you have chosen, that choice is final for the entire year. So don't act to rashly and talk about it with the other girls. For the boys, it's a bit more complicated, there are only seven of you, so we won't be able to fill two dorms. Mitchell?" Denise explains, before turning to the other male prefect with a raised eyebrow.

"Hi, I'm Mitchell Vance, fifth year prefect. So the boys have two dorms they can fill however they want, as long as neither room has more than five students. One dorm is on the second level, the other is on the 9th level. You had best talk about who gets what dorm as well, because the ninth floor is one hell of a climb. Seriously, you will curse the inventor of the stairs for hours and hours and hours and –" Mitchell spoke, before yelling in pain as the final girl prefect rammed him in the arm.

"So, I'm Ellie Green, fifth year prefect. Ignoring the idiot next to me, the 9th level does have a wonderful view of the grounds, and you can always change on a yearly basis if you prefer that. Now then, we will be leaving the common room at 7.20 a.m. as a group to go down to breakfast tomorrow morning. Please make sure that you are awake and presentable at that time, you will not like it if we have to send Mitchell. That's all, so divide your dorms and we'll see you all tomorrow." Ellie finished whilst looking threateningly at Mitchell the whole time.

As the prefects splinter off and move in different directions, the first year girls spring into action, grouping into two threesomes and two twosomes, after which they soon form two groups of five before moving for the girls dorms.

It doesn't go that smoothly with the boys though. As a heavy silence settles over the group, Harry knows that it is only a matter of seconds before one of them breaks off and starts a rat race for one of the five places on the third level dorm.

Seeing one of the boys tense, Harry decides he can't be bothered with that.

"I'm taking the level 9 dorm." He says, before moving for the staircase.

Leaving a stunned group behind, Harry hopes that whoever he ends up with is quiet, peaceful, studious…

"Hiya Harry! I'm your new roommate!" An exuberant Montgomery yells five minutes later as he walks into Harry's dorm.

Not even turning around to greet the boy, Harry simply pulls his wand and fires a Punching Hex in Montgomery's general direction. The pained grunt that follows causes the slightest of grins to appear on Harry's face.

And so we have created the environment in which Harry Potter will have some of his greatest breakthroughs, his greatest triumphs, and his strongest Punching Hexes. Montgomery Deighton and Harry Potter's dorm would one day grow into a subject of myths and legends. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, for at this moment, it is simply a largely empty dorm room.

But the following hours were not truly important, so let us move to the dawn of a new day. The day when Harry Potter got his first class at Hogwarts…

Slowly waking up, Harry once again congratulates himself on mastering the Waking Spell. Which is to this day, one of the greatest pieces of magic in the world.

Harry learned it from a small booklet not thirty pages thick, titled 'Essential Magic'.

The book didn't hold what Harry expected when he bought it, but even if only for the Waking Spell, it was worth every Knut.

The Waking Spell is perhaps the greatest advantage magic brings with it. It is the magical answer to an alarm clock. However, instead of getting hammered by the loud, incessant beeping of a clock, you simply wake up as you would on a Sunday morning, subtly and comfortably. With the difference being that the Waking Spell makes it impossible for you to fall back asleep again within the hour after waking up. So, whenever Harry had to get up in time for something, he simply cast the Waking Spell on himself the evening prior to this, and voila, one happy, not brusquely woken up wizard.

It also meant, that Harry got to enjoy moments like this, when he could get out of bed, take a nice shower, get dressed, prepare his bag, and move downstairs to the common room.

Arriving in the common room, Harry is met by the Prefects, who are all looking like death warmed over, standing unsteadily next to the entrance.

Moving over, Harry doesn't speak, instead choosing to wait in silence for the other first years to show up.

Finally, at 7.17 a.m., Harry realizes that there are still no other first years around, Eric and Denise are clearly asleep, hence the fact that they are both snoring away on recliners, and Ellie seems to be asleep whilst still standing and resting her head on Mitchell's shoulder.

Looking at the only conscious person in the room, Harry decides to speak up, "I suggest you go check that all the others are awake."

Mitchell gives a zombielike grunt before lying Ellie down on a sofa and moving for the girls stairs. Only to come shooting down not five seconds later when the stairs change into a slide.

After that, at least Mitchell is really awake, as he uses some kind of silent spell, before moving up the stairs.

Half a minute later, Harry can hear Mitchell's voice boom through the entire Ravenclaw Tower as he effectively wakes up all of the sleeping first years in less than five seconds, and he gets them dressed and at the common room entrance in just under four minutes.

Impressed, Harry swiftly follows Mitchell as he leads his zombie horde to the Great Hall.

Catching up to the only other person currently capable of a potentially decent conversation, Harry says, "Might I ask exactly how you did that?"

Grinning, Mitchell looks at Harry, "My dad was a drill sergeant in the army."

"Huh." Harry hums, before pitching another question.

"And would it bother you if I were to ask exactly why everybody seems to have left their brains on non-active today?"

"Well last night was students welcome kid. It's a yearly party in the common rooms to catch up and to reunite, stuff like that. Didn't you hear the noise?" Mitchell explains, looking at Harry questioningly.

"No I did not, probably because I'm on the ninth level. Isn't it irresponsible to throw a party on a school day though? Why does the staff even allow it?"

Mitchell seems surprised at Harry's questions, "Huh, guess the ninth floor has an advantage to it after all. But what's your problem with parties? Part of the experience kid, we should be able to cut loose every once in a while right?"

"Cutting loose once in a while might be acceptable, but not if you make so much noise that others feel bad because of it. And it's our first day back, your logic that you have to cut loose already astounds me. I'm done here." Harry says, before falling back to walk on his own.

Cutting loose indeed, they'd just had two months of vacation, and they need to cut loose already?

Suppressing his irritation at that load of bull, Harry looks around for the other first years, only to notice something.

"Where is Montgomery?" Harry mutters to himself.

"I guess we really are isolated up on the ninth floor… Not my problem."

As the group finally arrives at the Great Hall, Harry moves to the table and sits down. His fellow Ravens moving to sit next to their roommates, leaving Harry on the fringe of the group, and that is fine for Harry.

Loading his plate with a healthy breakfast and filling himself a glass of milk, Harry starts eating while looking for professor Flitwick inconspicuously. After all, the man would be handing out the schedules any minute now.

After a few minutes of waiting, Harry finally spots Professor Flitwick and the other Heads of House getting up and moving to their respective House tables.

Looking around, Harry is surprised to note that there are still a lot of empty seats. Probably people who don't want to wait long before they get their schedule.

Fortunately for Harry, the odds of him having to wait long are rather small as well, seeing as he is sitting very close to the staff table.

And indeed, within five minutes, Professor Flitwick approaches.

"Ah, Mr. Potter. You'll be getting the standard first year schedule, and would you like to join any clubs?" Flitwick happily says, as he looks at Harry expectantly.

"Yes Professor. I'd like to join the Chess Club and the Charms Club, and I'd also like to join the Dancing Classes. That is all please." Harry politely answers. This man is going to be his professor for the following seven years after all.

Bouncing in place excitedly, the professor taps a blank schedule with his wand before handing it to Harry, "I am looking forward to seeing you in my Charms Club Mr. Potter. I would love to see if you have inherited your mother's talent!"

And with that Flitwick walks over to the next student. Turning back to his breakfast, Harry is surprised when he spots Montgomery sitting in front of him.

Ignoring the boy in the hope that he will keep his mouth shut, Harry's idle hopes are shattered immediately as the boy starts talking.

"What extra classes are you going to follow Harry? Are you going to follow Dancing Harry? What about Spell Creation? Or maybe-" Montgomery rambles, only for Harry to point his wand at the boy's face, after which he mercifully shuts up.

I believe this might be a good time for me to interfere again. After all, Harry Potter may have his schedule, but you would like to see it as well, now wouldn't you? Of course you would.

Now before we go to Harry's schedule, let me explain a few general things about the schedule of a Hogwarts student.

The earliest classes start at 8.05 a.m., and with the exception of Astronomy, the day ends at 4 p.m.

There is a five minute break at the start of every hour, to blow off some steam and to get from classroom to classroom. A first years weekday has 34 hours of classes each lasting 55 minutes. Now that you know this, let me tell you what Harry's schedule looks like.

Monday starts at 8 a.m., with Transfiguration alongside the Badgers. This class lasts until 10 a.m., after which the Ravens must leave the Ground Floor and descend into the Dungeons for three hours of Potions with again the Hufflepuffs. Finally, at 1 p.m., the Ravenclaws can get some lunch. But they are expected on the third floor for Charms once the clock indicates 2.05 p.m. in which they will accompany the Gryffindors. After two hours of Charms, Monday ends at 4 p.m.

Tuesday starts at 8.05 a.m. as well, but this time with Defence against the Dark Arts on the Fourth Floor alongside the Slytherins. This class lasts until 11 a.m. after which the students have a two hour break, which leads up to Herbology again with Slytherin out in the Greenhouses from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.

Wednesday begins with three hours of Professor Binns his beloved History of Magic, and the Gryffindors who use those three hours solely to catch up on sleep. The students are finally released from the ghost's boring lectures at 11 a.m. The Ravens then have to hurry up to get from the First to the Fifth Floor in time, because at 11.05 a.m., Magical Theory, which is taught by none other than Professor Dumbledore himself, starts. This class only lasts an hour and is taught to all of the first years simultaneously and it is followed by an hour-long lunch break, meaning that the students have their third class of the day starting at 1.05 p.m. in the Greenhouses. That class is of course, Herbology for which the Ravens are once again accompanied by the Snakes.

After such a hard day, you'd think the students have deserved some rest, but Professor Sinistra will have none of that as she expects Bronze and Blue alongside Scarlet and Gold up on the Astronomy tower for two hours of stargazing, starting at 11 p.m.

Fortunately, the schedule has some mercy as the Ravens don't have to start their Thursday until 9.05 a.m., when Professor McGonagall demands the attention of both Blue and Yellow for three hours straight. Then after only a single hour of lunch, it's time to rush off for another two hours of Defense against the Dark Arts with Professor Quirrel and the Slytherins. And when finally that torture of garlic stench and stuttering releases the Ravens, they need to hurry down a floor to get to Charms where they will meet the Gryffindors, for a class that starts at 3.05 p.m. and lasts until 4 p.m.

Finally Friday rolls around, and with it two hours of Charms and Lions to start of the day. So when 8.05 a.m. rolls around, the Ravens are present for two hours from their beloved Head of House. Now the Ravens really must rush, from the Third floor to the grounds in only five minutes, for at 10.05 a.m., Care of Magical Creatures causes lots of mayhem to both Badger and Bird. Finally lunch at 1 p.m., but in an hour, Potions awaits, for which Badger and Raven must stand united. After two hours of the greasy hook nosed bat, the Ravens are free, and weekend has arrived.

Before I continue my story, one thing you seem to have forgotten. For indeed, the clubs have not even been addressed yet. Let's start with the first one that rolls around every week.

Charms Club means four hours of fun. On Monday at 5 p.m., students gather in the Charms Classroom for two hours of Charms. And the day after? They do so again!

Dancing is only two hours a week. These are on Thursday evening, from 8 until 10 p.m., you learn to Dance, under the stern eyes of Professor McGonagall, and her clear instructions, all dances are touched on, from waltzes to tangos.

Finally the Chess Club, and that is a special case. For the Chess Club is open from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. on all the weekdays. And on Saturday a visit can also be made, the door opens at 8 a.m. and stays open for twelve hours. Saturday is also the day of tournaments and competitions.

Leaving Sunday to rest, you have seen Harry's schedule. Indeed rather busy, but our hero will be fine, for he is a Potter. And despite what Peeves says, Potter is no Rotter.

Now, I have guided you through an entire week of young Harry's schedule. Let us now see how he deals with his very first class on his very first Monday.

Walking into the Transfiguration classroom, Harry is surprised to note that there is nobody present yet. It is only then that he spots the writing on the board.

'Class start delayed until 8.30 a.m. due to the handing out of schedules.'

Grumbling internally, Harry sits down in the third row from the front, on the right side of the room, before opening his bag and pulling out A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration.

Deciding not to delay his learning, just because people have terrible planning and timing here, Harry opens his book and starts reading.

Matches to Needles

"That shouldn't be too hard…" Harry mutters, before turning to his book once again and sinking into a world of his own.




Hearing increasingly loud talking, Harry looks up to the door, only to spot his fellow classmates walking in.

Turning back to his book, Harry is surprised to spot a cat on McGonagall's desk. Looking at it questioningly for a second, Harry returns his attention to his book when he remembers who that cat is.

Just as he is about to turn a page, Harry gains the company of Montgomery, who has finally caught up to Harry again.

"Why didn't you wake me up Harrikins?" Montgomery questions in a mock flirtatious voice, as he bats his eyelashes and leans in to Harry.

"If you want me to wake you up Montgomery, all you have to do is ask." Harry replies in a neutral voice, before continuing more ominously, "I have very many ways to wake somebody up, I can hardly wait to find out which is more efficient. Thank you for volunteering…"

With that said, Harry turns back to the board, patiently waiting for Professor McGonagall to reveal herself.

Just as the cat seems ready to jump, two boys sprint into the class.

Neville Longbottom, the Boy-Who-Lived, and Ronald Weasley look around anxiously for a few seconds before letting out loud cheers and congratulating each other with successfully arriving before Professor McGonagall shows up.

That happiness changes into fear and dismay when the cat on the desk transforms into the Professor.

"Longbottom, Weasley, take your seats immediately! I can understand you getting lost Mr. Weasley, but Mr. Longbottom there is no excuse for you to turn up late. Two points for showing up late to class and on the first day no less!" A displeased Scotswoman says, before turning to the rest of the class.

"Welcome to Transfiguration. We shall check for attendance and then I shall be explaining the rules of my classroom. After that, we will start on the transfiguration of matchsticks into needles. And if you behave well, do your work, and give it your best, then one day you might be able to do this!" McGonagall explains, before pulling her wand and turning to her desk.

One wave of her wand later and her desk has been transfigured into a squealing pig.

After a second, McGonagall undoes her transfiguration, and most of the first years clap exuberantly.

"Now then, let's start with roll call." McGonagall says, and pulls out a roll with the student names.

Returning to his book, Harry barely pays enough attention to call out a "Here." when McGonagall reaches his name.

The hour-long lecture on the rules that should be followed in her classroom is very boring and has already been given to Harry by Remus, so he simply spends that studying as well.

Finally, Professor McGonagall hands out matchsticks to every student and after another ten minutes of practicing the incantation, they may finally begin.

By this point, Harry can dream the transfiguration. So, vividly imagining the needle he wants to see in a few seconds, Harry casts his spell.

The result is… disappointing. Whilst his matchstick has turned to a silver color, and it has become pointy, it still feels like wood and it's weight hasn't changed either.

Immediately coming up with a theory, Harry brings the matchneedle up to his face and tentatively licks it. And it tastes like wood.

So, Harry draws the conclusion that merely picturing the desired result isn't enough. You have to feel, smell, taste it as well.

Focusing on a needle again, but this time focusing on all aspects of that needle, Harry tries again.

And this time, he succeeds. Almost.

Whilst his needle has now turned into a matchstick, it isn't straight, it's just the slightest bit crooked.

Standing up to get another needle, Harry realizes that he's very close. His next attempt should be a success.

So, once he has gotten another needle, Harry sits down to try again.

Without thinking twice about it, he simply starts his spell whilst picturing the needle he wants. And this time, Harry succeeds.

"Amusing, third time isn't the charm, it's the transfiguration." Harry mutters to himself, before raising his hand. After all, what is he supposed to do now?

Waiting for the professor, Harry turns to look at Montgomery's attempts. And what he sees really surprises him.

Montgomery isn't even trying to change his matchstick into a needle. He's somehow gotten his matchstick to transfigure into a toothpick, and he is currently using that to chase after a stubborn piece of food which appears to be stuck.

Hiding an amused smile, Harry turns around again only to come face to face with McGonagall.

"Well done Mr. Potter! 10 Points to Ravenclaw for successfully completing the assignment. Now if you have nothing to do, could you please try to transfigure the needle back into a matchstick?"

Nodding politely, Harry takes the needle back from McGonagall before picturing the matchstick he had before he had the needle.

Casting the spell, Harry is surprised to note that he achieves a complete success on his first try.

"Judging from your expression, Mr. Potter, you are surprised by the result of your spell. Allow me to explain. Mastering a new piece of magic is always difficult, however once you have done it once, it will grow progressively more easy every time you do it. Feel free to read ahead or occupy yourself otherwise, as long as you don't bother any of your fellow students. And take another five points for Ravenclaw for excellent retransfiguration." McGonagall explains before giving Harry the slightest hint of a smile.

And then she spots Montgomery using the assignment to relax and free himself of an annoying piece of food. Just like that, the hint of a smile is gone, and an angry lioness is in its place.

And so Harry Potter had his first class at Hogwarts. He earned his House fifteen points, and Montgomery lost Ravenclaw ten of them. Harry didn't really care, that didn't mean that he wouldn't hold it over Montgomery, but the House Cup seemed like a rather pointless competition to Harry, seeing as he would be far to dependant of his fellow classmates to achieve anything.

That, and then there was the class that would follow this class of Transfiguration. Because it was right then and there, that Harry Potter realized that Remus had been very right to warn him about Severus Snape. That man didn't like Harry Potter. He didn't like Harry Potter at all.

Done. Now then, for some answers to possible questions:

- Why all that stuff about how Harry was raised? - Developing his background. There was no credible way for me to explain this in-story, so I had cool, old voice do the honours.
- Care of Magical Creatures in first year? - Seriously, are you going to wait with educating your students about creatures until third year, and not make it mandatory? It's still an optional class starting from third year. But during the first two years students get some basic education about Goblins, Centaurs, Vampires, Werewolves, Dwarves and similar creatures of near-human intelligence. Just to make sure that starting from your third year, you are theoretically capable of talking to any of the species without offending them and getting killed. After second year, the class moves back to what we know from canon.
- Magical Theory by Dumbledore. What's up with that? - Yes... Well... I just think this should have been part of canon. Why waste entire hours of the other classes with professors who are specialists in their areas, but may not know all that much about Magical Theory, if you can have someone like Dumbledore do the job. I mean, there has got to be more to magic than waving a stick and saying some mumbo jumbo. Well, I think so at least. I mean, Harry Potter is a childrens' book, and that's fine, but I've grown up since first reading the books, and so my expectations have changed as well.
- Dorms - Well we saw the Gryffindors having a five person dorm in canon Harry's year. I increased the number of students to an average of 80/year, with Harry's year having a measly 61 due to the war that was at it's peak during his year of birth. So, knowing that you would normally have 10 students per House, per year, per gender, I decided that dorms of that size wouldn't be cool, too impersonal and large. So I divided by two getting dorms of a maximum of five people.
- Why do you write in present tense? - English isn't my first language and one of the main reasons behind me writing fanfiction is getting to practice my English on a regular basis.

Other questions? Feel free to ask.

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